Tan Sri Bashir upholding “Rakyat DiDahulukan”!

All the disabled persons, elderly and young children say a BIG Thank YOU to Tan Sri Bashir and his men in MAB for going against the God sent corporate leader!

Updated @ 1:30 pm 3-12-2011: Rumour has it that Tan Sri Bashir will be given the boot at the 6 pm meeting with Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Yours truly hopes that this is just a rumour but in this Boleh Land more often than not rumours turned out to be true later. Please read HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.   

Updated @ 12 noon 2-12-2011: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, MD of Khazanah, has been extremely quiet over the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap, CCF and the constant attacks against MAHB by the Spin Doctor. Rummour has it that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar has summoned Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, the MD of MAHB, to a meeting at 6 pm on Saturday (3-12-2011) in Khazanah HQ.  Going by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s stand during the meeting with bloggers on 16-8-2011 that “Tan Sri Bashir has done a brilliant job in MAHB”, yours truly wild guess is Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar would want to back Tan Sri Bashir to stand firm and not allow MAHB to be pushed around by the Spin Doctor.

Yours truly knew as a matter of fact that the Spin Dr is a good friend of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar but professionalism shall prevail. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen after the said meeting.

Yours truly also hopes that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar will also advise Tan Sri Bashir not to allow any airline to owe Airport Tax and to take immediate actions to stop all facilities in the airport if an airline does not pay up the Airport Tax within two weeks and that MAHB should also take actions to demand for payment of the Airport Taxes totaling RM6.895 million held by AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd for the “untravelled passengers”. Read HERE.

Yg Bhg Tan Bashir Ahmad (Tan Sri Bashir), MD of Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB), SYABAS to you for standing up for the elderly, disabled persons, pregnant women, young kids and for upholding YAB PM’s policy of “Rakyat DiDahulukan”/ “PEOPLE FIRST” by the MAHB’s decision to build the aerobridge for KLIA-2.

Tan Sri, you are running Malaysian airport for the rakyat. You must stand up for the convenience of all Malaysians. KLIA-2 must have modern facilities like other developed nations. Even Cambodia and Myanmar airports have aerobridge. Tan Sri, you are absolutely right to listen to the Rakyat especially the disabled persons above and others.

The whole nation is behind you, your GM for Operations, Datuk Azmi Murad, and all your officers in MAHB.  Tan Sri, have no worry, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah, in the presence of his ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, had told several bloggers including, Datuk Rocky of RockyBru, OutSyed The Box, Big Dog, Apanama, A Voice and yours truly on the night of 16-8-2011 (during Puasa month) in KL Hilton that “Tan Sri Bashir has done a brilliant job in MAB and there was no reason to interfere and/or to remove him from MAB”. In fact, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar did also declare that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd deal in the secret share swap was a “DODGY DEAL”!

Yours truly is certain that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, a highly qualified person from a world famous Cambridge University and of  good conscience and high integrity, will NOT part take in or tolerate any attempt to interfere with Tan Sri’s well thought out judgements and/or to remove Tan Sri just to realise the grand agendas or dreams of a certain group of “powerful people” of yesteryears.

Yours truly also believes that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar will no doubt put the interests of the elderly, disabled persons, pregnant women, young children and etc above the narrow interests of a group of persons or certain business models that needed constant helps from every where including KHAZANAH.  Yours truly believes that Khazanah is not a national organization that will constantly provide a “LEG ON” for the hangers on and parasites of this beloved nation of ours!

Move on Tan Sri. The nation can’t succumb to the wishes, whims and facies of a group of persons or certain business models. The HONEYMOON ERA” was all over and gone. It is now the new era of “RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN and “PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN”

A bit of the background:

Firstly, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) said that AirAsia opposed the used of aerobridge for KLIA-2 as it does not fit in with AirAsia’s business model.  This has caused the disabled persons to protest as they felt that their disabilities have not been taken into account by the Ministry of Transport i.e. the Government. Yours truly supported the elderly, disabled persons, pregnant women and young children on the issue of installations of aerobridge and other modern in KLIA-2.  Read HERE.  Then the issue of aerobridge subsided.

After a week or so, a press conference was initially called to oppose the increment in Airport from RM25 to RM32 but it was cancelled at the 11th hour. Then TF tweeted that AirAsia will not collect airport taxes on behalf of MAB because the increased of RM7 was far too much. Your truly, responded to the said tweet, which was, of course, published by the Star. Read HERE.

Thereafter,  there was a U-turned and AirAsia has agreed to collect the Airport Tax. Quite frankly, yours truly have never heard in other parts of the world where an airline made any attempt to dictate terms to the airport authority or defy airport authority,  whether on increment of Airport Taxes or facilities like aerobridge to be built for new airport. But in this “Boleh Land” of ours, AirAsia seemed to be able to do so. In any event, our Airport Taxes are still the lowest in the region except Indonesia.

Well, AirAsia has a history of owing Airport Taxes of about RM120 millions for many years and due to the pressures exerted in Parliament it finally paid up with a discount of 30% during the “honeymoon era” under Badawi’s Administration. In fact, AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd are still holding on to the Airport Taxes for “un-travelled passengers” totaling RM6.895 million. Read HERE.

Strangely enough, when AirAsia was owing Airport Taxes for many years, TF never complained about the Airport Tax or that MAHB didn’t take actions to claim for the outstanding Airport Tax debts. At that material times, there was nothing MAHB could do with a group  of “very powerful person” running amok every where. Perhaps, it must have been these circumstances that have made a person to be a spoilt brat!

By the way it only cost about 22 Sen per passenger for the used of aerobridge and the convenience is invaluable especially for the elderly, disabled persons, pregnant women and young children. Not to mention the safety for the passengers and security of the airport. The extra charge of 22 Sen is just pittance if compare with the list of the hidden charges of AirAsia like Convenience Fees RM8, Counter Check In RM10, Wheel Chair RM15 and etc. For full details of the said hidden charges in HERE.

The Spin Dr is still at work! Read HERE, HERE & HERE.

Please read below the interesting article in the NST today about the current problems over Airport Tax and aerobridge between Tan Sri Bashir and TF.

“Bashir, Fernandes in staring contest?”

by Presenna Nambiar presenna@nstp.com.my 2011/12/01

THE issues: aerobridges and airport tax. The characters: AirAsia Bhd chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad. The prize: unknown.

On Tuesday, Bashir surprised everyone by announcing that the airport operator would go ahead with the instalment of aerobridges.

He backtracked from an earlier decision not to use aerobridges, going against the wishes of its biggest client, the world’s largest low-cost carrier AirAsia.

Bashir’s reason? “It was for the people”.
In recent weeks, Fernandes has been up in arms on the topic of airport tax hike.

He went onto Twitter and Facebook to garner support for his cause to stop the airport operator from increasing its passenger service charge or airport tax.

Fernandes’ reason? “It was for the people”.

Do the people want an increase in airport tax? Maybe “want” is a strong word. But with a better terminal, we could probably suffer it.

Do the people want aerobridges? At a cost of 25 sen per passenger, a majority seem to.

Does it make sound business sense for MAHB to never increase its charges? Analysts who upgraded the stock after the decision would say a resounding “no”.

As Bashir argues it, the timing of a hike is never right. There’s always a reason to keep it status quo, such as it being either an economic downturn or an election year.

For Fernandes, the extra cost of paying and using an aerobridge does not fit with its business model. No matter that the passengers are willing to foot the bill.

Now, it’s clear that both parties are picking and choosing what they do for the people.

While some may argue an increase in airport tax is not for the people, others would argue that our interests went out the window when AirAsia started charging RM10 for checking in via the counter.

There must be a reason for these going-ons. The question is what? What’s the purpose of having a popularity contest for business entities? Everyone knows businesses are here to make money.

53 thoughts on “Tan Sri Bashir upholding “Rakyat DiDahulukan”!

  1. Wawasan 2020

    The Star are always praise TF. because of what???please look at the reporter. who are they???just ask yourself. cakap lebih nanti cakap racist pula kan???

    they are the TF’s puppets to deviated the intention of the rakyat.

    they are trying hard to condemn the MAHB and the Government.

    Lets bring the truth. show to the Malaysian and the world who is TF.

    the blood sucker and the pengk..nat negara.

    Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan…

  2. Kunyit Hidup

    Bravo Tan Sri Bashir!

    Customers shouldn’t be exposed to inconveniences, bad weather, noises and other hazards on the tarmac. PRM regulations must be honoured, aerobridge is not airlines decision. Not about ‘war’ between you and TF.

    You are the most capable candidate – should return to lead MAS instead of AJ.

    However your next consideration is to look into welfare of every serviceman at KLIA. Examples:
    1. Staff canteens are rated the most expensive (value) in Peninsular. I found out even more expensive than Genting. Witnessing baggage handlers having lunch ‘nasi putih with kuah and air kosong’ – leaking my tears as much as their sweats!
    2. No 24/7 public transport servicing surrounding residential areas. Staffs are working round the clock. We are not aircrew the first class citizen of MAS, company transport is a nightmare for others.
    3. If staff uses own car, parking rates depending on salary. Please be sincere helping serviceman with a single discounted rate. We make the airport alive. You can see one ringgit per entry into parking area is getting popular, motorcycle. Illegal bike parking can be seen especially on hujung bulan. MAB should do something for the people who serve the airport, not merely for shareholders.

    You should aware that baggage handlers have to wait 15 years to earn 2K. Help them to catch-up. Thank you.

  3. Akhir Zaman

    TF use all the media to condemn MAHB and the Government while the government especially MAHB are still quiet.


    Now TF use his blog and tweeter to convince the people that the fares are increasing because of the taxes because he knows that most of Malaysians are stupid and blindly follow without thinking as we know that most of Malaysians also dont wanna think.

    thats y TF and his machais hardly use the internet and whatsoeva media that they have to keep the rakyat in confuse.

    they are attacking the government especially MAHB to close the loop. they are trying to divert the intention of the rakyat regarding their fees to the issue of the airport taxes.

    TF are not stated that the increase of the taxes only impose to the outgoing international. what a bad habit they have. memalukan. fitnah.

  4. Anonymous

    YB, I condemned TF has his reason for fighting against the increment of airport tax that was for the people. My foot – Tony F…you’re not even fit to be called a human being, so do not pretend to be a somebody who’s concerned about the public. This man should be kicked out the country for good riddance. He condones br.bery and that’s what he said to MAS staff last month.

  5. Charles F Moreira

    YB Wee,

    I second Kunyit Hidup for better and cheaper facilities, food and services for workers at KLIA and at all airports.

  6. shankarprasad


    Suddenly you became soft to AM. From Bina fikir to bina takfikir now balik to bina fikir. Ini sudah flip flop. Ada apa-apa ka

  7. Hantu FELDA

    1. YB Wee, Is the collected airport by Air Asia tax are kept within Air Asia and not remitted back to the Government (MAHB) ?

    2. If that so, does that constitute “criminal breach of trust” under the white collar crime for holding monies for more than 21 days?

    3. As a trained lawyer, YB can look into that perspective… please YB.

  8. old refree


    What does the Bl.ckie want? Dulu KLIA dah elok, dia kata mahal. Buat LCCT kata kandang kuda. Sekarang KLIA2 ..apa lagi? Ingat laaa ..dia dulu dari mana ? Cakap Bahasa Malaysia pun tak mau, bukan tak pandai !! Bagi org macam tu, cakap BM menghina diri dia kot. Cakap mat salleh dgn slang . Oii ingat laaa… hitam tu hitam juga Hutang MAHB pun susah bayar nak marah2 org pulah. LCC = Low Caste Carrier . Managed by .. P****** !!

  9. zulkarnain

    Still RAKYAT should be burden by the new tariff….
    MAHB is A GLC..

    My warning to MAHB dont be A PLUS.. You are a MONOPOLY COMPANY dont abuse it…

    and to GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA why you want ot add more tax to our tickets??

  10. arba

    YB, I also condemned TF for being such a liar. Air Asia (AA) statement in their campaign ‘Say No To Airport Tax Increase’ that AA did not make any profit from airport tax is a lie. In fact, AA has make a lot of money from cancelled flight. My advise to TF, don’t be hipocrite and just look at other people fault.
    AA has make a lot of money from additional charges…………..

  11. Old Man

    We should run our own email blast to TS Bashir to show our support for the miniscule Airport Tax increase and the lastest expansion of KLIA2.

    Match Tony’s email for email.

    Tony sekarang sudah kelapa besar.

  12. acura

    Syabas Tan Sri and to YB Wee! The aerobridge is not only for convenience to disabled passenger but also for their dignity. This issue is more than just AirAsia vs MAHB or dollars and sen; it is about us as a society and what we do to help all citizens abled or disabled.
    Being physically disabled does not mean being unable to be a productive member of this society. But this can’t happen if we don’t give them access to public places, amenities, or transportation.

  13. Con Man in Khazanah

    The Pariah is trying very hard to spin and to distract the attention from the dirty share swap at the UMNO Conference. UMNO delegates must not allow the Pariah to distract them from the main issue that the share swap was most scandalous under Azman Mokthar. This fella must be out from Khazanah as soon as possible before more share swap in other GLCs to his friend and cronies.

  14. ronnie

    Anything done by the Pariah and AirAsia is news and deserved big space in Star. Star has became a mouth piece for the Pariah. Where is your integrity, Star? Star just need advertisements.

  15. MAS People

    We must all be resolute. Please don’t allow the Pariah / Spinner to spin story to distract us from the real issue: the bloody share swap and CCF. The cannibalization of MAS.

    The Pariah fighting for the public over 22 Sen per passenger to use the aerobridge and the increase of airport tax of RM7. please look at the airport of other airport, they cost more than Malaysia. Why is the bloody Pariah did not protest in Singapore, Thailand, Hong kong, United Kingdom. I hope that the Pariah will do a campaign against Singapore Airport Authority.

    The public should send e-mail or comments to the pariah’s blog to oppose the share swap and CCF. This Pariah is spinning all the way to distract attention from the bullshit share swap and CCF.

    Najib better wake up and steer clear from this Pariah.

  16. old referee


    Coba nak tanya sikit . Apa pasal PM kita diam saja dalam pasal SWAP arrangement ini? Ini hal negara , apa pasal mereka2 diam2 saja.

    1. weechookeong

      Old Referee

      YAB PM memang amat sibut dengan banyak urusan untuk mentadbir negara. Saya percaya bahawa beliau menanti hasil penyisatan daripada Suruhanjaya Sekuriti dan Bursa KL mengenai “share Swap” tersebut. Walaubagaimanpun, tanggung jawab kita adalah berhenti kegiatan yang tidak sihat untuk pernebagan negara, MAS. Saya berharap bahawa stakeholder MAS iaitu perkerja-perkerja MAS khasnya persatuan-persatuan MAS (pemimpin seperti MASEU, MESA dan lain) perlu mengambil tindakan yang sewarjanya kerana mereka lebih teliti dengan keadaan MAS sekarang.

      Sekian, terima kasih.

      Yang Ikhlas

      wee choo keong

  17. Rosli MAS

    Ptui! to Azman Mokhtar. Another Melayu yang tiada maruah. Diperalatkan oleh si Pariah. Kalau dia sentuh Tan Sri Bashir mengenai issue airport tax dan aerobridge dan tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap baki hutang airport untuk “untravelled passengers” kita perlu hantum si Melayu bodoh ini. Melayu tiada maruah. Pergi mati lebih baik. Gaji buta di Khazanah. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. inilah yang tepat untuk dia dengan kuncu dia Rasdhan.

  18. Flyguy

    Mr Zulkarnain

    input on ur comment…

    YB, pls correct me if i’m wrong. if G x increase the airport that, do u KNOW that G need to reimburse MAB the diff btw old and new rate, just like toll concession?

    where on earth G get the money? definitely not fall from the sky like rain…. that money is from u, me and all Malaysian who pay the tax. why the h*ll we need to subsidize those who flr. u fly, u bayar la… i fly, i bayar…. so, what wrong with that?

    why u not make huge noise at AK when they fail to return the airport tax for those cancel their flight and worst case, AK did not pass the airport tax they collected from passenger to G. they only as “middle man” where the money should go to MAB as airport authority, yet the most stup*t arrangement, G give AK discount to encourage them to return airport tax of RM 120 M. the discount, if my memory serve me well, is in the region of RM 20M. that RM 20M is pure 110% solid profit to AK!!!!!!!!! daylight roberry….

    u are barking at wrong tree, my man…..

  19. Bersatu teguh Bercerai Roboh

    harap YB Wee dapat menarik lebih ramai wakil rakyat untuk bersama dalam isu ini. I hak negara. Biar TF terjun dengan labu-labunya. Tiak tahu bersyukur. Nak airport kerajaan sediakan airport (khas untuk mereka sahaja). nk itu nk ini. semua kerajaan bagi. jangan sampai kerana Air Asia integriti kerjaan terhapus dan rakyat memandang serong terhadap kerajaan. kerajaan bukan machai TF tetapi Tf kena sedar dia hanya ahli perniagaan dan rakayat Malaysia yang perlu mengikut lunas undang-undang yang terdapat di Malaysia.

    Menjunjung tinggi perlembagaan. Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita.

  20. Anak Malaysia

    Saya sokong apa yang dipost oleh Flyguy dan Bersatu teguh Bercerai Roboh. Ini dikatakan rompak disiang hari.

    Oops…sorry I shud be blogging in English coz that Pariah TF doesn’t know how to speak and read in Bahasa Malaysia. Wonder if that Pariah TF know what is Perlembagaan or not.

    Does anyone out there have got the email address of Pariah TF, kalau ada upload dalam blog YB so whoever don’t and can’t fly with AA can email direct to him and ask for a refund on airport tax.

  21. Anti share suap

    MAS staff patut pulang Paku buah keras pada Toni dengan memakai sticker “No to share ‘suap'” Macam air Asia staff Pakai sticker “no to airpot tax”. Toni u stink n suck.

  22. Anonymous

    Mari kita semua angkat si hitam tu dan buangkan dia kedlm laut ikan jerung… lol lepas tu kita tengok macam mana dia akan menyelamatkan diri sendiri dari ikan jerung.

  23. Anonymous

    YB, caught Tony is protesting against the increase of airport tax because it does not benefit AirAsia in any way as 100% of the airport tax goes to MAHB.

    You will find this pops up window when booking Air Asia flights, fyi.



    Nationals that do not require a visa and/or are not holding a passport issued by an EU member state may be granted a stay up to a maximum of 6 months. Such nationals must have a return booking or onward booking which must be presented at the time of check-in at Kuala Lumpur.
    Please note that the length of stay will be determined by the Immigration Officer upon arrival.

    Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) has increased airport tax for all international outgoing flights starting 1 December 2011.

    AirAsia thinks that this increase is not justified as the current airport facilities are not up to par. Let MAHB know what you think about this Airport Tax Increase. Have your say today.

    *This increase does not benefit AirAsia in any way as 100% of the airport tax goes to MAHB.

  24. Jebat Bukan Musibat

    Is there more that Dr. Spinner wanted though many had been given?
    Is it not enough with what the government have done for AA?
    What I mean is ALL the things that he forced the government done for HIMSELF?
    Such a pathetic brat.
    Amok, tak perlu jadi budak suruhan Dr. Spinner
    AGM UMNO should have a debate about the action of the ones that corrupted our beloved country.
    Let there be truth, known by all the malay about who is this Amok person are.

  25. Jamil dari MAS

    Amok is not a Malay. He is a traitor of this country. He put Rashdan in MAS to MUSNAHKAN MAS! Ptui! PTUI! PTUI! to you Amok & Rashdan and all your next generations.

  26. Fong MAS

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar got integrity. You must be joking YB. He is full of shit that’s why he can proceed with the MAS – AirAsia share swap. On top of that he can put his crony Rashdan there to fu..kup MAS. Bloody guy with degree from Cambridge Uni. So what? He is just a lump of shit to all of us in MAS. Now his crony dare not walk around in MAS because he is very mall of himself. We in MAS must get together and get him without his underpants!

  27. Musnah Harapan

    I got below email from AA.
    What a greedy and spoilt bxxxxx! Bagi airport tax, nak airport pulak.

    Dear xx,

    Say NO to Airport Tax Increase – starting 1 December 2011, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) will increase taxes for all international departing flights.

    AirAsia views that this increase is not justified as the current airport facilities are not up to par.

    Let MAHB know what you think about this Airport Tax Increase. Have your say today.

    List of affected airports:-

    Airport Airport Code Old Airport
    Tax (RM) New Airport
    Tax (RM) Price Increase
    Langkawi International Airport LGK 51 65 +14
    Penang International Airport PEN 51 65 +14
    Kuching International Airport KCH 51 65 +14
    Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport BKI 25 32 +7
    LCCT KLIA KUL 25 32 +7

    AirAsia does not derive any profit from the Airport Tax
    collected from guests as the entire amount goes to MAHB.

    You can make a difference. Learn more about Airport Tax Increase and how it affects you.

    Email MAHB at media@malaysiaairports.com.my or bashir@malaysiaairports.com.my

    Amok, you must throw out this bxxxx from MAS or we are going to throw you out from Khazanah.

  28. Ganesh

    actions must be taken against the Pariah and his good friend Amok. Both are traitors of this country. Both are taking the country for a ride. That Pariah got every thing from the Government and now he wanted more. Amok should help him by doing another share swap to take over Bank Negara.

    MAHB should not entertain this Pariah.

  29. Amok the Con Man

    Amok is helping the Pariah to fight MAHB and the government. I don;t understand what is Najib waiting for. Just sack the bugger and at the same time get MACC to investigate into his activities. This Amok has created problems in MAS by putting his business partner “budak Bina Tak Fikir” Rashdan. Rashdan will do anything for the Pariah. thats why Rashdan cancelled routes that AirAsia X and AirAsia are flying especially the East Malaysian Routes.

    Once Amok, Rashdan and Azman Yahya who are closely connected with Nor Yacop are removed from all government agencies then MAS will be saved and also the country will be saved.

  30. Musnah Harapan

    Tony F: Feeling Threatened or Blatant Disregard?
    He is now like cacing kepanasan, trying to create excuses for Khazanah to reverse the share SUAP.

    He realised that MAS, a national icon, is too big for him to gobble up or in his own words ” put under his arm pit” make him looks like a sore thumb and sore loser.
    The rest of the crxxxks, better run before we get to you.

  31. kamaludin

    Tan Sri, You might loose in the battle of patronage and connection with TF, but be proud that you stand for the truth and for the people. If you got t sack for you truthful position, be proud that you have done the best for Malaysia.You are an example of what a true Malaysian is, with your calm and truthful manner when you handled a well connected person like TF who believes that Malaysia Government and Malaysian people owe him everything! Whoever the decision maker that slammed you down and sided with TF is the traitor to the people and the nation.

    Abrahan Lincoln said:
    I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.You are just like him Sir. We salute you.

  32. Gila Babi

    TF want every sen in Malaysia. just give him Bank Negara. just elect him to be the ‘President’ of Malaysia. change the national language to english and bitch skirt to national costume. then he will shut his damn mouth.

    or other word government should take back his Tan Sri and just forfeitures his nationality. he definitely know the Malaysian constitutional. go back to your own country. thats all. or he can go to Indon and get the Indon nationality and ask everything from them. dont suck Malaysian treasures.

  33. Ilham Putera

    YB Wee,

    Saya setuju dengan Anti share suap.
    MAS staff should wear sticker “NO SHARE SUAP”. Come on MASEU, MAPA, MESA etc etc.

    To Tan Sri Bashir of MAB, congratulations for listening to the masses rather than the lone pariah.

  34. Old Man

    Dear Musnah Harapan,

    Thank you for posting TS Bashir’s emil address.

    Well, now it is up to us to send an email Tan Sri to show that we are behind him.

    I have.

  35. Spiderman

    Both MAHB and MAS are owned by Khazanah. In other circumstances, Khazanah will never tolerate the kind of attack made by Air Asia on it’s organizations. However since Khazanah has made the mistake of entering this swap, Azman has to chose between his relationship with his beloved Tony or depending MAHB. If Azman is smart enough is should back MAHB – afterall MAHB has been supporting of Air Asia in the past like tolerating over dues payment and free landing and parking charges during Air Asia initial years. However I doubt Azman will do the right things in backing up MAHB – Khaznah as an organization is lack of ability to make critical thinking due to in – breeding. Top 3 of their top management are from BinaFikir – Azman, Dato Zainal their Chief Operating Officer and Our beloved Danny. In addition if you look at Khazanah as a whole, about 70% of their managers are from the ” upper” background – i.e. Sons or daughter of some high rankings Dato or Tan Sri – those that was born with silver spoon in their mouth. Hence they are not thinking like ordinary people like you and me. Basically they don’t care what we think. In the real world, Khazanah is known for their arrogance of talking too much, watch few TV programs and read few books on economics and think they know all about world economics and effect on national interest. If you look at Khazanah tracked records, all the bidding war and the companies they acquired were by OVERPAYING. Last year they overpaying Parkway, a Singapore company and in the process rewarded the other bidder by the tune of RM400M – that is your money and my money – the ordinary Malaysians. And like any other time Singapore Government will asked one or two obscure publications to described those dealing as ” deal of the year”. Do you aware both the “WAU by BinaFikir” and ” Parkway ” deals have described as ” the restructuring of the year by a Singapore based publication.? Khazanah is so proud about it and always thinking about that they are as good as Temasek that they even named two of their meeting rooms in the 34th floor as “Changi” and ” Sentosa” . There are thousands of names to be picked and they chosed two names that closely related to Singapore. And from this is the kind of insensitiveness of a Malaysia government organization.

  36. MAS staff Against Liar

    i hope that MASEUS, MAPA & MESA leaders have already woke up and kick the habit of taking Sleeping Pills. Now we have moved into the 4 months after the share swap, what the F..CK you have done for us, the MAS staff. You had your meeting with AJ but you didn’t brief us. We are kept in the dark.

    Alias, how long more you want to hold on as our useless leader? you know yoou are useless and that you have manipulated the the elections. You are just like Rashdan Melayu yang tiada maruah. Pemimpin yang lain di MAPA, MESA pun sudah kena penyakit makan ubat tidur? Tak malu kah?

    The problem in MAS is not about deadwood in MAS only but the union leaders too. Therefore, we need a thorough clean up by Dr MACC. First two patients Alias and Malek.

    MASEUS, now sudah December? Bila nak POCKET? alamak sori wrong spelling. Bila nak PICKET?

  37. pejuang mas

    MAS staff Against Liar

    Saya sokong pandangan sdr..

    Tapi maaflah saya pernah cabar pihak kesatuan pada komen yang lepas supaya kesatuan menyatakan pendirian mereka dan mempertahankan kepentingan pekerja-pekerja mas. ITU TUGAS UTAMA MEREKA!

    Apa guna ada kesatuan yang banyak bilanganya kalau tak boleh pertahan pekerja dan tak berani mempersoalkan syarikat.

    Kata nak PICKET! tapi rupanya cuma NAK JAGA POKET!

    Pemimpin kesatuan macam si Alias ni sepatutnya dah di tendang dari kesatuan..atau lebih baik undur diri..itu lebih bermaruah!

  38. Bina Tak Fikir

    Amok, don’t waste time having meeting with Tan Sri Bashir. You are the main cause of all the problems in Khazanah, MAS and MAHB. you are the master of all cronies. Look at your cronies in Khazanah – Rashdan, Dato Zainal. All from BinaFikir tampa fakir.

    All the problems in MAS are caused by Amok for his failure in supervising. Amok please stop your nonsense. Those who know about Amok and his consultant mentality please post your comments here so that YB can bring up in Parliament. This bas..d, Melayu yang tiada maruah dan yang memalukan keturunan sender dan bangsanya. Inilah Azman Mokhtar. Ptui, ptui, ptui, ptui, ptui, ptui to you and your two cronies.

    We in khazanah know what the funks you and your cronies are doing. Another Red Indian in Khazanah is also involved in doing all the nonsense. Geden are you alright in Khazanah. Anymore new deal or share swap soon?

  39. Ilham Putera

    All Friends of this blog, lets put our show of support here to Tan Sri Bashir of MAB on his firm stand on aerobridge at KLIA2.

    Your support here will put shame to the goons at Khazanah and those pro the pariah. Lets tell the pariah that Tan Sri Bashir is not alone.

    Kudos Tan Sri Bashir.

  40. Randy

    TS Bashir is indeed one of the few corporate leaders of integrity, professionalism and decency. Today evening he will be requested to leave due to allegations of mismanagement of klia2. The cost increase of klia2 includes rm500mil of govt assets that are borne by mahb. The increases in scope in terms of longer runway 3, more contact gates and aggressive pax growth showing 30mil pax by 2015/6 are all requested by AirAsia. So why are they making so much noise? They meet mahb every week on klia2 and yet claim they don’t know. In short, if TS Bashir is asked to leave, it is truly a shame for the nation. It also serves the wrong moral lesson to the rest of us and our children, as a straight, upright true gentleman is removed to benefit the few greedy powerful.

  41. Old Man

    Tony, Tony, Tony,

    You often use your defence of the welfare of the Rakyat to justify your actions.

    Well, let me ask you how much have the Tony Fernandez Foundation contributed to the welfare of the Rakyat. Is there a TF Foundation. Compare yourself with your peers.

    I put it that the only welfare you are defending is yours.

    You are a selfish now big headed liar.

  42. Lawak Nak Mampos

    TF and asked AJ, Danny to canceled all the flight and give way to Air Asia(AK) and Air Asia X(D7).

    Kuala Lumpur(KUL)-Dubai(DXB) is unprofitable sector???Emirates(EK) will fly this sector with A380 starting 1/1/2012. What a funny Danny and AJ. they totally out of control. BODOH.

    kudos TS Bashir, you have done a good job. Malaysians will teach them. AK is the blood sucker. Today in Utusan Malaysia, their aziz bakar told about their
    model of operating. what the f..k. he told that the people is ok without aerobridge. do they do survey or poll???

    they dont want the 1st class airport? just go to other countries. Malaysia is going moving to developed country. not going back to ancient era.

  43. Old Man

    Tony, Tony, Tony,

    Now the truth is out that the double fold expansion of KLIA2 and the upgrading of the KLIA2 baggage system to a fully automated one, which you condemn as gross mismanagement by MAHB, are after all resulting from your very own demands.

    What have you us believe now?

    You are real mean, you demand fro these things and then when MAHB goes ahead and do it to accomodate you with some addition, you bite his head off.

    What kind of sick mind are you.

  44. Old Man

    Tony, Tony, Tony,

    Now I hear your machai Danny has handed over the lucrative Haj charter to you.

    If this is true then Danny, it goes tyo confirm that Danny is the enemy from within.

  45. Anak Malaysia

    Rakyat Malaysia,

    Mari bersama tentang rancangan jahat ini. Cerita kenaikan airport tax hanya untuk mengalihkan mata rakyat dari isu share suap MAS – Airasia. Jangan sampai tergadai satu lagi harta rakyat kepada si tamak haloba.

    Syabas Tan Sri Bashir dan YB. Perjuangkan hak rakyat.

    Tan Sri Azman yang patut ditukar!!!!!

  46. Presiden dan Setiausaha MASEU (ALIAS DAN MALEK ARIF) perlu meletakkan jawatan kerana tidak menjaga hak kepentingan pekerja2 MAS..adalah amat memalukan kerana gaji pekerja MAS masih rendah dibandingkan dengan AIRLINES2 lain diseluruh dunia.ALIAS DAN MALEK sudah lebih 15 tahun memegang jawatan dalam MASEU hanya mementingkan p.ket sendiri bukan untuk memperjuangkn nasib pekerja MAS dlm CA(COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT).Amanah yg diberikan oleh pekerja MAS diabaika akan mendapat pembalasan diakhirat kelak.Kamu berdua memegang jawatan sekian lama dengan cara menipu dalam pemilihan PRESIDEN dan SETIAUSAHA MASEU…kami warga MAS mendoakan agar kamu berdua ditempatkan didalam neraka jahanam kerana kamu berdua membawa kehancuran dan harapan warga MAS sekian lama.Kamu berdua perlu meletakkan jawatan yang kamu tidak layak untuk memegangnya.Selamatkan MAS dari anasir2 politik dan perompak2 hasil negara yg rakus merompak harta rakyat.PRU13 akan memastikan kekalahan kerajaan BN untuk kesejahteraan rakyat MALAYSIA amnya…Insyaallah

  47. Kunyit Hidup

    MASEU sejelasnya tidak amanah dan tidak bertanggungjawab. Yang paling penting tidak focus didalam sesuatu isu.

    1. Membuat press statement kononnya akan adakan piket di bulan Disember. Malangnya hingga sekarang satu berita pun tidak diketahui oleh ahli. Exco tidak bekerja memberi penerangan. Lebih memalukan, apa asas piket yang ketika itu MAS belum ada new business plan?

    2. Basis of disagreement by MASEU should not share-suap but the result of it – breaking MAS into pieces and lay-off that will give impact to members.

    Ketika pre-Town Hall, tidak seorang pun EXCO bertanyakan killing questions seperti – What will happen if authority found the share-swap was unconstitutional and shall be reversed?

    However, cannibalising MAS is perhaps involving (direct & indirectly) 3 Prime Ministers. Each of the main players are somehow connected to TDM, MAS Advisor & Najip. So instead of fighting over unfocussed issues, MASEU should begin to workout the best ever compensation for the upcoming staff separation scheme.

    Mean while, let BN figure out how to win next PRU with heavy baggage – MAS share, Feedlot, Felda Global, Sime Darby and the list continues.

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