Thank God that meeting to sack Bashir was just a rumour!

The two good friends of many years.

The scheduled meeting at 6 pm of today where Tan Sri Mokhtar has summoned Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad to attend did not materialise. It was just a “rumour” after all!  Was it just a rumour that was  to “discredit” Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, who is one of those few honorable men left in the corporate world and, of course, his ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Muhammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), is included?

Perhaps it may be for the same reason that Rashdan was helicoptered into MAS to be the deputy MD of MAS. Rashdan did what he had to do. After 7 days of inking the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap, Rashdan couldn’t wait to fly to London to sign the RM18 million sponsorship for QPR home jersey when MAS was facing financial problems. What a good way to save MAS! Read HERE.

What a great relief to know that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar let reasons to major his will and he didn’t allow his closed relationship with the Spin Doctor to tarnish his professional judgment on Tan Sri Bashir. It is hoped that the rumour about Tan Sri Bashir was going to be sacked today because of Tan Sri Bashir’s decisions to install aerobridge in KLIA-2 and the recent increment of the Airport Taxes will remain as rumour until Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar retired from Khazanah.

Whoever was promised the job of Tan Sri Bashir will have to wait for sometime. No harm trying. We are all watching YOU not from the 4th Floor / “Tingkat Empat” but from the Twin Tower.

Just to digress a little a bit but a related matter. Today, the Star has published an advertisement campaign by AirAsia against Tan Sri Bashir’s said decisions and the campaign posters on Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF)’s car  got the usual attention of the Star like the tweets from TF.

Just a reminder. In the said meeting with bloggers on 16-8-2011, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar had declared in no uncertain terms that Tan Sri Bashir has done a brilliant job in MAHB, there was no reason to remove him, and that the option for Khaznah to purchase 10 % share in AirAsia X Sdn Bhd was a DODGY deal.

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17 thoughts on “Thank God that meeting to sack Bashir was just a rumour!

  1. Bersedia

    TF were suck. he wanted to run not only the company but he wanted to run Malaysia actually.

    lets get together to make this issue come to the upper. let show to the Malaysians.

  2. cruel

    Thanks YB,

    Please keep us informed about this issue. We don’t want TF to have his way and keep on bullying others. He has to toe the line if he wants to do business here in Malaysia.

  3. Toni for President

    Yes, Toni penultimate ambition is to be a VIRGIN like Branson and ultimate ambition to be PRESIDENT like Obama. Kneel, you weaklings.

  4. Barb

    Congrat ..YB WCK we follow closely and support yr action.Pls continue until MAS/AA share swap cancel..MAS is our national airline and not AA control by TF and the foreigners..

  5. Randy

    It is likely that pre assure through the blogs, including yours, having had an inclination of the said meeting was what actually stopped it from happening yesterday. Fact is the meeting could still happen. We, as responsible, loyal citizens of this blessed country must continue to make our voices known to ensure this meeting doesn’t take place and TS Bashir stays on as MD of MAHB.
    Please continue this quest YB.

  6. Khazanah Idiot

    Time Traveller

    Of course, Azman Mokhtar chicken out at the last minute. He knew he was under tremendous attacks from many blogs. We must carry on exposing this irresponsible fella. He told PAC that it was judgment call that the MAS – AirAsia share swap based on share price of 8-8-2011.

    Azman please stop pretending to be stupid. We know what you are doing. If I am your father I will be ashamed of you and will be feeling that all the money spent on your education was a waste.

    Melayu yang tiada maruah is Azman.

  7. MAS observer

    It was obvious that Azman Mokhtar sudden lost his balls to help his friend further. Sudahlah Azman kamu ni tiada maruah langsung. Jangan jual bangsa kamu. Jika nap dual, juallah maruah keluarga kaamu sender. Juallah isteri dan anak-anak kamu.

    Selepas share SUAP sekarang nap jual MAHB lagi. Kebinatangan kamu semakin hari semakin jelas!

    If you want to kill PM Najib. This is not the way.

    If you want to help your 4th Floor friend this is not the way.

    If you want o help your good friend this is not the way.

    If you want to put your 4th Floor friend to head MAHB this is not the way.

    The only way is for your way to resign in order to have a bit of maruah left for your own family.

    PTUI!!! to bloody dual maruah bangsa of the worst kind.

  8. Charles F Moreira

    Well I’m glad Bashir was not ousted as rumoured. If he had been, then there would be something very questionable about the current government.

    Well done. YB and others.

    Keep the pressure up.

  9. Amok Tiada Maruah

    I also agree that Azman Mokhtar and his business partner Rashdan are very hounouirable men and should be given Tunship for the MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF. Rashdan should be given higher title for helping to cannibalise MAS further.

    These two must be crucified properly. These two persons should be treated as national wastage that to be thrown into the drain.

    Amok knew that he has been watch closely that’s why he called off the meeting. Bast..ds.

  10. Guna

    Amok is balless. He should go ahead and sacked Bashir. Then we will see how the people will go after him. I agreed that he is no self respect. He has no respect for his own race. He and Rashdan are the shameless. Najib should sack Amok immediately and get MACC to investigate into the share swap.

    SC is a waste of time because Zarina was appointed buying Nor Yacop and Badawi time. So was Amok. MACC will be the best agency to check throughout the share suap.

    YB please carry on to whack these two fellows.

  11. Time Traveller

    TF and Airasia should be reprimanded for campaigning against MAHB increasing the airport tax. If he is so concerned about the Malaysian public now having to pay more to travel, then he should cut the surcharges, and not impose fees for counter check in. He should also reduce the baggage checked in fees. RM35 for a 15kg bag is a lot but people still travel. Look at the charges you impose first, jangan sibuk dengan hal orang lain lah.

  12. Charles F Moreira

    Let’s hope Tony does not get these kinds of ideas.

    From last year

    “Ryanair confirms it WILL bring in charges for on-board toiletsRyanair confirms it WILL bring in charges for on-board toilets”

    More recently

    “Ryanair’s new controversial cost cutting plan: one toilet per aircraft”

    “Cross your legs and prepare for take-off: Ryanair reveals plan to have just ONE toilet on each plane to make room for more seats”

  13. Jimmy

    The pariah should look at how AirAsia has been charging Malaysians. Convenience fees RM8, checking in counter RM10, wheel chair RM15, online booking fees and etc. We should be protesting against AirAsia and the pariah for all the hidden charges.

    Why protest about airport tax? When AirAsia has the history of owing RM120 million for years. Instead of paying interest on the airport tax, the Sleepy Head or 4th floor government gave a 30% discount. that was when Ong Tee Keat was the Minister of Transport.

    Hey Pariah! you should throw stone from glass houses. Even your friend Amok, cannot help you much. Amok’s reputation after the share swap is almost zero if not minus. Putting his crony and ex-BinaFikir partner Rashdan as deputy CEO in MAS was too glaring. Enough is enough.

    Hoping that Najib will kick him out from Khazanah soon. Then we must call for an in-depth investigations on all the consultant fees that were paid. Total figure will be few hundred million RM a year. YB please ask the Minister of Finance about it.

  14. Anak Malaysia

    Actually that bloody TF is is not speaking for the RAKYAT about MAHB increasing the tax but he is only speaking for his own sake.

    The tax increase will not allow him to further increase whatsoever charges tha AA is charging the RAKYAT now. So if he can’t increase the existing charges that means less money into his pocket.

    Well he think the RAKYAT and MAHB are STUPID like him…well he is so wrong. He better think of better ways to con the RAKYAT and MAHB instead of his lame excuses.

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