En Ahmad Jauhari: MH = "Maruah Hilang" & "Musnah Harapan"?

Updated @ 12:30 am 22-11-2011:  Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd in his briefing to PAC yesterday morning and acknowledged that they were 50 verbal and written questions raised by 36 MPs in Parliament. Yours truly regretted and apologized  that a new posting cannot be done with regards to what Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and En Ahmad Jauhari, MAS MD, have told PAC with regards to the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the so-called Collaborative framework on 21-11-2011. Yours truly was too elated that Malaysia won the SEA Game Football Championship. Cheers to Harimau Muda! The Harimau Muda under the leadership of Mr Ong Kim Sew have made the nation proud. Maruah Negara dan Harapan Negara dipertahanakan oleh Harimau Muda tanah airku!  

Syabas kepada Pak Menteri Belia dan Sukan, YB Datuk Shabery Chik, yang mempraktikan Semangat 1Malaysia di Gelangang Bung Karno di Indonesia dengan spontan mencium dahi jurulatih En Ong Kim Swee pada malam penuh bermakna kepada Negaraku, MALAYSIA. Syabas anak-anak buah En Ong Kim Swee, Anda semua produk 1MALAYSIA!  

What Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and En Ahmad Jauhari told PAC will be posted in due course.

Updated @ 3:15 pm 21-11-2011: Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, KSU of MOF and En Ahmad Jauhari (AJ), MD of MAS briefed PAC of the secret MAS – share swap. Both Tan Sri Azman and AJ have not been interrogated yet. There will be another long session for interrogations of the trio.

Updated @ 11:00 pm 21-11-2011: PAC investigations on MAS – AA share swap scandals begins at 11:30 am this morning – rescheduled. Venue: Bilik Jawantankuasa, Parliament House. Heard that Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes have been called to testify.

After the townhall session of 2-11-2011, En Ahmad Jauhari (AJ), MD of MAS, sent out a Circular dated 9-11-2011 to all MAS employees. The townhall session panel comprising of En Mohamed Rashdan Yusoff (Tan Sri Azman Mokthar’s former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd), Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun and AJ.

To begin with, MAS townhall meeting should be addressed by the head of MAS i.e. MD. It has been the practice of MAS for all these years. It was highly unusual for the Board Members to attend townhall meeting let alone address the employees of MAS especially on policies and directions.  By the way, where was the Chairman of MAS, Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof?

AJ:  Why were Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Melanin  present and addressed the said townhall meeting? Board members have never addressed the staff at townhall sessions. Furthermore,  these two personalities are just representing minority shareholders based on the secret share swap, which was not cast in stone and still under investigations by Bursa KL, SC and Public Account Committee (PAC) & (HERE), and also not endorsed by the MAS shareholders EGM.  Perhaps, AJ needed Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun to hold his hands so to speak. This is a curious habit for an adult!

AJ, please take note that chain of command is very critical in an airline environment where there will always be one captain, be it in flight or in management.  What has been done, will be seen as the wrong signal by the staff! The question has been asked within and outside MAS:  Is AJ really running the show? Read HERE.

The important points in the said circular were as follows:

  •  We are in precarious and extremely serious financial situation. Following two consecutive quarters, MAS has already lost more than RM750 million. 

 [After 3 months of taking over the MAS  management by Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof,  En Ahamd Jauhari, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun, Datuk Ahmad Yahya, Datuk Krishnan Tan, Dato Rohana and Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah,  what have they done?  From what yours turly have seen were senseless spending of MAS money to pay sponsorship money totaling RM18 million to QPR, cancellions of Firefly’s full load flights during Raya season and terminations of Firefly and MAS profitable routes to favour AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

Aj:  Were these senseless decisions part of the new management’s business plan to cut down the losses?]

  •  Since early August  we have been re-examineing every aspect and details of our operatins. By the end of the month, the Business Plan will be circulated to all of you.

 [So far no Business Plan was announced except Managmenet Chart.  AJ in charge of wide body operations and Rashdan on narrow body operations.  More significantly, all division heads to report to the Deputy CEO, Rashdan, and Deputy CEO reports to CEO. What a brilliant move!]

  •  From now until end of 2012, we have to make money in order to stop bleeding. This is the KPI for the next 14 months.

[During Raya seasons most airlines would increase their flight shcedules to accommodate demands for travel but MAS cancelled its Firefly’s full load flights. This was a clear case of a businessman with no business acumen. It was a senseless act to make MAS lost more money. At the same time AJ said ”MAS had to make money to stop the bleedings”].

  •  Comprehensive Collaboratin Framework (CCF): CCF enable both MAS and AirAsia to work together in several areas which will benefit both arilines.  It is only fair that we also recognize that AirAsia is a successful Malaysian company and there is much that we can learn from them.   Under the umbrella of the CCF, there are synergies in the areas of join procurement, engineering & maintenance, negotiating with aircraft manufacturers, and others. These are estimated to have a value of RM1 billion.

[Successful in what? What to learn from AirAsia? Learning how to owe airport taxes to the tune of RM120 million, withholding airport taxes for un-travelled passengers totaling RM6.89 million,  refusing to use aerobridge for the convenience of passengers, getting handouts from the Governmentbusiness model based on profitability without taking into consideration the national interest and duties, demaning for many (39) routes only operating 13 routes by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd  and spinning  of success stories with the helps of mass media.


Genuine CCF can be carried out wihtout a secret share swap that based on share price. Petroleum companies in the North Sea co-operated in research project and at the same time competing with each other in business. Why can’t MAS do the same?


Aj:  On NEGOTIATION LEVERAGE WITH AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER”, please take note that in the first quarter of  2011 Tan Sri Tony Fernandes had already signed up with Airbus to purchase 300 Airbus aircraft.  Which aircraft manufacturers do you intend to negotiate with? Yours truly fears that MAS under Aj leadership will end up negotiating to take over the purchase of part of the 300 Airbus aircraft from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  

Yours truly and the Rakyat are curious to know how could you arrive at the value of RM1 billion under this heading.  Until this very day, no details have been announced except those decisions made that were detrimental to MAS i.e. cancellations of fligt, termination of profitable routes (JB to KK & Kuching & KLIA – Bandung) and sponosrsing QPR.   Were you trying to spin on the CCF? ]

  • Resetting MAS network plan: We will have to revamp our network for both wide body and narrow body operations.  Call for tough and difficult decisions to reduce unprofitable routes if our current efforts to resuscitate MAS have failed.

[On 23-8-2011, 12 days after the signing secret share swap, MAS terminated Firefly’s profitable routes from JB to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.  During Raya period, MAS cancelled Firefly full load flights causing great inconveniences to about 7,000 passengers.  

On 3-10-2011 terminated MAS’ profitable route to Bandung, Indonesia on the gorund that too many MAS staff traveling on the flight.  Surely, this cannot be true. Even if it was true, MAS can restrict the number of MAS staff travelling on each flight.


So far all the above  decisions were thoughtless and made for the benefit of another small time airline.]

  •  Make Money – our single KPI in 2012: I will like to state upfront that when we begin to make the money, we will share the rewards of this success with staff.

[Before making a single Sen, on 16-8-2011, 7 days after signing the secret share swap, En Rashdan, now deputy CEO of MAS, rushing to London to sign the agreement  for RM18 millions for a two years sponsorship of QPR home jersey.  The substantial shareholder of QPR is none other than Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  By the way Genting paid RM17 million for Aston Villa, a much better team than QPR, for home and away jersey!  Why don’t MAS pay the RM18 million to its staff as bonuses, incentive or ex-gratia payment if MAS has the RM18 million to spare?


How about a few brand new Firefly B737-800 are lying idle on the tarmac of KLIA?  When an aircraft is lying idle on the tarmac means lsoing money not only in term of revenue but the finance costs. To your truly, this is part of the LEAKAGES!

Cancellations of full load Firefly flights during the recent Raya season was part of “Make Money – single KPI? Yours truly could only conclude that such decisions were parts of lost making exercise or LEAKAGES to benefit others and bringing Firefly and MAS into disrepute!]

  • “Moving to KLIA :  Moving the administrative operations in Subang to KLIA by end of February 2012.”

[This is the problem with MAS. Every time there is a change of management, there will be cosmetic changes like management chart and moving of offices.  Yours truly feels that this was part of the bigger agenda of reducing work force rather than addressing the LEAKAGES  in MAS. AJ should  bear in mind that many employees of MAS have set their roots in PJ and Subang i.e purchased their houses, sending their children to schools in the vaccinity of their home, their respective spouse working in KL or PJ area and etc.  To suddenly move them away by a stroke of a pen, will be thoughtless and heartless without taking into considerations the travelling time, extra transportation costs and grreat inconveniences to the average employees.  It may make no different to the top management, who have been paid a fat salaries  with all the perks including company car, driver, travelling expenses and etc. This will be seen as an attempt to force them out of MAS. There were talks of many of them resigning.

This decision clearly showed that the current management is directionless, thoughtless of the employees welfare and most of all a waste of public fund in paying for renovations costs and other costs.  It will be part of the LEAKAGES.  Was this and other LEAKAGES part of the CCF to turn around MAS?  Another joke! 

If moving administrative operations to KLIA was of such high priority, then the present management  will not be able to save MAS but to destroy it. They have got no clue about airline business. They only have a string of useless qualifications from Cambridge University, LSE and the like but zero expereince in mamanging an airlines. So how are they going to save MAS? They are in MAS to bleed MAS with their high salaries.]

  • “QPR sponsorship:  AJ said that Rashdan provided a clarification on the total investment costs which was RM9 million annually for two years.  Rashdan has explained that exposure from this sponsorship to MAS is phenomenal not only in Britain but also in other parts of the world.”

[AJ is a fast learner in spinning. Read HERE, HERE.  Why can’t AJ stated that the total cost of the said sponsorship was RM18 million?  Well, RM9 million annually for two years will appear lesser to the new management but not to the MAS employees and the rakyat. The said sponsorship was splashed in all the newspapers. What was the point in spinning on such matter?  Just admit the mistake made by Rashdan and the said decision was made to follow the wishes of his Guru, at the expense of MAS.


AJ, please take note that the secret share swap was signed on 9-8-2011 under the pretext that MAS was bleeding and needed to be saved! On 16-8-2011 (7 days after the share swap) Rashdan had to rush to London to spend RM18 million at a time when MAS was supposed to be spending time to plug all the LEAKAGES and taking positive actions to recover the outstnading rental and other costs totalling more than RM150 million on the Alwafeer Air scandals. Read HERE & HERE.]


  • “Together, let’s prove them wrong:  We are in a constant environemnt of change.  Each of us needs to be part of this journey and once we are on the recovery, the rewards of our success will be SHARED.  The road ahead will be difficult as we will make tough and unpopular decisions. Failure is not an option.”

[MAS employees were too familiar with the above tag lines but even with increased revenue, the employees have not been looked after in terms of increment or bonuses unlike during the time of Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman.  Even Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli’s time, the employees being paid ex-graia payment during festive seasons like Raya, Chinese New Year and etc.  At the rate the new management was going about making those stupid decisions, FAILURE will be inevitable.  If such decisions become the norm, then AJ will no doubt be another failed MAS MD soon!]

It would appear that when there is a change in the management of MAS, the first thing that a new maangmenet will do is to bring in their “macai/kuncu” and paid with very high salaries and bring in Mat Salleh consultants.  All these have been proven to have failed and those “macai/kuncu” ended up as dead woods in MAS, which have contributed to one form or another of the LEAKAGES by virtue of their non-performance i.e. GAJI BUTA.

A good management will start to examine the policies and decisions of the previous management and adopt the good ones ansd discard the bad ones.  For example, YM Tengku Azmil and a team of MAS officers have spent many man hours and money in pursuing membership in ONEWORLD, which is similar to Star Alliance where SIA, Thai, Air New Zeland, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines, Air China, Brusell Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airlines, South African Airways, British Midland International, ANA, Austria, United, Turkish Airlines, U.S. Airways, Polish Airlines, AEGEAN, ADRIA, Egypt Air, Polish Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Blue 1, Tap Portugal and Spanair.

In September/October 2011, MAS has reached the final stage of becoming a full member of ONEWORLD, where MAS will be in full collaboration with 12 other international IATA arilines, namely British Airway, Qantas, Iberia, Royal Jordanian, Cathay Pacific, FinnAir, LAN Airline, Malev Airline, Mexicana, S7 Airlines and other. The collaboration with the 12 airlines will no doubt be more meaningful and beneficial to MAS then the CCF, which at this stage only appears to favour AirAsia but not MAS. Now all the efforts and money for the ONEWORLD has been thrown into the drain. Another form of LEAKAGE.

This is one of the major problems in MAS where new management comes in and discard all existing plans and strategies without any consideration whether they are still relevant to MAS. There is no continuity in management. This is bad and this is happening now. As we can see that the present management has no direction and experience in running airlines business. It is a case of putting square tag into a round hole!  This is one of the major reasons why must is BLEEDING. This also encourages LEAKAGES because new people will not know the actual happenings in MAS and where are the LEAKAGES

Yours truly hopes that MAS maangement will continue with the effort to become a full fledge member of ONEWORLD. The earlier that MAS joins ONEWORLD the better for MAS. But it cannot be said for AirAsia, as it is not an IATA airlines.

AJ, please forget about emloying Mat Salleh consultants. We have enough talents in Malaysia and many good employees of MAS have left MAS to join SIA and other international airlines. If we were to treat our Malaysians well and respect their professional advice, yours truly is certain that they will return to make MAS great again like when it was under Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, where MAS was making profits and has a Sinking Fund of RM2 billion!

Last but not least, MH used to stand for MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY and all Malaysians are proud of it. MAS cabin crews won many international awards under this spirit of “MH” which is synonymous with MAS. Furhtermore, MH has in one way or another touched the heart of every single Malaysian. MH was there to bring back the body of the Rt Honourable PM the late Tun Abdul Razak. When civil war erupted in Egypt a few months ago, MH was there to evacuate Malaysian students to bring them back to “tanah air yang kita cintai” and etc. The list is inexhaustive.  MH is always around to unselfishly perform its national services and duties for our beloved nation. MH has been our ambassador since its inception. MH flies our Jalur Gembilang to many cities promoting Malaysia.

MH is our national pride. The nation must not allow one or two irresponsible persons to treat it as their toy.

After the share swap, which was supported by Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yacop (the one time extremely powerful Minister of Finance II), Datuk Azman Yahya (also a Scomi director) and En Mohammed  Rashdan Yusof (ex-partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokthar in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd) all from Khazanah, the meaning of “MH” have been changed to “MUSNAH HARAPAN” for MAS 19,000 strong employees and “MARUAH HILANG” for MAS and the RAKYAT of Malaysia.

MH/MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY never failed this nation. Therefore, the Rakyat of Malaysia must not fail MH / MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY. Let join hands and minds to fight against any attempt by those who want to make “MARUAH HILANG” for MAS and Rakyat Malaysia, and “MUSNAH HARAPAN” to the employees of MAS.

The MAS employees have stood up and spoke in one voice against the secret share swap and the CCF in yours truly blog. Yours truly salutes all the employees of MAS and other Malaysians for voicing their heartache and sharing the information with other Malaysians.

MAS employees and the nation are wandering what are the leaders of MASEUS doing about the dangerous trend prevailing in MAS now. Are the MASEUS leaders still around or having their so-called meeting in Maldive?

It is now the time for all the stakeholders (MESA, MAFFA, MASMA, AMALE, MASRA and etc) to stand up and be counted not by one press statement alone but deeds – untuk merpertahankan maruah dan kepentingan MAS dan perkerja-perkerja MAS!





107 thoughts on “MH = “MARUAH HILANG” & “MUSNAH HARAPAN”!

  1. Sedih

    MH is the Malaysian Hospitality now becoming MACHA HOSPITALITY. look deeply. TF will change MAS (the Malaysian) into so called international without identity like Air Asia. no doubt,

    I’m not a MAS employee and i’m Malaysia against the share swap because we know TF will do anything to bring down our national pride. they (AK) dont have Malaysia identity at all except bringing Jalur Gemilang on their livery. their crews are totally not Malaysian. they neither Malaysians nor Asians actually with that so called mini skirts. shammed on you AK.

    lets bring back MH to Malaysian. Proud to be Malaysian.

  2. Hiring Mat Salleh consultants is typical of Malaysian managements. I guess if anything goes wrong, they can blame the Mat Salleh.

    Why not kick out these top management guys and hire the Mat Salleh to run the show.

    Neo-liberal pariahs and disaffected Malaysians may want to see MAS go down but it is the one which does the national service, serving unprofitable rural routes and other social service.

    Whatever, MAS must remain Malaysian.

    The government should re-nationalise MAS and make it a state-owned enterprise.

  3. RCZ

    Hemm.. I wonder why MAS HQ need to move to KLIA? Could it be becoz AA wants to take over the office? So that later they can take over Subang Airport?

    Very heartsick lah to read about MAS. Musnah Harapan. Maruah Hilang. That pretty sums it up.

  4. Mohd Isa

    Thank you , YB for giving us the avenue to vent our frustrations. Don’t these cr**ks have any conscience, oh I forgot they are cro.ks. I heard they are lying very low and are just waiting for their head to be chopped. AJ should have just retired gracefully when he got the chance, now they are being cursed as the gaji buta gang, hu hu hu.

  5. Rashdan dari MAS

    Memang MH udah jadi “Maruah Hilang” dan “Musnah Harapan” bawah pimpinana AJ dan Rashdan. Inilah kerja dan impian Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, Rashdan dan Tan Sri Md Nor. Sekarang AJ pun campur tangan dan nak jilat si Pariah. Puak-puak ni memang tiada maruah. Melayu yang menjual bangsa sendiri. P….t……u….i… ! kepada keturunan mereka.

  6. Anak Malaysia

    So sad to hear the MH=Malaysian Hospitality is now becoming MH=Maruah Hilang and Musnah Harapan. Calling all staffs of MAS, you guys better put all your heads and hands together to fight these PIRATES away.

    Heard that the top management is keeping very quite either waiting for their head to be chopped or they are now doing their dirty work underground so that the staffs doesn’t know about it.

    MAS is the pride of all Malaysian and it represents all Malaysian. MAS has done so much for the Nation and we (Malaysian) can’t just let those pirates robbed our national pride away from us.

    AJ said that MAS is bleeding badly and need to save MAS before its too late, if that’s the case then why that bloody Danny go all the way to LONDON to sponsor QPR which caused the National airline RM18 million and I am not surprised when MAS announce their financial report for the 4th Quater it will be RM1 Billion lost.

    These are all the work of the bloody pariah TF and his gang. Ptui…ptui…ptui..ptui

  7. Ahli Maseu

    MH = Memang Hancur ! all these bustards must go to hell. Hnacurkan keturunan mereka!

    Pemimpin MASEUS, MAFAA, MESA, AMALEE di mana? Masih telan “Sleeping Pills”kah? Overdose boleh masuk Hotel 5 bintang di Sungai Buluh.

  8. Razak MAS

    SPRM / SPRM sila menyiasat Alias dari MASEU. SPRM / MACC sila masuk dalam MAS siasat semua kontrak yang diberikan kepada pemimpim-pemimpim Persatuan-Persatuan Perkerja MAS khasnya MASEU.

    MH = Maruah Hilang & Musnah Harapan!!

    AJ, Rashdan dan Azman Mokthar dan Pariah: Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui kepada semua keluarga mereka. Harap MH = Mereka Hancur!

  9. Rosli MAS

    Razak MAS

    Setuju seratus peratus pandang sdr. Sebelum MASEUS hancur harapan kami, kami hancurkan mereka. Dengan pengurusan baru MAS (Rashdan, Aj, dan si Pariah) MH = Menang Hancur, Maruah Hilang dan Musnah Harapan perkerja-perkerja MAS.

    AJ, Rashdan: Melayu yang tiada maruah dan hancurkan marah bangsa Meayu sendiri. Tak malukah? Letak jawatan aje!

  10. Anak Malaysia

    Bravo…YB, we hope that PAC will let those Pariah easily and hope that PAC will dig and dig…sampai ke lubang cacing.

    It’s good that PAC reschedule their investigation to a day earlier. Let see what that bloody Pariah TF and Azman Mokhtar got to say now. See if they can SPIN their way of this.

  11. Penyokong MAS

    AJ, Tan Sri Md Nor and Rashdan, where are your pride and self respect? You all have failed the Malay race and Malaysia from the word go. Are you not malu of yourself and your parents? I am sure that your mother and father must be turning and twisting in their graves when they knew that you are allowing MAS to be raped by the Pariah.

    Please resign. You all are just not fit to be sitting anywhere in GLCs except in the Pariah’s companies to lick his balls. You all deserve Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

  12. Azman Firefly

    Terima kasih YB. Analisa yang amat tepat. Puak-puak ini tiada maruah. Letak jawatan aje Rashdan, Aj, Md Nor dan Azman Mokthar. Semua yang tiada maruah. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

  13. q0l0p

    well said YB.
    Yup, i can put my bet that AK is eyeing Subang Airport for their future HQ. ‘He’ will put up thousand excuses that it is better for National airline industry and those Panamera Dead wood machais will follow him.

  14. Olek Skilgannon

    That’s a pretty long diatribe. But let’s face facts, shall we:

    – how much has MAS racked up in losses since it came into being after the split-up of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines) into SIA and MAS?

    – how much money has the government injected into MAS in the form of bailouts?

    – how many restructurings has MAS gone through?

    – has the government got a national aviation policy to deal with realities of te global aviation industry and the push towards “open skies” in Asean and the region?

    – has Malaysia Airports put a sound strategy in place to position KLIA as a true regional air hub that is able to take on and beat Changi Airport in Singapore and the big airports in the Gulf region, notably Dubai?

    You are making Tony Fernandes and AirAsia/AirAsia X a punching bag for what? Do you mean to imply that making profits in the aviation business is a dirty concept and are you refusing to acknowledge that “nationa service” is no way to run a commercial airline?

    I went on the Net to access the latest 2011 Skytrax World Airline Awards. It showed:

    Qatar Airways – World’s Best Airline
    Asiana Airlines – World’s Best Cabin Staff
    AirAsia – World’s Best Low-Cost Airline
    Dragonair – World’s Best Regional Airline
    ANA All Nippon Airways – World’s Best Airline Ground Services and Staff Service Excellence Award for Asia

    (and to think that Qatar Airways and Asiana Airlines weren’t around when MAS was set up!)

    Let’s consider Skytrax’s rankings of the World’s Best Airlines in 2011:

    1. Qatar Airways
    2. SIA
    3. Asiana Airlines
    4. Cathay Pacific
    5. Thai Airways
    6. Etihad
    7. Air New Zealand
    8. Qantas
    9. Turkish Airlines
    10. Emirates

    (note how the 3 Gulf airlines – Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates have come up to be ranked in the top 10. And where is MAS?)

    Skytrax’s rankings of the Best Airline Asia in 2011:

    1. SIA
    2. Asiana Airlines
    3. Cathay Pacific

    You talk about the “maruah” in MAS. Don’t you have anything to say seeing how it has lost ground against it’s erstwhile sibling, SIA?

    1. weechookeong

      Olek Skligannon

      I have been stating that they are too many LRAKAGES in MAS. I have never said MAS was doing well.

      Of course, MAS is our national pride and the nation ambassador. Nut how was MAS treated by the Badawi Government. MAS was not allowed to decide pricing for its products. Have heard of the Government enforcing a “Floor Price” for MAS. Under the air rationalization policy of Badawi government, 96 routes were given out to MAS. AirAisa X Sdn Bhd was given Air Operation Certificate )AOC) over night and was supposed to fly to places where MAS does not fly. What happened? AirAisa X Sdn Bhd were given matured routes that MAS have spent million of RM and effort to nature the routes. London is the best example. Despite AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, when it was FAX, has failed miserably in RAS, it has been given 39 routes in competition with MAS. It only operate 16. It is now only operating 13 route in competition with MAS.

      Yes, AirAsia was awards best low cost airlines. How many low cost airlines in the world and how many of them got handouts from like AirAisia. Please bear in mind that AirAisa is a private company unlike MAS. MAS had to fly to places where it is called upon by the Government to do so.

      MAS revenue is about RM14 billion a year despite all the weaknesses of the management. If MAS management were to plug 10% of the leakages, MAS would have made RM140 million without doing anything to its existing operations and structure. I believe that MAS can plug more than the 10% leakages.They are too many Leakages and deadwoods in MAS, which have contributed to the problems and losses.

      Of course, the government had to help the national airlines. All government helps their national airlines. Even SIA received government helps. Have you seen any so-called local brand airlines in Singapore was allowed to operate in competition with SIA?

      Under YM Tengku Azmil, MAS was about the join OneWorld which is part of getting MAS into global aviation industry in real collaboration with another 12 international airlines. This is what I believe the other small airlines feared most. Why the new MAS management under AJ, Tan Sri Md Nor and Rashdan did not proceed? Surely OneWorld is good for the progress of MAS and also to reduce its losses.

      Even if, MAS were to go throughout with the secret share swap with Tune Air, MAS should also join the OneWorld to compete with other IATA airlines.

      It is our duty to protect our national airlines when we see it has been cannibalised bit by bit and all decisions that have been made were not in the best interest of MAS but others.

      Thank you for joining into the discussion.


      wee choo keong

  15. azmi

    aku dah lama boleh agak kalau tony keturun tak sedar diri tu dah masuk MAS mesti dia nak konker secara pelan2…nak harap sprm bertindak…sprm mana ada telor nak amik tindakan pada manusia macam dia tu…kes azmin dgn duit juta2 tu pun sampai sekarang masih senyap…najib lak takkan nak buat2 tak tauuu je? orang bawahan kau dah tak leh percaya le najib…

  16. The Crooks

    Perkataan maruah tiada dalam istilah AJ, Rashdan, Md Nor, Azman Yahya dan Azman Mokthar. Tak layak memegang apa-apa jawatan di GLCs. Please resign. Shame, shame, shame!

    Good one YBs. Please carry on to expose these idiots, who have no self respect. Their only respect they got is for the Pariah, the ungrateful Pariah!

  17. Mohd Isa

    Dear olek, pls don’t give that manipulative statistics. The issues here are: a. Why MAS was allowed to rot after so many parachuted MDs b. After so many failures, why nobody has been penalized and public not informed but conned instead c. What make them think this share swap is the answer d. Why this ccf n swap are secluded in secrecy

  18. Anak Malaysia

    Hey Olek Skilgannon…..what cock and bull story are you talking about and you must be one of Pariah TF Barua to be talking like that. What make you think that this bloody pariah is better businessman than others. He make money out of other people hard work.

    You only talk about Skytrax 2011, why don’t you look back at the the other Skytrax report which MAS had won awards. Before this bloody pariah TF is just a patch of shit.

    MAS is our National Pride no matter what you say coz it bear the National Flag and like what YB said it the ambassador to all Malaysian, not unless you are not one of us.

  19. Pariah Anak Syaitan

    Si Aj dan Rashdan mana ada maruah. Mak dn pak pun mereka boleh jual. MAS had to learn from AirAsia successful company. Aj you are just as brainless as Rashdan. You are like the macai of the pariah red indian. Ptui!

  20. Mohd dari MAS

    Anak Baru pariah

    Correct! Correct! correct! MH = Mas H…a ..n..c..u..r! di bawah kawalan Aj, Tan Sri Md Nor (yang jual MAS Catering Sdn Bhd kepada adek beradek badawi), Rashdan (budak suruhan si Pariah tu). Di manah maruah puka-puak ini? MH + Memang Hancur!

    binantang pun ada maruah dan menjaga kawasan mereka tetapi puak-puak ini dapat gaji buta menjaga kepentingan si pariah!

  21. The Idiots in MAS

    AJ and Rashdan where are you in MAS? Have you moved to the Pariah’s office in LCCT. We have not seen both of you and Tan Sri Md Nor for a long time now. Please start drawing all your salaries from the Pariah in order to stop MAS from bleeding further. The gaji buta lot!

  22. pejuang MAS

    Olek Skilgannon

    Yes YB, jangan pedulikan pada macai-macai si pariah ni.. Macha dah ada pelobi upahan rm..rm..rm

    Helo Olek Skilganon kau betul-betul sama macam si macha pariah…apa kau ingat si macha kau bagus sangat ke?…ha. Bagus macam mana segala kemudahan laluan diberi pun si macha ni tak boleh nak laksanakan. Jangan cuba nak bersekongkol dengan si macha pulak. Jawab saja dahulu semua fakta-fakta yang YB tuliskan baru nak cakap yang lain-lain. Minta nasihat dari AMOK, AJ, rashdan, kamarudin dan lain-lain sebelum buka mulut.

    Tapi tak dinafikan si macha kamu bijak menghabiskan duit sebab nak jadi HEBAT…buat amal kasi QPR RM18juta…kamu ingat macam rm18 ke??… banyak pekerja-pekerja MAS yang maseus tak pernah nak bantu. Cuma cakap saja..

    Teruk mana pun MAS tetap penerbangan negara. Tetap akan dipertahankan hanya manusia macam si macha yang tak tau cakap bahasa Malaysia sahaja yng sanggup menghancurkan penerbangan Negara sendiri.

    Itu pun dengan kerjasama intim dan RANCANGAN mistik KHAZANAH…

  23. Mus

    Yang Berbahagia Tuan Wee,

    For your information, the world aviation is currently investigating Tony F and Kamarudin M whether aviation tax has been withheld in all countries AA & AAX have flown into. Also, to me the value of AA share is only worth 10 sen (RM0.10) and not the current rates at RM3++

    P/s minor edition to avoid unnecessary problems. Sori ya bro.

  24. Mus

    To Olek, Skytrack put MAS under review since the collaboration with Air Asia. This is why the collaboration will destroy MAS instead of lifting MAS. Use OTAK next time when writing words in this blog.

  25. Mus

    Yang berbahagia,

    Tony’s plan B is to replace MASEU with NUFAM. Through his instruction given to CS Ismail N. to form national union for cabin crew in the event CCF is not working by capping down the terms and conditions of cabin crew based in Malaysia so that he can continues to exploit the employees’ rights like how he screw his 9000 staff in Air Asia.

  26. Rakyat Malaysia

    cis…OLEK what the hell…nama pun cam keturunan yang sama jea cam tuuutttt.cakap lebih nanti cakap racist plak.

    tak payah ko nak berlagak pandai kat sini. ko ingat dengan fakta2 murahan ko tu ko boleh jual National Pride to Air Asia. what the hell are you talking that Air Asia is doing a good business. memang la. sekarang ni penumpang dah takde pilihan lagi. Air Asia boleh la dianggap termurah sebab MAS dah jadi premium dan Firefly dah stop semua route yang dianggap menyaingi Air Asia. orang bodoh jea yang tak tau berfikir. adakah ko diupah untuk menulis fakta bodoh ko tu???

    dengan yuran yang berbagai Air Asia charge. ko tak tau kew yang TF slalu cakap apa dia buat untuk Malaysia. so, dengan charge berbagai2 yuran/fees tu boleh dianggap berbuat sesuatu kepada orang Malaysia. ko ni kaji fakta tak abes ni. patut la membabi buta semborono bagi fakta yang lemah kat sini.

    Air Asia baru menang 3 tahun ko dah mendabik dada. ko tak kaji sejarah ke apa yang MAS pernah dapat dari skytrax??atau ko buta sejarah. orang yang tidak mempelajari dan memehami sejarah memang selalu ketinggalan dan tidak belajar dari kesilapan lalu.

    ko kaji la dulu track record Air Asia dan MAS sebelum ko tersimpang jauh. berjayakah Air Asia selepas ini dengan pembelian 300 peasawat A320? sekarang ni pun banyak kapal Air Asia grounded. Adakah TF nak MAS amek alih semua A320 yang grounded tu?


  27. Mus

    Yang Berbahagia, the cancellation of fireflyz’ flights has caused MAS a total loss of RM50 million. However, the airlines claimed that fireflyz is not making money by operating B737-800. The new strategy to con MAS staff now is by telling them that the routes are not generating revenue and so it has to be passed down to Air Asia. For over a decade, MAS has had flown into Argentina and a sudden change of plan to switch Argentina to AA under the pretext that MAS wasn’t making money on that route. This is all senseless, stupid, foolish statement ever made by MAS new management.

    Time to crash AA by first, being a concern MALAYSIAN, let’s stop flying with AA until the collaboration plan is ceased. Everyone, please stop flying AA and stop joining AA or new Caterham Jet.

  28. Brainless AJ

    AJ must be talking cock in PAC meeting. AJ has no clue what he is doing in MAS. He just allowed Rashdan, the Pariah’s office boy, to drag him by the nose to move. YB do you know what AJ has told PAC this morning? Please post it because we, in MAS, would like to know what was he bullshitting about.

  29. AA fan

    AJ: Please tell us when that Bernard Francis resigned within 24 hours! What did he do in MAS that he had to cabut within 24 hours? Did he mess around with MAS confidential infos?

  30. nubis sarawak

    Well said brothers n uncle..bila tf start his projek to conquer mas,i think all the higher rank pn cbuk nk tutup lubang kubo masing2,n people with power starting to approve any contract yg can bring them profit..we as mas,kbow there are so many corruption inside..syarikat2 vendor tumbuh bgai cendawan lepas hujan..we can see our company lost so much this year,but we didnt see this small lost among the lintah darat..for me,y do we need so many manager in a department,acting this n that..position is created with just a snap of finger..plz..internal n xternal damage can bring this beloved company to the is like mental hospital now,people r demoralize..

  31. Time Traveller

    Govt and Khazanah should help MAS, the national carrier from the start before the bleeding started. Ini tidak. Your action shows seakan2 you want to hancurkan MAS. Govt should not allow Airasia to fly same routes as MAS. There should not be competition, let MAS compete with SIA or CX etc. Tengku Azmil had many times stressed this in his interview with the press even to MOT. When MAS put firefly to compete with airasia, tahu pulak airasia takut ye. Orang yg tak belajar tinggi pun tahu, if one carrier is cheaper than the other, of course people will fly the cheaper airlines. Bear in mind orang malaysia bukanlah kaya sangat, as long as they can travel, that’s enough to them. Then you allow airasia to have premium products, to attract business people and rich people. Lagi lah hancur MAS. Use your brain lah please.
    And mr pariah is taking advantage of all the stupidity of the government and the authorities. Pariah is laughing at you too lah government.
    If MAS now have to stop flying to Dubai, bandung etc….then Airasia should also stop flying to London, paris, etc..

  32. Wira Mas

    What Aj and Rashdan have been doing were just cosmetic exercises to bullshit the government, Malaysians and MAS employees. Just because the union leaders are all useless that does not mean that MAS employees are useless. We are not.

    Once this share swap is fait acompli. We will make sure that the red indian pariah will get hell from us. Life is not going to be easy for you even if Azman Mokthar and Rashdan supported you. Life is going to be very very teruk for you, pariah.

  33. MAS insider

    It is a heart ache to see a MP coin negative taglines for our beloved MH – Malaysian Hospitality, regardless of the intention as this will further damage the MAS brand.

  34. Razak of MAS

    MAS insider

    It is more heartache to see the new management idiots that are seen to be stewing up MAS every minute. All the facts stated showed that MH has been changed by the idiots to Maruah Hilang because they were dancing to the tune of that Pariah, whose organization has a track records of owing airport taxes, withholding the untravelled passengers airport taxes when they are supposed to pay over to MAHB, cannibalizing of aircraft for spare parts under RAS, spinning all the way to look good and so on.

    I believe that tag line used by YB to describe the actions and decisions made by those idiots in MAS i.e. Tan Sri Md Nor, Rahsdan and that eager beaver, AJ. Thank you YB for alerting MAS employees, the government and Malaysians of the all bullshits that were going on in MAS now.

    MAS brand will not be damaged by the tagline MH = Maruah Hilang, Musnah Harapan but it will definitely be damaged by the decisions of Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan and the new management.


    1Malaysia! 1Negara!

    Tahniah!..anak-anak buah Ong Kim Swee. Anda telah buktikan Negara lebih diutamakan..walau pun di hina dan dicaci tetapi demi negara yang tercinta anda sanggup pertahan maruah negara tanpa sedikit pun rasa takut pada semua provokasi penyokong gila Indonesia.

    Tahniah!.. anda semua bukan seperti si macha pariah yang tak tau bahasa Malaysia tetapi hanya mahu memusnahkan penerbangan Negara sahaja.


    Tahniah!..kepada Menteri yang menonjolkan sifat persaudaraan tulin, mencium dahi jurulatih Ong Kim Swee seperti saudara sendiri..semuanya demi Negara.

    Tahniah! kim swee!

    Tahniah Malaysia…

  36. Anonymous

    Hey MAS Insider : Since stoopid Khazanah put MAS & Air Asia, it already becomes = MARUAH HILANG & MUSNAH HARAPAN. If you are still sleeping not realizing it is what it is now i.e. MAS & AA = MH Mati Harapan, then you are very ignorant, selfish and very incompetent.

  37. Anonymous

    YB Wee, the very reason why SIA is successful is because they are affiliated to an alliance which is why no doubt MAS would be successful if affiliated to OneWorld. If MAS don’t do it soon, MAS will be gone sooner and that’s why Tengku Azmil set it up for MAS future. ONEWORLD, STAR ALLIANCE and SKYTEAM will merge in the future and very likely codesharing will not be feasible anymore and if that is so, where would MAS be if continuously being casted aside and alone in the market?

    TF’s plan via CCF is to downsize the staff strength and kill the unions (because the unions esp MASEU protects the staff’s strength) probably with intention to increase the unemployment rates for the country. He knows that and even people who do not have good academic qualification can understand the effect of downsizing.

    This could be a boycott against the government itself when unemployment rates is then increasing plus the country is already in debt turmoils. This may lead to IMF taking initiative steps into the country with loans reformation.

    TF plans to call for VSS possibly after Feb 2012 right after the transfer of staff from Subang to KLIA support building because the current situation the company is telling its management is that the company only have sufficient cash to roll salary until Feb 2012.

    The new license that supposed to be for Sapphire Air is probably going to be approved for TF’s new airlines – Caterham Jet since MASEU makes so much noise about Sapphire Air.

    After TF has formed the new airlines, slowly the Caterham Jet will provide huge contracts for his cronies (those cr…ks in Kha..nah…and … wife) will enjoy retirement scheme. TF is following the footsteps of Tun … and carrying on Tun’s legacy to turn a profitable airlines into a cash cow machine by declaring its losses every year.

    Why MAS cannot join the alliance? Previously, MAS had applied twice with STAR Alliance but got rejected twice because SIA CEO objected to MAS joining STAR alliance. The reason MAS is suspended from joining an alliance is because currently all contracts in MAS belong to these cr…ks and the contracts are huge side income which is their ancillary revenue and if MAS is affiliated with an alliance, there’s will be a lot of auditing for proper management. Hence it will no longer provide such lucrativeness to those cro..ks’ pocket. So before MAS is affiliated to an alliance, we will see another new airlines to cater this needs to those invisible hands for them to continuously able to “sip-hone” (you know what I mean) money at any times as they wish. You see that? Why chose AA? Because AA is in trouble and Khaz…h thinks this is one stone to kill two birds but in reality it is to save both AA and those invisible hands.

    Now, what should we all do? We must campaign for the public’s awareness of the current cr..ks and TF’s ulterior motive. The CCF is not only to save AA but also to stop the affiliation to an alliance before “PROPER MANAGEMENT” takes over where invisible hands will have nothing to offer to his cronies.

    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous @ 7:15 am

      I am in full agreement with you with regards to membership of OneWorld. If MAS wants to survive MAS must join OneWorld without which MAS will not be able to compete with other airlines like SIA, Thai and etc. MAS cannot operates in isolation. Furthermore, with the inexperience management team at it were MAS will be in deeper trouble soon if it carries on with its existing operations.OneWorld is another form of control whereby MAS management had to conform to international standards its operations within.

      Collaboration through OneWorld will be very beneficial to MAS as its wider and consumers based rather than operational. THe CCF under the secret share swap is to stop MAS from competing with AirAsia as can be seen from all the decisions that have been made by Rashdan and now AJ. I believe that the newly formed Malaysia Anti Competition Commission, will come into force on 1-1-2012 will definitely be interested to investigate into those decisions made so far.

      THe new management should clarify why they are not interested in the OneWorld membership or how OneWorld is not good for MAS.

      Thank you. Have a nice day.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  38. Mat Yie

    rungsing,rungsing.moga something can be done utk pulih semula.AA balik buat bznes dia and MAS dpt management spt TS Abd Aziz ARahman..Bulldoze lah all the MDs,ceo n manusia jenih cannibal. Najib tak merasai ke semua ni satu isu besar yang sgt rapat dengan kerajaan..bencinya.kalu camni BN pn aku tak undi PR pun aku tak undi.Malaysia ni dimusnah oleh glcs n org politik yg non-productive.tolak YBWCK lah

  39. Anak Malaysia

    Well said Anonymous and Mat Yie. pariah TF is going to announce the VSS only after FEB 2012 when all the transfering of staffs from subang to KLIA is over bcoz the pariah knows that there will be a large number of staffs who will resign becoz of the movement. So less staff less payout to those who is going to take the VSS.

    In fact what Dato Seri Idris Jala and YM Tg Azmil did was for the good and future of MAS.When this Pariah TF came into MAS all that’s been done and planned by Dato Seri and YM Tengku went right down the drain.

    Heard from my friends that MAS is making their Financial Announcement today and wonder what the figure like….RM1 Billion lost? Today Stars reported that the bloody Pariah TF been voted as “AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been named one of the top 100 most influential people for Japan by the Nikkei Business magazine”. Well DON’T THINK HE DESERVED IT.

    Ya…klu kerajaan jadi mcm ni…aku pun tak nak udi BN, PKR atau mana-mana parti..jom mari kita ramai-ramai dan bersama-sama UNDI BEBAS…YB WEE CK.

    Specially to all who are under MP Wangsa Maju….mari sama-sama berjuang untuk YB WEE yang telah memegang janjinya sebagai MP Wangsa Maju untuk BERKHIMAT UNTUK kOMUNITINYA. Malahan YB telah berjuang lebih dari apa yang dia janji iaitu untuk RAKYAT MALAYSIA DAN 19,000 PEKERJA MAS.

  40. Hussain

    Anonymous 22-11-2011 @ 7:15 am

    You are absolute correct. MAS has applied to Star Alliance twice and was rejected because of SIA. Of course, understandable that SIA rejected because you cannot have another airlines operating in the same area.

    Now that OneWorld, the alternative to Star Alliance, has accepted MAS why is the new management waiting. It seemed that the new management under the idiots are shelving the idea because it was not theirs and not part of their stupid agenda. There is no continuity of plans and strategies by MAS. when idiots come into MAS, they will start doing their nonsense and then left leaving all the deadwoods with high salaries. This is another form of leakage as rightly put by YB.

    The Government would step in and put in someone who understand aviation business. Definitely not the idiots from Khazanah who only know how to appoint CON-sultants by paying huge fees using rakyat money.

    To the stop the bleeding in MAS, the government must get rid of those with conflict of interest namely, Rashdan and Tan Sri Md Nor who have been involved with the revamping of MAS.

  41. Rhaman from MAS

    Hi YB, when are you going to post what AJ and Azman Mokthar told PAC. We in MAS would like to know what that AJ (the red Indian pariah’s running boy) has told PAC about what is going on in MAS. Then we will give you our what is actually happened.

    On another note, forget about the MAS Unions especially MASEUS the leaders who are heavily sedated or overdosed with SLEEPING PILLS. The MACC should look into their finances. All of them are giving the impression that all is well with MAS when there are so many leakages.

  42. Anonymous

    YB, perhaps may I offer my opinion that the only way to save MAS and our country is to petition to the Agung for intervention in this matter because Pri… M…ter is not bothered about this as he is so afraid of his other husband (Ros…h), you know what I mean.

  43. q0l0p

    YB, beside Airport Tax n non fly client tax that TF enjoy withold for years n not paying, i wonder if he also withold Gov. Service tax charge that TUNE TALK collect from its client for the gov.. Can u ask Rais abt that????

  44. Anonymous

    Mr. Sad,

    Datuk Eddy Leong was asked to leave and so he resigned. The plan for him to leave was back in October…oooopsies….as i heard… :)

  45. Anonymous

    YB, you’re very welcome and it’s our pleasure to contribute what we can for our country and national carrier. I make a vow not to travel with Air Asia again as long as Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun are their CEOs and as long as the collaboration is still ongoing.

  46. Anonymous

    YB, another issue is that last saturday mas held cabin crew interviews for two days I think. Now mas wants to shrink its staff strength but at the same time, still recruiting staff. This is evidence of mismanagement under the new management headed by AJ and Rashdan. Danny’s cousin sister, Hayati dato ali told her staff she was asked to go back to managing cabin crew division because whilst she was away (forced to be transferred out of cabin crew division due to her stupidity and nonsense), there were no accolades awarded for cabin crew. What she said to her staff is a slap to Dato Salleh and his team.

    The cabin crew have rejected Hayati Dato Ali from resuming back to cabin crew in-flight division and also, I heard Hayati dato Ali is also rejected by her AO staff too.

    Wherever she goes, she provides more problems than resolution. This is how MAS is mismanaged by personae like Hayati Dato Ali and with Danny Rashdan, it will be worse because the government is letting a TIN KOSONG running the entire airlines.

    What can we expect from a TIN KOSONG? WE EXPECT MAS WOULD DECLARE MORE LOSSES UNTIL ALL ROUTES ARE TAKEN BY AIR ASIA AND once MAS is shrunk with regional and international routes, ONEWORLD would reject MAS as members. Because ONEWORLD also wants to see what MAS can offer as a member. If MAS can only offer Kuching and Singapore, what the heck ONEWORLD wants MAS as member? You see that…

  47. Anonymous

    Okay, YB, another evidence performed by Group Deputy CEO, Danny Rashdan is currently MAS flights are not fully booked as compared to those days before Rashdan took over the commercial section. London flight morning departure, only 150 pax in economy class. Either someone is blocking seat (sabotaging the airlines sales) or no one is interested to fly MAS now because of TF and KM – so called collaboration with AIR ASIA.

  48. Anak Malaysia

    Sad & Anonymous

    If this is true about Dato Eddy Leong been told to leave again this is the work of the bloody Pariah Tf and his croonies. That Priah TF not only wanted to kill MAS but also Firefly too. He is worried if Firelfy continue to operate AA will fall into deeper SHIT.

    To be robbers and thieves are bad but what the Pariah TF is doing is even worse than robbers and thieves. This bloody pariah suck out every drop of bloody from the company and RAKYAT for his own sake as well as for his croonies.

    Just mark our words, this bloody Pariah TF is going to park the cost of purchasing his new aircraft on MAS coz AA doesn’t have anymore $$$$. When he get his new aircraft of course it need maintenance and thats when he will get MAS Engineering to service his aircraft and then not paying MAS just like what he doing with the Airport Tax with MAHB. Then his bloody aircraft need fuel and then there he goes again, now spinning to get PETRONAS and suck out from PETRONAS.

    Come on MAS Staffs…you guys must all unite to fight against this Pariah TF, if you guys still love you company the National Carrier. Don’t depend on your UNIONS coz they are good for nothing coz they are been given “Sleeping Pills”. Your UNIONs are all having good sleep and also they are all in dreamland now.

    Biar mulut aku masin dan semasin-masinnya….aku harap AA dengan Pariah TF dan dia punya croonies semua akan jatuh BANKRUPT.

  49. Anonymous

    YB, Anak Malaysia is suggesting a suicidal move for all MAS staff. When MAS staff starts fighting back without going through union platform, the consequences would be they would be terminated without just cause. This is ongoing in MAS. You don’t do wrong, you still get terminated or demoted. To keep you quiet, they promote you provided you are willing to backstab your own kind. This is called politic in the workplace.

    How are MAS staff going to do without the union then, so that clever Anak Malaysia may have the answer for MAS staff?

  50. Worker in MAS

    AJ and Rashdan stop reducing yourself to be Budak Suruhan of Red Indian. Start looking into becominga full member of Oneworld which will be good for MAS. A real collaboration with 12 other airlines. Forget about the bullshit CCF which Azman Mokthar trying to sell on behalf of the Red Indian. Join the Oneworld and MAS will be as good as SIA, Thai if not better. Stop the leakage and carry on with what the previous management effort in the Oneworld exercise.

  51. Anak Malaysia

    Mr/Ms Anonymous….it’s not that people doesn’t want to fly with MAS but MAS is only interested in selling higher class fare. The RAKYAT would prefer to fly with MAS being Malaysian but everytime when you want to book a seat on a cheaper fare, you will get reply like it’s already full.

    Specially when you wanted to buy MAS Family Scheme tickets, the staff will tell you that during school holiday cannot sell Family Scheme and that is the instruction from the management.

    Maybe this is the way the Top management is doing to kill the National Carrier. If you sell the seats on a lower fare is still Revenue to the company rather than let the aircraft go at 1/4 full or less. If a staff buy a MAS Family Scheme Ticket, it’s still revenue and don’t forget that they are not traveling for free, they still pay.

    This bloody bina tak fikir boy (Danny) doesn’t know how to run an airline and it’s so terang-terang he is helping his Pariah friend TF to bring MAS down. Danny boy, we are not like you and Pariah TF who only fly for free.

  52. Anak Malaysia 2

    Anonymous @ 4 pm

    Victimisation by management was due to ineffective unions in MAS where its leaders are all “tahu sama tahu”. All of them overdosed with Sleeping Pills of the highest order. Kata nak picket awal bulan December. Nanti tak payah kerana ada perbincangan dengan managmenet akhirnya staff kena pindah ke KLIA. Kemudian MAS bungkus barulah nak protest. MAS staff should stop paying the RM8 month subscription to MASEU which is not value for money. In fact a waste of money and wasting good money for those “sleepers” in MASEUS and others. Until today no feed backs from MASEU of their bullshti talks with management. Pleae tell us what were the talk about and what are the results of the talks. Don’t tell at this time MASEUS is talking about retirement age to 100 years old. Bullshit.

    MASEUS and other unions should question the new idiots in MAS why are they not getting MAS to join Oneworld which is long overdue. Any idiot will tell us that Oneworld is good for MAS but no good to the Red Indian because it is a bigger collaborations than with AIrAsia. Wake up AJ and Rashdan both of you are showing your hands in this whole scandals!

    YB mana posting mengenai apa AJ cakap di PAC?

  53. Anak Malaysia

    Anonymous….Thank you for the compliment for calling me “Clever Anak Malaysia”. Why do have to depend on your UNION when they are not doing anything for the staffs.

    If they are all on “Sleeping Pills” how do you expect your UNION to lead you guys. you wrote earlier this “only way to save MAS and our country is to petition to the Agung”. So why not all MAS staffs write a petition, get staffs to sign on it and forward it to YB to forward it to the King.

    As staffs you don’t need the UNION to write that petition. Are you one of the UNION Leader coz from the way you wrote it sounded like your are one of them.

  54. Anonymous

    Anak Malaysia,

    Aren’t you that clever to even think MAS staff can be manipulated? Those who aren’t the member of the unions are now being sacked slowly…get it? MESA member wasn’t in the wrong but also get victimized, this is why MAS STAFF need the UNION more than ever…get it? Without MESA/MASEU, many more were already sacked..hope you digest this into your head. Also, it is because of the union, the staff strength maintained between 19,000 to 20,000. Whenever a new CEO is reducing the numbers of staff strength, it will be an issue for the unions concerned because the unions are in the interest of protecting the job opportunity for MALAYSIANs only.

    At one point, I do sense you are attempting to break up between MAS staff and its union, WHY? Perhaps, you are also the OFFICE BOY for TF? Trying to provoke MAS staff from being part of the union’s organizing work so to stay away from the union where it could also lead easily to manipulating MAS into sailing smoothly with Air Asia via the collaboration, isn’t it very crystal clear?

  55. Anonymous

    YB, in my opinion, it’s better not to disclose the investigation by PAC because it would lead to you being charged otherwise. We will watch for your back too whilst you watch for ours. Thank you for your doing your best.

    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous @ 4:48 pm (different from the other Anonymous which was not talking about the union matter)

      Please don’t worry about me. You just watch yours and the Union back will be better for you. What AJ told PAC has been around in Parliament House for the ears of MPs! So don’t worry about me. You better worry about what I am going to post on what AJ and Khazanah told PAC. Thank for your kind concerns. But you should get a bigger “thank you” from whoever you were trying to help to scare me. Facts will prevail at eh end of the day. MAS staff are entitled to know about what have been going on and are going on in MAS. As you can see from the comments in this blog that MAS staff are not getting info from the MAS union and how to you expect them not to react the way they did. Please be informed that I have not approved many comments that strong verbs were used against the management and the union leaders.

      I hope that you get your big big “Thank you” from whoever you were commenting on behalf.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  56. Anak Malaysia 2

    MAS di bawah Aj, Rashdan dan Tan Sri Md Nor memang HILANG MARUAH (MH). Letak jawatan ajelah! Kalau nak hilang maruah, hilangkan maruah puak2 kau aje dan keluarga kau bukan kami di MAS. Tak lama lagi AJ dan Rashdan akan menjadi raiah juga di MAS.

    Where are your self rspect bloody AJ and Rashdan? MAS had to learn from AirAsia! YB was right to say that learn about how to owe airport tax, no aerobridge for passengers and imposed all kind of charges. later MAS will charge fees to use toilet in flight! Stupid idiots. Learning form a low cost airline of 10 years old with hidden problems. please lah AJ. You are in MAS to lead not to be a PAk Turut to that pariah. It would appear that the Circular of 9-11-2011 by AJ was written by the Pariah for him. no one with the sound mind will ask the MAS staff to learn from AirAsia. The CCF is to help airasia not MAS. get that right in your thick skull AJ and Rashdan. No wonder Datuk Eddy leong is resigning form Firefly because this stupid Rashdan is killing Firefly by terminating the profitable routes like JB to KK and Kuching, MAS to Bandung and soon may more. Previosu ,management told us that Firefly make money and this new managemen of few months old said Firefly lost money. Stop lying.

  57. Anak Malaysia 2

    Anak Malaysia

    I agree with you. Fore about that Anonymous comment. Just a reactionary statement to scare the MAS staff. Trying to help the sleeping MASEUS leaders. We all should stop to pay the subscriptions for a few months then they will know that they have no one to represent except themselves and see what the management will think of them. hey will tell them to go to hell and no more cleaning contract and other contracts.

    Hi, Alias where are you? MAS staff are looking for you. Please call for meeting of Union memebrs because we would like to know what the hell is going on in MAS and what is MASEU doing about it. Don’t join the Dead Woods in MAS! They are too many of them. Now Rashdan brought in a few already.

  58. now the PLAN to move staff from SUBANG to KLIA is ON. It is confirmed today @ 12 noon. Someone is really adamant to get Subang Land. And everybody know who really TAMAK nakkan kompleks A & B. We know Danny is the culprit, forcing AJ to turn the decision he made on last friday. Today in townhall he shows his true color as Group CEO of flip flop decision. What a story of glory glory MAS….hehehhehe

  59. Anak Malaysia

    Anonymous….dah sah kau ni salah seorang daripada Exco Union. Bukan nak pecah belah Union members tapi nak sedarkan meraka yang UNION Leader ni tak guna. Protecting the Malaysians only or protecting your own pocket.

    If I am the OFFICE BOY of TF…tak payah I nak blog kat sini….buang masa aku. Baik I pergi terus kat MAS staffs semua dan sogok mereka. You must be afraid that by me posting this is the blog the UNION members will against you or the UNION will loose its members which will end up you loosing your perks given to you by the Pariah TF.
    By posting messages like this hopefully will wake the Union members up as to what sorts of UNION Leaders they have.

    Thanks Anak Malaysia 2, looks like you are the only one who is not asleep. Keep it up Anak Malaysia 2 for the sake of your company and staffs. Continue to press your UNION Leaders to come up with a circular or statement. Heard from friends in MAS that these people had been keeping very quite.

  60. Mus

    Yang Berbahagia, I received information the unions cannot be issuing statement against the collaboration plan by MAS with Air Asia. Time to knock some senses into those whom are breaking up the solidarity of MAS staff. I don’t agree with issuing statement by the unions since the company has withdrawn their rights to do so and if following the opinionated pressure by a few of the above commentators, it will be a trap for MAS unions and its staff as for now. I also received information of many TF’s orang suruhan are exchanging their views in your blog.

    1. weechookeong


      You are right. Please look at the person posting comments under Anonymous starting at 7:15 am, 12:40 pm, 1:34 pm, 1:36 pm, 2:03 pm, 2.06 pm, 4:00 pm, 4:44 pm and 4:48 pm. He or she stop commenting after I have replied to one of the positing at 4:48 where i was advised not to publish what Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and AJ have told PAC otherwise I will be charged. So lets ignore those comments posting under Anonymous which attacked Anak Malaysia.This Anonymous person sounded very worried about MAS joining Oneworld. Why? Is it part of other people agenda to stop MAS from joining OneWorld.So if such a person is worried then it must be really good for MAS but not another.

      Thank you Mus for reminding and alerting.


      Wee choo keong

  61. MAS Guy

    For Rashdan he has no maruah to hilang in the first place that’s why he did all the things before AJ came in. He was rushing to London to pay RM18 million to sponsor QPR, terminating Firefly routes to KK & Kuching, Bandung. When AJ came in he just carried on with the decisions happily.

  62. Remy

    AJ should seriously looking into the OneWorld. As YB has said that SIA and Thai joined Star Alliance. MAS wanted to joined but SIA objected. MAS explored OneWorld and I believe MAS has a provisional membership. Now OneWorld has offered MAS full membership. Therefore, AJ should look into this OneWorld seriously as it can only benefit MAS in this big collaboration of 12 big airlines. Once being a member then MAS passengers will have access to all facilities of the 12 airlines in any part of the world where the member airlines has presence.

    Instead of being distracted by moving office and cutting routes for the benefits of the Red Indian, AJ is better of looking into OneWorld. Don’t just discard the previous management plan. THe good one would be continued. Of course, once MAS is a embers then AirAsia will be koyak because MAS will be moving around with big IATA airlines.

    Let us not be distracted by the publicities in the main stream newspapers and one or two news portal that AirAsia was awarded best low cost airlines. Let face it, how many low cost carriers are left at the moment. Not many. Many has got bust. In recent month, Oasis in Hong Kong has gone bust. So I hope that AJ will not be too impress to learn from AirAsia. Leave to the Budak Suruhan Rashdan to be impressed by the Red Indian, the spinner.

  63. arjuna waspada

    I have a grandson aged 4.5 years. I call him a spoilt brat.
    Sometimes he behaves like the main character in this 1Malaysia story.
    Latest outburst by this main character re MAHB and the MP’s is like playing broken record a song sung by spoilt brat who so so so so very used to getting everything from Daddy and throwing tantrums when a no was said ,never mind the foreign business media making a darllng out of this spolit brat who got everything, and Oliver said I want more…
    The 1Malaysia Chief proponent Najib,is singing the golden silence and the opposition MPS are hedging in their bullish market perception.
    We are so lucky and fortunate to have WeeChooKeong as a our public concience, whilst everyone else in the govt ngos political parties consumers association ministry of finance is looking the other way.
    Thank you WCK and we pray and hope that this massive chapter in the MH will be sorted out by………… any one of the above,although I doubt the possibility it will take place .
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  64. Rany

    It is a sad day for the nation to know that Tan Sri Azman Mokthar being the head of Khazanah to oversee MAS and other GLCs. Yet MAS is in such financial strait. Of course, Tan Sri Azman will always say that it has nothing to do with him> he must learn to take responsibility for the problems in GLCs. After all he must be drawing a big big salary.

    Was it by design that MAS is in such a state?

    Tan Sri Azman, of course, has been appointed by 4th Floor Administration headed by SIL. What did you tell PAC yesterday?

    YB please tell us what did Tan Sri and Aj told PAC. We are curious to know about these two testimony. They must be praising AirAsia to the hilt!

  65. Charles F Moreira

    Anak Malaysia wrote:-

    “Why do have to depend on your UNION when they are not doing anything for the staffs.”

    “If they are all on “Sleeping Pills” how do you expect your UNION to lead you guys.”

    Don’t try and instigate MAS union members to act outside the union. Instead, as union members they should and have every right to demand their union members wake up and act on their demands, and if there is anything in their union constitution which allows for it, they should even move to call for fresh elections of new leaders to take up this cause, including to submit a petition to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

    On other issues, it’s clear that MAS has been discriminated against by the government itself, since the time of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    While the journo-prostitutes (journalist-prostitutes) in the Malaysian business media have made a demigod of TF and glorified AirAsia as an icon of free enterprise, it was pretty obvious to me that AA was benefiting from generous government concessions, while MAS is being denied its lucrative routes and has its hands tied.

    Also, MAS should join the OneWorld alliance, now that it’s been accepted. After all, major world airlines such as SIA, Thai and others are members of an alliance and benefit from the synergies.

    That said, there also needs to be moves to stop the leakages, clean up MAS internally and improve its management and operations but that’s a separate issue from this share-swap deal which should not have been allowed.

    AA and MAS should be allowed to continue operating independently and if both do well, good for them.

    Besides Virgin Atlantic, TF buddy, Sir Richard Branson also owns railways in Britain and MAS staff should note this recent industrial dispute.

    ““We are calling on Sir Richard Branson to recognise the outrageous behavior of his contractors and to meet the cleaning staff face to face. He should demand an end to this exploitation of low paid workers on one of Britain’s most prestigious rail lines in the same way that the Queen stepped in to end poverty pay at Buckingham Palace.”

    The cleaners finally won a 10% pay increase.


    “Balpa (British Airline Pilots Association) has said that it will announce strike dates from tomorrow unless a dispute over pay is resolved. Union members have voted overwhelmingly for strike action in protest at a 4 per cent pay rise following a number of pay freezes.”

    Also, this one comment by a reader to the above article.

    “Looks like Branson has fallen for the poisonous HR led attack on the union. With a dismally low approval rating of just 6% for the current Flight Ops management team (independently sourced staff satisfaction survey commissioned by Virgin Atlantic) the pilots are obviously fed up with more than just the headline pay offer. Any management team that can lead a company into a strike where an almost unprecedented, overwhelming 97% (94% of all pilots) voted for industrial action surely needs to look at where it has gone wrong. If pilots haven’t been on strike for 34 years you can’t call this a militant group of workers. Interested observers should ask why the company haven’t actually made any offer to the pilots. They voted for industrial action because no offer has been made. Virgin will not allow an offer to be made and balloted on unless the union reps approve the offer first. It would appear to be disingenuous at the least that Virgin are stating that their offer has been refused.”

    – Peedoff, London, England, 27/6/2011 13:25

    Richard Branson, who comes from a rather privileged middle-class family earned a reputation of being “cool” in the eyes of Britain’s youth during the rebellious 1960s and early 1970s, with his mail order business selling vinyl records at about 30% to 40% less than in the high-street record stores of the time.

    In 1971, he set up his Virgin record store on Oxford Street, London which had a “cool” image in line with the youth culture of the time. A year later he started a recording studio which published albums by controversial bands no other labels would touch.

    So yes, he’s an innovative and flamboyant guy who bucked the suit and tie image of businessmen of his time, which also endeared him to the youth of his day.

    However, the above issues show that he isn’t all that “cool” a dude as he’s made out to be.

    This Wikipedia entry reveals his pluses and minuses.

    Likewise, TF is seen as as “cool” dude but is he all that “cool”

  66. Sad

    yesterday it was all about losses at MAS in the MSM but no mention of AA figures released. A friend did say this though: the 56% drop in AA numbers, how much of that was affected by Firefly?

  67. Anak Malaysia

    Remy….what you said it true, AJ had better concentrate on Oneworld rather than into other unproductive matters ie moving office and cutting of routes.
    I believed too that MAS will benefit from being a member of Oneworld.

    Well the Red Indian is only interested in those profitable routes that MAS has been flying, so by getting his orang suruhan to cut those routes will means more money into his own pockets and the Red Indian knows that is MAS become a member of Oneworld that will be then end for AA.

    Thank you Remy for supporting former MD, YM TG Azmil plan in getting MAS into Oneworld.

  68. Sulaiman

    Smart Dugong

    At least RHB is one of the few analysts that giving us a true picture of Tan Sri Azman, Rashdan and the Red Indian Collaborative Framework. It is doomed to failed as we can see because there was nothing concrete coming so far except concessions given by MAS for the sole benefits of the problems faced by AirAsia.

    Only the new management under AJ and Rashdan backed by h is former business partner Azman Mokthar in Khazanah thinks the share swap and CCF are good for MAS.

    Hope Najib will stop all the bullshit by the Bina Tak Fikir boys from messing around with GLCs.

    Aman Mokthar and Rashdan tak malu kah?

  69. Razak in MAS

    Datuk Eddy Leong has finally resigned after 9 years. The CFO Mohd Azha Abdul Jalil also resigned after 4 1/2 years. Tengku Azmil resigned on the day the share swap was announced by that ifiot in Khaznah. All the good high ranking employees resigned after one and another.

    Only the Panamera type of Dead Woods are left behind to crippled MAS further. So we can expect Rahsdan and AJ to bring in more of the Panamera Deadwoods into MAS now. So the story go on and on until the demised of MAS.

    MAS should reveal why this Bernard Francis, another Red Indian left so quietly within 24 hours without any protest? Was he a mole in MAS?

  70. Ronald of MAS

    at long last the AirAsia accounting is showing up. AA 3rd quarter down because of forex exchange losses. Well its 2nd quarter showing huge profit but a chunk of it with unrealized forex gain. If we were to take away the unrealized forex gain then its 2nd quarter was a net lost. But the MSM, especially the Star, was singing the tune of success for the Pariah Red Indian.

    Pariah, for how long can you bullshit your way? it is showing up now. Once the Azman Mokthar’s Collaborative Framework doe snot work in favor then the end is near. The Pariah only hope is that Rashdan (the Bina Tak Fikir partner of Azman) will be in MAS long enough to assist to terminate more routes especially Firefly and cancel more full load flights during festive seasons to destroy MAS and Firefly image.

  71. Anak Mas

    We know that Datuk Eddy Leong was doing well for Firefly and Firefly was expanding during his time. Firefly bought several airbuses to expand during the previous managmeent under Tg Azmil. After this idiot (Rasshdan) came in, Firefly was no longer operating the way it was supposed to do. Almost everything stop to please his boss, TF.

    Rashdan must go if MAS wants to survive. He is in MAS by virtue of his ex-business partner and friend Amok. Amok is a good friend of TF. You all should know what is the game plan.

  72. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee

    You seem to have obfuscated by not answering the questions that I raised. Why?

    Let’s look at the tale of the tape – the share prices of MAS, AirAsia, SIA and Cathay Pacific on their respective stock exchanges.

    On 22 Nov 2011, the closing share prices were:

    SIA S$10.55 (down from a 52-week high of S$16.12)
    MAS RM1.36
    AirAsia RM3.67
    Cathay Pacific HK$12.80

    If we believe that the markets are the best judges of a company’s performance and potential, then MAS certainly is not highly-rated.

    Care to explain why?

    Coming to financials, MAS has just announced a Q3 loss of RM477.6 million on a revenue of RM3.6 billion. The loss is attributed mainly to higher fuel costs and unrealised forex losses.

    For the same Q3 period, AirAsia announced a net profit of RM152.3 million (down 53 per cent Y-O-Y) on a 10 per cent rise in revenue to RM1.08 billion. The loss is attributed to higher fuel costs – jet kerosene prices rose and AirAsia spent 45 per cent more on fuel in Q3.

    SIA’s net profit for its Q2 ended 30 Sept 2011 fell 49 per cent Y-O-Y to S$194 million on revenue of S$3.7 billion. For the first half of the 2011-12 financial year, SIA’s net profit dropped 62 per cent to S$239 million on a revenue of S$7.28 billion. This from one of the best-managed airlines in the world, with the one of the strongest financials.

    As a Singapore Business Times report on 23 Nov 2011 noted: “MAS’s dilemma is that its high costs have eaten into its bottom line. The airline’s 9-month loss tops RM1 billion. MAS has also said that Q4 operational results would be worse than Q3 as high fuel prices and weak economic outlooks in Europe hurts its core business…MAS has one of the oldest fleets in the region”.

    Which begs the question as to why the MAS staff unions and assorted MAS loyalists are ignoring the economic realities posed by the airline’s latest financial results?

    Let’s be frank – MAS is going to lose money this financial year – again. The only question is by how much the loss will exceed the RM1 billion figure, given that its more or less thrown in the towel for Q4.

    And the MAS staff unions and loyalists are going to trot out yet more reasons why MAS is a special case and deserving of government help (read: another bailout).

    This is arrogance of the highest order, when the unions and loyalists display a woeful ignorance of the realities of the global aviation industry as it stands today.

    More on this in a subsequent post.

  73. Olek Skilgannon

    To carry on from my earlier posting, IATA has warned about tough times ahead for the airline industry.

    The IATA director general and chief executive Tony Tyler has warned that a weak global economy would prompt a 29 per cent fall in airline profits in 2012 and cut the industry’s profit margins to a wafer thin 0.8 per cent from 1.2 per cent this year.

    Surely the MAS staff unions are aware of the IATA forecasts, since MAS is a member of IATA? Or are these forecasts dismissed as rumour mongering, since the government will always be around to step in with a helping hand when MAS loses money?

    The more knowledgeable members of the MAS unions must be aware that the once-mighty Japan Airlines went into bankruptcy in 2010 and only exited it in April this year. As part of a major bankruptcy-related restructuring, JAL cut nearly 30 per cent of its workforce – more than 16,000 employees – and drastically shrunk its route network.

    Yet the MAS unions persist in the fiction that they have iron rice bowls, to the extent of threatening industrial action in the event of restructuring-related staff layoffs! To them, it doesn’t matter if the airline bleeds to oblivion, as long as their jobs are “safe”.

    Closer to home, the MAS unions should take note of the travails plaguing the Indian airline industry, where shares in Kingfisher Airlines, SpiceJet and Jet Airways have fallen more than 65 per cent on the Mumbai stock exchange this year.

    As Mr Kapil Kaul, the head for India at the Sydney-based Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) noted: “We have a serious issue on hand, and that is to address the viability of Indian carriers. The financial status of domestic carriers is very fragile”.

    The situaton in Australia, where Qantas has been forced into mandatory arbitration with its unions over proposed restructuring and setting up of subsidiary airlines in Asia to take advantage of strong Asian economies, can’t have escaped the notice of MAS managment and unions. At least, the CEO of Qantas had the guts to face down the unions and shut down the airline rather than give in to their ruinous demands.

    And in case the MAS unions haven’t realised it, the glory days of national flag carrier airlines are pretty much gone. Its British Airways-Iberia in IAG, and Air France-KLM now. Only Lufthansa has the financial muscle to stay independent – for now. In the US, airlines have consolidated (Northwest-Delta) or are consolidating to reap the benefits of economies of scale.

  74. Rakyat Malaysia

    The Malaysian are now attacking Air Asia…They try to attract Malaysians by quoted the Kathleen Tan words…but makan diri sendiri…lets see here…

    1 more…they are posting the picture without telling people this is for international not domestic…Air Asia is trying to lie…Hope YB could brings this issue to the parliament…Cubaan mengelirukan rakyat…

  75. Benci Air Asia

    now Air Asia trying to ambush MAHB and the government.

    they dont realize that the Malaysians are know attacking them.

    shame on you Air Asia.

    as i saw this

    kebanyakan yang sokong Air Asia ni golongan Cina. i’m not racist but they are trying to bullshitting this issue. they dont know that Air Asia is owing the government. Kathleen Tan word are suck. she just wanna attract people to ‘tekan’ government for the seek of Air Asia.

    heboh bagai nak rak airport tax naik. tapi caj tah ape2 dorang suka2 hati naik takde nak heboh plak.

    and 1 more. Air Asia is trying to misleading the rakyat with this issue. hope YB can bring this to the parliament.


    Dear Olek,

    I agree with you that “If we believe that the markets are the best judges of a company’s performance and potential, then MAS certainly is not highly-rated.
    Care to explain why?”

    YB and the Unions never claim otherwise, In fact we have raised these issues many many years ago. Please read what YB and us have written here

    Unions leader have said that
    1.Claiming that invisible hands had been at work since Tajuddin’s appointment, Malek recalled how MAS was making profits every year before Tajuddin came on board.
    He said since Tajuddin’s entry, “MAS not only did not make profit, in fact it has been making losses every year.
    “It is clear that MAS staff are still angry and cannot forgive what Mahathir did,”

    2.This is not the way to revitalise MAS. We should straighten out our own affairs starting with the decision makers.

    Please do not spin the issues with all your patchy articles.

  77. Ruhaini MAS

    Alias of MASEU mash tertidurkah. Jangan telan Ubat Tidur terlampau banyak nanti jadi seorang penangih Ubat Tidur. Ia akan menjejas kesihatan anda. Kami perkerja MAS sayang anda sebab awak adalah seorang pemimpin MASEU yang amat hebat dari mengeluarkan kenyataan akbar. Kita semua sudah tahu ciri-ciri kau!

  78. Kunyit Hidup

    MASEU (majority and of low-paid graded staff) excos should clear out staff disatisfactions:

    1. Yearly pay increment of maximum 5% compared to minimum of 7% to higher groups. How much 5% of RM1000 and 7% of RM7000?

    2. Why the insurance for graded staff is not even covers basic medical costs, less favourable than others and yet paying more premiums?

    3. Why meetings must be held overseas? UNION or MAS pays the bill?

    4. Why make press statements while till today excos are not on the floor (or through email distribution) explaining status of current issue?

    May be the excos are still manipulating figures to repeat the famous RM1 million unauthorised used of members fund – must be done before sayonara in the next exco election very soon!

  79. Olek Skilgannon

    If we subscribe to the notion that the Skytrax airline rankings are biassed and open to question, let’s consider some other sources of airline rankings.

    The well-regarded US travel magazine, Travel + Leisure, does an annual ranking of the world’s best airlines, hotels, resorts etc. In October 2011, it published the 2011 World’s Best Airlines rankings, which are as follows (top 15):

    (1) SIA (2) Emirates (3) Etihad Airways (4) Air New Zealand (5) Virgin America
    (6) Virgin Atlantic (7) Cathay Pacific (8) All Nippon Airways (9) Korean Air (10) Thai International (11) Qatar Airways (12) Finnair (13) Asiana Airlines (14) Air Tahiti Nui (15) Japan Airlines

    Mana MAS? Missing in action?

    In hindsight, it should not be too much of a surprise, seeing as how MAS has virtually given up on the US market, leaving LAX (Los Angeles) as it’s only destination in North America. Which is ironic, because the Malaysian government is chasing US investors and FDI, yet American business executives have to fly to KL via Singapore’s Changi Airport or Hong Kong.

    Why can’t MAS make profits on its flights to the US, when SIA can run full loads from Changi to LAX, San Francisco, New York (JFK and Newark) and Houston, even to the extent of operating all-Business Class non-stop flights from Changi to LAX and New York (Newark)?

    Are we missing something here?

    And if we think that SIA’s premier rankings are mere flukes, here’s what the airline has to say about itself (no false modesty for SIA!): the Business Traveller (Asia Pacific) magazine in September 2011 ranked SIA as Best Airline (for the 20th consecutive year), Best Asia-Pacific Airline, Best First Class, Best Business Class and Best Economy Class.

    Again, I ask – mana MAS? Even in the Asia-Pacific region, cannot be Best Airline, is it? No matter that Malaysians form a fair proportion of SIA’s pilots, tech crew, cabin crew and engineering staff. Same racial mix, but different performance standards?

    MAS staff unions – can you please explain this apparent anomaly?

  80. Olek Skilgannon

    Here are some other facts for the MAS unions and MAS loyalists to consider:

    – the impending onset of the Asean Open Skies Agreement in 2015 when Asean airlines will be allowed to operate freely, without any restrictions, between Asean capital cities. Every airline will want to fly to Changi because it has the biggest pool of transit traffic and business travellers in the region. What will happen to KLIA? As it is, all the Malaysia-based airlines (MAS, AirAsia and Firefly) operate numerous flights from Malaysian cities to Changi. Will Malaysians prefer to fly to Changi, transit there and board a flight to an international destination, given Changi’s better international connectivity and choice of airlines?

    – the opening up of China and India. Currently, there are more weekly flights from Chinese and Indian cities to Changi than there are to KLIA, and Changi is served by more Chinese and Indian airlines than is KLIA. How will MAS compete in this environment when its a poor second-best or third-best in transit traffic and business travel?

    – the inexorable rise of jet fuel prices will pressure Asean (and Asian) airlines to rapidly replace their fleets with more fuel-efficient aircraft (A320neo, B737 Max, B777, A350, B787 and A380). MAS has to do likewise or be relegated to the sidelines as other airlines bring in more modern and fuel-efficient fleets. Where is MAS going to get the money for this? Float bonds in the current inhospitable financial environment? Ask the government for a handout or another bailout?

    – the rise of mega hub airports in the Gulf (Dubai and Qatar) and well-funded Gulf airlines (Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad) that can maximise the geographical advantage of these airports to funnel traffic from the US and Europe to Asia and Australia? How can MAS (and KLIA) compete in this big-bucks game?

    Like I said previously, we ignore the financials at our periil! And its not resolving the real issue of costs and competitiveness by waffling on about “national service” and rural or sub-profitable domestic air routes. Who is going to pay the piper in the final analysis?

    Mr Wee – you write good, but you seemingly ignore the facts and realities in the airline industry.

    And the fact that the Malaysian government is no longer in a position to offer an open-ended cheque book to MAS, political considerations notwithstanding.

  81. Anak Malaysia

    I totally agreed with what you said KUNYIT HIDUP. So many questions been put forward by the members to the Union but none been answered.

    Below is a statement that was published in which I find it so ridiculous, pse refer below:-

    “The government today reiterated its stand that the Comprehensive Collaboration Framework signed between Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia which brought about the exchange of shares between the two, was part of the plan to recover MAS.
    Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri said
    the move has given a new lease of life to MAS to carry on with its operations after having suffered major losses”.

    Read more: ‘AirAsia pact gives MAS new lease of life’

    IS the DTM trying to say that without AA…MAS will not survived and is he also trying to say that without AA….MAS will suffered even more losses?

    If the bloody Pariah TF is really trying to help MAS survived then he wouldn’t have asked his bloody running dog Rashdan to fly yo London and sign the home jersey with QPR for RM18 Million and also to cut MAS profitable routes and cancelled flights which was fully booked a few days before Hari Raya.

    Please WAKE UP DTM….can’t you see that the Pariah TF is sucking MAS dry, like the Malay saying….Lepas habis hisap madu…sepah dibuang.

    1. weechookeong

      Anak Malaysia, Olek skilganon and others

      I really am sorry didn’t have the time to approve the comments because of the PSC on Electoral Reform public hearing in Kota Kinabalu for 25 & 26 Nov. The public hearing finished at 5:30 pm and the PSC on Electoral Reform went on to deliberate what have been brought up and the contents of the interim reports that the PSC is going to table in Parliament on 1-12-2011. We have finished our meeting at 8:00 pm just now.

      Thank you for your kind understanding.

      With kindest regards

      Wee choo keong

  82. Ronald MAS

    MH under AJ & Rashdan memang Maruah Hancur!! Mana ada maruah he had to please the red indian. What type of MD he is? Never before MAS MD had to bow so low to lick the red Indian.

  83. Kunyit Hidup

    Soon after Tan Sri Aziz, graded staffs (low-pay group) are missing;
    1. Bonus is something unexpected.
    2. Ex-gratia is extraordinary.
    3. Pay increase is not in line with inflation rate or purchasing power since 1990s.
    4. No more recognition to loyalist in long-service award.
    5. No reward to top performers. PMS implementation is a hoax.
    6. Staff benefits and welfare remain static or reducing.
    7. Not even a beautiful calendar to be proud of!
    All above are the immediate measures done by any MD/CEO of MAS in the name of cost control. However other ‘necessary expenses’ to senior management are;
    1. Company shares to unimaginable amount.
    2. Toyota, BMW or Mercedes scheme (you use, MAS maintain and eventually it will be yours).
    3. One-thousand-and-one incentives/entitlements that almost everyone in this group will enjoy
    4. Every new MD will bring in own kuncu, perks are 20 years better
    5. Free travel in first class for the whole family, till can’t use all the tickets yearly.
    6. Almost unlimited medical expenses without paying any premium.
    7. Golden handshake if you go, Panamera Deadwoods if you stay.
    Current MASEU is worse than during Halim Muda. Dare to verify the above with 01X-64X113X?

  84. Ex-MAS Staff

    Kunyit Hidup,

    I urge you to get your facts right first before you post and your postings are factually incorrect.

    1. The Company Share option scheme is a sick joke by Idris Jala. MAS Senior Management could BUY the shares at high offer price and given the plunge in share price, none took up the offer because it ended up them having to pay for something that is of lower value than what they pay.

    2. There was no Toyota, BMW or Merc scheme. MAS Senior Management was given a fixed allowance to buy any car they want. If the price of the car was above the allowance, the Snr Manager had to top up out of their own pocket. The annual car maintenance allowance is based on claims up to an annual fixed limit irrespective of the car. This has been proven to be more financially beneficial to the Company buying and replacing the cars every 5 years.

    3. I dont believe there were any “thousand-and-one incentives/entitlements enjoyed by this group.

    4. There were no “20 years better” perks for the new kuncu2 brought in because MAS is limited by what it can do to whetever that is there already.

    5. It was not First Class travel for the whole family. In fact, the annual 1st Class travel for MAS managers and above was there since MAS was first formed. It was withdrawn and many Snr Management gets Business Class only once a year.

    6. Medical expenses are not unlimited. The amount is limited to Asunta rates.

    7. What Golden handshake? I know of many who retired with just a good by.

    8. There was the Long Service award nite long even after Tan Seri Aziz. I believe there was one during the Tajudin era and Nor Amiruddin was the Head of HR. I got mine.

    9. Calendars were produced right until a few years ago.

    10. There were no perks or benefits to staff that were taken away.

    11. MAS has always given out something to the staff, bonusses when the Company is doing well and ex-gratia when the Company is not doing well.

    12. The MAS Snr Management did not have any pay revision or increment for almost 5 years, whilst the managers, executives and graded staff continue to enjoy their annual increment and bonusses even when the company was not doing well. That is the reason why many do not want to become senior management. In fact the ceiling for Managers is higher than the “gaji yang dah mati” for Snr Management.

    13. MAS staff (other than Snr Management) have always had a an upward pay revision with every collective agreement negotiation based on the Company’s ability to pay and the increase in the cost of living.

    Satu sifat yang Allah benci ia-lah fitnah.

  85. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee

    The hard and unpalatable truth, which you are seemingly unwilling to accept, is that it’s not Tony Fernandes and AirAsia/AirAsia X that is MAS’s “enemy”.

    Whatever problems that MAS has gotten into in the past and now, it’s done all by itself.

    You can trace MAS’s history back to the days of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) and the splitting of MSA into MAS and SIA. What were the Malaysian team that negotiated with their Singapore counterparts on the splitting of MSA doing, and did they, then, even consider the long-term implications of what they agreed to?

    The MAS unions and loyalists labour under the notion that MAS’s national flag carrier status is sacrosanct and everything else, commercial and business considerations included, should play second fiddle.

    This notion has even permeated into the top echelons of Malaysian Airports Bhd (MAHB) and it’s plans for KL International Airport (KLIA).

    The name of the game for airports that aspire to be true regional air hubs is traffic, passengers, transit traffic and connectivity. This is the game that Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport have both played masterfully, and where the mega Gulf airports in Dubai and Qatar are fast catching up.

    Dr Mahathir pushed through the building of KLIA with the philosophy “build it and they (airlines and passengers) will come”. Unfortunately for Dr Mahathir, most airlines are run on hardheaded commercial principles where profitability is a paramount objective.

    In Singapore, the government, from day 1, hewed to the philosophy that Changi’s air hub status is of primary importance, and the wellbeing of SIA only secondary. Thus, the Singapore government was (and is) very liberal in granting air traffic rights to foreign airlines (both through bilateral air services agreements and numerous “open skies” agreements). This is their national aviation policy.

    If you look at Changi Airport, SIA and it’s regional unit SilkAir account for about 30 per cent of Changi’s connectivity and passenger volumes. The low-cost carriers (Singapore-based Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia, as well as AirAsia and it’s Indonesian and Thai units, plus low-cost carriers from Indonesia, Philippines and India) account for maybe another 30 per cent.

    But, also for Changi, British Airways and Qantas (both of which have hubs there) account for 10-15 per cent of Changi’s traffic and connectivity.

    Didn’t both Britiish Airways and Qantas stop operating flights to KL back in the day? Surely, it is ironical that Malaysians wanting to fly on BA or QF will have to travel to Changi Airport in order to do so.

    AirAsia and AirAsia X have the potential to be “game changers” in this race between airports in the region to build up connectivity, transit traffic and passenger volumes. Thus far, Changi, Hong Kong and even Bangkok are way ahead of KLIA as far as these numbers are concerned.

    MAS was supposed to be the “heavy lifter” for KLIA. It was supposed to bring in substantial volumes of passengers and transit traffic that would, in turn, attract other major airlines to fly to KLIA. This has not happened. It is glaringly obvious that all full service airlines, and most low-cost carriers, would prefer to operate flights to Changi than to KLIA.

    Why don’t you ask MAHB management for a reasoned explanation of just why this is so?

    As a fairly frequent flyer myself, I am aware of what makes a great airport and a great airline, instead of being just merely good. It is sad to admit that the Changi/SIA combo have managed to get it mostly right, with a supporting cast of other full service carriers that operate out of Changi.

    KLIA/MAS? Still waiting for the numbers to make sense!

  86. Ilham Putera

    YB Wee CK,
    I am compelled to write here since you seem to be working on the issue of the secret share swap between MAS/AA. It was indeed a sad decision made secretly by Khazanah and it leaves very small room in our mind that believes that it was done with the objective of trying to save MAS. The bigger portion of my mind is saying that the people of Khazanah are in the pockets of you know who.
    As former staff of MAS, it hurts to the deepest of my heart that such a silly solutions was put in place as if the whole citizen has lost its senses.
    I read with keen interest, an article by Dato A. Kadir Jasin on this matter and would like to share with you of a little bit of what I know of the goings on MAS. However the smart & arrogant Rashdan (Danny) has definitely coin up something that would further put MAS in deeper shit so that it would look so bad so much so that trimming down MAS is inevitable. Hence the only word in his vocabulary now CUT CAPACITY.
    When he proceeded terminate Kota Kinabalu hub, he does that blatantly in disregards to the wishes of CM of Sabah who has personally told MAS not to proceed with terminating the hub. Apparently he even said that nobody could stop him including the PM. I can’t help it to recall the arrogance of the 4th floor during the worst regime in Malaysian history.
    I was made to understand that, the ex-Kota Kinabalu international sectors, which include Haneda, Seoul and Taipei, has been developed and gaining momentum among travelers with good support from the Travel Agents. However, this sectors has so much potentials that it salivates AA and Danny just could wait to give it to AA. AA ‘x’ needs these lucrative routes to pad up their impending IPO so that they would get good rating from investors. So, Danny and the owners of AA would be laughing their way to the bank after the IPO.
    Why worry if MAS’s losses go deeper in the red? That would justify AA ‘x’ to take over MAS and make it their company and Malaysia will be without National Airline very soon. And according to my source, this would happen by middle of next year if not April 2012.
    Danny’s next agenda is that, the same will befall on FY Turbo-prop operation out of Subang. In one of the coming Board meetings, Danny will present a paper to say that MAS should just focus on Short-haul & Long-haul and not be distracted by FY operations, hence it would be wind-up. Whalla, Subang is all for Caterham jet to take over without hassle as MOT is also being pocketed by the red indian we all are talking about here.
    Subsequent action by Danny will be their plan to move the staff to KLIA. This is within their impending plan to set-up a separate entity and split up current MAS structure. A newco will be created to handle the Short-haul while the long-haul operations will be made to bleed and eventually taken over by AA ‘x’ by keeping the MAS brand in namesake but fully-owned by AA ‘x’. this is the theory that AA has in mind and Danny is seriously working to make it happen soonest. As for AJ, he will only collect his salary every month for as long as he can before MAS goes under.
    So, staff of MAS, be ready for VSS soon or continue employment under the newco with new terms and conditions and definitely without union anymore.
    Conclusions are;
     Danny is not interested in fixing the financial bleed of MAS.
     Danny will make MAS goes further below water with no intention of fixing it as fixing it is not in line with AA survival plan.
     Danny will strategise that MAS could no longer make profit on Long-haul and has to give away to AA
     Danny will champion AA taking over MAS Long-haul and Caterham Jet will take off.
     Danny will be happy to be able to make MAS disappear from the industry map.
     Danny will make Malaysia known to the world as a country whose main airline is owned by red Indian.
     Danny will put the blame on the incompetent senior staff of MAS who has been with company for umpteen years.
     Danny will get a pat on the back for helping red Indian make his dream with big bonus.

    God bless MAS

  87. Olek Skilgannon

    Ilham Putera

    I would venture to say that your comments are lacking in logic.

    In the first place, what business has the Sabah Chief Minister got in demanding that MAS maintain a hub at Kota Kinabalu Airport? How will this hub be profitable, given the population of Sabah, the fact that Sarawak has it’s own “hub” at Kuching Airport plus the fact that Bandar Seri Begawan is well-served by Royal Brunei Airlines?

    Does Sabah have a critical mass of business travellers and companies that would justify airlines to maintain full service (First and Business Classes) out of KK Airport or does it rely on the tourist traffic (read Economy Class travel and low-cost carriers)?

    Second, MAs got into deep s**t long before AirAsia appeared on the horizon. Cast your mind back to the days when MAS first came into being and cross-reference it’s profits and losses against the regimes of it’s Managing Directors/Chief Executives from Day 1. When, exactly, did the rot in MAS set in?

    Third, you seem to imply that MAS staff are somehow (by government fiat, maybe) immune from the realities of competition, efficiency, productivity, cost controls and the need to make profits as well as the need for regular fleet renewals .

    Is it that big a deal if MAS disappears from the industry map? The famous Pan American Airlines has long disappeared from the scene in the US and no one sheds a tear for it. The iconic United Airlines (“come fly the friendly skies”) has merged with Continental Airlines; Northwest Airlines has been taken over by Delta Airlines, British Airways has merged with Spain’s Iberia, there is the Air France-KLM grouping etc. What should matter to the Malaysian public is that they have access to reliable and efficient air transport services, whether it be provided by MAS, AirAsia, SIA or any other airline out there that finds it worth it’s while to operate flights to Malaysian airports.

    The Malaysian government simply cannot afford a bottomless purse to bail out MAS and keep it going, not when it is already spending RM30 billion+ annually in subsidies and when jet fuel prices show little inclination to come down.

    Already, the Malaysian stage bus operators are asking the government to bail them out and nationalise the stage bus sector with the explicit threat that they will cease operations and leave the rakyat stranded. How did the bus operators get into this mess? By ever-increasing fuel costs and mandated government controls on bus fares, thus directly impacting their profitablity.

    Fourth, if the Malaysian government had a clearly articulated national aviation policy in place, some of these questions wouldn’t be asked now. Like are we really prepared for the advent of Asean Open Skies in 2015 and the possible liberalisation of air transport in the Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement? It is no accident that there are currently more than 200 weekly flights between Singapore’s Changi Airport and cities in India and more than 300 weekly flights between Changi and cities in China. That’s connectivity, and that is why increasing numbers of Malaysians choose to fly out of Changi to their overseas destinations.

  88. Kunyit Hidup

    Dear Ex-MAS Staff,

    The challenge was – Dare to verify with the person on that number? (Hint: What number do you dial in case of emergency?)

    1. Share option for senior managers – do others receive the same ‘sick joke’ offer? What if eventually no joke at all?
    2. Car scheme – you said there is a policy to replace senior management cars every 5 years. Do MAS (read: senior management who drives subsidised car) have a policy when to replace ground equipment or aircraft, say every 20 years?
    3. Entitlements – if you don’t believe, you don’t feel and if you don’t feel, you are already used to it. Our self paid unreserved parking lots distance away, how about you?
    4. 20 years perks – Ask Citibank lady and 2 guys recently left (at least less deadwoods).
    5. Travel in style – do not rely on ticket but passenger manifest of ask aircrew onboard.
    6. Medical – Assunta of govt hospital cost less? Who pays expensive insurance premiums yet usually need to cash out at counter or withdraw EPF? How many appointed 24/7 clinics for shift workers?
    7. Goodbye wish – please make a list of ‘outsources’ and look behind each. You must be very clean!
    8. Long service award – only you got it together with selected few. Guess what HR response (promises)?
    9. Calendar – A driver or clerk is not in distribution list. You weren’t in such groups.
    10. Taken away – Am I miscalculating annual leave?
    11. Always something to give – Yes, pinjaman perayaan.
    12. Increment is not for senior management, they call it differently ‘percentage’.
    13. Cost of living – we need to agree that nasi lemak in hotel and warung are different but petrol is the same. Your last pay should be 5-digits but after 25 years most of others take home pay is not even 4K. So, fuel price increase of 15 cents per litre is not limiting your Camry’s mileage.

    Satu sifat yang dibenci manusia ialah melupakan manusia lain ketika berkuasa.

  89. Ilham Putera

    Olek Skilgannon

    I am sorry but I am incline to think that your reply sounds very defensive to the extent that it got very irrational.

    As a Chief Minister of a state, of course one has the right to have his opinion on the international conectivities he need for his state for tourism or business as both contributes to the state economy. You just can’t ignore the state’s need because you are not there and not able to see the need or is it because Danny has not done the thinking for you yet?

    A CM runs a state like a businessman too. Too bring revenue just like your boss. Hence to say they have got no business to in demanding for air hub is TAK BINA FIKIRAN. Being ordinary people, lets not dwell into what a CM should or should not do. We are not privileged to be near any of them.

    In the early days, MAS went in the red only when there is a decline in world travel that affects the aviation industry as a whole. Therefore it is definitely not true to say MAS made losses long before AirAsia come into being. Please ask any experienced aviation men (besides those groomed by Khazanah or 4th floor) if this is true.

    For a developing country, it is imperative that we keep a National Carrier as pride of a nation. It does not make sense to compare with USA as they are in a different league altogether. If it so decided that MAS should go bankrupt, let it be naturally then, through PN17 and then cease from the nation map. Don’t add salt to injury. For a huge county like USA with strong economy and a couple of hundred years of independence, any locally incorporated airlines are looked upon as the nations success and just look at how many do they have? Losing one or two or three airlines is nothing as there are others that could take over the legacy. So it is no comparison at all in our environment.

    We are never short of people to manage an airline but unfortunately Khazanah is oblivious to these people for god knows why. Look at the scenery when FAX was operating domestic and RAS operations for 10 months, it went through shamble that no Sarawakian or Sabahan would wants to talk about it albeit embarrassing. However, when Maswings comes into being, the Malaysian within it could put it upto a remarkable stature with much much less subsidy from the government as compared to RM249 million or so earned by FAX. These two outfit were operated based on a similar business model. And yet the people who had abused this subsidy is now telling MAS how to do things right.

    The people has been giving feedback to YB here that the biggest ever threats facing AA is non other that Firefly (FY). Since incorporation, FY manage to gain pax support and AA is loosing market share. Being MAS brand, they become the better option for those travelers as FY offer more friendly service for their pax offering food onboard and aerobridge facilities. Not like the conceited AA who even got the guts to pocket pax airport taxes that had been collected in advance by pax. Until today the red Indian is still shouting at MAB to not to put the aerobridges against the desire of their own loyal followers. Unfortunately, I have to say it again, Khazanah is in his pocket. ( where is MACC?).

    Please also note AA ‘x’ has ordered 10 A350 aircraft for delivery in 2016. The red Indian has twisted Danny’s arm to make MAS take over the purchase to save AA ‘x’ from financial doom or MAS must exit Buenos Aires, cape Town, Johannesburg and few other cities to make way for AA ‘x’ to operate. All these are done to show better value for the impending AA ‘x’ IPO. Is this ethically correct? For sure Danny and his kunchus will realize some monetary gain here where as fixing MAS problem don’t provide extraordinary income to them.

    Even the easy comparison to Changi is a non issue as they has started on a different platform from ours from the 1940s. But KLIA is definitely not keeping quiet as we continued to getting more airlines today than we were before. This kind of connectivity is not something that could be developed over 10-20 years but MAB is definitely not staying put.

    However this is non issue as the swap agreement should put the CCF into place for the turnaround. When CCF was mentioned, the public presume it is a special formula that is second to none that could be the remedy to all the trouble MAS is undergoing but, till today, three months later, nobody knows what this CCF is actually is? How is this this going to benefits the customers when FY was demolished and MAS service being cut. This only points to one direction, that is, giving all the pax to AA. DOES CCF MEANS CASH CARRIED BY FERNANDES?

    Surely AJ will not agree with this analogy but I think Danny boy is smiling behind there.

    If i could reverse the clock to when FAX AOC was taken over by AA ‘x’, it was proudly propagated by the owners that they would be serving those routes not served by MAS. These would then make KLIA a hub with better connectivity. But where is this pledge today? Can the 4th floor or Kali or Danny or dot dot dot etc etc say something?

    Let this be a reminder to Danny and the kunchus that the rakyat is not stupid. AJ please wake up while the little boy should go back to classroom to make his brain more matured in a few years time.

    YB, lets see the next round of PAC interrogation, if Amok, AJ or Danny still telling bull**** story. keep up the good deed YB. God bless you.

  90. MAS cabin crew

    Ilham Putera

    Syabas! A good comment! Lets see whether that “budak Upahan” Olek the bodek still dare to come here to humor himself. He is just trying to carry pariah TF’s balls. Lets all expose them here. Thank you YB for your postings. You have helped the staff of MAS and Firefly.

    The AA X IPO had to be postponed because the share suab didn’t go on as smooth as planned because our YB and other YBs spoke against the share suab in Parliament.

    This Bina Tak Fikir Rashdan is instumental in killing Firefly from day one after the share suab and now cutting MAS routes under the name of not viable. Why cutting only routes that AA X is flying to. Why not cutting routes that AA X is not flying to first. Just can’t wait for Anti Competition Commission to come into force on 1-1-2012. May be this Bina Tak Fikir boy had to rush to do it now because of 1-1-2012 dateline.

  91. arjuna waspada

    Today the loose cannon let loose his latest tirade against MAHB additional works and aerobridges and cost ,but he forgot give credit to MAHB for pampering his Tune Hotels..
    My grandson is appreciative although he is very young compared to the loose cannon, who is a trained bean counter ,a pampered rubbing shoulders with with hi society, but spoilt brat.
    WCK, tq very much for putting all the facts ,too bad our Finance Minister got the national agenda mixed up with MAS–AA–FootBall– large screen–populist youth groupie liberals etc
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  92. Syukur

    The Rakyat against Air Asia…

    the Rakyat wins 1 in aerobridge…hell Air Asia…

    cant wait for MAS and the Rakayat win over Air Asia in this case…

    let Air Asia follow the Rakyat not the Rakyat had to follow them…

    Credit to the MAHB and the Government for the aerobridge…The majority always win…thats the fact…

  93. Mastrabaiduri

    From the onset, it was clear that the so called collaboration was for the sole benefit of Air Asia. Just watch it, very soon Air Asia is going to overhaul its A320 at the expense of MAS… in turn tax-payers. Words from MAS engineers has it that MAS hanger is being gear up to overhaul Air Asia. With CFO and Head of Engineering from Air Asia, you can bet their game plan.

  94. I’ve heard so much about what’s wrong here and there and by this and that guy. All condemn from the original poster to the subsequent readers.

    Yet I did not find any any good suggestion of how to turn bad things into good. Well except change this and that. What’s the plan ? Anyone ?

    Yours truly ? How ? Any ideas ?

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