AJ: What about the "Panamera Dead Woods" in MAS, which is one of LEAKAGES? But this a picture of a beautiful car by Posche and definitely not a dead wood.

Updated 1:30 am 7-12-2011: There two interesting articles that are worth reading about the incompetencies of Tan Sri Azman  Mokhtar and his secret MAS – share swap, CCF, and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Tony) wanted a Service Level Agreement with MAHB. Hopefully Tan Sri Asman Mokhtar will not suddenly sign another secret share swap agreement involving MAHB, where Tony will be appointed the new MD for MAHB.   In HERE & HERE.

Updated @ 4:45 pm 6-12-2011:  Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that the notification for this town hall meeting states that if the staff want to attend the meeting, he or she will have to obtain prior approval from their head of department. Just wondering how many staff will be given the approval to attend. Although there were talks of the meeting will be stage managed, yours truly believes that unlike others AJ will put into practice transparency in MAS. Hopefully AJ will do a tell all with regards to the “secret” CCF, which is the main concern of the staff and the nation.

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), MD of MAS and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), Deputy MD of MAS, who was Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, have called for a town hall meeting tomorrow (7-12-2011) at 9:30 am at the MAS Academy to unveil their so-called “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF) and New Business Plans to save MAS. Yours truly hopes that MAS management will allow time off for its members of staff to attend this town hall meeting to learn about the grand plans that will affect their future and livelihoods.

Looking at what AJ and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar have told Public Account Committee (PAC) in HERE, both of them will only be talking about the huge losses in MAS and reducing unit cost but not cutting the high salaries and perks of the “Panamera Dead Woods” with consultant mentality in MAS which do not commensurate with their ability and performance. It was due to the incompetence of these “Panamera Dead Woods” that MAS was in such a dire strait.

It was due to the incompetencies of the “Panamera Dead Woods” that MAS has been experiencing the huge losses and spending million of RM for the thoughtless appointment of consultants after consultants year in year out like Khazanah Nasional Bhd has been doing. Will AJ and Rashdan be addressing the LEAKAGES in MAS and the incompetence of the “Panamera Dead Woods”? Going by the records of top management in MAS, most probably not.

Yours truly believes that direct and indirect “pressures” in all forms will be exerted on the Union leaders not to question the CCF and LEAKAGES. Undue pressures are part of occupational hazards. As the saying goes “If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen!”.  The Union Leaders must be prepared to sacrifice for MAS and their members’ interests.  Since the Unions leaders have openly spoke out against the secret share swap and CCF, it is now the opportune moment to tell both of them especially Rashdan the reasonings why the MAS unions are opposing it.  “FEAR” is not a good reason to remain silence or pussy footing over the secret share swap and CCF which the MPs, bloggers, MAS staff and members of the public have made their stands. Read HERE. It is now the leaders of the Unions in MAS to speak up in no uncertain terms about the secret share swap and CCF.

Hopefully the leaders of all the Unions in MAS will be there to question AJ and Rashdan over those senseless decisions made after the secret share swap. MAS staff must turn up in big number to take part in this meeting because it is not only MAS future is at stake under this “consultant mentality” management but your future as well. The stake holders in MAS namely the Unions and members of staff must now stand up to be counted otherwise it would be difficult for others to help you. The future of MAS is in your hands! Members of staff must be brave enough to speak up in this town hall meeting. SILENCE is no longer option.

SILENCE will be capitalised by Rashdan and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah and ex-business partner of Rashdan, as an endorsement of what they have done thus far like the senseless spending of RM18 million to sponsor QPR home jersey and what have been done like cutting Firefly routes and going to do for the obvious benefits of other (you all know who).  The senseless business decisions were all make under the name of “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” thought out by the Bina tak Fikir top management in Khazanah headed by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Rashdan, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, will be the executioner.  For some of the issues beside LEAKAGES, the high salaries and perks of “Panamera Dead Woods” to be addressed by AJ and Rashdan, please read HERE.

Next Change / Akan Datang:  Teks ucapan di Parlimen mengenai “Gang of Two!”  


  1. bodoh.pandai

    Tomorrow’s town hall meeting will mean nothing coz any strategic cannot save MAS due to the massive corruption or “systematic inefficiencies ” in MAS at all levels.

    Just take a peek at the running of the Golden Lounges . The Golden Lounges are indeed the goose that lays the golden egg for some people in MAS.

  2. Nazarudin

    RAshdan will pretend to be a good and quiet boy in the town hall meeting. AJ will have to do the dirty job for him and Azman Mokhtar.

    Correct! Correct! Correct! What about the high salaries and perks of the Panamera Deadwoods in MAS and the nonsense in Golden Lounge?

    Hope that the Dr from MACC will be present tomorrow to observe the meeting and take down the questions and answers from these two idiots and union leaders that are still on sleeping pills.

  3. Razak in MAS

    YB, you are right that there are too many “Panamera Deadwoods” in MAS with high perks should be burned. The we need to waste money to buy petrol to burn the dead woods.

    Attending the town hall is one thing to speak up our minds is another. Once were to speak up and they will penalize us. This is the culture of MAS.

    AJ: If Sahari Sulaiman of MasKargo has been suspended for reason best known to Rahsdan, there are many more Deadwoods that needed to be suspended with no pay for investigation but not by this incompetence management as we have no trust on you. It should be done by MACC.

    AJ and Rashdan, we challenge you to do that. We know you have no balls to plug the leakages because of your bosses in Khazanah. You are only good in cutting routes for the benefits of AirAsia and spend RM18 million for QPR to support that pariah. Please don’t tell us that MAS has no money when you can pay RM18 million and all the high salaries and perks to those Panamera idiots.

  4. Jamal from MAS

    I hope that red Indian pariah will not show his face as this has got nothing to with you. He is not the man for the day to day running of MAS. If AJ allow him to attend please make sure all the directors (Datuk Azman Yahya from Scomi, Datuk Krishan Tan, Dato Rohana from ASTRO, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Datuk Aziz from MOF and Tan Sri Md Nor should also be there. Why is Datuk Azman Yahya, another one with consultant mentality was so quiet?

    MAS staff cannot stand the sight of that pariah. Stay in his turf. MAS is for those loyal MAS staff and not for those trying to cannibalize MAS. Rashdan please join AirAsia that is the place you belong.

  5. Anak Malaysia

    You are so right YB and Razak. When comes town hall nobody would come forward and ask questions specially the Union leaders. Belakang cakap banyak but when come face to face…they doesn’t even dare to utter a word.

    It would have make the staffs happy if the RM18 million is used as a small bonus to the staffs like RM1K to each staffs. Well what to do there are STUPID IDIOTS like Rashdan. I may not be a graduate from Cambridge, Oxford or Havard but I think better and smarter than you (Rashdan aka Danny).

    Since you idiots have suspended Shahari Sulaiman from some so call investigation, I am waiting to see when you idiots (Pariah TF, AJ, Rashdan and KM) are going ot be call by Dr MACC coz you guys are all SICK….REALLY SICK.

  6. Anak MAS

    Ha! Ha! Ha! At least we hear about Panamera Dead Woods. Good descriptions for the incompetence lots. We the normal staff had to work so hard and they came in to screw everything up. If MAS is that bad then MAS should not be making an average of RM15 billion annually. It is now time to stop the leakages and huge salaries and perks of the deadwoods before we need another share snap next two year. Cutting routes is the answer idiots. Stopping leakages is a must for MAS to survive well.

  7. MAS Observer

    From experience, the MAS town hall meeting is stage manage and the staff will be scared to death to speak up. The unions leaders will be singing the “Sound of Silence” or ask stupid question like extend the retiring age.

    AJ and Rashdan just make public what is Comprehensive Collaborative Framework is all about and whether the cutting of routes to suit your boss, the Red Indian, is the integral part of the CCF. The public is the indirect owner of MAS.Therefore, they have the right to know. I dare you to make public the CCF tomorrow. Closed door meeting will be a waste of time. Understand you two fools or poodles of the Red Indian.

  8. Mohamed in MOF

    Thank you YB for exposing these idiots and the panamera deadwoods! They should be shot. We the crews, ground staff and engineers and etc have worked so hard for MAS and these dead woods enjoy all the perks and telling us what to do and how to save money for MAS. This is the hypocrisy of these bast..ds. MAS staff must work together to get rid of AJ and Rashdan (the budak suruhan si pariah).

    What is Najib doing with his transformation? Get rid of Azman Mokhtar is itself a big transformation. He is just a gaji but a enjoy life in Khazanah and doing share swap to help the pariah and friends.

  9. Rust Lan!

    AJ will be talking cock in the town hall meeting because he has no clue of running a airline. Rashdan is only fit to run a massage parlor massaging the balls of the red Indian.

    Just imagine, after some 3 months, the new management is still dreaming about how to bullshit the staff about CCF. Even an idiot can be MAS CEO by cutting routes. AJ and Rashdan why two of you are not ashamed of yourself sitting in MAS drawing big salary and perks. They are contributing to the Leakage in MAS. The two tak malu idiots.

  10. Middle Rank Officer in MAS

    MACC should look into the assets of the Panamera Dead Woods in MAS including some of the union leaders. Changing MD will not solve MAS problems as we can see now. AJ and Rashdan have made it worst for MAS. Sack them immediately to plug the leakage in the form of salaries and perks and appoint a real aviation professional to run MAS with proper mandate and no interference from people like Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Datuk Azman Yahya and Datuk Rohana who are all close friends of TF.

  11. MAS People

    MAS staff must work together now that “robbers” are in our house. Lets printout the postings in YB’s blog and distribute among the staff or send them via our own private e-mail to keep us all informed of the developments done by these bloody Rashdan and AJ.

  12. Orang MAS

    AJ, Rashdan and the other dead wood directors of MAS, all of you better hide in the shit hole since you al are not ashamed of yourselves. Your parents must be ashamed of you lot. Krishnan Tan, Azman Yahya, Datuk Rohana, Tan Sri Wan Azmi why are you be part of the leakages in MAS. After all you are all useless with no experience in serving foods on flight let alone running an airline. GAJI BUTA aje. Ptui! Ptui1 Ptui! to the tak malu dan tiada maruah gang.

  13. Rosli dari MAS

    I know for certain that Aj and the Tan Sri Azman and the Red Indian’s running boy Rashdan can never reveal the CCF because they themselves do not know what is CCF unless told by the Red Indian Pariah.

    3 months after share swap still no detail about CCF except cancellations the profitable routes to make way for AirAsia. East Malaysian routes were terminated as from 4-12-2011. I can understand Rashdan doing it because he is brainless and a running boy of that pariah but you AJ, How can you follow Rashdan like a blind man being led by the nose? God bless you AJ. Your reputation is going down the drain daily and surely. If you don’t mind to be known as another member of Panamera Dead Wood then carry on with what you are doing.

  14. Pejuang mas

    MAS People

    Saya setuju dengan sdr.

    Tapi yang lebih penting union yang perlu buat itu semua.
    Union patutnya lebih tegas dalam hal-hal dalaman syarikat bukan harap pekerja sendiri mempertahankan MAS. Sebab itu ahli perlu membayar yuran

    wahai pemimpin-pemimpin union kamu tak tau malu ke?..sampai sekarang tak berani nak picket..maruah kamu sedang dicabar oleh puak-puak “geng of two”? tak kan kamu nak jadi tungul kayu? dan tengok mas dimusnahkan didepan mata dan kepala kamu semua!

  15. Jamilah dari MAS

    Saya setuju bahawa Rashdan si budak suruhan pariah ni tak tahu merasaakan malu. Si budak suruhan tiada maruah. seorang CON-sultant yang telah gagal dalam projek WAU sekarang nak menyelamatkan MAS atas nama baru CCF. Pergi mampus aje. Saya harap si budak suruhan pariah ni cepat pergi jadi barua si pariah dan masa itulah MAS baru selamat.

  16. Musa

    It is too obvious that Najib must take immediate actions to get rid of Azman, Rashdan and Aj immediately before MAS is beyond redemption. They have no clue what they are doing. Until now AJ and Rashdan are not doing anything about OneWorld, which is a collaborations with 12 other international airlines. Thius is thousand of times better than the collaboration with that pariah small airline with a lot of hype.

    Why are you waiting for Mr PM? Everything is so clear now.

  17. Time Traveller

    I have a feeling there will be no Q&A session at the townhall tomorrow as the briefing has been limited to 1 and a half hour. Just like the first townhall I guess. Hopefully the union reps will be vocal tomorrow. Don’t be a pussy.
    Some of the good people have left and some have been sidelined. The deadwood panameras are still happily earning their gaji buta while the kaki kipas angin like salleh takbrani will forever kipas-ing the bosses. I think this new management prefer those who pandai cakap than those who pandai kerja.


    Dear YB,

    Thank you for all your continuous and unwavering effort to provide clues to the Parliamentarians, Government, Authorities and especially MAS employees themselves.

    I suppose there is no point of worrying about MAS since the passengers, the shareholders and the stakeholders have no clues on what had happened, what is happening and what is going to happen.

    So, Selamat jalan and Sayonara!!

  19. Air Asia fans

    YB, found out the thamby has a group of cabin crew in MAS acting as his ears and close aids and they are Ismail N, Akram O, Azmi Wa.., Norwalena fatty ass, Shona Cinta alam mafea, sri sucker garnishes, Rosli sexual pervert and his girlfriend leading crew – maria sorry who will come back as EVP or above for Thamby…now under training using MAS “takbayar daun” (unpaid leave).

  20. Izani

    Rashdan the Azman Mokhtar kuncu must tell in the town hall what is CCF mean and it entails. I bet you he won’t be able to do it. He is just brainless.

  21. Mat from Khazanah

    There is a Board meeting of Khazanah today. I am sure that the “cannibalization of MAS will be discussed. it will be another attempt to screw up MAS further. The Vulture are eyeing Engineering Department and the MasKargo. AJ please be careful. Amok is not there to protect you.

    Najib must put his foot down against proposals put forward by Amok and his Con-sultants gang. They are the rem ant of the Tingkat 4. Stop the Bina Tak Fikir people in Khazanah from screwing up MAS further. They have done enough damage to MAS through the share swap.

  22. Anak Malaysia

    Okay…what now? At town hall questions was put forward to the 2 Panamera Deadwood but both can’t even answer.

    Q1. What the name of the new airline (Full Premier)?
    A1. No answer (This paraiah TF is trying to come up with a name for it)

    Q2. Why move the staffs from subang to klia and who is moving in?
    A2. No answer but the 2 Panamera Deadwood told the staffs the move will be defered to JUNE 2012.

    All questions have got no answer and this town hall is the same as the previous one. so AJ & Danny, why have so many town hall, when you can’t answer to the staffs questions. Why waste staffs time? Wtih these Panamera Deadwood in MAS…looks like MAS is dying very fast coz the TOP TOP Management have got no plan for MAS and there are no direction at all. Everything is in total darkness.

    It’s coming to 4 months now and all I can say is GOD PSE SAVE MAS FROM ALL THESE PANAMERA DEADWOOD.



  23. Time Traveller

    Yes Anak Malaysia. Didnt you notice there was no Australia and USA on the route map that was showed during the townhall. Isn’t Sydney and the kangaroo route one of our most profitable routes? And what about Danny saying need collaboration with airasia so we can interline? then what are we doing in oneworld. you think oneworld members would agree to MH interlining with lcc who is not even IATA member? by the way, AJ and Danny said today oneworld is in the gameplan so we should drop this from the list, yes YB wee? And to top it all, did you guys hear that there is a plan to downsize the staff? AJ said, shrink first then expand. At the rate it is going, it’s shrink, shrinking, shrunk…

  24. Anonymous


    If you really want to go after wastages in pay, I suggest you look into:

    – Remuneration of MAS pilots and their demand for 5 star hotels.
    – The phenomenal amount of overtime by the E&M staff some of whose overtime even exceed their basic monthly salary.

    The total amount paid in terms of remunerations to the Snr Management is a small portion to the above and is lower per person compared to the pilots.

  25. Tukang Sapu duit rakyat

    Yelah YB,

    MAS staff semua tukang sapu ala Flying Buffet.

    Good bye MAS, dont blame TF sebab you all yang gaiji buta.

    He he he good riddance MAS!


    @anonymous –

    MAS pilots remunerations are relatively very low. Well below market value,even Tony’s boys across the tarmac who are supposedly Low Cost earn much more,in some cases almost double what our boys are getting. It may seem high but that’s exactly how much the profession is worth.

    No issue on demand for 5 star hotels either, although they negotiate for appropriate accomodation as agreed upon in their MoU, they have been staying in 4 and sometimes 3 star hotels, located in the middle of nowhere, with no standard perks normally associated to hotels. e.g – MAS and Air AsiaX crew stay in the same hotel in Seoul, yet Air Asia crew get free breakfast but not MAS crew. MAS cuts cost as much as possible,in this case at the expense of staff and yet the crew don’t complain – they just take one for the team! Many similar scenarios at other stations.

    The problem is not the at the bottom of the chain, its on top and in the middle! Incompetence,inexperience and ignorance. What we need is a leader with airline experience who has a proven track record. Invest in stealing top level management from SQ/CX maybe?

    If MAS/Firefly gave up their profitable routes to Air Asia after the share swap, why did nobody from MAS side insist on Tony pulling Air Asia X from MASs profitable routes like London, Paris, Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Tokyo?

  27. abu hassan

    Union MASeu bukannya buat apa2….presiden union MASeu dan exco2 makan gaji buta je…bukannya pernah ada dioffice,asyik lepak kat union house.si ilias presiden union duk kat kota bahru,sambil keje ada biznes sampingan…semua staff mas tau.Kalau tak ada union,tak ada elaun,itu yang mereka risau sangat…..

  28. anon57


    I am not a pilot, but as an old timer in MAS, I agree with you. Sure, our pilots are paid well, but that’s what they are worth and for the heavy responsibilty they shoulder – it’s passengers LIVES that are at stake here. To anonymous, what is YOUR life worth?Alhamdullilah, MAS has a good record where safety is concerned. MAS pilots are professionals, they do not fly planes like driving mini-buses, that is make as many trips as possible, fly as many hours as possible, to make extra $$. Would you want to fly an airline that pushes its pilots to the limits and has dodgy maintenence practices?
    As for asking AAX to pull out from MAS profitable routes, the great news is that AAX is pulling out from London, Paris, Mumbai , Delhi from February 2012 as reported in the NST, but of course there is no confm or denial from AAX. News is AAX is having trouble with China too. So, look out MAS. In the spirit of “collaboration” you better give your kangaroo routes to your new ‘partner’, do it quickly, or they may close shop. Meanwhile, AJ and Danny,please continue with trying to pull wool over staff’s eyes about we just suspend our services to Australia until we are in better position. Hey, MAS is NOT losing money for Australia is it? It is open knowledge that AAX has been eyeing Sydney. Now all the evil “collaborators” will hand it to AAX while MAS tries to explain this by saying we will have partners to fly in pax from Australia, then we fly these same pax on our new 380 to Europe. Why do you think Tony is working very hard to persuade Qantas to use KL a their Asian hub? Certainly not for MAS or Malaysia, but for AAX. He is pulling out all the stops for his survival. Now he has his feet in both sides, he will WIN no matter what. With all this drama, Mr PM, watch out, you think this ‘collaboration’ will benefit both airlines and Malaysia? No way, at this rate, maybe BOTH may close shop.

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