Tony: The truth hurts!

Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof & Tan Sri Tony Fernandes were smiling away!

Tony Fernandes’ Comment:

Tony Fernandes

MP Wee,

Your comments are disgraceful for a Member of Parliament.

AirAsia X has been open about the RAS issue. All our accounts have been audited by the Auditor-General’s Office. If there remains dissatisfaction, we are more than happy to have the Public Accounts Committee go through the accounts again.

Time and time again, you have repeated your baseless allegations. Yet, each time we suggest a face-to-face meeting, you have refused to accept our offer.

The last straw is dragging my late mother into this issue. There is no need to get personal. I am sure you would not want anyone to denigrate your family members as well.

Once again, I extend you an invitation to AirAsia X to meet with our management team so that we can answer any queries that you have. Azran, Kamarudin and I are at your disposal. We hope that together we can lay the issue to rest.


Yours truly’s reply:

Dear Tan Sri Tony Fernandes,

I was surprised to learn that you found my posting disgraceful. Regrettably the truth hurts!

It was not true that AirAsia or Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX and now known as AirAsia X Sdn Bhd have been OPEN about the issues concerning RAS or any other issues concerning your AirAsia (AA) outfits. Initially, I was under the impression that the subsidy that FAX received from the Badawi’s Administration was only RM65 million and this figure has been quoted in my earlier postings and questions to MOT in Parliament.  But you and your AA outfits have never uttered a word that the actual subsidy was almost RM250 millions and that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd had to give up RAS due to extremely poor service and too many complaints received from the Sabah and Sarawak State Governments and other authorities. Read HERE.

It was not the previous Ministers of Transport namely, YB Datuk Chan Kong Choy and YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat but the current Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Kong Cho Ha through his Deputy that confirmed the subsidy granted was in fact almost RM250 millions and that the services provided by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd was not up to mark at all. Read HERE.

Until now you or your AA outfits have not confirmed receiving the subsidy of almost RM250 millions from the Badawi’s Administration. But you have been quoted to have said that you have received very little help from the Badawi’s Administration and that you only got helps from Tun Dr Mahathir and the current PM, YAB Datuk Seri Najib.

You have such a “Great” business model and have been making “HUGE” profits for years, then why you and/or your AA outfits had to rely so heavily on Government helps? It just boggled the minds of the rakyat!

Let’s not waste time with the invitation to your great AA outfits as it will not change the situation the least unless and until you provide acceptable answers to the points raised in the “Old Man”, HERE, other comments by other readers and the questions posed by me as follows:

What Tan Sri Tony Fernandes should also clarify:

  1. Whether you and/or your AA outfits are prepared to make public the details of the audited accounts of the RAS carried out by Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX, which was terminated prematurely?  

  2. During Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX operations of Rural Air Services (RAS), how FAX cannibalised an aircraft for spare parts and 6 aircraft grounded due to un-airworthiness?

  3. Did FAX/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd pay MAS RM35 millions for the refurbishing costs incurred to make the aircraft airworthy again?

  4. The poor RAS provided by FAX;

  5. Why was there any necessity for AirAsia Bhd to sub-contract the RAS to FAX?

  6. Why FAX had to dump RAS back to MAS in 2007?

  7. Why soon after dumping RAS to MAS FAX had to change its name to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd?

  8. How he and/or Air Asia X Sdn Bhd persuaded Badawi’s Administration to grant Air Asia X Sdn Bhd the Air Operation Certificate (AOC) when it was just incorporated for only 2 months?

  9. Having charted bad poor records under RAS, how he and/or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd “persuaded” the Badawi’s Administration to keep its AOC when it should have been withdrawn because of such bad track record? 

  10. Thereafter, how he and/or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd was awarded with 32 international routes like London, Paris, Gold Coast, Melbourne and etc by the Badawi’s Administration and to operate 13 routes which routes were in competition with MAS?

  11. Last but not least, how much did AirAsia Bhd or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd actually charged and received for RAS from the Badawi’s Administration, which Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been quoted to have said that “AirAsia received little help from the Badawi’s Administration and to provide the detailed costing?

Please take note that when I have more time to spare, I shall post more questions about your AA outfits especially AirAsia X Sdn Bhd formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX and of course, the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and the so-called “Collaborative Frameworks”.

Just in case, you have not read the other postings in this Blog, your good friend, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, when asked about Khazanah’s option to purchase the 10% AirAsia X Sdn Bhd under the said secret share swap, he told the bloggers on 16-8-2011 at the Hilton Hotel that “it was a DODGY deal”.  Despite his said respond, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar instructed investment banker Stanley Morgan to carry out a valuation exercise on AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.  What is your take on the said DODGY DEAL, Tan Sri?

40 thoughts on “Tony: The truth hurts!

  1. Old Man

    Syabas YB for staying bringing us back to the subject(s) at hand.

    I apologise for giving Tony (if it was really him) the excuse to distract the focus from the issues contained in the argument.

    I too am waiting for many answers from Tony (and his outfits).

  2. Maria Hassan

    EXCELLENT response Y.B…..
    As a rakyat, many thanks for your efforts in taking up this cause, additional thanks for mentioning WFR and its non-payment of salaries!

  3. proud malaysian

    Congrats YB!, malaysian would love to know the truth..What is the actual amount granted?. We don’t want our tax payer money to pay for someone else’s childhood dreams..

  4. Old Man

    I also think it is more appropriate for Tony to come out in the open and address the questions raised instead of meeting you in private.

    I see no harm in explaining and showing the evidence to public so that we all understand instead of a select few.

    It is the public that is asking the questions.

    Old Man

  5. hanana bt abdulla

    little bird in air asia told me that all this money making deal was made possible

    with the help of kairi-de-penyamun-jam’din, the sil of the then pm -dollah-

    mat-mata-layu. So sprm must take this as important-

    ada smoke ada fire -lah

    A 2000+ dodgy deal was investigated sampai tbh mati. How about a

    couple of hundred million dodgy deal?

    Kautim kah, sprm ?

    So much for the big promise. Looks like all talk saje , ha

  6. RCZ

    Keep the pressure up YB. Well done!

    If Tony is half as good as he (& his supporters) portrayed him to be.. he should not have any problem to clearly answer you and Old Man’s questions in public.

    A lot of people (me included) thought that Tony was a visionary leader.. his success was all due to meritocracy.. Little did we know (until now) that most of it was actually due to political affliation to corrupt administration..

  7. Rakyat Prihatin II

    yea…well said YB…

    bedebom kena sibijik kat muka TF.

    Dear TF (shouid we called him by his salutation so-called ‘Tan Sri’ for what he has done to the rakyat),

    dont try to fool Malaysia and dont you ever try to misuse the tax payers money for your interest (business interest) by doing all these thing.

    i heard that you are attacking SQ just to show you are truly Malaysian who want to save MAS???dont you think by attacking others you are acting like US, ISRAEL???they (US and their allies) are attacking others (syria, iraq and others just to ‘bolot’ all their welath especially the black gold (oil)).they are just do it like what you are doing rite now!?.bribing the idiots is one of the way to succeed!?

    by making MAS a premium airline and Firefly a full-service airline is just to make you fly low cost (not so low cost now with all the unacceptable fees) many said before, you totally fear of is all about competition.if you scared, dont try to be in this line (business).Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Mokhtar al-Bukhari had once said in 1 of the newspaper “saya juga pernah ditipu”.from my point of view some businessman also use dirty way to achieve their mission.i think you are trying to do this.the Malay proverb ssaying “api dalam sekam” you are just be good to your enemy while at the same you are trying to make he/she down/lost.this is what happen to MAS and Firefly.

    the rakyat is watching you.

  8. newbie

    What about a proposed new airline by Tony set to operate out of Subang Airport

    It rocks the mind…
    One can imagine the implications

    How does that fit to the “rescue” of MAS

    There only so much market in the air for flyers. There will be losers

    It’s just fair for one to think that he is “using” all the cables for purposes known to him

  9. Pariah Tony

    Syabas YB! Very nice reply. In fact YB shouldn’t waste time with the pariah like him. I bet you he will not be able answer the questions posed. How can company with the only expertise of cannibalising aircraft for spare parts was allowed to keep its Air Operation Certificate???? Only the Bloody Sleepy Head/4th floor government can do it. No other government in the world will allow it.

    Not surprising that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar said AirAsia X Sdn Bhd is a dodgy deal! but he still instructed Stanley Morgan to do valuation. Khazanah has too much money to waste on consultant fees.

  10. Ismee from MAS

    That bloody Red Indian has been proven to be a bullshitter. The Melayu like Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor and Datuk Azman Yahya allowed the Red Indian to bullshit them all the way. These are the pseudo brainless Melayu.

    Datuk Azman Yahya has been appointed to be a member of director of AA Bhd. Melayu yang tiada maruah dan tidak malu. Of course, he is also the director of SCOMI. So now you all should know what is the real game!

  11. Rosli of Khazanah

    The Agong should withdraw his Tan Sri title because he is not qualified to hold any title. His new title is Tan Sri LIAR Tony. This is the most suitable title for him. Lying all the way to get his way. The worst type of person to run a public listed company. I hope that the SC and Bursa KL will take the necessary actions against this liar.

    His friend Anman Mokhtar and Md Nor should not be spared. THe Government should take drastic actions against them too.

  12. Khazanah Mat

    Tan Sri don’t make the Agong malu. Please give YB and Malaysians your answers to all the questions posed. I am sure you, your business partners and good friends in Khazanah can cook up stories mah. I am sure that you can easily spin your way out with ease.

    With your spinning records, I trust you can do it Tan Sri. Please show Malaysians you can always twist and turn your way out even in tight corner.

    But i know you cannot answer unless you admit that you good all the help during the Bodohwi time. I rest my case.

  13. MAS Boy

    Thamby tak boleh spin lagi. We all know your bullshit already. Unless you shy away with the share swap then i may just believe you! But i will be cautious with what you are going to say about to bullshit.

    I felt so sorry for you lah Tan Sri Bullhist Lony fu.klandes!

  14. Smart Dugong

    Yeehaaaa. Toni sudah belit diri sendiri..

    AA – 9000 staff – revenue per annum RM 4 Billions
    MAS – 18000 staff – revenue p.a RM 14 Billions.

    So siapa pandai berniaga, siapa pandai goreng sampai hangus.

  15. Disgraceful Twister

    Disgraceful twister and spinner. Not fit to be a Tan Sri. Bullshitting all the way with the helps of reporters/editors in the main stream media and electronic media. only positive news were published in the papers especially in the Star.

  16. Haven’t fly AA and hopefully never have too and maybe would not fly MAS from now on too… and Yeah.. don’t want to stay at Tune Hotel, better Sri Malaysia..

  17. Rohani of Cimb

    Where are these people conscience, and PM conscience? Tony, I will never forgive you for thinking that our Malaysian life are so cheap that we willing to risk our life if you charge cheap fare. &$);:/?&&&&$)(;//? U!!!!!

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  19. MAS Suporters

    Conning all the way. Even the government got con-ed! We must all say enough is enough. The government allow the con job to go then we will teach the government a good lesson come PRU 13.

  20. Old Man

    The Rakyat has the right to know because it is the Rakyat’s money that is involved.

    If Tony thinks that there nothing wrong with the whole deal, then he must come out and explain it to the Rakyat.

  21. Old Man

    BigDog raises pertinent points in Tony’s plan to setup of Caterham Air:

    1. Isn’t this a conflict to his shareholding in MAS because Caterham will compete directly with MAS.

    2. Isn’t there a Goverment policy disallowing any scheduled jet services out of Subang.

    Or Tony has special secret dispensations to get away with murder like everything else he has achieved including the Accounting Standards.

  22. MAS People

    YB, how do you expect TF to answer those penetrating questions? It was so clear that TF and his AA outfits got too much helps from the Sleepy Head or the 4th Floor Administration. TF thrived on spinning because of his style. So we can blame him why he tried to tell Malaysians that he got little help from Abdullah’s Administration and he got most helps from Mahathir and Najib. What a good spinner and liar you are Tan Sri!

    Hope that Najib and Minister of Transport take note of what TF have been spinning and twisting. MAS staff are all aware of his bullshits except Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Tf’s budy, Datuk Azman Yahya.

    YB please help us to stop this fella from screwing MAS further.

  23. Anak Malaysia

    YB, the bloody Red Indian is really good at spinning. YES, I fully agreed with MAS People that all MAS staffs knew that TF and his gang are nothing but bullshits. Haven’t they heard of this saying ” BULL SHIT MIGHT GET YOU TO THE TOP, BUT WON’T KEEP YOU THERE” or “SEPANDAI-PANDAI TUPAI MELOMPAT AKHIR JATUH KE TANAH JUGA”

  24. MAS guy

    TF where the f..k are you? Why are you not answering all the points raised by OLD MAN and YB Wee? You know you cannot answer because your proper answers will expose your nonsense further.

    Please stop canabilising MAS. Please do tyour nonsense in other countries like EUK, USA, Singapore and the like if you DARE!!

  25. Old Man

    Tony, Tony Tony,

    You do spin hard. Now its no more Caterham Airline.

    So did you get something else in return for abandoning the idea, like I suspected. Or just a means of being in the limelight again.

  26. Flyguy

    YB, need ur assistance to get the following answer from those guy

    a. TF

    1. what is his real intention to setup caterham jet? my guts say this is another “con” way to kill Firefly. 1st setup so call super duper premium airline at SZB. after 1 year, lingkup and convert caterham jet to LCC – caterham “sup”. no need to study at Cambridge to figure that out!!!!

    2. just answer the darn Q posted in here

    3. why u need MAS to migrate to KLIA? or u has some plan for MAS Complex in subang?

    b. AJ/whiz kid danny

    1. why u need to migrate HQ from SZB to KLIA. fully aware it is mgmt prerogative to position the staff but now we bloody bleeding and this is the time u need to to buy-ins a very “secretive” CCF (secretive coz as to date, mgmt fail to advice staff what is CCF all about), then u relocate us to SZB? is this ur way to get our support?

    2. MAS logo – pls confirm that MAS will change logo as”uncle TF” don’t want red colour in MAS logo. if really happen, then both of u r the most idiot person in the world as change logo/livery on the aircraft coz millions of $$$$

    3. based on the star, whiz kid is lobbying G to redevelop T2 SZB? if is true, then it so coincidence with uncle TF plan to setup caterham jet at SZB at, of course, MAS expenses

    4. what is the actual reason for u to migrate to MAS beside put everyone “cramp” in 1 building? do u just want to see everybody backside or u do plan to sell/lease MAS complex A/B SZB or this is “cara halus” for u to reduce the staff??????????

    c. tan sri md nor

    1. the blunder during WAU 2002 is not just catering. actually MAS also suffer from AGN leasing (MAS sell building at MAS south support zone klia to MOF) where MAS total repayment is 5X of what we get from the G…..daylight robbery

    what do u think that u will be successful to turn around MAS now if u can’t do it 9 years ago????

  27. Smart Dugong

    Hu hu, Air Asia and black mamba got whacked in parliament today. Good job MPs. Next , police or marine to move in! Hu hu. Run bozo run!!!!!

  28. Kebenaran Akan Terbukti

    changing MAS logo??Ya Allah (oh my god).

    as many said.after this all in MAS will change.

    Kebaya will change to bitch mini skirt???
    the WAU will no longer be on the livery???

    Malaysia Airlines will be the 1st national Airlines in this world without identity.

  29. Anonymous

    Dear Readers,
    On assumption. would TF change the name Air Asia to say, Tune Air or Air Asia X say, to Azrai X Air and change the colour say, to pink?. If he dies and live again, he will never do it. Why? . Branding. Yes that is what we call marketing or pegi pasar.
    MALAYSIA AIRLINES is a superb brand name, maybe not so profitable ( thanks to all the lanun entrusted). A very safe airline and top 10 airlines in the world. WHY MUST IT BE SPLIT AND 70 % OF THE FLEETS RENAMED TO SOME OTHER GENERIC AIRLINE NAME NOT RELATED TO MALAYSIA. Ok you want to divide and rule and kill the union and the pilot association, we understand your worry. IT MUST CARRY THE WORD ” MALAYSIA”.
    Would McDonald want to renamed itself ” McTony “? Maybe YES if KFC colloborate with McDonald because then KFC can kill off McDonald right away and erase its history from publics.
    Many tourist around the world know Malaysians for their kindness, politeness and perhap bad driving habits and snatch thieves. WE need a name to be associated to a brand. Malaysia Airlines is THE AMBASSADOR for Malaysia to the world and that is why the ambassadors and consulates use the DC plate numbers for their vehicles. Special immunity.
    Air Asia do not carry any of these. Air Asia can be found thru out Asia it has not nothing much to do with Malaysia only parasiting Malaysians and they even got a chick wanting to relocate the HQ to Jakarta.
    too many point to talk lahh..mengantuk olready. wife make noise still did not go to sleep at 3.30 am….talk later lahh Gudnite BolehLand.

  30. Dr. Mohamadon Abdullah

    PM Najib responded in his written reply that Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd bought 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd leaving MAS with only 30%. However, PM Najib did not lift the Corporate veil of Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd nor explain why LSG SkyChef is servicing all MAS aircrafts at K.L.I.A. the Country’s main airport. Where is the Malaysian national pride? I hope all the YBs in Parliament should probe deeper into this and also the Service Contract.

    TF should explain why out of the 7 F50 aircraft he returned only one is barely airworthy. The six were grounded with birds nesting in the wheel well? What did the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia doing about it considering that DCA is the supervising Authority on Civil Aviation matters in Malaysia.

    I do hope and pray that the YBs in Parliament should focus on national issues like this. YB please remember, that you are the Peoples’ representatives in the August House. No matter on which side of the poilitical divide you represent, but in Parliament you are the Government.

  31. Anonymous

    Dear YB , what you were saying is just the tip of the ICEBERG , the grand plan was for AIRASIA to take over MAS , n very soon the whole of malaysia is on sale just like YEAREND sale initiated by the goverment of NAJIB,

    i just hope that the PRU 13 will be the last for them n 15000 malaysian airline staff wont be voting for them ( for sure )

    YB just to recall maybe you still remember me during subang time ( when you were traveling to singapore using SUTTLE SERVICE

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