MAS paid 8 month bonus in 2010 to Firefly staff!

The key players in the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the so-called Comprehensive Collaborative Framework.

On 21-11-2011 MAS MD, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), told the Public Account Committee (PAC) in the presence of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the ex-business partner of Rashdan when they were in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, that Firefly made a loss of RM89 million! Read HERE. Yours truly has been reliably informed that as a mark of appreciation of the Firefly’s overall staff performance last year, MAS management rewarded members of staff of Firefly with bonuses from as high as 8 month and as low as 4 month salaries based on their respective performance.

Firefly staff have never received payment of bonus before and MAS never paid bonuses to its members of staff for a long time.  The practice of paying bonuses to MAS staff was during the time when Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman was the MD of MAS. Yours truly supports the practice of paying bonuses to Firefly staff if they have shown good performance and resulting in Firefly making profits.

In a short span of three months after AJ and En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), the ex-business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar when they were both in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd,  took over the management of MAS, they came out with a shocking revelation that Firefly lost RM89 million.  This was contrary to what had been announced by the previous management of MAS. Yours truly wonders what accounting standard the new management of MAS has applied to come out with the figure of the RM89 million loss.

Did MAS under AJ and Rashdan follow the CREATIVE accounting standard that have been practiced by a famous AVIATION GURU? It is hoped that the revelation of the loss of RM89 million was not meant to justify the cancellation of full load Firefly flights during recent Raya season and the subsequent cutting of Firefly’s profitable routes. Read HERE.

AJ and Rashdan, the ex-business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, had to account for the testimony that MAS gave to PAC on 21-11-2011 that Firefly made a loss of RM89 million! It was irreconcilable that when Firefly was making a loss and MAS management approved huge bonuses to Firefly staff in 2010. PAC will be having another meeting in January 2012 on the MAS-AirAsia share swap and your truly will be writing a letter to PAC with regards to the huge bonuses paid to Firefly staff in 2010 for their consideration.

In the interim, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the ex-business partner of Rashdan and MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, and/or AJ must come clean on this matter and to publicly clarify how MAS arrived at the figure of RM89 million.

In its investigation into the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the so-called Comprehensive Collaborative Framework, MyCC should demand for all the audited accounts of Firefly and explanations from AJ and Rashdan about the state of affairs in Firefly.

1-1-2012 is drawing near and members of the public and the members of staff of MAS and Firefly should get ready to lodge formal complaints to MyCC with regards to the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap, the so-called Comprehensive Collaborative Framework that coupled with the cutting of MAS and Firefly routes and proposed selling of profitable divisions like Engineering and MasKargo for the benefits of certain entity and to stifle competition in the aviation industry in Malaysia.  All were done in the name of the New Business Plans under AJ and Rashdan, the ex-business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

49 thoughts on “MAS paid 8 month bonus in 2010 to Firefly staff!

  1. Razak of MAS

    I like the picture because it is hosting all the famous personalities including the very quiet Nazir of CIMB, the fixer. AJ and Amok said Firefly made losses of RM89 mil and the previous management paid bonus up to 8 months. The two cannot be right. One had to be a lie or another leakage because paying bonuses when Firefly making losses. I would rather think that the losses of RM89 million was just to justify all the cutting of routes of Firefly for the benefit of you know who.

    Rahsdan and AJ what the hell were you doing in MAS? Better resign and stop being part of the leakages in MAS with your big fat salaries and at the same time doing nothing. You did nothing because you don’t have a clue what airlines business is all about. these disgusting lots.

  2. anon66

    Regarding the bonus and the amounts allegedly paid to Firefly staff, I was informed that some senior management did receive up to 8 months salary as a bonus and the majority of staff collected around 3 months salary as a bonus. The bonus payments were paid after a comprehensive appraisal, where hard working employees were rewarded for their efforts. I also understand that not everyone received a bonus, it all depended upon your performance.The bonus you mention was paid in 2010. As for 2011, a Firefly staff told me they have not heard anything on a bonus for 2011, so no one is expecting one.
    Concerning losses at Firefly, the turbo prop operations have consistently delivered excellent results, aka, a very healthy operational profit and continues to do so. The jet operations was loss making, it had to be in order to be able to gain market share from Air Asia. A little bird told me that the main man in charge told MAS Management that the Firefly jet operations would be loss making in its first two years of operation, would break even in year 3 and thereafter would make profit.

  3. Khazanah guy

    The MACC should start to investigate these two ex-Bina tak Fikir boys over these share suap. Tan Sri Azman should explain all the fiasco in MAS because he is overall in charge of MAS. If he can put Rashdan to head MAS in the first few months and to pay RM18 million sponsorship to QPR and cutting of routes and then now Rashdan a deputy CEO who has ZERO knowledge about airlines business, then he should be able to clarify all the leakages in the form of high salaries for parachuted officers in MAS like Rashdan and company plus all the relatives of officers in MAS.

  4. The brainless AJ

    Razak of MAS, anon66 and Khazanah guy

    I agree with your comments. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar must take full responsibilities for all the leakages and nonsense in MAS. I cannot agree more with anon66 that a business cannot be expected to make money overnight. Firefly jet services may make losses initially but if it is showing potential there is no reason to stop it unless there is a hidden agenda to help AA.

    AJ who is your business acumen. Stop being a budak suruhan atau upahan, you are put there to manage not to follow the whim and fancy of the pariah and that Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan. If you cannot do it and had to take instructions then you better resign so that more capable person can be there to manage MAS.

  5. Rashid of MAS

    Everyone in MAS knew that Firefly is doing well and can only do better. Yet that Rashdan (Amok’s crony) was doing everything to stifle it by giving a bad picture about Firefly. Lay the cards on the table and tell us in MAS that Firefly was doing badly Rashdan. We will spit at your face. Any business need a bit of time to grow especially in the aviation industries. THis basic thing pun did tak faham dan nap jade deputy MD. Jaga store di MAS pun tak kayak. sebab ini lag did gagal dal am WAU pada 2003.

    Rashdan kau tak malukah? Kau taida maruahkah? Kau rela jadi kroni Azman dna si pariah? kau rela gadai maruah kau dan sekeluarga untuk Azman dan si pariah? PTUI! kepada kau dan fkelaurga kau – keturunan kau. Gaji buta.

    Lagi satu Paanmera Deadwood – Rashdan.

  6. Rashdan the Crony

    The fact speaks for itself. No profit and company not doing well can pay bonus of 8 months. the management must be damn stupid. The more stupid ones are AJ, Rashdan and Amok let the pariah to manipulate them. A clear case of harpkan pager, pager makan paid!

  7. anon66

    I think another point to remember here is that Firefly has its own identity. YB’s headline will stir up the debate but think about it for a moment, did MAS pay the bonus or did Firefly pay the bonus? I reckon the bonus was paid by Firefly, was agreed and approved by Firefly management. I say this because although its part of the MAS Group, Firefly is actually run in a totally different “style”, they were allowed to make their own management decisions under Datuk Eddy Leong and live with any consequences so to speak.

    Honestly speaking, the bigger issues lie elsewhere other than Firefly bonuses, like the transfer of RM18 million for jersey sponsorship to give just one example.

  8. Huntan76

    Is Danny a management of MAS or a snake? Since he is staff of MAS, why would he paint a bad picture of Firefly just to get AirAsia ripping all the benefits? Is he a kuli batak of AirAsia?

  9. Ezam MAS

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan the crony boy, Firefly made losses of RM89 million and yet firefly paid bonuses up to 8 months. I am like YB we are not against paying bonuses if the staff were working hard and they deserved it. But the problem here was that someone was telling white lies. Azman, AJ and Rashdan or the previous management of Firefly under Eddy Leong.

    Mr Prime Minister, you must intervene now because the situation is getting from bad to worst. There seemed to be no transparency in MAS/Firefly. MyCC should take note and don’t take MAS words for it. Comb through their documents.

  10. orang MAS

    Aj where is your brain? Firefly made losses of Rm89 million and it paid bonuses up to 8 months. Bidihkah AJ? mana ada logik? sudah jadi pak turukkah?

  11. One of the Managers of MAS

    what do you all expect from the Bina Tak Fikir people? do you all expect Rashdan who was involving the WAU exercise that failed so badly to now save MAS? Please forget about it. MAS is heading to collapse with Rashdan there. Of course, the key man here is that Azman Mokhtar. MAS problems are caused by him because he allowed it and put in people who were not fit or approving people to run it without assessing their capabilities. Now appointing or approving his ex-partner Rashdan to run MAS. Azman is the puppet master and master of cronies.

  12. cal

    I work in Firefly and I did not receive even 4 month BONUS…

    The lie : 4-8 month bonus

    The truth : 0 – 8 month bonus (Based on Performance) alot of them get 0 month bonus only very few get 8 month (You need perfect KPI which is almost impossible in Firefly) most get 2 month Bonus…

  13. MAS guy that knows

    Aj, are you trying to tell us that the previous MAS management was stupid to approve the 8 month bonus for Firefly staff when it was bleeding like hell as what you and Rashdan were trying to show to justify what you are now doing?

    or you and Rashdan were trying to lie through your teeth? We in MAS know what the hell was going on? No need to bullshit us. You can bullshit the PM not us in MAS. The union leaders are useless. No need to hide behind them. They are all on sleeping pills ok!

  14. Ragu

    AJ will be known as the 7th MAS after Tan Sri Aziz that have failed miserably. Rashdan will be known as the 1st known crony of Azman Mokhtar that was put in MAS to fail. so AJ and Rashdan can be proud to say that we were in MAS to save it but it became worst than before. Tank you Azman Mokhtar for a job well screwed up to help your friend.

  15. I get heart palpitations reading about this MAS/AirAsia share swap fiasco. Wish I had migrated to Canada when I had the chance years ago. I love Malaysia so much, so all these stupid happenings have made me very, very, very angry. Day and night I think of ways to correct these mess and how I can fix these rotten people. As someone who can never be corrupt or corrupted, I feel I am all alone in this country.

  16. Reminder

    TF, KM, Danny, AJ and AM…you all better prepare for body guard services because you … at stake. Your children will be … the moment you start deploying staff, reducing staff and the moment you touch mas structure selling off MRO etc. Watch your seat, it will fill with glue sticking your ass on your chair and you won’t be able to stand up. Watch the food and drinks you take Tony …. Your child would be ….

    P/s sorry for the minor editions to avoid unnecessary problems.

  17. dragonlord

    Firefly start the jet operation to Kota Kinabalu with 3 times daily but after few months double it to 6 times daily. Same goes to Kuching, Firefly double the frequencies. I wonder are the management of Firefly under Datuk Eddy Leong is so stupid to increased the flight frequency if the Jet operation is loosing money or somebody is so clever to stop the jet operation of Firefly?

  18. Heng

    Just a white lie to suit the agenda. Turbo prop making money all the way. Jet services were picking up need a bit of time. Why Rashdan had to kill it just like that. Bloody bugger. should be shot!

  19. Razak of MAS

    Hussin Rahman

    Have faith. We can correct it. I am sure that the PM, an educated man, is appraised of what had been done by Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan. I believe it is a matter of the timing. No right thinking members can allow such stupid decisions to kill our national carrier in the name of losses when the losses are due to leakages like high salaries and perks for the Panamera Deadwoods.

  20. Atticus

    Hussin Rahman

    You are not alone. Thousands of MAS staff in all corners of the Company saw the writing on the wall with this share swap and so-called collaboration. Never mind Tony or AA, they want to make money and ensure their own survival, which before this “Collaboration” , was looking pretty shaky too with Firefly eating into their market share. Today, the CEO and his deputy, months after the ‘swap’ seem to have real difficulty explaining or articulating CLEARLY to the staff what the “Collaboration” covers. Since these two are intelligent people, we can only conclude that they must be trying to cover something up, or that they are in cahoots with Tony and Amokh to cannibalise, loot, or even do a number on MAS which will benefit Tony, AA and those under his patronage. Everything justifies the means, as Tony told a packed MAS townhall attended by 600+ staff that “BRIBERY WORKS IN MALAYSIA”! 1Malaysia and Najib could not ask for a better endorsement than this! So, how to fix something that is taken as a “norm” in our country today?

  21. PTMas

    Mas is in the DNA of this country.
    It is sad to see MAS going to the sewer. Future looks dark . Present ownership appears to be the handiwork of people who takes it for granted that they can get away with practically anything.
    Accusations after accusations have made their rounds and the public wants answers. YB Wee CK has brought up the issues in parliament and still no answers.
    Mas puts food on the table for thousands of employees who are correctly worried about their family’s future. Aren’t their concerns important to the government of the day ?
    We know that most politicians are not very smart people..that is why they make politics their career. Hire bona fide professionals to unearth and explain to the public whats going on(wishful thinking )
    To Mas employees, hope for a miracle….and more of Wee CK.

  22. Ronald

    Sad to see MAS being done again by the Bina tak Fikir boys. It seems that WAU was not enough for them. Now Rashdan is put there to screw it up further. PM had to step in quickly before the damage will be irreparable.

  23. anonymous

    Not only Rashdan must go. Azman Mokhtar being the key man in the share swap and CCF must also go. He is the man who put his former business partner, Rashdan in MAS when he knew too well that Rashdan was his ex business partner that did the project WAU. WAU has failed.

  24. Namza

    YB, please include Datuk Eddy Leong to be interviewed by PAC as he is the only person who can respond to the bonus issues paid by Firefly in 2010.

  25. Rosli dari MAS

    any idiot can run MAS if the business plans are to cut routes, selling assets and appointing consultants. MAS does not need AJ or Rashdan to do what they did that appear to be helping other airlines.

    Rashdan if you have enough education you should resign because you were one of the Bina tak Fikir boys that came up with a failed WAU. The only good thing that you have done was to sell 70% of MAS Catering to Bodohwi’s brother! Not to mention the 25 years one sided contract which was not in the best interest of MAS.

    Now Rashdan is a known crony of Azman Mokhtar. Was put into MAS to help Azman Mokhtar’s friend.

    Tak malu lagikah Rashdan? Kalau tak malu lagi juallah anak atau isteri awak di mana-mana aje. Takut tiada ada orang nak beli!

  26. Cheng from MAS

    Azman’s crony Rashdan aka Danny memang tiada maruah dan tidak tahu apa maksud malu. Dia tahu jaga boss si pariah. AJ pak turut dan budak suruhan the puppet master, Azman Mokhtar. Rashdan dan Aj no one in MAS need both of you. Please F..k Off!What both of you have done to MAS, even your mothers will not forgive you. Don’t push your luck too far.

    The useless union leaders in MAS may forgive you because of sleeping pills that does not mean that MAS staff will forgive you. Trust me that both Rashdan and AJ will have to pay a heavy price what what they have done which would appear to help … you know who?

  27. leo57


    dont mean to be rude, but which rock have you been sleeping under? you want MASEU to get rid of danny?LOL
    Besides the early days after CCF when Maseu, which wrongly claim to represent 20k staff, made a big noise about ‘nak picket’, ‘nak jumpa PM’, nak go on strike by end December if CCF not cancelled and so on and so on, now is singing a COMPLETELY different tune ( nothing related to the other Tune, ok).
    For the last 3 townhalls and 3 dialogues with all unions when ALL other unions keep banging at AJ and Danny for answers and trying to get the truth out of those two, guess what is MASEU’s stand? “kita sokong 100 peratus AJ dan Danny, kita harus bagi peluang untuk business plan ni”…all Maseu members, you must insist on getting Alias and Malek to tell you what the hell is going on.
    Not a single time have they asked what is going to happen to the thousands of stf they represent. Malek in the union dialogue last Friday, walked out after 10 mins, saying the dialogue was “a waste of time”. Note that he has got a one year extention. As for Alias, what did he ask AJ for? “tolonglah, dapatkan satu appointment untuk kita dengan PM”!! Maseu never objected at all to the setting up of a newco, the migration of stf to klia, the subsidiarization of cargo, engineering etc.Alias must have seen some ‘business’ for himself in the plans.
    Nothing new.
    AND you want MASEU to get rid of Danny? hahahaha

  28. Lum

    AJ and that Rashdan, the crony of Azman Mokhtar, please tell how Firefly lost RM89 million when it is doing so well. Paid 8 month bonus for some and some got 4 months bonus. Please tell the world that the bonus figures quoted here by YB were not true. That is if both of you dare to try to twist or lie again.

    How on earth Rahsdan and Aj dare to lie or gave a gloomy picture of Firefly to PAC? Unbelievable! Can we still trust these two idiots (Rashdan and AJ) who are running MAS? God forbids!

  29. Razak of MAS

    leo 57

    Well, a lot of things have been said or spun at the end of the day. Sometimes it has been denied the following days like TF was about to retire from AA. Then a denial in the afternoon to say that he has been misquoted. TF tweeted that the letter published by MAHB regarding AA’s request for facilities in KLIA-2 was a fake. A few hours later, RF tweeted to say that he meant MAHB was a fake!. YB has also published in his blog how many times TF have been spinning and twisting facts.

    If it is true that AA-X Sdn Bhd was given up London, Paris and Munbai then alarming bell must ring! Most probably it worried about the the strict anti-trust laws in Europe. The fine is 10% of the airline turnover ok! Come 1-1-2011 we must all write to the countries in UK, Japan, Korea, Australia and Korea where MAS or AA or AA-X fly to. Lets see the movie show latter.

    With regards to asking Qantas to come to KL must be to stop MAS from joining OneWorld (a collaboration with 12 other international IATA airlines. Don’t understand why AJ and Rashdan were trying to do by delaying the membership into Oneworld when the previous management how spent so many man hours and money to be a member.

    I don’t understand why AJ and Rashdan are delaying over Oneworld. It can only be good for MAS but it will not be good for TF’s business outfits AA & AA-X Sdn Bhd.

    But AJ and Rashdan especially Rashdan was quick to terminate full loads Firefly flights and routes for both MAS & Firefly. Just like what Rashdan chad done to MAS under WAU!

  30. Bodoh AJ

    Didn’t know that AJ was so proud to tell the world that Firefly was making a loss of RM89 mil. In actual fact, Firefly was doing well before Rashdan and AJ parachuted in MAS. Common sense tells us that if Firefly making such big losses how could it paid bonuses from 4 to 8 months.

  31. Anonymous

    FF is a company run by cronies. its engineering department is run by a group of ppl from a single state. Check out who is the first O2 holder in that company. who’s son is he? fresh from school and he gets wages higher than most ppl. They tell you flight is delayed, but actually they wont fly if they dont have a full pax.

  32. din0

    For god sake,help these country.Its full of raketeering and worst still.under PM’s watch yet nuting is done.What is wrong with this picture? Only u n I knw the fact that it is MALAYSIA BOLEH! A stunt that ordinary people on the streets like u n I can’t do it as the minute we pull a stunt of this sort,the whole world will know.But when cronies and big KO PARAT guys does this sort,they get away wit murder even.

    All for the name of dollars and cents.Maybe BN wants sum share and piece of that icing? Who knows if MAS n AA are actually lauging to the bank – declaring all sorts of rubbish while they conned everyone especially their own hard working staffs by hundreds of millions Rgt! All they need to do is to keep declaring losses while the Govt and agencies keep smiling acting like there is no big deal. I am so tired of all these bull stories happening with MAS and AA.Which God will send THOR or any destructive eagle from HELL and wipe these morons from the planet including those sleeping!!

    If they can’t run the country clean,let the RAKYAT run it!!

  33. Kamal

    Hai yaa, how many times I told you. AJ, Danny and TF very smart one. Goreng sini goreng sana got very well paid maaa.
    You all laa kerja macam nak mampus, sampai tua tak kemana.

    Serve you right laa, masa Roti Jala tidur macam orang mati.

    Hai yaaa!

  34. Anak Malaysia

    Kamal….lu pun mcm itu Pariah TF, AJ dan Danny….sial. Kau ni baruah TF ke? Agaknya kau ni salah seorang daripada mereka bertiga.

    MAS staff from management to graded staffs are very concern for their beloved company which they have work with for many many years but then Khazanah just dumb some idiots into MAS and kill all the hope of 20K staffs who work and slog hard for the company.

    Now it seems that MAS will only be joining Oneworld in september 2012 which is far too long to wait. it’s been 5 months since those idiots came into MAS and had 2-3 townhall but yet these idiots couldn’t answer simple questions from staffs like what’s the direction of the company now.

    So what have they been doing since coming into MAS 5 months ago???? Nothing but cut routes and talk about migrating staffs from subang to klia. AJ & Danny you guys better leave MAS and join Pariah TF in AA coz that Pariah needs both of you more. Baik kamu berdua fikir baik-baik sebab sekarang kamu berdua dan keluarga kamu semua tengah makan du.t dan rezeki yang tak halal oleh semua staffs MAS dan juga RAKYAT.

  35. The crony at work


    what is the point of unions and associations barbrequed AJ and Rashdan? promised of picket in early September and then early December. Now end December! semi cakap aje. The members should barbecued the union leaders on sleeping pills.

    Actions and actions now otherwise AJ and Rashdan will carry on cutting routes for the benefits of others under the so-called New Business Plans. It is also parts of the buiness plans to lie and twist. Hence the 8 months bonus has shown what these two idiots are all about. Throw these two out from MAS then MAS will have a chance of being saved.

    Plug the leakages and it is itself a form of cost cutting. But these two idiots are not interested. They want to find an easy way out.

  36. JJ

    Well that is why your name is “the crony at work”. Because you have dumb head only working inside your brain draining out to be brain….less……

  37. MAS Guy

    The Crony At Work

    you are right. Cakap nak protes akhirnya jadi pengecut. Kena Sleeping Pill tidur aje.

    Thank you YB for highlighting MAS plight. Without YB, MAS will be gone and the collaborative framework would have taken a different shape. more routes and services will be cut. The union leaders must wake up. Stop playing the hide and seek games. We the staff have had enough of you.

  38. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee Choo Keong

    It’s a pity that you seem to have chosen to avoid acknowledging the realities of the global aviation industry, including the relentless cost pressures and the subsequent impact on profit margins. Googling the recent statements by Tony Tyler, the boss of IATA, would be an easy way to verify this. Why have you not bothered to do so?

    In deciding (at least that’s my impression) to cast AirAsia and Tony Fernandes as the villains in the saga of how Malaysia Airlines was driven into a loss-making situation is another example of what I would call bias, or, at the very least, uninformed comment (aka “shooting from the hip” or, as our Aussie friends would say “cutting down the tall poppies to size”).

    I draw your attention to CAPA Centre for Aviation, a Sydney-based organisation that recognised for it’s analyses of the global aviation industry. CAPA recently published an analysis of MAS’s new business plan under the title “Malaysia Airlines new business plan targets premium sector, following strategies of Cathay and SIA”. The analysis can be perused on CAPA’s website (

    I have extracted some relevant points from the CAPA analysis:

    1. MAS, SIA and Cathay Pacific number of airline employees per aircraft seat:
    MAS 0.77
    SIA 0.50
    Cathay 0.43

    2. Unit revenue (Malaysian cents per available seat kilometre ASK) for leading Asian full-service carriers: YTD 2011:
    MAS 20.0
    Thai Airways 26.1
    Emirates 29.4
    SIA 31.8
    Cathay 32.3

    3. RASK (revenue per available seat kilometre) and CASK (cost per available seat kilometre) in Malaysian cents:
    MAS: RASK 20.0 CASK 25.6
    Thai RASK 26.1 CASK 25.0
    Emirates RASK 29.4 CASK 28.5
    SIA RASK 31.8 CASK 29.5
    Cathay RASK 32.3 CASK 30.5
    and for comparison
    AirAsia RASK 13.3 CASK 10.4

    Based on the above figures, here are some questions for the MAS employees unions and MAS management:

    1. why has MAS more airline employees per aircraft seat than SIA or Cathay Pacific?
    2. why has MAS the lowest unit revenue per ASK, when compared with other Asian full-service carriers?
    3. why is MAS’s costs (CASK) more than it’s revenues (RASK), when the other Asian full-service carriers are making more than enough revenues to cover their costs?

    Those are simple enough questions, are they not?

    It all comes down to the numbers – which is something that the MAS unions and management have apparently ignored (wilfully or otherwise) or lost control of.

  39. Olek Skilgannon

    We now come to the role of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) in this saga.

    As per CAPA, MAHB currently manages and operates 39 airports in Malaysia; 5 international, 16 domestic and 18 short take-off and landing. These 39 airports include KL International Airport (KLIA).

    CAPA’s rankings of the world’s top 30 airports (by passenger numbers) in 2010, based on statistics provided by Airports Council International (ACI) show:

    11. Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport)
    16. Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport)
    17. Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi International Airport)
    18. Singapore (Changi International Airport)

    On the face of it, therefore, it doesn’t look as if MAHB is doing that great a job with KLIA, given that both Hong Kong and Singapore have smaller populations than Malaysia.

    Could it be due to the fact that both Hong Kong and Singapore are regional hubs for banks, Asian and European companies and multi-national corporations, which generate substantial numbers of business travellers, as well as premier tourism and MICE (meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibtions) destinations in Asia?

    If that’s the case, why aren’t you asking hard questions of the Malaysian government for not providing the environment, infrastructure and incentives to position Malaysia (especially KL) as a business hub alongside Hong Kong and Singapore?

    It is well-known that the business and expatriate communities in both Hong Kong and Singapore provide the bulk of premium passengers for Cathay Pacific and SIA respectively, so much so that premium revenues account for about 50 per cent of these airlines’ revenues?

    So, in this respect, was MAS dealt a lousy hand by the Malaysian government, especially as increased numbers of flights between Malaysian cities and Singapore/Changi have “leaked” passenger numbers to that airport?

    And, that in turn, comes back to a question I raised in an earlier post: does Malaysia have a national aviation policy?

    Back to MAHB. It’s 6-months financial results for the current financial year, as taken from it’s website, show the following:

    Revenue RM1.264 billion
    Profit before tax RM267.1 million
    Net earnings RM170.1 million
    PBT margin 21.1%
    Gearing 78.9%

    Passenger movements 6M11 at KLIA:
    International 12.9 million
    Domestic 5.5 million
    Total: 18.4 million

    Compare this (apples to oranges, anyone?) with Singapore’s Changi Airport Group (CAG) which manages Changi Airport. As per it’s website, Changi had 38.1 million passengers for the period January-October 2011.

    And as the blurb says: Changi hosts 100 airlines that fly to 200 cities in 60 countries and territories. Score one for Changi’s connectivity.

    More to the point, CAG, for it’s financial year 10/11 (1 April 2010 – 31 March 2011), reported a net profit after tax of S$337 million on revenues of S$1.454 billion.

    MAHB, which has 39 airports in Malaysia in it’s stable. managed to chalk up 6-months revenues of RM1.264 billion and net earnings of RM170.1 million. Assuming the contnuation of the trend into the second half of the financial year. MAHB should be generating a full year revenue of about RM2.5-2.8 billion and net earnings of about RM340-380 million.

    Is this a good performance from a stable of 39 airports?

    Would MAHB be prepared to break out the financials of the 5 international airports in Malaysia (including KLIA) and report them separately and individually so that shareholders, analysts and potential investors can see the real performance for themselves?

    And would MAHB be prepared to name the airports in Malaysia which are not paying their way, i.e. incurring losses?

    Which in turn begs the question – why keep them afloat on life support?

  40. MAS on track to ................

    It seems like the New Golden Strategies or True Collaboration Framework are in motion

    Firstly, MAS cut flights, hence cut costs and allow AA revenue to beat MAS revenue.

    Then, manage the costs i.e. the ones you are allowed to “touch” like flight allowances,overtime bonus etc. With lesser flights, Seasoned experienced employees with obligations will need to earn allowances elsewhere (maybe new employer). Is this not already happening?

    Lastly, fill up seats but AA seats first please. MAS regional suddenly became a super premium airline…. by fare !. Example, KL-Jakarta used to be quite easily available on MAS between RM 411- 600. Now on MAS its nothing less than RM 795 (try it?). This puts this KUL-Jakarta sector by fare preference order, AA/ KLM / LION/ GARUDA/ MAS the premium airline. Even at RM 1 Fare (or use enrich points), you must pay admin fee of RM 359 or grossly more than total fare at AA/ KLM haha. You can compare the other sectors too (but use the non seasonal periods).

    …………………BUNGKUS !!

  41. JJ

    Leo57, I overlooked your comment replying to mine earlier. a lot has been said and in fact, why is it that many are pressuring maseu to protest? Why only maseu? the fact is only maseu can protest and the rest of unions and associations cannot do what maseu can do. sad, isn’t it? Is it because only maseu got balls to declare strike and the rest do not have balls to do so? I wonder why must maseu protest every single changes in mas in the first place. Can anyone elaborate this? Is maseu a very important union and that without maseu, all other unions and associations can continue chanting their steam in this forum until the cow comes home. usually, action speaks louder than words but words are just so cheap because it does not complement with action and that’s what this forum is all about…whacking those who did job and poisoning those who can perform better and smearing other reputations who are important to the organization. For eg. Dr. Wafi is important to MAS because he handles well but here we are, seeing and reading some childish people who have no life but only know how in smearing people’s reputation.

    I got the feeling maseu is a union that represents only its member and is not the planner for mas and if that is so, maseu does not have any stands in stopping mas from evolving. however, they could if presented sufficient evidence, call for Danny to resign. Same here, same here, when maseu daringly declared strike and picket, semua kecut and when maseu didn’t act on it on time, semua bising sangat especially those who backbenchers. no balls and yet loudest thunder to frighten, poison others..I truly feel sad for those lifeless malaysians….please find a life and do something without poisoning others without evidence. I had met maseu reps and being updated well of their on-going agendas. without prejudice, i am confident and will not heed those who badmouthed about those who work hard for mas.

  42. kamarudin

    MAS is finished with Rashdan, a crony of Amok. AJ is just a Mr Blur who has been led by the nose. Lets forget about MAS. Let Rashdan screwed it up. Aj please wake up. We know you are OK but of late you are behaving like a budak suruhan!

  43. leo57

    I still maintain you must be sleeping under some rock to think that Maseu leaders are working for their members or MAS interests. Lets put this simply – if they are not happy, they want to strike? Ini kerja bodoh. If you are not happy with CCF, you go on strike, what happens? MAS is the one who suffers, not AA or Tony. In fact, Tony would be very happy if maseu call a strike. Semua kapal MAS tak jalan, siapa dapat bisnes? If Maseu leaders have any brains, tell your members. kalau nak sabo, sabo la kapal AA yang berlambak nak datang ke MAS untuk maintenence tu. Ini, bila tak happy, suroh staff delay kapal MAS! Sepatutunya bila kapal AA masuk hangar kita, itu la masanya kita kena kerja perlahan-lahan. Isnt that simple logic ke?
    Bukan union lain got no balls, its because union lain got MORE brains.
    Anyway I still maintain Maseu punya wayang sandiwara memang hebat, kat members cerita lain, dalam dilog dengan AJ/Danny bukan main sokong lagi.
    At leaat all other unions are consistent, they are the ones yang betul-betul
    BBQ AJ dengan danny. Get your facts right. And, keep questioning whenever the maseu guys brief you on their “agendas”.

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