Another poor attempt at spinning!

Are they still smiling now?

Updated on 18-11-2011: YB Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, Minister of Transport, said yesterday that the Cabinet had approved the increase in charges in February 2009 and the delay in imposing the new rates had caused the tax payers RM180 millions a year in subsidizing international travelers. There had been a lot of other increases done by the airlines quietly and nobody is making noise, said the Minister in respond to Dr Spinner’s dissatisfaction through the social media. Read HERE for the increases in AirAsia’s hidden charges. The Government should stop entertaining private airlines’ business model just for them to make profits at the expense of tax payers.  

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ (Tony) contention is that the RM7.oo increase is too much to pay for LCCT which he likens to an “airconditioned horse stable” on Twitter.   The hike also affect travelers and he claimed that it was unjustified and that it would affect his business. He said on Twitter. “…RM25 for services in LCCT? What a rip off! It’s an air-conditioned horse stable!’ He said on his Faebook, “AirAsia has been fighting to make them cheaper for common man. Airport taxes are paid by Malaysians and passengers. The money doesn’t go to AirAsia but MAHB.”

Read HERE for full Star report. The Star has been publishing positive news of Tony, AirAsia Bhd and AA X Sdn Bhd and of late even messages via Twitter by Tony and En Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd were of interest to the Star.

Before Malaysians and the Government being taken in by the Dr Spinner, your truly would like to show that KLIA is still one of the lowest passenger service charges (PSC)  in the region.

PSC Charges for international passenger at LCCT for 2011

  • LCCT               RM32       (with the increment of RM7)

  • Singapore       RM44.64  (S$18) @RM2.47 rate

PSC Charges for international passenger except LCCT for 2011

  • KLIA                RM65

  • Singapore       RM68

  • Hong Kong     RM73

  • Jakarta           RM54

  • Bangkok         RM79

  • Heathrow      45 Pounds (RM252) plus Air      Passenger Duty 85 Pounds (RM440) =                         RM692

Unfortunately, Dr Spinner didn’t complain or protest against the airport authority in foreign countries regarding the “excessive” PSC and the mandatory usage of aerobridge. Dr Spinner’s outfits obediently used the aerobridge in all foreign airports.  But in Malaysia Dr Spinner refuses to use the aerobridge claiming that aerobridge does not fit into his business model.  Safety and convenience to all passengers especially parents with infants, elderly, disabled and children.

It is strange that of late Dr Spinner is very bold in taking on MAB and Ministry of Transport i.e. the Government but not during the Badawi’s Government.

The facts speak for itself!  Hopefully the Ministry of Transport will take note of the above facts and don’t waste time with the verbiage of Dr Spinner. MAB and the Ministry of Transport should just proceed with the new regulation that it is mandatory for all airlines to use aerobridge. Let see whether Dr Spinner and his outfits dare to defy.

Further, the Dr Spinner has admitted that “Airport Taxes are paid by passengers and the money doesn’t go to AirAsia but MAHB”Since this was the case, why did the Dr Spinner’s outfits keep the Airport taxes totaling more than RM110 million for so many years and only paid to MAB after the matter was brought up in Parliament by your truly. Read HERE.

AirAsia was given a discount of about 25% – 30% during the Badawi’s Administration when it should have been charged with interest. Further, whatever discount given by the Badawi’s Administration should have been refunded to the passengers and not to Dr Spinner’s outfits!

Of course, according to the Dr Spinner, he and/or his outfits got little help from Badawi’s Administration but more from Tun Mahathir and Najib’s Administration! The facts speak for itself!

It was also confirmed in Parliament by the current Deputy Minister of Transport recently that AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd are still holding on the Airport taxes for un-travelled passengers totaling RM6.895 millions. Read HERE.

Going by the Dr Spinner’s statement above, the said sum does not belong to AirAsia.  Therefore, it should been refunded to the passengers automatically since they have not traveled and there was no Airport taxes involved. Under its famous business model, AirAsia forfeited all fare paid. If the Airport taxes have not been refunded, the Dr Spinner’s outfits are duty bound to pay over the RM6.895 millions to MAHB. If there was no claim for the Airport taxes then MAHB will have to pay to Bank Negara under the Unclaimed Money Act.

For related reports, read HERE, HERE & HERE (the spinning of the Dr Spinner).

Yours truly hopes that Tan Sri Azman Mother and his ex-business partner from BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Deputy CEO of MAS), Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (Chairman and ex-MD of MAS), Datuk Azman Yahya (director of MAS, AirAsia, Khazanah Holding Bhd and also Scomi’s director), Datuk Krishnan Tan (director of MAS & ex-IJM director), Datuk Rahana (director of MAS & Astro) and Tan Sri  Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah will take note of the above.

I will not be surprised if Dr Spinner’s good friends like Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof and YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yacop, the former extremely powerful Minister of Finance II detest his innate spinning of facts to suit his objectives.

Spinning and spinning will not get you anywhere Tony but your head will definitely end up spinning!

46 thoughts on “Another poor attempt at spinning!

  1. Rakyat Malaysia Yang Pandai Bahasa Melayu

    he try to spin again and try to divert the intention of the rakyat.

    Tony, Tony Tony.

    Baik awak belajar cakap Melayu dulu sebelum belajar menipu. lagi berfaedah.

    The Rakyat are watching you.

  2. Old Man

    Tony, Tony, Tony,

    Horse stable?

    If these people are willing to risk their lives for a few dollars less, a horse stable is too good for them, isn’t it?

    Airconditioned sumore.

  3. Tehsin

    Well his airline/craft is like a cattle mover inside…so the horse stable is sesuai lah :) Don’t insult the horses lah Tony…they got more brains and character and integrity than greedy businessmen. (no reference to anyone ;))

    He doesnt dare complain other countries regulations because he knows in Malaysia, politicians and lawmakers cannot hold their ground and to principles and can be bullied or bought.

    BTW MP, the way the Menteris handle the NSC purchase of horses without procedure and the feedlot scandal is testament to the ingrained corrupt mentality…for MSN, the minister said “they promise not to do it again” so simple eh for misusing public money??

    ..for feedlot scandal (which is of paramount importance to national security, as food security IS national security) Muhi fella said to Bung who spoke out for resignation that “we cannot speak against orang kita”…waaahhh…total blatant disregard for accountability..SHAMELESS! (surprised BUng spoke out…good for him)

    While in the papers i read daily, people are being sent to jail for stealing becoz they were hungry, or becoz a mother wanted to pay for her child’s head injury…the ones who rip off billions just for pure greed GET AWAY with it…

    Sampai bila? DISGUSTING!


  4. Pariah Airline

    This pariah plays with gimmicks, hypes and spin to get what he wants. The Star plays along and get all the advertisements fees. Pariah you better stop before the Rakyat stop you. You have gone over board to attack MAB when in other countries you just quietly follow. You knew that you protest, your pariah airline will land in the drain. Bloody pariah.

  5. Anak Malaysia

    What a Malaysian who can’t even speak Bahasa Malaysia….SHAME on you Pariah TF. Didn’t you know that to be a Malaysian you have to know how to speak Bahasa Malaysia….even those people who came from China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladeah….etc…etc, they speak better Bahasa Malaysia than you. Wonder how you pass your secondary exam?

    Pariah TF, all you ever know is to kill the National carrier and also to cheat and steal from the RAKYAT. You should be put into prison for all your doing. Btw, have you had you “BULL SHIT” for breakfast because you better eat more “BULL SHIT” if you want to stay on top of the tree.

    Pariah do you know that the Nation and all Staffs of MAS are all cursing you and your gang day after day….so you guys better watch out coz you might not know you will drop death from all the cursing that you guys been getting.

    Complaint so much about PSC been so high, why don’t you complaint to the Singapore governament about their PSC or go meet Queen Elizabeth and tell her off about the high PSC in Heathrow….I DARE YOU TO DO THAT. Well we know you won’t coz you are a coward….so till you cock shrink and drop.

  6. Randy

    Did you know that for no show passenger (bought ticket and paid airport tax but didnt fly – so ticket burnt) to claim a refund for airport tax from AA, an admin charge of rm10 is to be paid to AA? If its for domestic travel, airport tax is rm6. So you still pay rm10 admin charge to get a rm6 refund!

  7. Randy

    With the airport tax hike, AA doesnt wanna continue collecting airport tax on behalf MAB (as per international best practise, as well as a directive by govt)….soon after that, MAS also is threatening the same…..guess what AA does, MAS follows…ie 1 man, 2 airlines..

  8. TIme Traveller

    Then MAB should do like in Indonesia lah, collect airport tax at the airport. In this case it will go directly to their pockets and not the airline. So the crook connect claim this money or even earn interest on it. Imagine the interest they have earned from the airport tax which rightfully belongs to MAHB. So in a nutshell, MAHB pun tak pandai sangat and dah kena main dengan supercrook. At the end, MAS kena jual, airport kena jual, orang MOT, Khazanah, DCA kena main and supercrook controls aviation industry in Malaysia. Malaysia boleh!

  9. In my books, once someone resorts to social media to air their grievances, it shows their desperation.

    Remember that Facebook page opposing the Wawasan Tower which was “friended” by 250,000 people, well did that manage to stop the Wawasan Tower or has it just faded into memory.

    Also, does AirAsia keep the airport tax collected at airports in other countries?

    If not, then why so in Malaysia?

  10. Johari dari MAS

    This is the real pariah at work. I will not surprised id his mother will also be twisting and turning in her grave. Full of gimmicks, hypes and lies.Yet, we have stupid Melayu like Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, Rashdan and Tan Sri Md Nor dancing to the tune of the Pariah.

    Tak malukah Melayu ni? Tiada maruah langsungkah?

  11. Pariah Anak Syaitan

    Charles F Moreira

    Good point. Does AirAsia also keep the airport tax collected in other countries? The pariah should start to do it in other countries and then condemn the county concerned. Barulah dapat gelaran anak jantan! priah ni yagn tidak bertelor sebab itulah berani hantam MAB di Malaysia kerana dia ada backing daripada Najib dan Tun Mahathir. ini dia yang menyatakan kepada akbar.

    pariah anak syaitan yang nak matikan MAS.

  12. Anak Malaysia

    Well I think that pariah TF won’t even utter a word when about the tax in other countries coz he got NO GUTS & BALLS. Hey asshole Danny boy, don’t think that MAS staffs are stupid and idiot like you. They can do maths calculation better than you, who so called a graduate.

    Don’t you think RM9 million annually for 2 years will eventually comes up to RM18 million, so why don’t you just say it’s RM18 million for 2 years. Please don’t go beating around the bush.

    Wonder why do you have to call yourself Danny when your parents have given you a name which is call RASHDAN. you tak tahu ke didunia you pakai nama Danny tapi bila you dah mati, kalau malaikat panggil kau RASHDAN diakhirat, you tak akan menyahut sebab didunia you dah biasa dengan nama DANNY, mampus la you macam tu.

    Jangan lupa Pariah TF dan rakan-rakan Pariah TF, bila kau semua mati nanti…syurga tak terima you all dan neraka pun tak terima…mana kau orang nak pergi….entah-entah jadi hantu raya kot.

    Sekarang Pariah nak makan MAS, I tak hairan la lepas ni dia makan pula Petronas sebab kapal kena pakai minyak, so dia spin again la to makan Petronas pula to get minyak for his bloody pariah kapal to fly. PETRONAS, AWAS this BLOODY PARIAH TF.

  13. Orang Lama

    kalau bertepuk sebelah tangan tak jadi juga,

    nama je ada union. gaji dapat. melancong free. dapat projek lagi.

    kalau semua union pun bersama dengan kita konfem lagi teruk TF kena.

    sekarang MAS Staffs bergelut sendiri untuk menyelamatkan syarikat mereka dan diri mereka sendiri.

    regarding the airport taxes. TF is not satisfy with the MAHB because he cant increase fares more. If he increase the fares the total fare will be greater because will be added with the airport taxes. that is why he is so ‘mulut jahat’.

    Now Air Asia is no longer what so called low cost carrier (LCC). the fares is getting increases. so with the parallel increases of airport taxes. the fares will be the nightmare to Air Asia. the guest/passenger is now comparing the fares and the RISK. example,

    Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – Bali Denpasar (DPS) /the fares is up to this date for 17/01/2012

    Air Asia
    fare:RM254 (miminum)
    airport tax:RM25
    fuel surcharge:RM20
    luggage (20kg):RM40 /3 days vacation definitely need this add-on
    meal:RM18 (combo) /3hours flight of course we need food
    seat:RM6 / travelling with family very rare passenger travel alone in this sector especially for vacation

    total: 371

    Air Asia fares does not includes wheel chair fee for OKU RM12

    fare:RM186 (baggage, meal,seat etc.)
    taxes including airport tax:RM202


    look. thats why TF menjadi cacing kepanasan nak CCF with MAS. the competition is there actually and TF wants to kill that competition.

    macam YB Wee beritahu, jika MAS telus dengan tiada kebocoran pasti membawa keuntungan. plus MAS dont pay to dead woods. reduce them not us (the staffs).

  14. Orang Lama

    Good points Orang Lama and Anak Malaysia.

    TF is now like cacing kepanasan. he spin and spin. might be 1 day he would spin on Petronas (CCF with Petronas) and get free fuel for Air Asia!?. then CCF with MAHB and he get free parking and dont have to pay taxes!? after that move Air Asia to Indonesia. wow..what a theory. this might be insane theory but TF could do anything. before every1 see MAS and Air Asia are both enemy. now with the so called CCF, TF got into MAS. the oil and the water never unite. so, TF must be having agenda i guess.

    talking about LCC. me either agree that Air Asia is no longer LCC. just look at the fare different between MAS and Air Asia. we could fly safely without RISK ourselves just pay an extra of RM10 with MAS.

  15. Orang Lama II

    Good points Orang Lama and Anak Malaysia.

    TF is now like cacing kepanasan. he spin and spin. might be 1 day he would spin on Petronas (CCF with Petronas) and get free fuel for Air Asia!?. then CCF with MAHB and he get free parking and dont have to pay taxes!? after that move Air Asia to Indonesia. wow..what a theory. this might be insane theory but TF could do anything. before every1 see MAS and Air Asia are both enemy. now with the so called CCF, TF got into MAS. the oil and the water never unite. so, TF must be having agenda i guess.

    talking about LCC. me either agree that Air Asia is no longer LCC. just look at the fare different between MAS and Air Asia. we could fly safely without RISK ourselves just pay an extra of RM10 with MAS.

    sorry Orang Lama terguna nama anda.

  16. Dino of MAS

    Orang Lama, Anak Malaysia and Orang Lama II

    That pariah became so bold now because of the useless Azman Mokthar, Rashdan, Md nor and Aj. The good for nothing. Good for gaji but a. thats about it to describe them.

    Instead of plugging the Leakages, the idiotic Rashdan, Md Nor and Aj condoning Rashdan (the TF’s budak suruhan) to spend RM18 millions sponsoring QPR home jersey, abounding routes for AA like Bandung, JB to KK & Kuching and etc. Heard the idiots are also agreeing to abandoning Los angeles, Capetwon, Johannesburg and Beuno Aires so that AirAsia can take over.

    If this is CCF then MAS will koyak soon. AJ please resign and join AIrAsia if you want to help AirAsia because we don’t need you to draw salaries form MAS an help others.

  17. Orang Lama

    MAS not only abandoning Los Angeles, Capetown, Johannesburg and Beuno Aries. i’ve heard that MAS will abandoning Dubai also so that Air Asia could fly exclusively for that sectors and in TV the government is offering them to fly Russia. Wow. is the government get anything from TF/Air Asia???how come they want to offer to the airlines which had a bad track record???i think Air Asia will let MAS fly to Russia first Air Asia will never fly the unprofitable sectors. MAS will do the job of promoting that sectors and whatsoever after that sector is profitable than Air Asia will take over.

    Its ok Orang Lama II. as long as we are on the same track. (^_^)

  18. Malaysia Boleh

    Buat Baik dibalas Baik…Buat Jahat diabalas Azab…Allah Maha Adil…

    sedikit tentang Indonesia. Mereka mengejek pasukan kita walau apa pun sukan dan walau dengan siapa pun kita lawan. Akhirnya terbukti kejayaan datang dengan usaha,ikhlas dan tawakkal…Malaysia 1-0 Indonesia…Kerjasama…

    jom berusaha membongkar rahsia share swap…marilah bekerjasama untuk hapuskan jahanam2 Malaysia…

  19. Latif of Khazanah

    Spinning stories is the pariah way of life. He will try to twist his way out. Now he has been exposed with his pant down for the first time. Thank you YB showing all the evidences of this bullshitter/spinner. Should we boycott AirAsia?

    This bull shitter is a good friend of Rashdan and Tan Sri Azman Mokthar. Hope that the government will be cautious about the proposals recommended by these two co-founders of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, that was running very high during the Sleepy Head era.

  20. Kenny

    The Pariah was trying so hard to convince all of us in MAS that he is genuinely wanting to save MAS. This was another spin to serve his AirAsia’s set up. AJ please beware of “good hearted” guy like this Pariah. AJ please use your rusty brain to think and not sucking up to the Pariah.

  21. Hussein MAS

    Malaysians please read about a low cost airline is in deep financial problems.

    According to the Pariah/Dr Spinner, AirAsia is doing very well against the trend of so many low cost airlines went under. Recently, was the Oasis in Hong Kong that went under last year.

    Of course, the Pariah/Dr Spinner wants us all to believe that he is the God gift to Malaysia that he is the best entrepreneur in the world. He can afford to buy QPR. MAS was said to be in deep financial trouble but immediately after the share swap was signed, the Pariah’s good friend (Rashdan) flew to London to sign a sponsorship of RM18 millions of QPR home jersey. Suddenly, MAS was ok. Why can’t the RM18 million be used to pay bonuses to MAS employees?

    To the Pariah employees are just digits to be used like in AirAsia where there is no union for its employees. MAS employees, please don’t be fooled by the Pariah’s town hall talk on 2-11-2011. Just another spin by him.

  22. Rather interestingly, I see hardly any criticism of the AirAsia/MAS share swap in the “independent” websites, while there’s no end of articles about the NFC scandal.

    Also, nothing about the proposed theme park in Teluk Bahang

    Kind of double standards, I must say.

  23. Anak Malaysia

    Heard that the reason MAHB raised the PSC is because of the bloody pariah TF. Firt the pariah doesn’t want the aerobridge and conveyer for the baggage coa he think that he could used man to carry the baggage in klia 2. The pariah must have give it thought that by using man to carry the baggage will cost him lots of $$$$$.

    Now the pariah changes his mind and demand MAHB to build aerobridge and have baggage conveyer. Guess what the ground work which was done and ready have to be redo because of this pariah.

    By redoing the groundwork means need to have more funds and where to get the funds???? No other then to raise the PSC. So this pariah is not making life easy for the RAKYAT and also he is not doing it so that more unprivilege people can fly but all been done by this pariah TF is to make sure the RAKYAT fill his bloody greed and pocket. Hey pariah because of you the RAKYAT suffers and you bad mouth and blamed MAHB for raising the PSC.

    These are all your own doing. You know that when the PSC is raised, you don’t have a chance to increase your fares or increase the other charges which you are doing now.

  24. Johari of MAS

    Glad that YB Datuk Seri kong, Minister of Transport stood up against this Pariah. He has been having a good time for far too long at the expense of the tax payers. Malaysians should not be subsidizing the pariah’s business model. The Government should be concentrating in plugging the leakages in MAS. oA good example of the leakages was the Alwafeer Air.

    MAS management should stop wasting in witch hunting in wanting to get rid of people that are not in line with the share swap. En Megat, the former PA of Tengku Azmil left MAS today. I am sure more will go with people like Rashdan, AJ and Md Nor heading the management team that will only follow the whim and fancy of the spinner. Ptui!

  25. irina

    It used to be that the MAS brand had such strong emotional equity as a brand value. Employees had such pride in the national carrier. Now we wonder…it must be a most frustrating time for staff now trying to identify with a vague brand ? What do the frontliners say to customers they interact with whenever this issue becomes a topic for conversation? What does the “wau” icon really stand for now?
    Not only the staff need to be clear on MAS’ brand positioning, so do Malaysians like me who have always felt proud identifying with our national carrier. It appears that we are getting most of the CCF stories from MPs and blogs. MAS bosses need to come out with their side of the story. To be fair, let’s have a balanced picture.
    AJY, please exercise your right to be heard. Be bold in stating your stand, and MAS’ way forward, and buy in ALL stakeholders including those among your critics and detractors.

  26. Charles F Moreira

    Anak Malaysia wrote:-

    “First the pariah doesn’t want the aerobridge and conveyer for the baggage coa he think that he could used man to carry the baggage in klia”

    Just did a check on Malaysia Airports website and it only costs RM85 yup RM85 each time an aerobridge is used, and that’s for a planeload of passengers disembarking and boarding the flight. Based upon 180 passengers per Airbus A320, that works out at 25sen per passenger.

    I could afford to pay Malaysia Airports RM85 to deploy an aerobridge just for me.

    Back in the old days before aerobridges, it was a familiar scene to see airline ground crew carrying an umbrella over the passengers’ heads when the were boarding while it was raining. This was the case at the old Sungei Besi airport in the early 60s and even at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport in Subang during the 60’s and early 70s, and at smaller airports in Malaysia.

    Often, passengers walked all the way from the terminal to the plane but later they were ferried out on buses.

    Well, if AirAsia does not want to use aerobridges or baggage conveyors, fine but provide them for other low-cost airlines to use if they want.

  27. Charles F Moreira

    Irina wrote:-

    “Employees had such pride in the national carrier. Now we wonder…it must be a most frustrating time for staff now trying to identify with a vague brand ?”

    Their anger has anything to do with brand identity but with the interests of the future of Malaysia’s national airline and with the future of MAS employees.

    In my over 30 years of employment, I’ve been proud of some companies I have worked for but I never saw it as a mere “brand,” but as the sum total of my colleagues’ efforts, teamwork and co-operation.

    I have often mused that branding is the art of convincing people to believe that excreta is chocolate ice cream.

  28. Charles F Moreira

    Sorry – typo

    Their anger has NOTHING to do with brand identity but with the interests of the future of Malaysia’s national airline and with the future of MAS employees.

  29. Brahmin of MAS

    This bloody pariah and his macai Rashdan, Md Nor and Azman Mokhtar must be thoughht a lesson that Malaysians are not as stupid as they thought. We may risk our life for cheap tickets but we are not going to risk our life for the sake of the Pariah’s business model to make money and the same time compriomising our convenience and safety.

    Thank you YB Datuk Kong, MOT, for showing the pariah a TWO fingers. Hope Najib will rise to the ocassion to tell the Pariah that the Tea Party with Sth Floor was over and the end is near for him.

    Ptui! Ptui! Pti! To the Pariah and his generations including the macai!

  30. The Anti Pariah

    Cannot believe that the stupid Melayu like Rashdan, Azman and AJ can all dance to the tune of that Pariah who is trying to screw up MAS. Rashdan dan Azman mana maruah kau? Kalau nak jual maruah orang Melayu lebih baik kau juallah keuarga kau sendiri khasnya Iisteri dan mak kau!

  31. Anonymous

    YB, understanding all of the above, the people call for new change of management for Khazanah by first removing Azman M out of Khazanah before he signs other GLCs to TF. Secondly, the change of government once and for all for a peaceful life without those Azman M, TF, KM, AJ, Md Nor, Rashdan etc…you name it…all are nonsense leaderships who may get scott-free after all the damages they have caused to the country. Starting from Danny Rashdan, he has so many cronies in MAS such as Hayati Dato Ali who his cousin sister. Putting Danny, TF, KM, Md Nor and AJ = Semua Orang Air Asia. The government should investigate also Azman M.

  32. izmee MAS


    I fully agree with you that MACC should investigate into all these people especially Rashdan and Azman Mokthar, the main players in this dirty share swap deal. Saving MAS or saving AirAsia stupid Melayu yang tiada maruah. Barua Pariah tu! memalukan korang Melayu.

  33. Ezani

    Good show YB Datuk Seri Kong. Don’t allow this Pariah Dog tell you what to do. He has been getting things too easy under Chan Kong Choy and YB Ong Tee Keat. tell this patiah dog to campus. MOT should immediately withdraw all the 20 unutilised routes from AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. Why must it be given when it was not flying. It only want to fly profitable. It has no national service spirit. It is profit orientated.

    Then investigate how DCA granted the AOC tho AIrAsia X Sdn Bhd. WHy DACA didn’t withdraw the AOC when AirAsia X Sdn Bhd cannibalized aircraft for spare parts.

  34. Anonymous

    I believe these are the real problems of MAS, there seems to be too many clever people or people with their own agenda pointing fingers at others.

  35. Razak of MAS

    I am happy that MOT is a totally different MOT from Chan Kong Choy and YB Ong Tee Kea days. Now the current MOT dares to tell this Pariah off for a chance. Lets see whether he dares to still f..k around with the Government. Just because the Pariiah got away with almost everything from RAS, new routes to compete with MAS, he became big headed.

    Stop trying to mess around with MAS employees. Just because of the unions leaders are useless in MAS that does not mean that the workers are useless. We will take on the Pariah if need be. The union leaders can be bought but not the loyal MAS workers. The MASEUS, MAFFA, MAPA, AMALEE leaders especially Alias of MASEUS, what the hell are you all doing when the snake is in our house. If you all have no balls and are on over doze of “Sleeping Pills”, please resign. Tiada maruahkah? Atau sama dengan Rahsdan dan Azam Mokthar yang tiada maruah?

  36. Azmi dari MAS

    Wow! MAS Union leaders are happily taking “sleeping pills” so much so that they are oblivion to what was happening in MAS. MAS has been raped! Union leaders please be artful because Sleeping Pills can be addictive and may kill also. Kill memang take akan berlaku tetapi holiday di Sungai Bulohlah!

    How are you Alias? Have you checked on the future contracts? Please make sure that there is open tender ok.

    Oh Ya! you told us that MASEUS is going to picket on 15 December. Picket is no good for Union leader. As a MAS employee, i must advise you not to picket because it may affect the welfare of the union leaders! you know what I meant lah! We have been tolerating all the nonsense. Please don’t push us too far. There may be MAS employees spring against the Union leaders consuming too much “Sleeping Pills” which will not be good for your health and the future of MAS when the red indian is roaming around.

  37. Time Traveller

    Let’s see. It’s the same kuli2 or orang bawahan MAS who did their work when MAS made profit some years ago. It’s the same people when we are making a loss now. So it cannot be the staff problem then. We are only yang menurut perintah. But do realise that we hit a loss when we change the upper management. So its the upper management lah who cannot do their work. How many so called orang pandai in TMO with five figure salary also cannot help the company. Because the higher management and the board cannot do their job properly, now TF has to come in and save MAS. Khazanah and MOT reps have always been on the board, what were they doing then? Habis kan duit company makan angin first class that’s all they know. Makan angin on personal matter also sometimes want to use company car at overseas station. So noe because they higher management cannot do their job, TF masuk, we the kuli2 yg susah. Until now, we dont know what their plans are to save the company. But already invested so many millions in QPR. That’s not saving, that’s spending lah dungu. And there are rumours that the MAS logo will be changed because TF doesn’t want any red colour on MAS logo. Again, that’s spending not saving.

  38. old referee

    … This is just an extract from a news paper in Indonesia ….

    This is what he thinks of MALAYSIA .. suck dry and dispose…

    “For now, however, Fernandes, 48, divorced and with a reputation for liking the ladies and a stiff drink, is moving to Jakarta, where he has purchased an apartment to be near what will be the company’s new regional corporate headquarters at the Equity Building in South Jakarta.

    He is not forsaking his native Malaysia, he says, noting that AirAsia is now a regional airline. “We are not identified with Malaysia,” he said. “

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