The MYCC “hush-hush” public meetings!

YB Datuk Ismail Sabri: Why was the public hearings on MYCC done in a hush-hush manner?

Updated @ 10:15 pm on 12-12-2011: Please read this interest article in HERE.

On 9-12-2011 Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister, YB Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri told the nation that Malaysian Competition Commission (MYCC), which will be headed by YA Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob (a former Chief Judge of Malaya), will consult members of the public before the implementation of the Competition Act 2010 on 1-1-2012.

The Competition Act is to prevent business monopolies or cartels. It will apply to all commercial activities undertaken within and outside Malaysia that affect competition in the country. The Act will provide a regulatory framework including powers to investigate, adjudicate and impose penalties. Read HERE for full report and the Sun report on the Act, HERE.  Read HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE for related articles.

Yours truly heard that MYCC Advisors/Commissioners have been organising public hearing to brief and consult members of the public about the mechanics of the Competition Act 2011. So far MYCC had two public hearings, no 8-12-2011 at Sheraton Hotel, KL and 9-12-2011 in Kuching. Heard that public hearings will also be held on 12 Dec in Johor Baru, 16 Dec in Penang and 22 Dec in Kuantan. It was good of MYCC to have the nation wide tours to brief members of the public about the said Act.

But yours truly would like to point out that there was no proper publicity for the said public hearings and very few members of the public knew about it. It would appear that MYCC paying lip service to the public hearings. Where is the transparency that MYCC has been talking about? It is hoped that MYCC should widely publiscise the coming public hearings via press conference so that nation will be aware of the objectives of the Competition Act, role of MYCC and rights of the Rakyat.

Yours truly trusts that the first major task of MYCC is to investigate the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the Comprehensive Collaborative Frameworks as announced by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the co-founder of BinaFikir Sd Bhd on 8-8-2011.  Thereafter, public statements have been made by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, his ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), who has been handpicked to be the Deputy CEO of MAS and various interested parties to the effect that the said secret share swap and CCF between MAS/AirAsia was a “STRATEGIC ALLIANCE” and “TAP SYNERGIES”.  These are all BIG WORDS like the failed “Widespread Un-bundling Asset” (WAU) the brain child of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd co-founded by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan.

After inking the said secret share swap the following decisions have been made by Rahsdan with a stroke of a pen:

  • the announcement of changing Firefly’s original objectives and plans which were to compete in the low cost carriers market (in Malaysia dominated by AirAsia) and provide alternative air travel for the Rakyat under the old management of MAS headed by YM Tengku Azmil, who has since “resigned”; 

  • decision to cancel many Firefly full load flights during the recent Raya season which will be seen as to stifle competitions and to benefit of other airline;

  • decision to terminate profitable routes from JB to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu from 24-8-2011 which will be seen as to stifle competitions and to benefit of other airline;

  • decision to terminate MAS profitable route to Bandung, Indonesia, from 4-10-2011 which will be seen as to stifle competitions and to benefit of other airline;

  • decision to terminate more MAS/Firefly routes to East Malaysia and from East Malaysia to Japan, Korea, Perth and others which will be seen as to stifle competitions and to benefit other airline; and etc

By now MYCC would have collected enough information and materials to commence investigation into the said secret share swap on 1-1-2012. This case will be a test case for the MYCC to show its seriousness in curbing all unhealthy anti-compettion activities in the Malaysian market and transparency in its investigations.

When the clock strikes 0:01 on 1-1-2012 Members of Parliament, members of staff of MAS/Firefly, public and NGOs should formally lodge formal complaints regarding the said secret share swap and CCF to MYCC via e-mails to or letters to MYCC, Wisma Glomac 3, Unit 401 A & D, Aras 3, Kompleks Kelana Centre Point, No.3, Jalan SS 7/19, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel : 03 7803 2611 No. faks : 03 7803 2637.

36 thoughts on “The MYCC “hush-hush” public meetings!

  1. MAS graded staff


    There is this antitrust law called “The clayton antitrust” spells INTERLOCKING DIRECTORATES is prohibited for company with capital of USD1million above. And only in our land, this interlocking directorateship is practicable. The new competition law has no such clause prohibiting interlocking directorates that means a competitor can become the board of director of it’s rivalry. Please look into it. We love your blog..

    truthfully yours
    MAS graded staff

  2. Musnah Harapan

    How TF conned Khazanah and the PM below:

    2] Regarding Tony Fernandes being the CEO of AirAsia and also being a director of MAS (from a Corporate Governance point of view an unsatisfactory situation), I found the following that is of interest.

    “A Guide to Corporate Governance in Malaysia”, a publication from CCH, pages 219 and 220:

    “Normally, a director is not in breach of duty merely by holding directorships in other companies. However, such a director may be liable for breach of duty if the companies are competing companies and he places himself in a position where the duties owed to each of the companies conflict.
    Nevertheless, s 131(5) of CA (Companies Act) 1965 requires a director to disclose at a director’s meeting any office or any property held that may directly or indirectly create a conflict of his duties or interests as a director in the first company. Further, s 132(2) requires of a company to obtain the consent or ratification at a general meeting in order to engage in business which is in competition with the company.
    Note that the principle that a person can be director of two competing companies does not apply to executive directors. They cannot be on the boards of competing companies.”

  3. Heng

    Knowing Malaysian authority and MYCC is no exception, it is going to cover things up. We are left with foreign authorities to take actions against MAS and Airasia when they landed in Heathrow and other destinations. MAS has bee fined heavily before in other countries. MYCC is a waste of time. THey will pretend to investigate and give it a clean bill of health. Even its public hearing was not make known to the wider public. From this, it is enough to show that it is just trying to satisfy the global concerns about about anti-trust to protect members of the public being con by cartels.

  4. Old Man

    The real misguided is AMOK who contemplated and went ahead with this given the situation in respect to the competition law. Everyone see it as wrong and I do not believe a person so highly schooled as him cannot see this.

    I suspect Dr Wafi did not have the opportunity to advise MAS Board of the legal implications of such a move but if he did, it would not have made a difference because almost the entire board was removed for reasons best known to AMOK.

    I also suspect that none of the Air Asia/Tune Air legal advisers dared tell the boss not to do it.

    As for Tony, he couldn’t care less about the any law for he has twisted and bent them to suit his greed. Hey he even went against convention to challenge the Accounting Laws of the country. What makes you think that he is going to bother with Competition Law? Ethics and concience is not in him at all. In his eyes if there’s a buck to be made, its his for the taking. Free enterprise rules.

    Watch, Tony will come back and spin this.

  5. Economist Kampong

    YB CK Wee and commentators

    I cannot thank you all enough for highlighting these issues especially the legal issues concerning interlocking directorships.

    It would seem that the provisions of the Malaysian Companies Act had been breached as pointed out by Musnah Harapan.

    This has serious implications. Khazanah and by extension, the Federal Government, had committed an illegal act by appointing Tony and Din to the MAS Exco Board.

    We need to highlight this to the AG Chambers and the Bar Council. And to any civil society organization interested to address this serious scenario that had developed.

    If this were to happen in AUstralia, UK or any other effective democracy, the government of the day would have to step aside. In Malaysia we are just interested to see that the tax payers are not taken for a ride to benefit just a few.

  6. Razak in MAS

    Azman Mokhtar must take full take all responsibilities for the problems in GLCs. It was all due to his consultant mentalities with little knowledge of running an organization like Khazanah. He was a Tingkat Empat appointee through Tan Sri Nor Yakob another culprit in all thee happenings in MAS and other GLCs. Government minister never learn to take responsibility for anything except to get their salaries and abused the system. Sacking of Tan Sri Nor Yakop and Azman Mokhtar in itself a big help to MAS. For a start Rashdan cannot run AMOK in MAS to help screwing up MAS further.

    Old Man: was wrong to think that Dr Wafi would have advised MAS on anti-trust. Dr Wafi is one of the Panamera Dead Woods. Wafi is good in appointing consultant to do the job for him.

    On 1-1-2012 all of us must lodge a report with MYCC as suggested by YB. This is a good move. This is also a form of public pressure to ensure that MYCC will not be covering up the matter. It is only another two more weeks and we shall see what the MYCC is going to do about the antitrust law on the MAS-AirAsia share SUAP!

  7. People in MOF

    I agree that Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Nor Yakop are the main culprits in the MAS problems. Get rid of these two 4th Floor boys and all will be moving in the right directions in the GLCs. Then Rahsdan will be appointed the AirAsia director. that will be the beginning of recovery for MAS. Rashdan is just a bullshitter who knows nuts about company let alone MAS. He only knows how to lick the Red Indian’s balls. Brainless is the word to describe Rashdan. AJ has no back bones.

    Can’t wait for MYCC to be in operations in January. I am also waiting anxiously for the results of the SC and Bursa KL investigations. of course, i can’t help to think that it is going to be a washout knowing who is heading SC and Bursa.

  8. MAS LoVeR

    YB, please attend MAS townhall or their dialogue.. Observe this so call brilliant just keep quite not to give their accurate answer when question raised. We need some people to create some debate since the capability of Management, Maseu and other union questioned. To those who cursing MAS staff please do some small research… We work like slave today.. They ask us to work hand to hand or support the management to bring MAS big profit but what do we get in return? Can you please imagine every flight the crew will spend their time up to 15 hours and they entitle to rest 18 to 12 hours minimum. Most of the time 13 hours below. This 12 hours rest is includes of waiting for transport, the journey period to hotel/home going out for our meal, shower sleep and wake up time. Don’t you think they’ve been abuse? They are not Air Asia who sell the food which is those passenger bought the food can get the service. But those who aren’t, don’t even get fart from them. MAS crew try their level best to deliver good service and pleasing everybody. 4 sector full service with up to 15 hours duty period. If anything happen to the aircraft do you think they can perform their safety priority? God, they are really tired.. How many of them get spinal injuries to carry carrying passengers luggages? How many of them hospitalized because of their current lifestyle? Example: the crew don’t even have time to eat during feeding customers on board. When we report this to management or safety department, you know what they reply to the crew? ‘ LOW HAZARD REPORT’ which mean NOTHING TO WORRIED! Every stupid plan questioned by passenger they have to answer but shit done management. Every problem on ground the crew have to face it and can you imagined the crew have the longest contact to bring them to their destination? This about crew, we don’t know about other department yet.. So please stop false accusation and hopefully somebody like YB stop this abuse..

  9. MAS insiders

    YB, please do not get confused by MAS LOVER for he or she does not love MAS but merely pretending to do so. This is what MAS called disgruntled employees. He or she can resign and find other job if this job lifestyle does not suit them. For 50 years, MAS transformed its cabin crew those days were the golden girls to today MH cabin crew and no even single one senior crew are complaining about the long journey or those being complained above because it is “the lifestyle” of a cabin crew with no only with MAS but all other airlines also. She or he is definitely the questionable “employees”.

  10. Kunyit Hidup

    Dear MAS Lover,

    You’re right, cabin crew works hard. However you should observe;

    1. Your duty period is including free transportation from home to airport then to hotel or return home. Unless last minutes, everything pre-arranged. Otherwise just complain.

    2. Complaining whenever minimum rest period applicable but not compensating with holidays (several days off duty or shopping spree) at other stations.

    3. Meals provided on board. Requesting hotel room plus breakfast despite allowance

    4. No less than 3 star hotel for stopover but always insisted good location regardless how much MAS need to pay.

    5. Regulated duty period, simply return home/hotel if flight delay exceeding the limitations.

    6. Periodical trainings

    In contrast, baggage handlers or most of other ground staff:

    1. Manage your own – petrol, parking, toll & maintenance. Duty period is when you actually report for duty.

    2. Works 16 hours daily or not even return home (during long delay, crisis) are part of responsibility. Hundreds of hazard reports were simply ‘closed’.

    3. We are paying RM3.00 for lunch nasi putih with kuah kari and ais kosong at airport canteen. We can’t afford more than one meal per-shift.

    4. Small, noisy and no facilities in our restroom. Not even comfortable sofa.

    5. Work till aircraft serviceable while aircrew sleeping at home/hotel.

    6. Trainings are just to meet DCA requirements that only started recently. Before – the only training was when you are freshie.

    The most important, can we compare our payslips?

    The point is – every dept is equally important and every staff is doing things at level best. If you feel not sufficiently rewarded, others too and perhaps more as reasoned above. For management, staff is a liability so do not expect they sincerely fulfil staff’s eligibility. MASEU is obviously not functioning, not even promoting ‘work-to-rule’ instead blatantly announcing picket. While others see us ‘problematic’ that justifying MAS to be cannibalised.

  11. Musa

    it is a good idea. MAS staff must all lodge a complaint against what Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan had done to MAS by cutting routes to favor the pariah. Lets make it harder for them to screw MAS further. We must get rid of Azman Mokhtar’s crony’s Rashdan. He is an idiot hiding behind his qualifications.

    THeir WAU was a failure and he will be screwing up MAS further. Lets work to get rid of him. Azman Mokhtar and Nor Yacop are the main culprits.

  12. The Pariah share suap

    The share suap and collaborative framework are in contravention of the anti-trust legislation. The decisions were clearly showing their “Strategic Alliance” to stifle competitions. Public interests must be upheld by MyCC. But knowing our agencies, they will do a cover up and tell us all is well.

  13. Kamal

    Dear YB, don’t waste your time with MAS staff. They are very pampered,very spoilt and very ignorant lot who are very good in wasting public money. Let them face the real world.

  14. Din of Khazanah

    After 1-1-2012, lets see how this Binat Tak Fikir Rashdan and his pariah boss going to tell MYCC about the decisions made to stop competition against AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and AirAsia.

    We must all work towards getting rid of Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Nor Yakop the architects of the share swap and CCF.

  15. Anon66

    Kamal, so everyone who works at MAS are pampered,spoilt and ignorant?
    I think its you who is ignorant by tarnishing everyone with the same brush!

  16. MAS Guy

    The termination of Firefly services in KK and Kota Kinabalu, MAS Bandung routes and others were clear evidence of MAS was giving way to AIrAsia to dominate and stifle competition under the name of cost saving.

    The terminations were done by Rashdan, the Bina tak Fikir ex-partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and also a good friend of the Red Indian.

    MyCC must investigate. We should also lodge report with other jurisdictions where AirAsia and MAS fly to in order to ensure that MyCC will not do a cover up job. We must not allow this Bian tak Fikir budak to do what he like. WAU is a proof of the Bina tak Fikir failure in 2002 and yet Rashdan was allowed to mess around in MAS in 2011. Gurantee Koyak is the answer for Khazanah’s share swap and CCF.

  17. Average Joe

    stupid+ignorant+troller Kamal,

    if it’s EVER true that MAS staff are ALL very pampered, spoilt and ignorant, then HOW could MAS have won numerous international awards (ALL of them are obtained from customer reviews) and retained Skytrax’s coveted 5-star full service airline rating also for several consecutive years PRIOR TO this DUBIOUS share swap, up from which, the rating has been put under review?

    obviously YOU are the ONE who is VERY pampered+spoilt+ignorant+stupid and only know how to SPIN & TROLL, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work here.

    Anon66 cannot be more correct in saying so.

  18. Anak Malaysia

    Kamal, you a bloody a*#hole and idiot who eat shit or licking Paraih TF a@hole. MAS staffs are not very pampered, spoilt and ignorant….they are a bunch of loyal people who work hard for their company.

    Only a..hole like you who are not a staff of MAS talks like that. You must be the sour grape who was not taken in to work as a ground staff or crew and that’s the reason why you tembak all the MAS staffs.

    The one that’s ignorant is actuall you. I agree with you Anon66…..this bloody Kamal is actually talking c*#k

  19. There is a caveat for GLC on Anti-competition act…not too sure how far this case can bring to justice for the share swap…hope YB able to fight for the right of rakyat and consumer as a whole. Well done & Thanks YB!

  20. MAS insiders

    hey Kamal the Thamby, do mind your OWN business…hehehe…SHUT THE F**K UP cos we know you’re the Thamby Tony F**ker who screwed everyone and anything you touch.

  21. MAS People


    I agree with you that there is still hope of stopping this dirty share SUAP. Lets hope that the Mycc will carry out its duty in the national interests and do a thorough investigation to stop all acts against the spirit of anti-competition. I also agree that we all should also send letter of complaints to other countries where MAS and AirAsia go to so that investigations will also be done overseas. Then we will see how the pariah and Rashdan, azman mokhtar ex-business partner, can cover their nonsense.

    YB I hope that you will post all letters to MYcc and other countries over this share suap. Thank you YB for all your helps.

  22. Kamal

    He, he, he see YB. What did I tell you. They curse, they shout, they swear but they never raised a finger to write any complaints or letter to MD or Chairman. All they know is to ask YB, Macc, mycc to help them with their problems. what a pampered and spoilt brat!

  23. Average Joe

    Kamal the stupid troller,

    Just because those MAS peoples have been speaking out in here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they never use their own channel to convey their points to MAS management. If EVERYONE of them must write individually to the management, then WHAT’s the use of having the unions, MACC, MYCC and whatever Commission? clearly you’re no one but just a barua paid by tony the pariah to simply stroll in here without any viable point to rebut/answer anything raised by the YB in his articles. poor, pity pariah barua!

  24. insight

    Oh yeah.. i joined Average Joe because Kamal is Tony F++cker who f**cked around tolerating drugs usage in .. you know where. All stewardess must take pills either “5” or “E” before joining the party with pariah …hehe…hehe..hehe..and guess what the pariah .. takes???? KETAMINE because he is sick in his head and he should have this disease called BI-POLAR…that is why he keeps peeping in this forum.. Watch it Thamby…you’re under surveillance.


    Sorry had to make a bit of edition to avoid unnecessary problems.

  25. Flyguy


    actually there are MAS staff that are parachute when new MD take over. this their legacy. check their salary..there are new manager with salary of RM 18k/mth, which is more than what current staff been paid. so, who fault is this? staff of mgmt?

    some history, after MSS (mutual separation scheme) back in 2006 and after spending RM 400M ++ for this exercise, MAS manpower been reduced to strong 18,000 after now, our strength has reach same level before MSS @ 20,000 staffs. who fault is this? staff or mgmt?

    now, after bleeding so much, new mgmt is planning new initiatives such as migration subang staff to KLIA, change Company logo, change crew uniform which will cost a bomb to a Company and rest assure, passenger don’t bother with these chances and all these changes will not have direct impact on the passenger. rather than focus on how to make profit and improve our services, our attention has been diverted into these not-making-money-but-spend-money exercise. who fault is this? staff or mgmt?

    after all this while, i noticed similarity btw MAS and AK. TF bluff when he say AK take care of their staff, hence no union needed. actual truth, there are high turnover of staff in AK especially lower grade as they work more like slave. MAS also has high turnover, but not lower grade, is our MD. from 2002 until now, we have 5 MD parachuted in and each of them serve for a short period before jump into other job and when MD join MAS, they always have their own plan rather than continuity of the business plan. u need to give time before BP can show result, but been slash and replace with new one. MAS will hold a world record for highest turnover of MD and most turnaround plan executed with shortest time. who fault is this? staff or mgmt or GOVT?

    are we spoiled? there is some true in this but trust me, we are working as hard as other GLC staff and we earn our salary thru sweet and blood……

    just think before u throw the spanar….

  26. Flyguy

    Kamal 2

    this not total ignorant… just to info public out there who are not in this airline industry what actually transpired.

    based on ur email, i believe u r one of TF follower. myself, i look at him as excellent businessman where can turn a RM 2 airline to what AK today, akin to steve job in airline, but morally, he corrupted to the root. just look at FAX, AOC, airport tax saga, unpaid debt to MAS, MAB and other and suap share. he tell the public 1 thing but at the back he do other thing… that is the FACT truth my man…

    BTW, I really ok when ppl comment how pampered, spoils and ignorant is MAS staff but not all. majority of us do work hard….dlm setandan pisang, musti ada yg buruk but which company in the world has 100% superb staff??????????

    these so call pampared, spoils and ignorant staff have turn RM 1.3 B red in 2005 to RM 850++ M profit in 2007.. u can say that is because Idris plan to turn the Company but the plan is just a plan without us, staff to execute… that is the FACT truth my man

    i bet with my bottom $$, ur company staff also has stupid spoil deadwood type of staff, right??

    frankly speaking, moral move aside, i would like to have TF or other as his caliber as our MD…… that what MAS needed to turn to black. a excellent MD…

  27. Jaspal

    If that Panamera Deadwood is of any good then MAS will not have to pay for the US$3.35 million. A few more in 2008 which have not bee judged yet.

    There are too many Panamera deadwood in MAS that include Rashdan and his relative. AJ will be joining soon. He will no doubt fail when he has a deputy like Rashdan who knows nuts about airlines business except using his degree to bullshit his way.

    Hope MYCC will safe MAS and the people.

  28. flyhigh

    Hello…who is that MAS Lover?

    Never written anything here, but really cannot tahan seeing such thing.

    Orang macam nilah is a sad example of some staff in MAS. Not all are like that, except perhaps a few. But to MAS Lover and the likes, pls don’t be so mengada-ngada. Malu the rest who actually do work hard.

    Work at other department and you’ll see how ‘pampered’ a cabin crew is in comparison. Every aspect that relates to your job is paid for..transportation, meal. Some more, insist to have good, min 3 star hotel, without caring what it’ll cost the Company, then cannot share room pulak – konon cannot relax (yeah, despite the nice bed, nice hotel they’ve insisted on).

    Agree with Kunyit your payslip la…can rival the execs/controllers/some mgrs pay…and they exhaust their brains working till late night for the Company and its turnaround/initiatives.

  29. Anonymous


    I do suggest you read and understand YB’s later thread entitled
    MAS paid US$3.35 million under anti-trust law in US
    December 14, 2011 by weechookeong


    You will see the salient points concerning the USD3.35Million out-of-court settlement paid by MAS.

    And the points will reveal that it is because of the good work of the MAS Corporate Counsel Dr Wafi’s and his team that MAS only had to paid a fraction of what the other airlines in the cartel had to pay.

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