Abused of “1MALAYSIA” logo

The abused of "1Malaysia" logo

Prima Setapak in Wangsa Maju is a residential area. It is surrounded with enough shops and food outlets including hawker stalls.  Yet a syndicate saw it fit to clear an empty land, which belongs to the Ministry of Education, to start a “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” that will operate from 2 pm to 2 am daily. The syndicate claims that they have signed an agreement with the said Ministry for three years to operate a “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”.The syndicate is offering to members of the public to rent a space measuring 10 feet by 10 feet under a canopy with a monthly payment of RM1,300 to RM1,500 depending on its location. The agents of the syndicate have began to collect deposits to secure a space for trading. The said bazaar will commence operations on 10 January 2012.

The monthly rental of RM1,300 for a space of the size of the canopy.

Yours truly is still unable to verify whether the said Ministry has in fact signed an agreement with the syndicate to operate the “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” and collect such exorbitant rentals. Yours truly has verified with DBKL and DBKL has not approved any licence to the syndicate to operate the “Bazar Sore 1 Malaysia” in Prima Setapak.

Yours truly is fully aware that Yg Bhg Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail, Datuk Bandar KL, is mindful of the social problems, rising crime rate, noise and air pollution, traffic congestions and etc created by the “Bazar Larut Uptown” in Danau Kota, which operates from 9 pm to 4 am nightly. Yours truly has received endless complaints from the residents of all races against “Bazar Larut Uptown”. Yours truly has brought the plight of the residents in Danau Kota and its surrounding areas to the attention of Datuk Bandar and the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan through Parliament on many times.

Recently, the Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan, YB Senator Raja Nong Chik, has taken into account the plight of the residents by immediately cut down the operations of the said “Bazar Larut Uptown” to 5 day a week. DBKL has promised to move the said “Bazar Larut Uptown” to a suitable location i.e.  that is non-residential area.

However, before DBKL could solve the social problems created by “Bazar Larut Uptown”, another syndicate trying to start another Bazar in the day time until 2 am. It is also using the “1Malaysia” logo to mislead members of the public into believing that the “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” has been endorsed by the Government and DBKL. The used of “1Malaysia” logo was to give the said Bazaar the legitimacy.  Yours truly believes that there was no such endorsement from the Government and DBKL for the said “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”.

Yours truly has seen many outlets using the “1Malaysia” logo on their signboard, banners and other publicity materials. Whilst yours truly supports the concept of “1Malaysia” but the Government had to implement some mechanism to control the used of the said logo. The Government must prevent at all costs the abused of the said “1Malaysia” logo strictly for for commercial reasons without taking into account the miseries that such Bazaar will cause to the residents.

Coming back to the present case, it would appear that the syndicate had not received any approval from DBKL to operate the “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”. Yours truly has been informed that agents of the syndicates are stationed on the said empty land to receive bookings and deposits.

Yours truly has officially lodged two complaints to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur and the Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan to stop the the operations of the said “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia” firstly to avoid the untold miseries that will cause to the residents in Prima Setapak and the innocent members of the public from being misled into paying the despot for the space and not able to get back their deposits in the event that the syndicate is prohibited from operating the said “Bazar Sore 1Malaysia”

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education, other Ministries or Government Agencies, DBKL and etc should not grant any permission to individual or organization to use its land to do private business. It should turn such land into playing field for the children and recreation area for the adults especially our Warga Mas. Yours truly will lodge a formal complaint to the Minister of Education about this matter.

It would appear from this case and “Bazar Larut Uptown” that empty lands owned by the Government have been used bysyndicates to make money at the expense of the rakyat. In the spirit of “Rakyat Didahulukan” and “Pencapaian Diutamakan”, yours truly calls upon the Government to provide more facilities for recreation purposes especially in Wilayah Persekutuan because we do not have enough green lungs for the rakyat.


15 thoughts on “Abused of “1MALAYSIA” logo

  1. Lee Prima Setapak

    I live in Prima Setapak. Without the Bazar Sore 1Malaysia, we are facing traffic congestions, insufficient car parking space and other social problems. If this Bazar is allowed to operate then the area will be worst than Bazar Larut in Danau Kota.

    YB please help us to stop this. Using the 1Malaysia logo will definitely spoil the image of the PM and his government.

  2. Ban Huat Danau Kota

    Must stop this stupid Bazar in a residential area. We do not need social problems like what the residents in Danau Kota have been facing for so many years. Thanks to the ex-MP Yew Teong Look for bringing the Bazar Uptown there. We heard that the people behind this Bazar is connected to him. Why is Yew Teong Look is so quiet about this.

    Stop all Bazar in residential areas. We need peace.

  3. Anonymous

    ” Sore ” means ” evening ” ( or petang in Malay ) in Indonesian language . I wonder if this project is done ( or accorded to ) Indonesians ( illegal or otherwise ) …

  4. Tee Ban Hoe

    YB, I really your courage to highlight this new Bazar. I fully concur with Lee of Prima Setapak on traffic congestion, insufficient car park space & social problem. I think we should highlight this issue to the PM office ASAP so that he is aware and take action on these napoleons. I was told this empty land has been earmarked for a national school, might as well turn this site into a brightly lighted green park until the government has the funds to build the school. This area with so many apartments, condominiums & flats around, there is no green park and proper car parking space. As we speak, KP has 2 blocks of 20 storey condo coming up and adjacent another UOA condo coming up. Where is DBKL car park planning in these areas and DBKL must settle this problem first before approving any other bazars. May I suggest that you move a motion in the next Parliment sitting to allow all the residents in these areas a waiver of any DBKL assessments and all the residents will only pay if they are satisfactory with DBKL performance. Best Regards.

  5. Prima Setapak Resident

    It had to be stopped before it is too late. The Bazar will create chaos and social problems in Prima Setapak. Traffic congestions are guarantee and danger to Mun Yee school children. Whoever wants to start please think about the people for once.

  6. Keng Diamond Square

    What is DBKL doing about such nonsense? Please think of the people sating in Prima Setapak and the suffering they will be facing once this Bazar Sore starts. YB please help us to stop it. Prima Setapak cannot accept more traffic from this Bazar. As it were, we are having terrible congestion.

    I just wonder how DBKL can approve blocks and blocks of flats fro the area without making provisions for car parks.

  7. Jimmy of Prima Setapak

    How could DBKL/Government allowed such unscrupulous individuals our organization to use the 1Mlaaysia logo for their commercial activities. They are only interested in making money without thinking about the residents of Prima Setapak, who are already facing traffic problems and congestion in the area. For heaven sake please stop it.

    If this Bazar Sore is allowed go on, the situation in Prima Setapak will be many times worst than Bazar Larut Uptown in Danau Kota. The residents will be up in arms to protest and go against the authorities be in DBKL or the government. So it is better to stop it before it got started.

  8. Chen Prima Setapak

    No more Bazar larut or Bazar Sore 1Malaysia or 100 Malaysia near to residential area. YB please help to stop it. We will back you up. Don’t be afraid of the gangsters in the area. If necessary please lodge a police report about ti. Most of the guys on the empty field have criminal records.

  9. chip brown

    Dear YB, I am one of many pioneer residents of Danau Kota who longed for quite decent living, especially after a long day at work and during weekend evenings. It pains me to see garbage strewn all over the pasar larut uptown area every sat and sun morning, not to mention the din and noise from the pasar visitors. Why can’t DBKL see the issues faced by residence here? I truly appreciate your effort in putting the pressure on the relevant authorities to move out pasar larut uptown as well as this newly discovered pasar sore from residential areas in setapak. We are already a high density and congested area. Also please, can you tell the relevant authorities that all these late nite markets are just unhealthy . People are supposed to be in bed by mid nite. How’d the country expect to achieve high productivity if its people are loitering at nite markets in the wee hours. YB, pls continue and we support you. Rgds, Chip.

  10. joharihamzah

    salam sejahtera YB Wee Choo Keong dan para komentar..

    saya memohon jasa baik,timbang rasa dan kebijaksanaan YB dalam menyelesaikan hal ini..bak kata pepatah,”umpama menarik rambut dalam tepung,rambut tak putus-tepung tidak selerak”..

    seperti yg tuan sedia maklum, kebanyakan peniaga bazaar ini merupakan rakyat Malaysia yang kurang kemampuan untuk menyewa premis2 perniagaan yang sedia ada bagi tujuan berniaga. premis perniagaan yg ada sekitar ini bukan sahaja tidak cukup bahkan terlalu mahal sewanya. lantaran itu tapak bazaar inilah punca utama nafkah/pendapatan mereka. jika ditakdir tuhan-tapak bazaar ini ditutup, bagaimana mereka mahu menyara hidup diri dan keluarga?

    YB Wee..

    saya tahu dan faham keluhan hati para komentar diatas. keselesaan hidup mereka terganggu, harta benda dan ahli keluarga mereka juga dikhuatiri keselamatannya. saya juga setuju dengan komen “chip brown”.bazaar ini tidak sihat sebenarnya dan mengundang masalah sosial dikalangan remaja-yang rata2 adalah orang melayu. sedih hati saya…

    oleh itu saya berharap,TIDAK..saya merayu sebenarnya,agar YB Wee dapat selesaikan masalah ini dengan segera. berilah peluang dan ruang kepada rakyat yg kurang kemampuan untuk berniaga disamping tidak menganggu aktiviti penduduk setempat. dan janganlah digadai masa depan generasi muda dengan trend shopping lewat malam ini..

    sekian,semoga YB dapat berkhidmat dengan adil,bijaksana dan berhemah..”tidak penting apa warna kucing-yg penting dapat menangkap tikus!!”(wee choo keong -pru12/2008)..

    1. weechookeong

      Tuan Johari Hamzah

      Selamat pagi. Salam sejahtera kepada Tuan dan semua pembaca/komentar

      Untuk rekod dan makluman Tuan, saya tidak pernah sama menghalang mana-mana pihak daripada mencari rezeki samada
      pekerja, peniaga dan/atau penjaja. Saya sentiasa menyokong sesiapa untuk mencari rezeki yang tidak menimbulkan masalah gangu-kacau kepada masyarakt majoriti di kawasan tertentu. Saya amat faham kesusuahan para-penjaja dan golongan rendah kerana sejarah saya juga adalah
      daripada keluarga anak penjaja. Pada masa yang sama kita semua perlu perihatin masalah sosial dan memberi prioriti kepada Gaya Hidup Sihat.

      Namun begitu saya percaya Tuan dan penduduk-penduduk di Kaasan Prima Setapak dan lain-lain tempat tidak boleh menerima adanya keadaan ganggu kacau di kawasan kediaman kerana mereka adalah dari golongan perkerja, peniaga dan penjaja
      yang memerlukan masa rehat yang cukup bersama-sama keluarga (quiet enjoyment of their surrounding) selepas mereka pen at dari perkerjaan mereka. Saya percaya Tuan pun ada perasaan demikian selepas Tuan balik dari ofis.

      Dengan keadaan di Prima Setapak, Sdr sedia maklum bahawa masalah
      kesesakan jalanraya di kawasan tersebut adalah amat meruncing sequel
      sedangkan dalam keadaan sekarang ini pun penduduk-penduduk mengeluh
      kerana ketiadaan tempat meletakan kenderaaan mereka.

      Selain daripada itu sekiranya cadangan mengadakan Bazar tersebut
      diteruskan sudah tentu masalah-masalah baru seperti kesesakan jalan
      raya, noise pollution, air pollution serta gangguan kesihatan kerana masalah
      kekotoran sekeliling. Masalah jenayah seperti pecah kereta, ragut dan ugut
      juga akan meningkat. Kesemua ini tidak memberikan kebaikan kepada semua

      Tuan sedia maklum bahawa ada ramai budak-budak sekolah berjalan kaki ke sekolah SRJK Mun Yee dan keselamatan mereka juga perlu diambil kira.

      Masalah-masalah yang diakibatkan oleh Bazar Larut di Danau Kota perlu kepada penduduk-penduduk di Danau Kota perlu diambil kira seebagai satu conbtoh. DBKL dna Kementerian WP juga amat perihatin masalah-masalah yang dihadapi oleh penduduk di sana. Kerana inilah pihak berkuasa setuju bahawa Bazar larut tersebut perlu dipindah ke kawasan jauh daripada rumah kediaman. A win-win situation. Peniaga-peniaga masih boleh berniaga dan pada masa yang sama gangu-kacau, noise pollution dan masalah sosial boleh dielakan.

      Saya berharap Tuan tidak tersalah anggap dengan tindakan yang telah diambil oleh penduduk-penduduk Prima Setapak dan/atau Danau Kota, ini semua adalah demi menjaga kehormonian semua pihak agar boleh menjalani kehidupan dengan rasa selesa dan selamat.

      Untuk rekod sekali lagi, dalam keadaan di Baza Larut UpTown Danau Kota atau di mana-mana, pihak saya tidak pernah
      memohon supaya Bazar ditutup, tetapi meminta untuk memindahkan Bazar tersebut ke kawasan yang lebih sesuai iaitu jauh daripada kawasan
      kediaman. Ini adalah permitaaan yang amat reasonable daripada ramai penduduk-penduduk di Danau Kota. Kita sentiasa perlu memengang kepada prinsip bahawa kawasan kediaman tidak boleh ada apa-apa aktiviti yang menimbulkan gangu-kancau dan hak-hak “quiet enjoyment” penduduk di kawasan kediaman mesti diutamakan dan dipertahankan pada semua masa.

      Terima kasih.

      Wee choo keong

  11. Eby

    untuk perhatian semua… bazar tersebut telah diratakan oleh UMNO Wangsa Maju…. dan telah dihentikan… semua orang tau ini semua dibawah UMNO dan tidak perlu menyalahkan pihak lain

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