49 thoughts on “PAC investigations commence on 22 November 2011

  1. Dead Wood in MAS

    We know that the Red Indian was trying to cannibalize MAS especially Firefly. The stupid Melayu like Azman Mokthar, Rashdna, AJ, Md Nor Md Yusof, Azman Yahya pretending to be stupid about this.

    Hey stupid Melayu wake up. The red indian is eyeing your engineering and cargo department ok. Hand off the MAS Cargo, the MD is doing well and make it very profitable. Why are you investigating? do you want to get him out for the red indian? Bloody idiots. Your job is to protect MAS and not to make it easy for the red indian.

  2. Anak Malaysia

    Yes, hand off and keep away from MASKargo and Engineering. MASKargo had and is doing well and Thamby TF don’t you ever dare lay your hands on these 2 division.

    Well Union Leaders what have you all got to say? You guys talk so much about fighting for the staffs and every month you collect membership fees, so what are you guys doing now? Don’t tell me you have join TF in bringing the National Carrier down? Union Leaders had been very quite after the Townhall, so what is your action now?

    These bloody TF and gang (All should know who), you all deserved to be curse sampai ke anak cucu for what you guys are doing. You all dapat gaji through the haram way (tipu, mencuri and rasuah), so all ni makan gaji haram buta.

    Thamby TF said he will not venture or touch the Premium Service Airline but look what happen today in the newspaper, he is going to form a Super Premium Full Service Carrier and to cover up his dirty job, he pull MAS into the picture. TF you are really is a bloody cunning, blood sucker, disgrace to the country and your race for all the asshole things you are doing. don’t think we Malaysians are blind and stupid.

    Another thing, why did MAS MD, AJ bring in foreign consultants? IS he trying to show the world that he is stupid and can only run the company with the help of foreign consultants? Can’t AJ get local Malaysian consultant or better still get the help of Super Senior staff in MAS, listen to what they have to say or their opinion.


  3. Azman

    TF stop spinning again that YB is personal again you. What so personal? We are all against your nonsense in spinning and twisting facts. You dare to say that you didn’t get helps from Badawi and the facts sowed very clearly that you got all the helps from Badawi/4th Floor government when the SIL and his gang were very powerful. stop your lies.

    Just answer all the questions posed by YB and the reader here. They were simple questions. Of course, your answer will strip you naked if you provide real answers. Bloody liar. Get out of the system in MAs. We don’t need you. Tan Sri Azman need you in Khaznah, so please do a share swap to take over Khazanah.

  4. Rahman of Khaznah

    Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, How are you? Are you ok kah? must be very busy and heaving lots of headaches because of your good friend TF. Never mindlah. To help a friend and you got into trouble should be ok. What are friends for? Just carry on to allow MAS to be cannibalized. We are proud of you Tan Sri and hope that the government will get Agung to confer you with Tunship soon. Tun Azman Mokthar. Fantastic isn’t it!

  5. Anak Malaysia

    Hahahaha…..BRAVO…Rahman of Khaznah. Well said….maybe when Tan Sri Azman been confer with TUNship……or better word TUNDAship…he could have a grand dinner and who knows maybe we the bloggers will be invited as well.

    Yes, what are friends for? Friends are for us to make use of them when we need it, just like what his good friend Thamby TF is doing now. What is headaches to Tan Sri coz those headache can easily be taken away with a few tani with his Thamby TF……tani macha…..tani

  6. Kamal

    syabas PAC. Keputusan yang amat baik untuk mempertahankan hak rakyat daripada pariah Red Indian. Haguslah Tan Sri Azman Mokthar! Kesian pakar COOn-Sultants!

    MASEUS apkah pendirian mengenai penukaran saham MAS – AirAsia dan Collaborative Frameworks yang diwarwarkan oleh Tan Sri Azman, Rashdan dan Pariah Red Indian itu. Memang mak dia beguling-guling dalam kuburnya!

  7. MESA member

    SC and Bursa KL started investigations into insider trading and non disclosure by MAS and Tune Air directors. Now PAC also going to start investigations on 22-11-2011. Syabas to PAC. The show is beginning to be interesting for Azman Mokthar, Tan Sri Pariah, Tan Sri Md Nor, Rashdan the whiz kid, Datuk Azman Yahya also from SCOMI. hooray!

    Thank you YB for highlighting the attitude of MAS unions, MASEUS, MESA and MAPA. Its leaders are still sleeping or have been given special “SLEEPING Pill” for them to go to sleep. You know what I meant by Sleeping ills! Please wake up and stop taking the sleeping from MAS directors or the pariah. Your members must come first.

  8. Seong of MAS

    Anak Malaysia

    The MD AJ bringing in consultants and their men to help MAS is a normal phenomenon of all the previous MDs. They all failed miserably and MAS had to be saved time and time again. After they have failed and left, they left behind all the over paid Dead Woods and MAS had to shoulder the burden of having to pay high salaries. Dr Wafi is one of them.

    As has been said in YB blog that MAS cannot be saved by consultants and guys with high qualifications like Rashdan. They will screw up MAS faster than expected. Like Rashdan rushing to London to sponsor QPR for RM18 millions when MAS was in financial problems.

    AJ you are no different from Md Nor, the WAU expert. Stop being influenced by Azman Mokthar and Rashdan about getting consultants into MAS. You are just wasting money of MAS. Just stop the leakages as pointed by YB. Leakages are the biggest problems in MAS. High salaries of the Dead Woods in MAS, are part of the leakages. Use your small brain AJ.

  9. Amok The Sucker

    Ay Thamby the Pariah! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui to you. I believe your mother must be twisting and turning in her grave. We feel sorry for her to have a son like you. No sense of responsibility to the nation. Hoping for handouts and helps from the Government like during the Badawi (sleeping beauty) time.

  10. Pemerhati Industri

    hell yeah…

    the parliament has spoken.

    lets beat the heat.

    lets teach tony how to do halal business. not just asking money by charging unacceptable fees.

  11. Kana

    The Pariah said the 5 MPs were against him personally. He is talking cock and trying to spin again. For a start this Thamby and Pariah cannot even answer any of the questions posed by YB.

    Thamby you are right to start carrying Najib’s ball now like what you did to Badawi when he was in power. After he was out of power the Thamby denounce Badawi, who has became a Bodowi after he resigned. This is the Thamby for Najib and the country. So beware of the Thamby with forked tongue.

    Najib should stop the deal before it is too late. I will not be surprise if the Government had to bailout AirAsia at a later stage.

  12. ISA of MAS

    Spot on, Kana. Toni tengah Macam cacing kepanasan. Thank u Yb yb . Keep the pressure on. AJ dan Danny pun tak berani cakap banyak lagi.

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  14. Penyokong MAS

    ISA of MAS

    Memang betul Tony boy adalah dalam kepanasan cacing. Saya berharap PAC mengambil tindakan tegas dan mecadangkan supaya MACC mengambil tindakan terhadap pegawai-pegawai Khazanah yang terlibat.

    Hancurkan Thamby yg Pariah dalam masyarakat kita. Negara kita tak perlu Thamby/Pariah yang tak boleh menggunakan Bahasa Melaysia tetapi nak Kerajaan Malaysia sentiasa memberi bantuan dan handouts. Ptui! Pergi matilah. Pentadbiran Tinglkat Empat udah hancur.

  15. Blind Man AJ

    AJ – what the hell are you doing works to help the red Indian. Rashdan is there to help him. For heaven sake please do works to help MAS. Your fat salary is paid by MAS not by AirAsia. You are just another idiot sitting there looking pretty. Aren’t you ashamed of your self and your race to allow the red Indian to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do.

    Get MAS to join the One World. It is good for MAS but no good for your red Indian friend. Tengku Azmil was about the sign the One World why are you not carrying out work that is good for MAS. Another useless MD of MAS. Another Gaji But a idiot.

  16. Cucu Tan Sri

    Rahman Of Khaznah N Anak Malaysia

    Bertuah la kita kalau si Tan Sri ( malu nak sebut) Azman mokthar atau mana-mana si geng of 2 yang nak masuk blog YB untuk bantu sahabat mereka si Tan Sri ( pun malu nak sebut) Tony AA yang sekarang kepanasan tekak untuk jawab semua soalan-soalan YB dan lain-lain komen…ku sangka hebat sampai ke langit rupanya terhempas di blog YB.

    AJ..AJ lagi..lagi nak panggil dan gunakan konsultan luar. Ini je ke cara nak pulihkan MAS. Nak cepat sangat ke?.. pakai panamera. Tolong fikirkan nasib anak-anak buah awak tu dalam MAS tu yang menghabiskan masa berpuluh-puluh tahun demi setia pada tanggungjawab mereka..demi penerbangan negara mereka..kebanggaan mereka. Bukan dengan seorang bernama si tony AA tu kamu nak hancurkan masa depan pekerja-perkerja kamu. pikirla sikit…

    Si KESATUAN pulak apa dah jadi ni..mana kehebatan kalian dalam mempertahankan ha-hak pekerja. Pemimpin kesatuan dah layu dek angan-angan panamera ke?..semuanya kerana si tony AA. jangan la hanya hebat untuk nak jadi presiden aje. Kempen macam-macam nak hentam syarikat nak buat tuntutan itu dan ini.

    Nah sekarang apa kata PEMIMPIM KESATUAN bawa anak-anak buah kamu berhujan dan berpanas… desak majikan kamu untuk singkirkan si tony AA dan lain-lain dari menjahanamkan syarikat penerbangan negara kamu!!…ADA KEBERANIAN KE?

    Kita masih menuggu kehadiran yang dinanti Tan Sri Azman bersama-sama dalam blog YB!!

  17. Ismail

    Why is the Pariah Tan Sri keeping quiet? Jumping up and down still trying to spin that the MPs were against him. Pariah Tan Sri, the MPs were against your bullshit and trying to fool Malaysians. The Malaysians are against your business model through bullshit and spinning.

    If you don’t spin then answer the questions in YB Blog. Bet you, you or Tan Sri Mokthar can never answer those questions.

  18. Joe

    hei! THAMBY, MASEU leaders may be pariah like you but not MAS staff. MASEU leaders are the koyak lot but not MAS employees. Get this right in your head Thamby. You carrying on screwing MAS, the MAS employees will screw you.

    Hope PAC, SC, Bursa KL and MACC will take the necessary actions against this share swap and sent those responsible to Sungai Buloh for a few years holiday at least.

    Tan Sri Azman you can try to be as quiet as you want but I am sure that YB and the other MPs will carry to whack and your buddy Thamby until your mothers cannot recognize you.

  19. Husni dai MAS

    Peminim MASEUS tak boleh pakai langsung. kena “raba” sedikit telah lupa semua. Perkerja MAS udah hilang keyakinan terhadap mereka. Mereka pandai berdolak dalik dan akhirnya akor kepada pariah tu aje.

    Mereka pun lebih kurang bersama dengan Azman Mokthar dan Rashdan.

    Walaubagaimanapun kita semua lawan Pariah ini.

  20. Geram Sangat

    MASEUS now just a rubbish. MAS staffs better rise up by ourselves. they (MASEUS) got projects and contracts but we got nothing and if the luck is not in our hands maybe will be sacked from MAS.

    TF will do anything to make us down. in his speech he only talk about his staff. he never talk about us. never. what he is thinking is just to reduce us.

    the Government should continue building the aerobridge rather than listen to TF because the rakyat are paying their money not TF.

  21. Darah Muda

    YB..apa hebat sangat ke si pariah ni? sampai macc, sc, bursa, pac pun terlalu slow nak ambil tindakan. Sebab itu lah si pariah ni naik kepala. Dia pandai tunjuk sikap prihatin pada masyarakat buat macam-macam program hanya nak tutup mata rakyat.

    YB..teruskan bersuara di parlimen biar samua rakyat dapat tahu apa yang khazanah dan geng-geng tingkat 4 dah lakukan dengan duit rakyat..kena pusing dengan si pariah AA.

    Semuanya telah jelas adalah perancangan mereka!

    Saya setuju rehatkan saja mereka di SUNGAI BULUH!!!!

  22. Helo MESA member,

    jangan cakap degar2, pergerakan yang senyap dan licik lebih membuahkan hasil dari bising2…..agak agak ko….sampai 4MP BN menyalak tu Union takder involve ker ?….perluker nak dedahkan semua gerakan Union dalam hal ni….sila jadi matang dan gunakan akal fikiran….tindakan dan gerak kerja lebih penting dari kecoh2

  23. Thirddevil

    Let me try to understand this. Khazanah owns Malaysia Airport and also MAS. Yesterday Tony has bad mouthed MAHB. Since Khazanah determined the management of Malaysia Airport, any criticism should be a reflection of Khazanah’s management. Khazanah gave MAS to Tony on silver plater. So which part of Khazanah is not that smart – managing MAHB or gave away MAS? Or both . Khazanah – what kind of friend you have. Do listen to Boney M song – Rasputin! Get rid of your consultants and get your Executive Directors to go down to meet people. You can’t managed your investment from your ivory tower if KLCC. And make sure your staff also from all walks of life – not just sons it daughters of top civil servants and Dato’ , Tan Sri etc. People like us who have to walk to school and to struggle to get a decent jobs will have more aspirations and understand Malaysians better to make this a better country.

  24. Anak Malaysia

    Seong of MAS & Cucu Tan Sri

    Yes. totally agreed, everytime new management takes over there will sure be new consultants. Hell with them. All the TF gang have got no balls or guts to even write on YB’s blog. Talk so much and talk so BIG but got no GUTS.

    Come on you guys so call UNION LEADERS, why so quite? Where’s your promised to help the staffs to firght for their rights? Have you guys (UNION) been treated to an all paid for meeting (holiday) in Australia or even Europe or Asean sectors to hold the union meeting?

    To all MAS Staffs, let join and voice your concern and dissatifaction in YB’s blog towards this Bloody Share Swap and also towards all the PARIAHS who want to telan MAS bulat-bulat. Better speak now before its too late. Lets come together to support YB in his fight for MAS and its staffs. MAS belongs to the RAKYAT and its a National Pride too. Let us join our hand together with YB to fight this PARIAHS group.

    Hey, PARIAHS have you guys had your breakfast of BULL SHIT coz only BULL SHIT will keep you guys seated high up there but we the RAKYAT will shot you down…….LOL

  25. Mohamad

    Now the pariah is spinning against to say that the MPs should be criticizing MAB for rising airport fees. For a start the pariah must realize that his days of spinning and turning were over. We no longer believe him. He should answer all the questions posed in YB blog which he has no been able to answer a single one.

    Secondly, AirAsia has a track record of not paying Airport Tax for many years amounting to RM100 over millions. Recently the Ministry of Transport has confirmed that AA & AA X Sdn Bhd were keeping RM6.9 millions Airport Tax of untravelled passengers. This money should be refunded to the passengers.

    Enough is enough. You can only fool the 4th Floor PM but not the people . You can fool Tun M and Najib but not the people especially the people in MAS except AJ, Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor (he WAU expert who was responsible for selling MAS Catering to Badawi’s brother’s company) and Datuk Azman Yahya.

    A real disgusting spinner. you will be cursed for generation for what you have been doing by way of spinning and turning with the helps of news portal and Star newspapers who will leaned over backward to publish whatever shit you have been producing.

  26. lokmanhs

    today, he’s boasting how convenience for Indonesia govt giving one of terminal for air asia to operate while at the same time bashing his own country airport. better give up your malaysian passport mr TF

  27. Lim

    The si pariah is behaving like “kepanasan cacing”. Trying to divert attention to attack MAB. He wants the whole nations to dance to his whim and fancy so that his Aa outfits can make money at the expense of the nation. What a pariah!

    The Star has turned into his propaganda machinery. The pariah should start to do a share swap with the Star management so that he can do what he like. like what he has done to MAS. Luckily Khazanah has no share in the Star otherwise there will be another share swap and collaborative frameworks. I am sure that Azman Mokthar will no doubt agree to such a share swap.

    Unable to face those questions posed to him in this blog and trying to distract attention. Pariah, you are not getting things easy like the days of the Badawi administration and when Ong Tee Keat was the Minister of Transport.

  28. Anak Malaysia

    Hey Pariah TF, if you can get things done in Indonesia and also can easily obtaining a Terminal there, I would suggest you stay in indonesia and built you AA Hub there.

    You are not FIT to be call a Malaysian better give your Malaysian citizenship and go to Indonesia and become a citizen there……you bloody Pariah Thamby.

    Don’t come to MAS and stir your shit here. Don’t think you are brave. You are nothing but just some bloody pariah who listen and “kow tau” to the 4th floor. Those who back you up are all asshole and idiots like you. All of you don’t deserved to call Malaysian because all you guys think of is your own pocket.
    Semua makan duit haram yang diperolehi secara haram.
    Tak malu ke all of you for trying to kill the National Airlines.

  29. Celakalah Kamu

    TF praise more to Indonesia than Malaysia. Indonesia gave him an airport while Malaysia not. thats why he wanted to move Air Asia HQ to Jakarta.

    just give back your red passport (Malaysian Passport) and apply for Indonesian passport. enough is enough.

    and dont forget to give back ourt pride Malaysia Airlines back to the rakyat Malaysia.

  30. MASEU Excos

    Dear YB Tuan Wee,

    In responding to your blog herewith our stand in MASEU is still the same i.e. the collaboration framework shall cease with immediate effect and Fireflyz shall be reinstated to community airlines without any further interference.

    Failure to achieve the above, our rights for PICKET will go ahead effective 1st week of December 2011 follow by BOYCOTT.

    Thank you very much YB Tuan Wee for your interest in our stand.

    Yours truly
    Maseu TheUnion

  31. Pariah Cast

    I do not why this Pariah that have been supported by Tan Sri Azman Mokthar is complaining so much about MAB. Why was he not complaining about other airports that are charging higher charges than KLIA & LCCT. If this pariah is not happy about this country and he cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia then just migrate to his pariah origin. Changing his name to Tony F will not change is Priah cast. He is very good in distracting attentions by way of spinning in order to get what he wants. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! to the Pariah.

  32. salimin si kunang kunang

    yeahh benarrr (in thick jawanese accent), why not migrate AK’s HQ & operations to JKT, & you’ll be Bapak Tony onwards & forever.

  33. MAS Guy

    The Pariah is spinning too much. The authorities like Bursa, SC and MACC still dragging their feet. Zarina of SC: what the hell are you doing about this secret share swap. This does not involve your husband Aizan Abu Bakar, so please move as we want to know more about the insider trading and non-disclosure of the disclosure of the deal prior to the public announcement on 9-8-2011.

    We should also start a boycott campaign against this Pariah’s outfits: AA & AA X Sdn and all its outfits under Tune Group. He should be thought a lesson not to be kurang ajar. Depending on government helps all the way and now to whack the government. Why is Najib tolerating this Pariah?

  34. Jambatan Udara

    he always complaining to government. the government ‘ikut TF membuta tuli’.

    we are paying taxes so we want that aerobridges in KLIA 2. the KLIA 2 is build not just exclusively to Air Asia. if he doesnt wanna use that. let him be. another airlines can use that aerobridges (Firefly jet can use after this collaborative is ceased,maybe). come on. the government should hear the majority not only TF. the majority always win.

    now he is complaining about 3rd runway in KLIA. what does actually he want from the government? nak duit yang bina landasan tu untuk Air Asia ke???we need 3rd runway to accommodate the traffic later because KLIA becoming larger after that. dont compare with LHR. do they have space for that???we have. so why not???pikiaq la wei… later you are not blaming Government because you flight are delays. dont spin around la Tony.

  35. Takut Ke???

    i think if he move to Jakarta. he absolutely need to learn ho to speak Indonesia because Indonesians love to speak their language compared to Malaysians. this is the FACT.

    force the government to build aerobridge and stop this share swap. we no need monopoly. come on Tony, lets compete. why you are so scare of Firefly. If you are too scared you better improve your Air Asia. cut down the fares and whatever unacceptable fees.

    Malaysian are waching you.

  36. Ex Binafikir partners

    Why are you all blaming Amok and Rashdan? Amok and Rashdan are ex-business partners mah. They were trying to help his friend. What so wrong about it? We should appreciate Amok and Rashdan. Perhaps Amok and Rashdan should do a share swap of his own company or his own entities. Then I will go further to say Alhamdulila, Amok and Rashdan are really very very very nice guy. Perhaps they will be much better guys if they do a share swap on their family members especially their w…!

  37. dragon lord

    Everytime AA came into MAS picture it means problem.

    2006 under the domestic rationalisation, majority domestics routes taken from MAS & given to AA. TF being so arrogant telling the people of Malaysia he & AA can do better than MAS. 2007 Rural Area Services returned MAS for MAS employees to clean the shit & waste by TF & AA. They only returned the unprofitable routes – RAS routes. What next? Use MAS Engineering to overhaul yr aircraft & ask for credit, lease your 200 airbus to MAS?

    TF, please read this, MAS & DIE-HARD EMPLOYEES WILL & CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU! The so called CCF – Comprehensive Collaboration Framework actually its totally Comprehensive Con by Fernandez (TF).

  38. Anonymous II

    YB, one question…why ask only MASEU? Please be informed MESA is also registered under trade union and as for MAPA, they gave up their rights to form union started during MSA times when both airlines were splitting, under gentlemen rules, the airlines agreed to grant locus standi to MAPA negotiating T&C for Pilot with full rights similar to union rights. For all we know, MESA is a coward and they declared themselves as only ASSOCIATION, padahal, they are also the union but balless one.

  39. Old Man

    I feel we are all focussing too much on the RAS debacle.

    The Domestic Route Rationalization saw MAS lost more than RAS. MAS also lost the some trunk routes and some feeder routes to Air Asia. MAS had to compete with Air Asia on almost all the remaining routes.

    When FAX gave back RAS to MAS (to be more precise – to the Government), AK did not return any of the remaining routes. AK merrily cherry-picked what they wanted to operate. They dumped some destinations that they cannot operate profitably, all in the name of good business sense.

    MAS did not have the option to stop some of these routes and is forced to lumber on for the sake of the nation.

    I hope the Nation doesn’t forget the sacrificies and investments made by MAS throughout the years.

    All through this, Tony chipped away at MAS from the outside. Now being inside, it is much easier for him to run down MAS.

    I will continue to make reference to Tony becasue the issue revolves around him. How he has enriched himself at the expense of others and then cry foul.

    Tony is a dispeakable greedy liar.

  40. Employee of MAS

    YB, are you sure that the e-mail under the name of “MASEUS” is actually from MASEUS officially. I have my doubt knowing our MASEUS leaders. They are a bunch of hangers on. They don’t really stand up for MAS and the members. They merely issue a statement or two and then they will be given “SLEEPING PILLS” and they will happily go to sleep. So please don’t take them too seriously.

    MESA (executive union) leaders are little bit better because they are not addicted to Sleeping Pills to go to sleep.

    On another point, Tan Sri Md Nor, Rashdan, AJ, Dr Wafi and other dead woods used to be walking around at the beginning of the share swap but now they are all in hiding in the wood. they must be feeling ashamed of themselves! Serve them right.

    The 5 MPS have done a good job for the good people in MAS. Please carry on to strip them bit by bit until they cannot tahan and get lost in the wilderness. MAS does not need idiots like them to allow MAS to be chopped to pieces by the red Indian.

  41. Darah Muda

    MASEU Exco

    mana presiden?..patutnya dia yang beri kenyataan. Kita tengok sampai mana MASEU berani pertahankan staf MAS dan halaukan si pariah ni!

    apa kata kawan-kawan dalam MESA, MAPA, MSA…macam ni punya banyak kesatuan kalau bersatu tentu si pariah tu akan kena…cili kasi taruk!

    Mr Exco..jangan cakap tak serupa bikin…!

  42. Anak Malaysia

    Darah Muda

    Yes you are so right, MAS memang ada byk UNION tapi entah kenapa sejak seminggu dua ni, mereka semua dah senyap. Bila ditanya soalan pasal kearah mana syarikat sekarang…mereka cuba membisu aje.

    Come on UNION Leaders wake up, this is the time for you guys to buck up, work hand in hand to get those idiots and asshole out of MAS before they kill all you guys.

    YB and the 5 MPs is already doing their part and now MAS STAFFS and UNIOS must work together to save their MAS (YOUR NATIONAL CARRIER) from being rob and rape by this bloody pariah TF.

    Hey Thamby Pariah TF, we know you and your gang must be peeing in your pants and you guys are so scared till your balls bang one another and maybe will just drop off…..LOL

  43. Balless Union leaders in MAS

    MAS employees have reasons to believe that the posting my MASEUS EXCOs was a genuine posting. It may be decoy sent out by one or two guys in the MASEUS EXCO because there was no EXCOs meeting held to discuss this matter.

    We all know that Alias has no ball to take on the management or TF. He is good in issuing one or two threatening statements and after that he will be more than happy to consume “SLEEPING PILLS” from MAS management. We know him too well. So plea don’t believe that posting. Knowing Alias and his idiots in EXCOS, come December there will be no picket and he will give all kinds of reasons to postpone it to January when January about to come he will postpone it to February and on and on. MASEUS under him will not do anything until MAS is almost finished or when there is no more Sleeping Pills for him to go to sleep.

    So MAS Graded Staff. we all should stop paying our union subscription as there is no meaning anymore. MASEUS leaders can no longer represent us.

    I would like to know about the stand of the other unions in MAS like MASMA (managers), MESA (Executives), MAFAA (Cabin Crews) and etc on the bloody share swap and CCF that are killing MAS slowly.

    Wake up MAS employees before it is too late.

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