WAU! AJ briefed PAC: Firefly loss RM89 mil & CCF

AJ briefed PAC on 21-11-2011 about “HIS” New Business Plans to save MAS.

Chart for New Business Plans for MAS' grand recovery!

Why MAS losing?

37 out of 107 do not cover variable costs


Unfortunately, AJ only informed PAC of the KL-Cape Town – Beuenos Aires, KL Johannesburg, KL – Dubai – Dammam, KK – Seoul, KK – Perth, KK – Tokyo and KK – Osaka are the 8 routes that do not cover variable costs. How about the remaining 29 routes?

KK – Perth, KK – Tokyo, KK – Osaka, KK – Seoul and KL – Dubai are new routes that need a bit of time and costs to promote and nurture. These routes have potential especially the KK sectors to Perth, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul. It must be coincidental that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd is also flying to these cities.

By the way, Emirates Airline has two daily flights to Dubai – KL – Dubai. If Emirates Airline can operate two daily flights, it must be profitable. If MAS operating the same route with RM18.1 million losses from January to September 2011, then AJ is duty bound to look into the reasons. Was it because MAS was not able to compete in term of fare, poor services, poor quality of in-flight food, poor marketing strategy and/or incompetent sale person with accounting background stationed in Dubai? If Emirates Airline can do it comfortably with two three daily flights (2:30 am, 7:30 am & 10;30 am), surely MAS can do it with only one daily flight!

Cutting back on routes based on losses without examining the causes is not the solution for turning around MAS. It is just an easy way out which can be easily done by computer evaluations based on profitability.   

Thoughtless cut-back of routes under the name of cost saving may not necessary be good for MAS, tourism and economy of Sabah and Sarawak in the long run.  AJ must look at the reasons why the previous management took the decisions to fly these routes despite the odds before rushing into cutting back under the pretext of cutting costs.  

Yours truly believes that Firefly routes from JB to KK and Kuching were profitable but have been axed  on 24-8-2011 ( 2 weeks after inking the secret share swap).  On 3-10-2011 MAS route to Bandung, Indonesia was axed. The latest to be axed  is the Firefly routes from KLIA to Miri and Sandakan on 4-12-2011. These are also the Firefly’s profitable routes. Coincidentally, AirAsia is flying these routes too. 

Yours truly went to KK on 25-11-2011 by MAS, both the Economy and Business Class were full. The above routes were axed not because they were not able to cover variable costs but for other reasons that AJ was unable to tell us.

It is hoped that PAC will demand for a full list of the remaining 29 routes that are not able to cover variable costs and why the above Firefly’s profitable routes were terminated after less than a month of inking the secret share swap agreement. PAC should demand for the said Firefly flights for these routes to be audited and presented to PAC for considerations. 

Challenging market environment

  • Global weakening in consumer confidence & economic uncertainty

  • Competition & introduction of new capacity

  • High fuel costs

  • High Operating costs

  • Ageing fleet (Av. Fleet Age:  12.2 years) with less fuel efficient aircraft

  • High cost of fuel  (sept 2011 USD 132 per barrel, Sept 2010 USD 87 per barrel)


Other airlines including SIA, Cathay Pacific, Thai and etc are facing the same problems and they are alright.  Why MAS is having financial problems when its average revenue is about RM14 billion annually.

Why are Aj and Tan Sri Azman’s ex-business partner in BinaFikir, Rashdan, not looking into the LEAKAGES in MAS before rushing into the decision to cut the above routes. Leakages in MAS are in many forms:

  • high salaries and perks for top management;

  • unjustifiable promotions of “dead woods”;

  • employing relatives of top management staff to head department / promoting nepotism;

  • abandoning of projects or work done by previous management without looking into the pro and cons like scrapping the ONEWORLD membership where the previous management had spent time and money pursuing the ONEWROLD membership, which was in its final stage;

  • spending money on advertising and promotions like RM18 million sponsorship fees of QPR home jersey; 

  • the one sided catering and other cabin service agreement for 25 years with LSG Skey Chef Brahmin’s and the questionable quality of the inflight foods;

  • questionable procurement contracts;

  • fees paid to consultant firms when the works can be done by in-house staff; and etc.

Other airlines like SIA, Cathay Pacific and other airlines are not exempted from high cost of fuel and yet they are not in the same financial health as MAS.  Citing high cost of fuel was just a weak excuse to justify the secret share swap and CCF!

Plugging of the above LEAKAGES must be placed at the top of the agenda to turn around MAS otherwise the so-called NEW BUSINESS PLANS will end up to be another WAU (Widespread Un-Bundling of Assets), which was the pet project of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.  Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, the present Chairman of MAS, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan, are all very familiar with the famous WAU of 2002, which was meant to SAVE MAS by using beautify phrase like “MAKING MAS INTO AN ASSET LIGHT AIRLINES“! Now the new found consultant liked phrase “COMPREHENSIVE COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORK” (CCF)!   

If all energies are centered around cutting back unprofitable routes like what have been done now to Firefly without plugging LEAKAGES, MAS will take another nose dive in the foreseeable future. Those who cannot remember their past deeds/FAILURES are condemned to repeat it. Failure will NOT be just an OPTION but a practical reality! CCF will be another version of WAU!

CCF – from MAS’ Perspective

  • Will enable MAS to utilise its core competencies, optimise efficiency to benefit the customer & focus efforts to become a full service premium carrier that can compete effectively.

  • Tap synergies & savings.

CCF alone is not enough to arrest financial slide but does set the stage to stem MAS losses by implementing : Business realignment; network rationalisation and New Business Plan for sustainable profitability.


No details of CCF were provided to PAC. Under this so-called CCF. We saw  only:

  • Cancellation of Firefly full load flights during Raya seasons causing inconveniences and heartache to 7,000 passengers;

  • Termination of Firefly profitable routes from JB to Kuching and KK;

  • Termination of route to Bandung, Indonesia;

  • Latest, termination of profitable routes from KLIA to Miri and Sandakan from 4-12-2011;

  • Spending RM18 million Pound Sterling to sponsor QPR home jersey; 

  • More  cancellations of profitable routes of Firefly and MAS are forth coming;

  • Grounded Firefly jet aircraft, reconfigurations of seats to MAS requirements and respraying them to MAS logo which will cost million of Ringgit;

  • Re-registration of Firefly jet aircraft to MAS will be additional losses to be sustained by MAS/Firefly;

On the way back from KK, yours truly saw two Firefly jet aircraft were parked on the tarmac in KLIA, which will no doubt contribute to more losses daily i.e. cost of rentals and loss of revenue.  This must be part of CCF / NEw Business Plans to turn around MAS! 

Immediate Steps

Withdraw from unprofitable routes; focus on profitable routes

Accelerate return of ageing aircraft

Increase yield

Aggressive pricing & marketing strategies for all classes of seats

Manage high, volatile fuel prices

Deploy new aircraft with better fuel efficiency

Older, less efficient aircraft to be returned progressively

Halt Firefly jet losses

Address People Issues


As yours truly has said earlier, no details were provided to PAC. AJ should provide a proper list of unprofitable routes to be axed.  

Deploy new aircraft from whom? Does this mean that MAS had to purchase a big chunk of the 300 airbus ordered by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes in April 2011?

How about MAS membership to ONEWORLD? Isn’t a collaboration with another 12 IATA airlines will be beneficial to MAS in the long run?  If SIA and THAI had joined Star Alliances with another 22 IATA airlines in the alliance, MAS should seriously look into ONEWORLD membership before it is too late!  

AJ and Rashdan should appoint a consultant firm to give them a report on the benefits of MAS joining ONEWORLD.

AJ and Rashdan, the ex-BinaFikir golden boy, should make plugging of the LEAKAGES/KEBOCORAN in MAS as their main priority.

Plugging of LEAKAGES is of immediate concerns to AJ. If AJ were to plug 10% of the LEAKAGES, MAS would have made an immediate profit of RM140 million from its revenue of RM14 billion without having to do anything else like taking the trouble to sponsor QPR within QPR stadium and thereafter to in great pains to justify it! If there is no attempt to plug the LEAKAGES/KEBOCORAN, we will see endless exercise to save MAS until it is finished.  

Concerns – Firefly Jet Operations

Halt losing Firefly jet operations

Heavy continuous losses – Oct 2011:  RM89 mil loss

Network rationalisation programes

  • Firefly will continue with turboprop service

  • Firefly’s jet operations take over by Malaysian Airlines

  • (How about pricing?)

  • Malaysian Airlines will focus on premium full service offering

  • MASwings continues connectivity within Sabah & Sarawak

  • Special fares (students, senior citizens) on MAS continues

Losses arrested immediately (projected full year 2011: RM100 mil loss)

Connectivity between Pen Malaysia & East Malaysia maintained – 183 flights per week


Yours truly has been informed that it has been announced by the previous management that Firefly has been making profits and majority of the flight are full especially Sabah and Sarawak sectors. Firefly’s employees have been paid bonuses last year!   

Now AJ told PAC that Firefly has made a loss of RM89 million as at October 2011. Who was telling the truth, AJ or the previous management?   Hopefully someone within MAS/Firefly can shed some light on this matter because AJ was relying on the losses to justify the termination of Firefly jet operations. By 4th December, Firefly will be reduced to truboprop. So AirAsia X Sdn Bhd can carry on competign with MAS on profitable routes like London, Jeddah, Tokyo and other cities. We have never heard  that AJ or Rashdan making demands that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd to stop competing with MAS for these routes. It seemed that MAS had to terminate profitable routes that are in competition with AirAsia. This may be the actual spirit behind the secret share swap and the CCF.   

The whole operations and its potential must be looked at.  The revenue chalked up by Firefly within the last few years must also be looked before jumping into the conclusion that Firefly was making losses therefore, its jet operations must be halted forthwith . A new business cannot show immediate profit especially airlines because of its capital intensive. Those who have travelled on Firefly will know that most, if not all the Firefly flights were full and gaining popularity in the minds and hearts of Malaysians, who have travelled on Firefly, as a real “Your Community Airline”.

AJ should also make public how much will it cost MAS to respray the six jet aircraft to MAS color.  This is a bother form of LEAKAGES in MAS. The respraying costs are totally unnecessary if the new management seriously look into the potential of Firefly. From the moment, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar inked the secret share swap agreement, it was announced that Firefly operations will be stopped and replaced with a new company called SAPPHIRE. Therefore, it would appear that the reasons given so far by AJ was an afterthought.

Address People Issue: At a town hall meeting with Firefly staff on or about 25-11-2011, when asked about the future of its staff, the answer they got:  Wait and see and they will be informed of the development from time to time.  This showed that the new management hasn’t got a clue what they are doing. Most probably, they are just taking instructions from some where. 

Concerns – QPR sponsorship

Sponsoring means huge brand visibility, both in Malaysia & internationally via football fans from all over Europe, the Americans, Asia-Pacific, Australia and all over the world.

Barclays Premier League: Over 100,00 hours ‘live’ broadcast by more than 80 broadcast partners globally. International audience of 3.51 viewers across 600 million homes in 200 countries. In Malaysia alone, 97% of the nation watches football; some 91% watch the BPL.

MAS home jersey sponsorship: GDP 1.8 mil per year, equivalent to approximately 5% whole MAS annual A & P budget


Media value (direct in UK): GBP 7 mil per year i.e. approximately 4 times sponsorship investment

Home jerseys, LED signage around stadium; logo on interview backdrop

Bundling with other MAS products & campaigns

Corporate hosting opportunities

Added exposure when QPR wears home jersey for away matches (total: 29 matches in BPL, plus more when QPR plays in other Cup matches)


After a week of inking the secret share swap agreement , on 16-8-2011 Rashdan had to London to sign the QPR sponsorship agreement costing MAS RM18 million when he was supposed to manage the problems in MAS. Why was there a rush to sponsor QPR and not other more renowned team in UK?  Was it because Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is the co-owner of QPR that Rashdan had to follow the “trend”? Why can’t MAS use this RM18 million to pay its staff as incentive or special bonus? The staff are entitled to the RM18 million because they have worked so hard and scarified MAS all these years.  Of course, the hard working employees are not important to the new management. They would rather please the highly paid dead woods in MAS with high perks and nice cars as part of their package.  Many of these dead wood are good in appointing consultants to do the thinking for them.  Don’t know whether Porsche Panamera is included in their perks!  

If the new management thought that the staff was not entitled to be paid incentive or bonus and the RM18 million had to be spent as part of its budget for advertisement, why not sponsor our own Harimau Muda that have made our country so proud. RM18 million will go along way to help Harimau Muda to put Malaysia on the world map.

By the way, Genting paid only RM17 million sponsorship fees to Aston Villa for two years for home and away jersey. This is the trouble with MAS management. They “BINA” with the rakyat money “tanpa FIKIR”! Then they will appoint consultant firms to solve problems for them and at the same time the top management are paid very high salaries with perks. Since 2002, yours truly just wonder what is the total figure that MAS has paid for consultancy fees.

In early January 2002, it is hoped that PAC will question AJ and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar about consultancy fees in early January 2012. 

For Khazanah, the total consultancy fees must be in the region of RM200 to RM300 million. Do we really need a MD in Khaznah and MAS if appointment of consultant firms is the norm in its operations?   

Concerns – MAS Employees

  • Address People Productivity & Efficiency

  • Continuos & treatment communication & employee engagement – Town Halls, Q & A sessions, face-to-face meetings, intranet, emails, circulars, memos

  • Engage with Unions – 4 sessions since mid-Sept; engagements to continue

  • Introduce productivity initiatives


Yours truly hopes that MAS employees could provide valuable feed backs to the above points by AJ.

From the comments received in this Blog, the members of staff of MAS are in the dark with regards to the developments in MAS after the secret share swap. AJ brief PAC that he has engaged with the Unions 4 times since mid September.  MAS staff have written to the Union, in particular MASEUS, asking about the secret share swap, CCF and the promised picket in early December but no respond.  MAS unions must be  very busy in planning for the MASS PICKET in December. But December is only a few days away.  

Please read HERE for Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s briefing to PAC.

76 thoughts on “WAU! AJ briefed PAC: Firefly loss RM89 mil & CCF

  1. One_World

    Where does Qantas fit in to all this? Qantas belong to one world? And now Qantas in talks with TF…..hmmmmm

    In regards to the “Address People Issue: At a town hall meeting with Firefly staff on or about 25-11-2011, when asked about the future of its staff, the answer they got: was wait and see and they will be informed of the development from time to time” – that answer as stated is actually incorrect, the point was elaborated upon and firefly staff were actually re-assured, regarding outcomes of the CCF was the question to the stated answer.

  2. ThirdDevil

    The problem with Khazanah is their arrogance and ego. You will never hear that organization to say ” we have make a mistake and we will rectify the issue”. For Khazanah, sorry does not exist in their vocabulary. You can see this attitude is part of their culture. The organization itself is full of highly arrogance people who thinks highly of themselves and think they are “god’s best gift to Malaysia”. How much we screams or swears for the changes , all these guys will never listen – not because they believe in their ability but because there are very arrogant to listen to us. We need to change the leadership of Khazanah to make sure the changes we requested or our criticisms are taken into considerations.

  3. Razak in MAS

    The CONsultant mentality will always find an easy way out in any situation. They are so used to relying on others for solutions and hide behind it when things went wrong. It is also called the Dead Wood mentality.

    Cutting back on routes per se is not the solutions to save MAS. It is the existing system protected by the Dead Woods, one of form of leakage.

    We are dealing with too many Gaji But a / Dead Woods in MAS. Hence the problems. They are very good in playing with figures but not finding real solutions for MAS.

    Nepotism and cronyism are the orders of the day. We need not go far. Just look at Rashdan. He has been appointed by Azman Moktar to head MAS before Aj came in. He was a business partner of Azman Moktar. He has no experience running a big business except a mere pen pusher writing rubbish. As YB put it rightly, just a Bina Tak Fikir idiot. How do you expect idiot like this save MAS when their track record has shown that they have failed under WAU.

    We have AJ heading MAS. He has no experience either. Relying on pen pusher like Rashdan to churn out rubbish for him and he will just eat them. MAS will be better of with COMPUTER as its head. We can immediately save hundred of thousand RM monthly on salaries and perks for warming their seat and part of the leakages. The government should throw out these CONsultants from MAS. Sent them back to school to screw themselves there. They are not living in the real world.

  4. Mohd Khazanah

    Instead of providing real solution to the problems in MAS. AJ has learnt how to paint as black a picture for MAS to justify the share swap and the CCF. What the point of employing a MD like this. There was no real solutions in hi briefing. I do agree with other readers that MAS should just install a computer to head MAS and it will definitely better that the Dead Woods that are running MAS.

    MH = Maruah Hilang under AJ and Rashdan. Until today no solution and no proper explanations about CCF except cutting routes to suit the Red Indian pariah. Route cutting is the only solution they can think off. Even a road sweeper can do it.

    It is high time that Najib steps in and get rid of those with CONsultant mentality in mAS. Rashdan must be removed immediately. He is just very closed crony of AMOK, wo is running amok in Kahzanah with appointment after appointment of CONsultant firms.

  5. Tokngah

    Nice article, YB. The cancellation of Firely’s profitable routes are puzzling. I have been suspicious of the true intentions of Tony Fernandes when the swap agreement was announced.

    Keep pursuing the issue. You get our support.

  6. bodoh.pandai

    Another five year plan from MAS !

    By the way, can you ask MAS and Khazanah how much have they paid to consultants over the last five years.

    I think its around RM 100 million. McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc are not cheap .
    But what results did they achieve?? nothing

  7. Your friend in Malakof

    AJ you are just another new joker in the block. Never thought that you are one of the CONsultant like Rashdan. No wonder Azman pick you as a successor to Tengku Azmil. Where is your self respect? Why don’t you just retire and fade away and your reputation still in tact. Don’t join the Kumpulan Dead Woods in MAS.

  8. MAS Guy

    AJ why are you spoiling your reputation in the company of the BINA Tak FIKIR lots. Amok dengan Rashdan sudan cutup. Please resign to save your maruah for what it is worth – not much for the moment. If you leave your maruah will move up a bit. Thank you.

  9. lee

    I am just wondering who is AJ working for? AirAsia or MAS? I think Aj should report for work at AirAsia office and he will definitely do a good job there.

  10. Stupid Amok in Khazanah

    The problems with MAS rest with Khazanah’s Amok, who is just a useless consultant of 4th Floor beginning. Many GLCs have fialed because of him. If he has been overseeing MAS, then he would have known what were the problems in MAS.

    But Amok allowed the leakages to go on unchecked so that he can appoint more consultant to con-sult MAS. Then he sent in his macai and former business partner Rashdan to make it worst under the name of HELPING MAS. Rashdan the idiot will just kill MAS in great speed. AJ is just brainless when it comes to airlines. AJ talked about town hall meetings. His town hall meeting was just monologue because it was stage managed and only selected people were asking the right questions and right answers were given.

    Najib should sack this Amok from Khazanah before we see more GLCs going under and more consultants be appointed to find solutions. Amok please resign and take your ex- business partner out of MAS. Rashdan is in MAS to help the pariah and not MAS.

  11. MAS People

    Aj stopped telling PAC and us the obvioud that airlines are suffering from high fuel costs due to the political problems in Middle East. Other airlines are having the same problems and they can do it. SIA, Thai and Cathay Pacific can do it. Stop following Azman Moktar consultant mentality. You are paid high salary with high perks to work and think like a MD and not just appointing consultant to think for you. If you have no brain to think because of your age just join the veteran club and stop wasting public fund. We don’t another gaji buta in MAS. We have enough of Panamera dead wood in MAS. Please don’t bring MAS down with your high salary and perks this is another form of leakage as rightly put by YB.

    Thank you YB for highlighting what AJ was trying to help Tan Sri Azman to bullshit his way out of his stupid share swap.

  12. Lesley of MAS

    Rashdn must have given Aj a crash course on drawing up chart for presentation. AJ is old but still a fast learner. He can produced 5 year New Business Plans chart. The style befitting consultant. We need substance not rubbish with colour charts. your presentation to the PAC is causing further bleeding to MAS. Stop bullshitting lie Rashdan and Azman Moktar. You are showing up to be a brainless MD. You and Rashdan will definitely condemn MAS to hell soon.

    MAS really needs God’s help under AJ and Rashdan.

  13. Sidek MAS

    I know AJ loves CCF and thought highly of it. Please give us more details about the CCF. Why are you not able to do it? Anything to hide for your good friends Amok and the red Indian?

    You are appointed to manage MAS not to hail the CCF which every body knew was just a game to screw MAS eventually. AJ you don’t understand airline business so is your partner Rashdan. Just pack your bag and retire. Have a bit of self respect. MAS staff is laughing at what you told PAC. Your prescriptions of 5 years new business plans equal to ZERO Business Plans. Cutting back of routes. Why cutting the KK routes that are so profitable and full most of the time? You know AirAsia was having problems with our competition and yet the first things Rashdan did was stopped KK and kuching flight, Bandung. Only to please his boss, the pariah. We are watching you AJ and Rashdan!

  14. One of the Managers of MAS

    Anonymous 3:37 pm

    “Just to correct on oneworld. Where did the information regarding oneworld being scrapped came from? This needs to be verified”

    MAS membership into OneWorld was at its final stage to be formalised after many months of negotiations by Tengku Azmil and his team. That was one of MAS may priorities before Azmil left. After Rashdan and AJ helicoptered into MAS, OneWorld membership had gone totally quiet.

    If it was not scrapped then AJ should announced when it is going to be signed. It cannot be wrong for MAS to join Oneworld otherwise the other 12 airlines would not have joined.

    We know that OneWorld is not good for AirAsia as MAS will be in collaboration with good airlines of international standard and AirAsia especially AirAsia X Sdn Bhd will be in trouble because it is a point to point ariline with no connectivity. Whereas OneWorld membership will give MAS to network and connectivity supported by the other 12 airlines. We know that Tony is very scare of MAS joining OneWorld. It is a real alliance to match the Star Alliance where SIA, Thai , Lufthansa and 20 other airlines are members.

    Come on AJ and Rashdan: No MD or CEO of airline will ever say NO to OneWorld membership. Except the dungu like both of you where MAS interest is not in your heart.

  15. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee

    That’s chop-socky logic – full flights mean that the flights are profitable?

    Has MAS been employing sophisticated yield management techniques to optimise the return from each flight it operates?

    Has MAS, in it’s financial reporting, separated out it’s operational losses/profits and it’s non-operational losses/profits?

    I read a report in the Australian Financial Review that Qantas is re-looking at the possibility of entering into an alliance with MAS that could include code-sharing and routes harmonisation. The deal could include Qantas and British Airways restarting flights to KLIA and gradually moving their regional hub operations from Changi Airport to KLIA.

    If this really happens, it would be welcome news for KLIA as it would bring in 2 major airlines and increase the airport’s international connectivity.

    But it is indeed strange that Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, who has just faced down Qantas’s own unions over the need for drastic restructuring and staff cuts, would be contemplating such an alliance with MAS with it’s own history of making losses and cantankerous unions.

    Both Qantas and British Airways are run by hard-headed profit-oriented CEOs and management. How will they co-operate with a MAS that looks for protection and bailouts and where staff layouts are a forbidden topic?

    Could it be the Tony Fernandes factor that has brought Qantas back to the negotiating table? Or has the government dangled the carrot of attractive tax incentives to convince it to move from Changi to KLIA?

    Or could it be that Qantas and British Airways are increasingly uncomfortable competing with a profitable and aggressive Singapore Airlines in the latter’s home port of Changi and are looking for easier pickings out of KLIA?

  16. Olek Skilgannon

    “One of the Managers of MAS” has got his facts wrong, I think.

    Can he tell me which budget airline/low-cost carrier is a member of an airline alliance? Ryan Air? South West? Tiger Airways? Lion Air? Cebu Pacific?

    Emirates is not part of any airline alliance. That hasn”t prevented it from doing just fine, leveraging on Dubai’s hub airports to extend it’s route network.

    Air India was invited to join an alliance, but the invitation lapsed when it’s finances fell into a hole! And now Air India is going cap in hand to the Indian government for yet another bailout!

  17. Ronald of MAS

    Olek Skligannon

    If full flights not profitable or viable then what is? Use your common sense. We know where you are coming from.

    When MAS joined Oneworld, where Qantas, British Airway, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada and others are members, then code sharing and sharing of benefits will be there for all members.

    The meeting between Alan Joyce of Qantas and Tony means nothing to MAS unless you were trying to imply that Tony is the de facto MD of MAS. Alan Joyce can meet anyone he likes. Why must the credit be given to Tony just because Alan Joyce was talking about collaborating with MAS. AS i have said earlier collaborating with Qantas is more meaningful that collaborating with Qantas.

    Of course, AirAsia or any other low cost airlines cannot join Oneworld or Star Alliance because they are not IATA members. So is Emirates. No one said that Emirate is an IATA airline and a member of Oneworld. If you want to spin your way around, please try somewhere else because we know what we are talking about in YB’s Blog.

    We are for all public listed company to be transparent in their accounts. Perhaps you might want to also tell your AirAsia’s boss to make their account transparent and take out “unrealized forex gain” as its profits. As you know unrealized me ants has yet to happen so how can that be treated as profit.

    We know Tony is damn worried about MAS joining Oneworld because it will put AirAsia in bigger problems than what it is now.

    I would recommend you to go to this blog for more insight so that you can help Tony better.


    Thank you.

  18. Rashid of MAS

    AJ is a real “WAU” for MAS. Really I am disappointed with AJ as the head of MAS administration to come up with such simplistic reasons to save MAS. The main gist of AJ plan was to cut unprofitable routes regardless of its potential to MAS. Don’t pretend to be stupid. We in MAS knew that the KK sectors whether from JB or from KK to Tokyo, Seoul or Perth have hurt AirAsia very badly and Firefly has been successful in competing with AirAsia.

    As the head of MAS, you must defend mAS’ interest but you are closing your eyes and followed Rashdan blindly. We don’t care about Rashdan whom we already knew is the budak suruhan of the Red Indian. But we didn’t expect AJ is of the same specie after all. God bless MAS with AJ plus that budak suruhan!!

  19. MAS LoVeR

    YB, Please do something for us. We need someone like u to help us. Now the staff of MAS also de motivated as we can see there’s no more future to work in our lovely company handle by blood sucker. Simple, in the 1st place when Idris Jala took over the company during MAS rationalization, he did very good job. Why he suddenly pulled to GOVT? 2nd, Tengku Azmil failed to bring money, why he still in KHAZANAH? Rakyat don’t want people who cannot work right? To many MD for MAS gives more trouble to the planning, cost and sustainable system in organization.
    The reason why firefly was set up because Air Asia need competition as TF said in 2008 ‘ in airline we need competition for improvement’ but why now he suck his own dick words? Please YB, MAS citizens under losing their job risk.

  20. Din Khazanah

    AJ = Maruah Hilang untuk briefingnya kepada PAC. New Business Plans yang menjadi bahan ketawa untuk rakyat. AJ pun sama dengan Rashdan, memalukan bangsa aje. Letak jawatan aje. Tak payah nak cakap apa-apa lagi. Tiada standard memengang jawatan MD MAS.

  21. Leong

    In any management there must be continuity. No manager that come into an organization discard every thing that have been done half way regardless of whether they are good. I agree that Oneworld is a good thing for MAS. It is a good collaboration that Aj must follow through if MAS wants to survive in the global world. Collaboration with AirAsia is a waste of time for it is just helping out AirAsia at the expense of MAS. Common sense dictates that collaborating with 12 international airlines of good repute is better than one low cost airline which is struggling to survive. Please take note that how many low cost airlines survived up to now.

  22. Jamaludin in Khazanah

    All the problems in MAS were the making of Tan Sri Azman because he is the MD of Khazanah. It is his duty to ensure that MAS is doing alright with minimum leakages. But he allowed MAS to be in this shit state for the Red Indian to run amok. How can on blame MAS when the over riding authority is still Azman Moktar. He cannot now say that he was unaware of the going on in MAS. Look at how the appointment of Tan Sri MD Nor, Rashdan, AJ, Azman Yahya and etc were made.

    a failure like Rashdan was made a deputy MD of MAS and he knows nothing about aviation except that he was involved with Azman Moktar in the WAU exercise. WAU is a failure. Ptui! to Azman Moktar, the real culprit in all the problems in GLCs. The government should get rid of him and get a capable and experience person not based on paper qualifications alone.

  23. PISSED Dugong

    Stop the bleeding?
    What a load of Bollocks!


    10 years on, only now they want to stop the bleeding?
    For 1Malaysia’s sake, somebody must be accountable.

    More details below:

    Great job below. Keep the exposure coming.

  24. ThunderBird

    I wonder who is this OLEK SKINGANNON??? Thank u to Ronald Of MAS who NEVER STOP firing this guy from day 1…OLEK should read TONY’s Twitter+Facebook and please do some HOMEWORK la BRO..Without airline knowledge+inside story of industry you will not understand how TONY@SNAKE managed to Spin the real story between him and MAHB+MAS MANAGEMENT/STAFF and CONTINUOUSLY LYING MALAYSIANS…If OLEK can be more REALISTIC+BUKAN ORG SURUHAN TONY then he should AGREE with YB WEE Statements/Articles becoz its all TRUE..

  25. Amok CCF

    To Azman Mokhtar CCF mean MAS must help the Red Indian pariah in every way. Now MAS is taking over the purchase of airbus from the Red Indian. MAS is selling AirAsia ticket in MAS counters. What the hell is going on? So far CCF meant MAS is doing everything to help out AirAsia.

    what the f…k is going on bloody Amok? are you that stupid? what is your agenda Amok?

  26. Horizon

    Of course, when you put a new guy at the top in MAS, obviously he would have to depend on his middle and lower management to feed him the information. How is he able to verify the information provided? This happens all the time in other companies. What is needed is a comprehensive independent audit of MAS accounts by an independent firm, not consultants. I don’t see why flying to Joburg and Cape Town is not viable for MAS when Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Thai Airways can do it at about the same fare as MAS?

  27. Anak Malaysia

    Thanks to both of you (Ronald of MAS & Thunderbird) for giving a piece of your mind to this Olek. He must be one of TF “Orang Suruhan” just like that Bina Tak Fikir Rashdan & AJ. How can Firelfy loss RM89 million when all their flights are full and their staffs got bonus too.

    It looks like by AJ telling PAC that Firefly loss RM89 million, it gives him more reason to terminate Firefly Jet service and then let AA continue servicing those routes. All these are just to cover for the Pariah TF to move in and telan all the profitable routes.

    MAS LoVeR….you are so right, MAS staffs now are so de-motivated coz they are all in total darkness of what is happening to their beloved company. Their unions have been keeping very quite, think the unions have got no balls to come up and face their members.


  28. MAS cabin crew

    Oi Rashdan! budak suruhan Pariah, what is happening in MAS. MAS selling ticket for AA, buying aircraft from pariah. When is MAS changing its logo to AA? When are you going to join AA?

    The rate yoga re going, you better be under the employ of AA and i am sure that you can perform better. With your high qualification from pariah cambridge Uni, you should be brave enough to leave MAS and join AA. Please don’t hide under CCF and do all the nonsense like killing Firefly, terminating profitable routes or routes that AA X is flying. Where is your Maruah Rashdan s/o Pariah.

    AJ another idiot sitting there as a bloody figure head being led by the nose. Gaji but a kah? tai malukah?

  29. Mat from MAS

    All the MAS union leaders

    What the hell are you doing all these months? Why are you still sleeping on the job? Please don’t tell us that you all are still on Sleeping Pills. Please take care of your health because the Dr MACC may have to attend to your sickness soon.

    Alias of MASEUS must be a very sick man because of the over dose of sleeping pill and he definitely need treatments from Dr MACC. I think it is about time that we the MAS staff need to help Alias by calling Dr MACC to treat him.

    In the mean time, MASEUS and other unions leaders please return our subscriptions if you think that you cannot represent the staff anymore. These union leaders have no self respects and pride. They are no different to that Bloody Rashdan and AJ.

  30. MAS Staff

    AJ the bodoh from Malakoff can f..k of! What do you mean by Firefly is losing money? The previous management has announced that Firefly was making money and we have been paid bonus. This shows that your New Business Plans for MAS are all about LYING / TIPU / Bohong! No wonder you have been the chosen one to head MAS under Amok’s CCF.

    Penipu! Pembohong! shame on you AJ! Now we know how you survive in Malakof! you and Rashdan better f..k off from MAS.

  31. Anti-sweeping statement

    I think perhaps YB can look into the dynamics of relationship between the newbie AJ and the incumbent Rashdan and AMOK. Being an appointed entrant into MAS, AJ not only has to manage the Shareholder, the PAC and Rashdan.Looking through his experience and career in Malakoff and also a pilot, he will have to take sometime to signal his stamp on the company. How many of other people and the Union have managed to handle Rashdan, Tony and other interested stakeholders? Is MAS workers working to its most effeciency? What is the turnaround time of plane within airport? How long is the aircraft parked at the terminal? I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in all this…

  32. MAS Staff Against Liar

    Anti-Sweeping statement

    Aj must be very grateful to you for helping him to explain. Please ask your friend AJ. Why did the previous management of MAS/Firefly told staff that Firefly was making money and at the same time paid bonus to the Firefly staff? Who is lying here? Who was twisting fact here? AJ or Tengku Azmil? Please tell us who was lying and twisting facts to suit the agenda of others?

    If MAS is suffering from internal problems then deal with it. Why was AJ more interested in cutting profitable or viable routes or routes have potential in the near future or routes that about to mature? Where is AJ priorities? Cutting routes to serve his pariah boss or looking after the interest of MAS, our national carrier?

    Please stop trying to defend the indefensible. Aj’s actions up to now is about flip flopping and dancing to the tune of the pariah.

    Please don’t forget to ask AJ about Firefly staff being paid bonus! Please tell your friend AJ to stop ling through his teeth!

  33. Spiderman

    The problem with Khazanah is their level of intelligent is reaching new low due to in-breeding. If you look at the organization itself, their three top person is from BinaFikir. The CEO , Amok, their Chief Operating Officer , Dato Zainal Shaari and now Danny or Rashdan. When you have inbreeding situation, the capability of any species will deteriorates – the level of intelligent will drop overtime and their critical thinking ability will be gone. This is what happen to Khazanah as an organization. The solution to this issue is simple – get new species or managers somewhere else so all this nonsense can be stopped.

  34. Anak Malaysia

    Yes, I agreed with MAS Staff and Mas Staff Against Liar, how could Firefly be paying bonuses to their staffs and at the same time announced that they loss RM89 million? AJ what have you got to say?

    Firefly staffs, I think you guys should voice out coz you know better than anyone of us. How many month bonus that you guys get?

    AJ & Danny talked about their 5 years BZ Plan, so what happen to the BZ Plan which Idris Jala and Tg Azmil had planned? Are they trying to say that what Idris and Tengku did was NO GOOD?
    If both Idris and Tegnku plan are not effective then how did they turn the airline around and bring it up again?

    Pariah TF, AJ, Rashdan and AMOK, please don’t BULLSHIT and SPIN over and over again. Don’t you guys get sick and tired of BULLSHITTING and SPINNING ROUND AND ROUND…tak pening ke?

  35. Kazanah Mongrel


    Your descriptions of Khazanah was most fitting. The problem of in-breeding. Even marriage among far relatives are not encourage for fear of producing “mongrel” so to speak. In this case the inbreeding of the BinaFikir has produced only Bina Tak Fikir sibling Rashdan. That’s why the morale in MAS is at its lowest ebb and more and more problems for MAS.

    Sometime inbreeding may produce pariah and Rashdan is a good example of a pariah where he is behaving like a good poodle to his master. He started of with sponsoring QPR Rm18 mil when MAS is bleeding. Then cancellation of full load Firefly flights during Hari Raya causing untold misery to 7,000 rakyat, termination of JB KK/Kuching routes. Termination of KL – Bandung route. Latest, KL Miri and Sandakan routes.In the pipeline, Dubai, KK-Tokyo, Seoul, Johannesburg, Capetown and etc.

    Soon Rashdan will terminate all routes. MAS will be the ticket agent for AirAsia. That will be the finale for MAS. Then the pariah Rashdan will then say bye-bye to MAS. Go back to the inbreeding brothel called Kazhanah. The Bapak ayam will then second him to another GLCs to may be start another share swap and CCF to save. Until there will be no more GLCs. Bye-bye they will say to Malaysia.

    Hopefully the PM Najib or his PMO will read YB’s blog and take actions against the inbreeding in Khazanah before it produces more mongrels to screw up this country further.

  36. Khairul from Kahzanah

    Spiderman, Khazanah Mongrel

    Correct, Correct & Correct!!! Inbreeding = NEPOTISM. This is what has been practice by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar in Khazanah. That’s why MAS is having problem and other GLCs under him are not exempted. Tan Sri Azman can you please stop your nepotism. Your BinaFikir boys or ex-partners or ex-staff are the Bina Tak Fikir lot. The country is fed up with you.

    I hope that it will not translate into voting for Najib administration when PRU 13 comes. If I were Najib, I will immediately sack Azman Mokhtar as the main priority of the Government Transformation Programe and immediately MAS will be save from the squandrel!

  37. Bina Tak Fikir Sdn Bhd

    Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan you all have done enough damaged to MAS. Please stop it now. Get lost Rashdan. You are not welcome in MAS. Please set up a new company Bina Tak Fikir Sdn Bhd and then after that you can sell to Maybank for RM8 million if your 4th floor bro Datuk Wahid wants to buy otherwise try other GLCs.

  38. Rashidi MAS

    Amok if the appointment of Rashdan into Khazanah and then to MAS is not CRONYISM, what then is it? you have fantastic qualification from Long Kang University, please explain. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! to you and your next generation.

  39. Jamal

    Congratulation to MAHB especially Tan Sri Bashir. A job well done! At least MAHB stand up for the rakyat who need the convenience of the aerobridge. If the Red Indian airline does not want to use the aerobridge then don’t ever use the aerobridge. It should also make it as a condition for other airports in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippine, China, London, Australia and etc that it will not use aerobridge. I would like to see what the authority in these countries will tell the Red Indian. Most probably they will show the Two fingers. He is just a big bully because he was so used to the special treatment he received during the Sleepy Head Administration when he could owe airport taxes for years, LCCT built specially for AA used, tax exemption for some years and etc.

    Now MAHB has showed him the two finger and tell him to piss off. Great news. Malaysians should boycott AA and see whether the Red Indian can still be arrogant.

  40. Jaspal

    AJ and Rashdan: When are you all going to change MAS logo to AirAsia? Don’t waste any more time in doing the killing of MAS bit by bit. Just do it once and for all. Your red indian boss cannot wait any more because AA is also bleeding like hell now.

  41. Anonymous

    Jamal, I second your two fingers to thamby and gang. I want to add my two more middle toes to them when i see them. Two middle fingers plus two middle toes…hahahaha

  42. Puzzled

    Consultant……….. This is how they work –
    A ) Engage staff on the problems
    B ) Ask the staff what they think would help solve the problem
    C ) Take down what these staff have to say
    D ) Repackage these solutions and produce them in beautiful power points which can impress the ” top management ”
    E ) Collect money while laughing to the bank

    Top management will now tell the staff – According to the consultant , we have to do this and that to address the problems we are facing.

    Staff – I thought that was exactly what I told the consultant …..
    Then again the staff don’t have the certificate or the title CONSULTANT hence his idea was hijacked by the said consultant who is paid handsomely while the staff is told to follow the recommendations without questioning…….

    Go figure……………

    New management with the same people……So….. how is that new management ? Same shit different name ? Pardon the language………

  43. curious

    Dear YB,
    Your persistence to seek answers must surely make some people uncomfortable But please do not stop. Unlike PKFTZ, Malaysia Airlines employs many more Malaysians. We certainly hope the grand design or ultimate statement wont be to say MAS cannot be saved without a taxpayer bailout.

  44. Rafi

    Azman Mokhtar = CONsultant & Cronyism – hence Rashdan is the product.

    Najib must take note of this fact. These two people were running very very high during the Sleepy Head age! Now you can see how Rashdan moves after the share swap. All out to kill the Firefly, which is the main competitor to AirAsia and AirAsia X. Rashdan and now with the help of AJ can’t wait to stop Firefly short haul flights from KK to Japan, Seoul, Perth and etc. JB to KK. KLIA to Miri and Sandakan.

    don’t be surprised by AJ briefing to PAC. He is just another budak suruhan or upahan to Azman Mokhtar and Tony.

  45. Latip

    AJ Bila bila MAS nak tukar nama kepada AirAsia? Saya berharap share “suab” ini dapat bawa ke Perhimpunan UMNO! “Melayu” seperti AJ, Rashdan dan Azam Mokhtar baru sedar diri.Puak-puak ini yang tiada maruah. Kumpulan “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi!”

  46. Ilham Putera

    Saya setuju dengan Latip supaya isu ini dibawa kepada Perhimpunan UMNO. Jangan biarkan YB Wee CK berseorangan dalam mempersoalkan perkara ini dan ketidak-seimbangan laporan yang diberikan oleh pengurusan MAS dan juak-juak mereka.

    Untuk makluman YB Wee, Danny telah juga mengarahkan kepada bahagian jualan MAS supaya tidak menjual tiket dibawah harga AA ke mana-mana destinasi. Saya pun hairanlah kenapa Khazanah masih nak simpan penyangak TAK BINA FIKIR ini. Apa kata kita campak ajer ke sungai klang disebelah PWTC itu. AJ, tolonglah jadi lelaki yang bermaruah bukannya jadi silembut. Aaauwwww.

  47. Old Man

    Although this thread is about MH, I can’t help but highlight how arrogant and pig-headed Tony and his herd are.

    Not only has AK started a campaigm to garner public support against the increase in irport Tax, Tony has now gone on record to declare that AK will not use the aerobridges in KLIA2. He defends this by saying that AK Customers doesn’t want them.

    Tony, Tony, Tony, another spin by you. You have seen that the Public, out of hom a large percentage are your Customers, specifically the aged, phisically challenged and the mothers traveling with many small children, have all resoundingly stated that they need the aerobridges.

    If you now state that your Customers donot want the aerobridges, I can only conclude that you do not consider these people who need the aerobridges, your Customers. I guess you are saying that they would have to fly other airlines that use aerobridges. So where have you now relegated your mantra “Now EVERYONE can fly”? I can also conclude that you quote whatever suits you ignoring what your Customers are really saying.

    I believe this whole tirade is nothing more than one of your steps towards you ulterior motive of controlling the airport/s.

    You are dirty.

  48. Brainless AJ

    AJ, what the hell are you doing in MAS? You are a flip flop MD. One day you told us that the operations will not be moved to KLIA. Now you changed your mind and the operations will be move to KLIA next year. Do you really know what you are doing or you are taking instructions from some one. Moving operations from one place to another means incurring new cost to MAS not to mention the inconveniences to staff. You are just an idiot.

    Moving operational offices cannot turn around MAS. Cutting good routes with potential, stopping Firefly short haul services, sponsoring QPR and more of your nonsense will not turn around MAS.

    You are showing your incapabilities and incompetencies. They are very glaring now. Please resign if you want to sing the tune of the Red Indian. With you and Rashdan leading MAS, MAS will be down the drain soon.

  49. Firefly staff

    AJ what rubbish have you been telling PAC? Firefly made a loss of RM89 million! You must be joking. Your education must be wasted. If I am your father, I will be so sorry for the whole family. We in Firefly received bonus ok and we were told constantly by Datuk Eddy Leong and MAS managment that Firefly was doling well until you and that aresh..e Rashdan came to MAS. So stop bullshitting. If it is your agenda and game plan to kill Firefly just say so but you don’t have to twist facts to justify the killing.

    AJ should reveal what is the total revenue of Firefly and breakdown the expenses and other operational costs. PAC should ask for the accounting records of Firefly since its inception until before 8-8-2011 i.e. before that aresh..e Rashdan came in.

  50. Air A-Sial


    a very good progress. now Utusan also against Air Asia. everybody has open their eyes. tembelang TF dah gterbongkar.

    one of the foreign reporters said;”how fortunate Air Asia are, since despite sharp criticism of the MAHB, their request was fulfilled. ”Try them to operate in Singapore, not necessarily all the hurdles they will be met”he said.

    maybe in Indon he can.?

  51. Kenny from MAS

    AJ your New Business Plans are for which company? It looks like for AirAsia / AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. I hope that you will soon move your office to LCCT. MAS does not need you. The Red Indian needs you badly. You are a disappointment to MAS. You will definitely failed and be known as the worst MD MAS ever had.

  52. Bosan dengan Melayu Bodoh

    i wonder how TF sing a National Anthem??? English version???o he never sing Negaraku???

    even Singaporeans can speak better Malay than him.

    AJ and the other malay idiots are really the TF machai.

    Sumpahan ni akan kekal hingga ke anak cucu mereka.

  53. Time Traveller

    AirAsia = Air A-sial
    Share Swap = Share Suap
    I am loving the terminology in this blog.
    AirAsia sent an email to all its customers asking them to voice their dissatisfaction directly to MAB on the airport tax increase, and asked us to email directly to MAB corporate comm section and MAB’s MD too, with email addresses given. I wonder this is with MAB’s consent, after all AirAsia is giving out MAB’s MD’s email address. In the email it is also stated that the increase will burden the passengers more than it will hurt the Company (AirAsia) as the tax will be paid to MAB. Yes, I wonder if Tony and his team in AK will make a lot of noise about the tax if the tax is paid to AK instead. He is making noise now cos MAB will be getting the money and not AK. This is the type yang tak boleh tengok orang lain senang.

  54. Air A-Shit

    Air Asia is trying to attract people to join them and trying to tell the people that they are hero. so that the fees and whatsoever is closed and they will be happy about that because people are ore concern about airport tax rather the additional fees that AK charge.

    cisss…bedebah TF.

    give me your email i wanna send a lot of shit telling that u r blood sucker. dont tell me after this “if u wanna BERAK and KENCING in AK flight, it will cost u RM10 and u get discount for RM6 if u buy online. if u dont buy u cant BERAK and KENCING”.

    Cukup2 lah TF kencing rakyat.

  55. Average Joe

    that RM89 million figure was in fact FAX’s net loss by the time it got rebranded as Air Asia X.

    Si AJ ni ingat semua orang BODOH macam dia ke?!

  56. Anak Malaysia

    Padan muka si Pariah TF tu. So now he expect the RAKYAT to sing to his tune on the airport tax…..FAT HOPE!!!!!!!

    Anyway I hope the RAKYAT will not be distracted by the airport tax issue coz the CCF and SECRET SHARE SWAP between MAS-AA is even a bigger issue that the increase of airport tax.

    Pariah TF we know your tactics, you are trying to distract the attention of the RAKYAT about the CCF so that the issue will slowly die off and the RAKYAT will forget about it. Pariah TF you are really a damn dirty bas..rd.

  57. Rosli MAS

    AJ and Tan Sri Md Nor, what are you all doing? Are you all looking after the interests of MAS or you are letting the pariah dog running amok in MAS. Rashdan is just taking instructions and chopping and chopping MAS routes. please stop the pariah dog and the pariah Rashdan from running amok in MAS.

    AJ and Tan Sri Md Nor, maruah di mana?

  58. Ilham Putera

    Average Joe,

    How true. If AJ said Firefly is closed down because of the RM 89mil loss, then he should also close down MAS since the estimated loss is going to hit beyond RM 1 million.

    Goa ahead AJ, close MAS and save the government fund.

  59. Air Asia fans

    YB, of course MAS is losing money cos selling ticket at a loss, airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Johannesburg is sold at RM370 only excluding tax. How to cover for variable cost then? For Air Asia, they soon going to charge for using toilets, baggage compartments, seatbelt n inflight oxygen…refer to this link:

  60. MAS Exec

    To Mat from MAS, fyi the Union is working behind the scene very hard to deal with the situations (except u know who). And it becomes harder when the doors is tightly shut. The impending move to KLIA (from RM1.90 psf in Subang to RM4.90psf in KLIA) was made unilaterally w/out consultations with the Union. Tony have agenda in creating an aviation school. Maybe by evicting MAS from Subang, he has at his disposal a ready made facilities in Subang. It also fit nicely with his new airline.
    Union tried to see PM but was blocked by it seems someone. Omar Ong name was mentioned.
    As for AJ, he’s just a puppet. See the org chart. AJ have to go through Danny to get to the top management and vv. Danny is the filter put in by AMok and TF so that they will be in the know.
    AJ, we know you are a military man (follow order, no question asked mentality), but please be as Jebat. Don’t be a Hang Tuah. The way things are going – ‘Malaysia Airlines akan hilang didunia’. Do you want to be part of that history? You are being used by (TF) Mendeliar (the cunning Indian in Hikayat Hang Tuah).
    The conspiracy to bring down MAS involves a lot of parties (MAB – MAS shows video before landing showing KLIA as homebase but given furthest possible bay so that passengers walk further), (ATC – gave priorities to AK over MAS for takeoff/landing – feedback from pilots), (GOV – sees AK as 2nd national airlines – maybe we should put in the Guiness Book as being the only private LCC recognised as National airlines), (most of the MD for selling bit by bit of MAS) and so on……

  61. MAS staff Against Liar

    MAS Exec

    MAS unión working behind the scene. Balls to you. As your member we don’t even get a new letter or e-mail to tell us that you are working behind the scene. what we do know is the leader especially Alias, Malek and few others in other union are on sleeping pill addicts.

    Are you sure that they are trying to see PM and not the Red Indian doctor asking for more sleeping pills. For heaven sake, the staff are getting fed up with you and the other union leaders. They have bullshitted too much for too long which have resulted MAS to be in such state. If the leaders have balls then stand up now. If Omar Ong blocked, exposed Omar Ong.

    We know that Omar Ong is one of the advisors of PM and also a director in AirAsia. So what. There is a will there is a way. Unless the leaders need to find excuses all the time for not doing anything for its members.

  62. Ilham Putera

    Opppsss, in reference to my earlier posting 03 dec 2011 at 3.19am, I stand to be corrected.
    The figure of MAS losses shoud hit beyond RM1 billion and not RM 1 million. It seems from an informed source, it would hit RM1.4 billion.

    So, why wait!!!!!!!! Go AJ go
    Go Danny go
    Go TF go
    Go KM go
    Go Chairman go
    Shut MAS down just like Firefly.

  63. MAS Exec

    To Komaruldin UMNO TGG who called for monitoring of opposition supporters in GLC’s – are you aware that the UMNO supporter’s is the one that should be monitored!! UMNO have allowed everything that befallen MAS and chose not to say a single word except a few. You have lost the support from thousands of MAS employees. Wake up perwakilan UMNO!!!! If you keep ignoring what happen in MAS, you will lost is PRU13 as MAS is not the only one…..
    You ask people to be loyal but the people is not blind anymore like most of you in PWTC.

  64. MAS Exec

    To MAS staff against liar,

    All the names you mentioned is who I meant with (you know who). Please do not blame everyone for the ‘undoing’ of this so call majority voices (by default of membership). What did the graded staffs do when this people keep winning the election despite embezzling RM1mil of the Union’s monies?
    This is what the current management wants – staff at the loggerheads with the unions!!! They will be happy with people like you!
    A strong Union/Association like MAPA and MESA is the only venue you have to show the solidarity within MAS against the current TF/AMok management of MAS.
    To all MAS staffs, be united. Stop the bickering. Show the management that we means business.
    To all Malaysians, be united too. Stop blaming the staffs and Unions of MAS. Most of the staffs have dedicated their whole lives for MAS eventhough we got no bonuses.
    The current management style is divide and conquer.
    They will blame the Unions whilst keeping the Unions/staffs in the dark to most of their decisions which keeps on changing, sometimes on a daily basis.
    The middle management was tasked with projects which will only materalize in AK – TF says jump, you say how high. A lot of time wasted for unviable projects.
    Finally, some things best left unsaid or unannounce lest it will backfired. If you are familiar with our current Heartless Creatures EVP, and the Company, the counter reaction is swift when they got the info. So, I’ll put my trust in MAPA/MESA and the other 5 unions (MASEU not included) as a paying member although I am not in the know.

  65. MAS staff Against Liar

    MAS Exec

    What so special about MAPA and MESA? It is just a case of “bang adek” aje. It is not a question of showing disunity. Disunity came from their non actions. All bullshit and not keeping their members informed of outcomes of all meetings with management.

    What worry about Hayati Ali? she is just a relative of this Pariah Rashdan. Expose her in YB’s blog because now majority of MAS staff are reading YB’s blog. Hayati Ali is a case of nepotism and cronyism.

    The union leaders whether MASEUS or non MASEUS, if cannot than just letak jawatanlah. Kenapa nap hold on and talk bullshit and gaji buta. Perkerja -perkerja MAS bukan bodoh sepert Rashdan, budak upahan si pariah.

    Other union can start to protest against the share suap by Work TO Rules as a start. What is against the rules in MAS we should expose them even if the instructions came from Rashdan or AJ for that matter. Expose them. I am sure that YB will publish them.

    Expose Hayati Ali, Rashdan and their kuncu-kuncu.

  66. Anonymous

    I dont know much about the going ons. But one thing for sure, my son who is a pilot with Firefly is very depressed as he and his fellow pilots will soon loose their job. Who the hell care about them. Damn whoever are responsible for causing this mess.

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