Another nail in MAS coffin?

Updated @ 7:50 pm on 28-12-2011: Please read these two interesting articles, “Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan must go – Part 4” & “Another Khazanah-Amokh failure [updated]. Another interesting write up, “Heads to roll in Khazanah”.

On 28 July 2010 under the leadership of YM Tengku Azmil, MAS signed an agreement with Lembaga Tabung Haji to provide Haji Charter services to Jeddah and Madina for the 2010 / 2011 Haji Season. Read HERE. Yours truly believes that MAS has been providing the Haji Charter services since 1960 as part of its national service which should be applauded. Your truly has just been informed from a reliable source that its New Business Plan is not going to renew the said Haji Charter services from 2012 onwards due to the same old story that it was “UNPROFITABLE”. It was for the same reason that MAS had terminated the Firefly’s routes for its jet services from JB to East Malaysia and MAS routes from Kota Kinabalu to cities in Japan, Korea, Australia and etc. 

Yours truly is just curious whether the termination of all the routes of MAS/Firefly and the Haji Charter services by the new management under En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), the former business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar when they were in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, were part of the Comprehensive Collaborative Framework (CCF) under the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap. WHO IS GETTING THE HAJI CHARTER SERVICE AFTER MAS?

Yours truly is equally curious why AJ and Rashdan are not interested in plugging the leakages in MAS starting from cutting the big perks that the parachuted inexperience officers / “Panamera Dead Woods” have been rewarded for the task of appointing consultants to resolve problems, looking into ways and means to terminate the 25 years one sided catering contract with Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd and others.


32 thoughts on “Another nail in MAS coffin?

  1. Sharifah

    Hi there YB, Hope you are well & not worn out from all the fights in Parliament.
    AirAsia now ada flights to Jeddah. Looks like they will be expanding!
    Dont understand how flights to Jeddah can be unprofitable??? Do you know that flight for umrah in Feb 2012 semua sudah habis. March 2012 sudah dekat habis. Months in advance ….. sounds profitable to me!

  2. old referee

    I guess it will be cheaper for MAS to CODESHARE with all airlines in the world. ( KOT KOT SHARE bagi si Tambi kaya). They can sell more planes, reduce staff and cost, no Maintenance and most of all no “UNPROFITABLE” Routes. Everything will be profitable yaa.

  3. mas man

    Who else? of course. AirAsia!. This is part of the CCF by Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan, the two Bina Tak Fikir idiots. MAS is waiting to be cannibalised!

  4. MAS Loyal

    I heard the highest post in MAS Engineering will be taken over by Air Asia too soonest. The EVP dah kena tendang keluar.
    Please follow this and get your reliable resource on this.

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  6. umar

    Mahathir did the same. Transmile Air was given the contract to transport 26,000 malaysian pilgrims for Haj. Transmile was providing postal services to Pos Malaysia to fly letters to Sabah then. Transmile had no experience flying passengers to Jeddah or anywhere. Anak Mahathir was a major shareholder with some chinese in Transmile Air.

    Transmile had to chrarter plane from else to ferry the passengers and indeed made money from those contracts for 2-3 years.

    Now Air Asia would like to suck and lick the Tabung Haji business.
    Nothing new in Malaysia !

  7. YB Yang Bertanya

    Please check if its true that under the latest so-called route rationalisation exercise, AA/AAX will give up its routes to Europe and leaves it to MAS to operate while MAS gives up Sydney to AA/AAX. While this ideaxwill be sold as helping MAS where it no longer needs to compete (what competition?) with AA/AAX on the European routes. So, AA/AAX seen as the saviour! In actual fact, I was told it is actually to save AA/AAX. They want to give up Europe (but don’t want to be seen as doing so!) because they had been losing money on the sector because of high operational costs. Under the pretense of a swap, they want Sydney because that’s where they can money!
    So you see, the business transformation plan is not about MAS.
    It is all about AA/AAX.

  8. Old Man

    Frankly, this is nothing more than a ploy to hand over the Haj Charter Services to TF.

    This is the same story for all the routes that will be surrendered to AK/AAX.

    Sheesh. Have you no shame Tony? Oh that’s right money speaks louder than anything else.

  9. Anak Malaysia

    What all this nonsense AA taking over the Haj flights? If its really unprofitable routes then why is AA been so kind to want to fly the Jeddah sector. Come on all those pariah TF and his gang, don’t think that we are all stupid like you guys. Then now you are talking about letting MAS fly the europe sectors and AA taking the sydney routes…..Well Dream on it man.

    AA is losing on the Europe sectors and then pass the shit to MAS and then later those bloody crooks will say that MAS is losing money and is going cut those routes too.

    If those bloody crooks been cutting those unprofitable routes which was flown by MAS, then why is AA still flying to those places. Is the pariah TF and his crooks trying to tell the RAKYAT that AA got lots of money and can afford to fly to those unprofitable routes which MAS won’t be flying anymore?

    AJ & Rashdan aka Danny, both of you are already bloody fools and by terminating the Haj charter with tabung Haji will make both of you looks like human in a clown and monkey suit but compared to both the BIG, FAT, ASSHOLE TF & AMOK…both of you are 1/4mm better. anyway end of it all of you crooks are still ASSHOLE.

  10. borhan

    Satu masa dulu MAS juga pernah membatalkan Penerbangan Charter Jemaah Haji tetapi lepas itu tetap rugi juga. Yang hairannya Saudia boleh angkut jemaah haji kita tak pernah pulak dengar mereka rugi. AirAsia nak ambil kut – 30000 jemaah haji setahun – banyak tu share dengan Saudia. Kita yengok la nanti.

  11. insan perihatin

    Greeting you YB for fighting for us , just pray to ALLAH to give guidance to the power that be at the moment to realise that everthing is not permanent , everbody must died it just a matter of timing .
    As for the JEDDAH sector (unprofitable…………………..?) just look at the kul/cairo
    sector where we malaysian have many student n they made the decision to stop again ? the jeddah flight was full almost every flight , the problem is the people employ ( managers ) is suck , it is an open secret mas is top heavy , what the goverment shud do is to cut off the level , the managers duty just to attnd meeting but the groiund staffs is in the blind of what happening , just curious to know what IDRIS JALA have to say about this ,

    keep fighting for the people YB semoga allah memberi taufik dan hidayat dan kekuatan kepada YB meneruskan perjuangan ini , dulu bila YB keluar dari PKR saya have doubt juga,

    periuk nasi saya di tabur pasir ( no more UMNO after this )


  12. Anonymous

    Wahai Insan Perihatin, cuba anda tanya berapa “managers” yang anda sebut itu bersetuju dengan pemberhentian Haj Operations. Jangan salahkan orang yang tak bersalah.

    borhan, saya ingin menegaskan bahawa MAS tidak pernah membatalkan Penerbangan Charter Jemaah Haji. Bebaliknya, MAS sentiasa mahu meneruskan perkhidmatan Haji. Tetapi, beberapa kali kontrak perkhidmatan jemaah haji telah diberikan kepada pihak lain. Tetapi, setelah mencuba pihak lain, perkhidmatan itu kembali juga kepada MAS.

  13. Pemandu Panamera

    Last I heard, Hajj charter is not an unprofitable venture. In fact, MAS’ charter services had been one of the profitable areas of the airline under Nik Huzlan.

  14. Anonymous

    The new management took an inordinately long time to come up with a dissappointing business plan. To come up with the plan, a large number of external consultants were brough in.

    Both are clear signs of a lack of competence and knowledge of the industry.

    In the process, many mistakes were made by this new management.

    To all who thinks the old management should be replaced, guess what, they have been largely ignored and thy are as good as not being there.

    To AJ and Danny, you are only now slowly learning the kind of environment that MAS has had to operate in all these years. Much of what MAS had to do was to help the nation, the states and the other industries of Malaysia. A lot of MAS deisions are force upon them. You pull out the Sabah hub and you’ve got the Sabahan to deal with. That is the delicate balance that MAS has had o live with all these years.

  15. Anonymous

    Announcement of the departure of the heads of Commercial Strategy, Revenue Management Department, M&E and Cargo, is out.

    Good riddance and god help MAS.

  16. MAS Insiders

    Good riddance to the EVPs, they were definitely responsible in MAS failures by their tidak apa attitude and gaji buta!

    Next to go will be all the corrupted and incompetent SVPs, VPs and Managers.

    He, he ,he time to overhaul MAS but Tony must also go too.

  17. MAS Troubleshooters

    Anon 10:19pm , thank you for inviting us to response.

    Actually, the solutions can be found here and

    In a nutshell, MAS has not much problem in generating revenue, they only need to get the right people in managing costs.

    Former MAS Managing Director Tan Sri Abdul Aziz’s was right when he said
    ” I am surprised that so many clever people cannot understand simple arithmetic”

  18. Nusantara

    YB, AJ’s sister is Roziyah the head for recruitment HC department. see AJ is also puppet in letting all planning by AA takes place in MAS.

  19. AJ should keep his ears closer to the ground and act smarter while managing MAS. Managing MAS, which has some national obligations, is not as straight forward as managing IPP Malakoff.

  20. Zack

    I seconded to MAS Insiders, all EVPs and non-performers must go including Tony has to leave the aviation industry or else Malaysians will bear the sour reputation created by Tony Thamby. He’s sick in the head taking … all the time. The authority should also be checked on regular basis, I mean to say all ministry because some are also taking … that Tony Thamby is taking. Raja Azura has still got to go also because she’s stuck and didn’t perform at all, no meeting for all weeks and she talks

  21. Anonymous

    you guys all talk cock keyboard warrior. just shut the f..k up and contribute something atleast. its not an easy task to clear all this piling shit after all this while within short period of time. give the man a chance, the gomen wont bail out this time. not like previously. either CHANGE or everybody balik kampung tanam jagung.

  22. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee

    I put up 2 posts in your blog “MAS paid 8 month bonus in 2010 to Firefly staff!”, both of which you kindly published.

    I note that, to date, no one (least of all the MAS unions, MAS sympathisers and Tony Fernandes bashers out there) has responded to, or rebutted, the points that I raised (including the statistics reported in the Centre for Aviation CAPA analysis of the latest MAS restructuring plan).

    Why, I wonder?

    After all, there appear to be no shortage of instant “airline experts” offering their prescriptions to cure MAS’s ailments, while bashing AirAsia/AirAsia X and Tony Fernandes while they are about it.

    It’s a pity that these self-appointed experts don’t ask the real experts in IATA and ACI (Airports Council Internationa) on the real state of play in the global aviation industry today, and why the competitors won’t stand still while MAS restructures itself (yet again).

    But, then, most Malaysian “instant experts” are good at ignoring, or denying, global realities in the fond belief that more bailouts, handouts and subsidies are surefire cures to all economic maladies!

  23. Kamal

    Ha ha he he ho ho, Hussin you are dead on.
    AJ must do that to reduce MAS staff by 50% and immediately MAS can turn the quid pro quo losses into profit.

    He he MH Memang Hampas !!!

  24. leo57

    Old Man
    you are right, it’s a ploy that is as clear as daylight robbery, and people are still left wondering? what is there to wonder about? the script will be used over and over again until MAS becomes history. Shame does not appear in the vocabs of people like Tony and his supporters, which btw includes his ‘protege’ danny rashdan, who now is handed a new ‘toy’ called mas shorthaul. with danny’s track record of questionable ‘successes’ it is almost certain that he will make short work of the short haul, in the process destroying MAS. Shame on all of them!

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