“Even Messi will have trouble scoring” said Tan Sri Dr Munir

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, the former Chairman of MAS

Yours truly hopes that for the sake of MAS, our national carrier, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the current MD of MAS, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yacop and the Government will seriously consider what the former chairman and MD of MAS have said about the track records of AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd before embarking on more decisions. which will be detrimental to MAS.  Were the recent decisions made by the current AirAsia and AirAsia X Bhd “friendly” MAS management to cancel Firefly routes from JB to KK and Kuching in September 2011 and MAS route from KL to Bandung in October 2011 in the best interests of MAS? 

“We put in a lot of effort and money developing markets which AirAsia X now covets. When AirAsia first talked about doing international routes, it was to take over those Malaysia Airlines had vacated to save costs to address the company’s severe financial crisis. Then it changed to AirAsia X developing three new destinations before it comes to offer flights on existing Malaysia Airlines routes. And now … the goal posts keep moving. Even Messi will have trouble scoring in this situation.“, said Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, the then Chairman of MAS,  in an interview with the Star on 31-4-2011 before his retirement.

The comments below by YM Tengku Azmil Zahruddin, the then MD of MAS, who purportedly “RESIGNED” on the eve of secret MAS-AirAsia share swap was inked on 9-8-2011.  The said comments were also published in the Star on 1-5-2010. 

YM Tengku Azmil Zahruddin, the ex-MD of MAS that was purported to have "resigned" on the eve of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap.

AIRASIA X has been lobbying its cause aggressively in the media locally and abroad to fly to destinations operated by Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

On the surface, its argument appears logical: Open up Sydney, Seoul, etc., as that is best for the country.

There are two sides to any argument and I would like to take this opportunity to put forward the MAS point of view.

A bit of history: Under the domestic rationalisation exercise in March 2006, MAS was asked to give up the operations of the rural areas in Sabah/Sarawak and hand them over to AirAsia Bhd.

MAS was awarded 19 trunk routes to operate and AirAsia was granted both the trunk and non-trunk routes (about 96 routes). AirAsia subcontracted non-trunk routes to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Fly Asian Xpress Sdn Bhd (FAX).

FAX operated the service from September 2006 to September 2007. There were countless complaints about the unreliability of its services which severely and negatively impacted communities, tourism and businesses in Sabah and Sarawak.

The Government asked MAS to take back the rural air services and MAS’s wholly-owned subsdiary, MASwings, took over on Oct 1, 2007. During that one year of FAX’s operation, it was paid more than double what MASwings received for the same scope of services over the past two years.

FAX was subsequently renamed AirAsia X.

In just some three years of operations after dumping the rural air services, AirAsia X has obtained rights for nine routes: London, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Mumbai, New Delhi, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

The MAS-AirAsia X rivalry can be addressed by having a clear aviation policy that offers real choices to consumers and ensures that all local airlines are given equal treatment.

Flight rights and hubs

Recently, AirAsia X announced it has been given rights to fly to Seoul. But to date, there has been no Government announcement. AirAsia X was recently also granted the rights to fly to Male and the rights were transferred to AirAsia.

Excluding the rights to fly to Seoul and Male – assuming this is official – 90% of AirAsia X’s routes overlap with those operated by MAS. On the other hand, only 17% of Tiger, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir’s routes overlap.

We will stand up and be counted. Yes, MAS lobbies the Government. So do AirAsia and AirAsia X. As an airline, we have transformed and we are fighting for our rights, as are AirAsia and AirAsia X.

Let me outline our viewpoints and why we stand behind the facts – not blind accusations – that we presented to the Government:

What makes Suvarnabhumi and Changi great hubs is that these airports provide customers with many destination choices.

Some 93 airlines operate out of Suvarnabhumi to over 187 cities in 71 countries. About 85 carriers operate from Changi to more than 200 cities in 60 countries.

On the other hand, some 50 airlines operate from KL International Airport (KLIA) to 100 cities in 44 countries.

What makes Changi a good hub is the number of destinations it offers. This gives consumers greater choice. For example, someone who wants to fly to Moscow has to go via Changi as there are no airlines flying to Moscow directly from KLIA.

If someone from Melbourne wants to fly to Moscow, he is likely to go via, say Changi, and not KLIA. AirAsia X can fly 10 times a day to Melbourne and this passenger is still more likely to use Changi.

If AirAsia X is serious about providing customers “with choices”, it should fly to new destinations. There are 34 or more new destinations that currently do not have direct flights from KL. All these destinations are within the range of AirAsia X’s A330-300s.

AirAsia X has been lobbying the Malaysian Government saying that it deserves to get the rights to fly to any destination because it has bought so many aircraft.

Yet, it is not willing to consider any of these 34 cities because it claims that these cities do not make economic sense.

Amongst the 34 are Fukuoka and Nagoya in Japan, and Chongqing in China. All these routes are operated by both SIA and Cathay Pacific. SIA also operates to Ahmadabad in India and Cairo in Egypt.

One of the destinations which the Transport Ministry lists as being granted to AirAsia X is Paris/Orly. Interestingly, AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman-Rani told MalaysianInsider in an interview dated April 28, 2010: “It (the rights) has yet to land on my desk. Until it does, we cannot initiate detailed plans”.

If AirAsia X’s argument is that it does not have planes or the correct aircraft, note that it has two A340s, each of which has a 12-hour flying range. It can also operate the A330s with one stop in the Middle East.

In addition, AirAsia X has applied for and been granted the rights to fly to many cities which it is not exercising. These cities include Amritsar, Cheongju, Pusan, Tianjin, Xian, Bahrain, Sharjah, Berlin, Manchester, Dublin, Vienna and Moscow.

AirAsia X is not keen to operate to these new destinations as it is well aware that it takes years of investment to make a route profitable.

Case in point is Abu Dhabi. SIA flies to Abu Dhabi. Yet, AirAsia X pulled out from Abu Dhabi after just three months in operation, citing that the route is not profitable.

When MAS flies to a new route, we are likely to incur losses in the first year up to the first five years as we spend money to develop awareness in the new destination and expand the market. This is an investment we are prepared to make, as short-term losses can result in long-term profits. In the long run, it is good for the country and gives consumers more choice.

For example, for the past 20 years, we invested tens of millions (of ringgit). Even today, we invest some RM100mil annually in marketing costs alone in Australia.

If AirAsia X is really serious about “choices for the people”, it will fly to destinations where it has the rights to. But the reality is that AirAsia X is only interested in MAS’ routes. Is this then in the best interest of the country?

For the record, we have been competing with various global, full service carriers for the past 60 years and competition is not new to MAS. We welcome competition as it means that we have to constantly transform ourselves – which is what we have been doing intensely in the past four years.

Passenger numbers

Let us also set the record straight on the information that AirAsia X has been providing to the media to support its claim to fly to Sydney and Seoul.

Azran claimed in the same interview that “some 80,000 Malaysians were flying to Sydney indirect.”

PaxIS (passenger intelligence services) data (collated by the International Air Transport Association), which captures all full service airline transactions, shows that in 2009, only 2,848 passengers travelled from KL to Sydney via Singapore. In 2010, the number is reduced to only 2,359. It would be good if AirAsia X can substantiate its allegations.

For Seoul, Azran claimed: “We should see a reversal of the trend of negative growth in 2009 to a positive growth in 2011” on the assumption that AirAsia X were to fly to Seoul.

For the first three months of 2010, tourist arrivals from South Korea grew by 26% compared with the same period in 2009. MAS’ passenger growth was up 48%. The trend is already strongly positive.

Both MAS and AirAsia X bring in tourists to the country. Tourism studies indicate that there is a 12 times multiplier effect to the country.

This year, we expect to fly in 5.5 million passengers. We expect this to generate some RM12.7bil of tourism dollars for the country.

However, most of AirAsia X’s passengers are in transit. For example, AirAsia X has said that 80% of its Australian passengers on AirAsia X self-connect to other destinations after arriving in KL.

In other words, while AirAsia X increases traffic into the country, most of their passengers transit in KL to other destinations. Although this makes the arrivals figures look higher, these passengers may not spend much money in Malaysia. This means less economic value to the country.

However, if AirAsia X operates to new destinations and invests in promoting Malaysia, it will go a long way to attract tourists from different countries and boost tourism in Malaysia.

In July 2008, when we met the Transport Minister, we proposed a clear framework for the aviation sector.

This framework will involve airlines, airports as well as a range of services to airlines and airports, MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) and catering. The sector contributes about 4% to Malaysia’s gross domestic product. Beyond its direct contributions to the economy, the aviation sector is a key enabler of tourism and commerce.

It is never too late to start. Malaysia needs a clear aviation policy – one that offers real choices to consumers and that benefits the country. It must be a long-term, comprehensive and impartial policy that will ensure that the country and rakyat takes precedence.

One that will ensure that KLIA becomes a regional hub, on par with Changi and Suvarnabhumi and that all local airlines – MAS, Firefly, AirAsia and AirAsia X – are given equal treatment, with consideration given to what is best for the country.

At the time we made the proposal, AirAsia was not advocating this. I am glad that it now thinks that this is a good idea.

The winner should not be the one who shouts the loudest in the media. Nor lobby the hardest. We need to learn to compete and collaborate, and work with the Government to achieve the nation’s aspirations.

● Tengku Datuk Azmil Zahruddin is managing director/CEO of MAS.  The said Star Report.

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42 thoughts on ““Even Messi will have trouble scoring” said Tan Sri Dr Munir

  1. ISA of MAS

    Why is the new management bringing in more mat salleh consultants to solve this fiasco? Have they lost confidence in the local mat salleh i.e. TF.

    Haiyaa, why thay need to do is to remove a lot of deadwoods, bring in more firewoods (not the young woods) and fire-start the engines again.

    Oopps sorry, the new management are the deadwoods. Bye bye MAS, BN , my friends and I are leaving the ship.

  2. AA Jokers

    Just look at TF blog, even his own staff would not bother read and comment in his blog because they know it is full of propaganda.

    TF wants to be the 1st President of Malaysia.

  3. Anak Malaysia

    Well…TF is actually FULL OF SHIT….All the hard work Idris Jala and Tg Azmil just went down the drain…kesian both of them.
    Both Idris and Tengku have done so much bring MAS back to life and then this bloody TF try to destroy it. Tf thinks he is so damn good in making money but actually he is not…..he is a BLOODY BLOOD SUCKER.
    AA staffs all of you should be ashame of yourself for having a BOSS like that celaka TF….puit..puit…puit
    I hope PM will put Idris and Tg Azmil back in MAS and let them run MAS like what both of them had done before.

  4. Remy of MAS

    What had been said by the two former top guys in MAS were true. AirAsia/TF has been shifting the goal post as they go along. First they will get FAX to do RAS and then proceed to get the long haul on the basis that they will fly to where MAS does not fly. Then they will fight for routes that MAS spent million to promote. No wonder MAS is in such shit.

    TF should be thankful to Badawi for all the helps in getting new route to compete with MAS and yet TF told the press that AirAsia only got little help from Badawi. What a big liar he is.

  5. Ibrahim of MAS

    I hope that Azman Mokhtar and his former business partner/crony Rashdan can now try to think again why Munir and Azmil said all these things against that Red Indian. Perhaps it must be this reason why this share swap was done in such a secret manner and only announced after Munir and Azmil have left MAS. Of course, Azman Mokhtar still take care of Azmil by putting him in Khazanah bur for how long. Just to shut up Azmil so that the plan can go smoothly.

    These buggers must be shot. Thank you YB for exposing these jual Melayu fellow in Khazanah and his crony. Tak lama lagi dia akan jual negara.

  6. Chiang

    Past management have fought so hard against AirAsia and Tony but the present management headed by Rashdan and now by AJ seemed to be surrendering one by one to MAS’s ardent enemy.

    Thank to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar , Rashdan, Tan Sri Md nor and Datuk Azman Yahya. You are doing a disservice to this nation and you don’t deserve to be Malaysians. FO to you all.

  7. Rashid of MAS

    If Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan, AJ and Tan Sri Md Nor cannot understand the sentiments expressed in the statements by Munir and Azmil then they have otak undang. Brainless idiots are the mildest form of description for them. Every Malaysians know that they have screwed up MAS but these idiots still think they are damn clever and have managed to fool the Malaysians. Wait till pRU 13 then we will show you and your bosses by voting against the government.

  8. Bashir

    Bu Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan only know how to kow tow to Tony and collaborate. Can collaborate but MAS must compete with AirAsia. Don’t just be good in bodeking Tony like these two Bina Tak Fikir boys and also 4th Floor boys. hat’s why the share swap. Satu lagi projek Tingkat Empat!

  9. Zulkifly

    Rashdan, Azman Mokhtar, Md Nor, AJ, Azman Yahya of Scomi, Krishnan Tan, Rohana of Astro, that’s Tony Fernandes for you. Do you still want to do business with a man like this? Who can lie through his teeth. If you have friend like Tony then you don’t need enemies. Only the brainless will allowed MAS to be cannibalised by the share swap.

  10. Kana

    no wonder Tan Sri Munir was not reappointed and Tengku Azmil had to resign just before the share swap was sealed. Tan Sri Azman who are you trying to please? Your boss, TF. Why don’t you resign from Khazanah and work for AirAsia an dI am sure you will do very well but no more share swap lah!

  11. Lee of MAS

    AJ do you have balls to stand up for MAS against that Red Indian bullshitter? If you no ball to it, please resign and retire.Don’t spoil your name as the the next failed MD or CEO of MAS. If you have self respect, you should be able to give Tony and his gang the TWO fingers.

  12. islamhatari@yahoo.com

    it is clear that najib is too lazy to figure out the nitty gritty of the
    air asia-mas merger. He probably relied the advise of a close chrony
    and probably not realise what actually is going on. My sources told me
    the pm is one reluctant reader and is probably a reluctant prime minister.

    He enjoys the perks of a pm but could not care less if mas get out of the
    merger alive or bankrupt or totally swallowed and end belly up -to be sold
    for a euro to some local jalan ipoh chingkie outfit [reminds one of the
    mv augusta story and the ketamine-fuelled dollah mat mata layu!!]

    That my friend is the sorry state of the malaysian gomen.

    a reluctant prime minister and a slick private enterprise. One loses
    billions of ringgit and the other makes billions and invest the money in vietnam,
    singapore or the uk[buying an epl club!!!]

  13. The Pariah

    Thank you YB for showing Malaysians including Tan Sri Az,am Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan, who is this Tony Fernandes is. Hopefully SC and Bursa KL will also know who is that hot air, who “shout the loudest” and “lobby the hardest”. YB please whack these three good friends Tony, Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan properly in Parliament. They must be taught a lesson.

  14. Khazanah Mat

    Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and his little crony Rashdan will not bother to hear or look at what the previous management of MAS talking about their good friend Tony. They are only interested in “SAVING” MAS only by all the recent decisions to cancel Firefly and MAS routes. SO AIrAsia can fly exclusively lah.

    Shameless Azman and Rashdan.

  15. Anonymous

    I still remember the many times when Tony Fernandez declared in public that the government has been unfair to Air Asia in giving MAS subsidies and AK has been surviving without any help from the government.

    How short our memories are.

  16. Fuad in MOF

    When we have a new PM, Tony will say that he didn’t get much help from all the other PM accept the new PM. It will go on until game over for him. So beware of this salesman who will say anything to con the government and Malaysians. Bloody Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan are just Tony’s budak suruha!

  17. Yazid

    TF will say anything because he knew we all have short memory and that he can just con all of us. Thank you YB for exposing this ar..hole. It is about time that the government should withdraw his Tan Sri title. He is not fit to be a Malaysian. He cannot even speak Bahasa Malaysia. But he was able to con Melayu like Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan, Md nor, Azman Yahya. I wonder why these 4 guys like such high qualifications can be so stupid. There must be more to the stupidity????????????????

  18. AA Snipers

    This Asian­ shyster and­ arrogant ego tripper is well known – runs­ the no frills cheap­ airline­ AirAsia
    They are­ currently being investigated­ for poor­ safety­ standards – google AirAsia safety­
    “I know­ Malaysians very­ well,” said­ Fernandes, a native­ of Malaysia.
    “If you put a­ fare low enough,­ they’ll risk­ their lives,”­ he said, as the­ crowd­ laughed.”
    Tony Fernandes -­ World Low Cost­ Airline­ Convention 2009
    The same­ applies to the­ Chinese­ Indonesians &­ Thais
    It’s a book on­ the Internet no Travel Agents, self check in, race­ across the tarmac­, pay extra through the nose for­ seats reservation­, luggage, food, drinks, Insurance,­ fuel surcharges, airport taxes and a convenience fee­ for using­ a credit card and pray it doesn’t skid­ of the­ runway or crash
    They used to sell overpriced­ Man­ U­ merchandise on every flight and had boards­ round Old­­ Trafford now that’s all gone and he has­ switched­­ his Life Long allegiances from West Ham to­ QPR via Norwich

  19. Now I fear that AirAsia will cannibalise MAS in every way. Whatever profits they make will go to AirAsia and whatever losses they suffer, they will ask for bailouts from the Government.
    Take note that none of the people who are running AirAsia or MAS has ever gone to any good economics school. Even rock star Mick Jagger, who dropped out from the London School of Economics, can make much better business decisions.

  20. Kamal Khazanah

    That pariah will lie and lie, spin and spin. Then you have people like Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan from Cambridge University will co-operate with him when they knew who is this pariah. A pariah will alway be a pariah not matter what you do. Changing name will not change their original root.

    Both Azman and Rahsdan are a disgrace to the Malay and Malaysian for allowing that share swap with 20% MAs equal to 10% of AirAsia. What has AirAsia got, JUST A BIG Mouth of the pariah who can turn the Melayu around and sell their own race. Azman Mokhtar should just resign and fade away.

  21. Ronnie of MAS

    Husin Rahman

    Sdr, don’t waste your energy from people like Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan. Just shun and curse them for generations. All MAS and other Malaysians should shun them. MAS steward and stewardesses should not serve them. They should travel on AIrAsia since their royalty lie with the red Indian.

  22. Crew Prihatin

    thats y the crews are now running away to other best airlines especially to SQ and EK…we got better salaries and wedges over there…salaries and good wedges are not really important…for me i wanna serve Malaysia…proud to be Malaysian and i’m proud to say that i’m Malay…but now, Malaysia Airlines is not too Malaysia..i wonder one day TF will change the MAS identity…the stewardesses might be wearing such a bitch mini skirt like what he has done for AK…banyak teguran dari rakyat tapi dia still dengan ego dia taknak tukar that bitch mini skirt…So memalukan…TF even cannot speak proper Bahasa Malaysia…same goes to the AK crews and most of the MH crews…they think they are very very superb with speaking English even with the elderly…fly domestic pun english…sangat malu…Martabatkan BM memperkasakan English…

    MAS will still survive without TF and the cronies…

  23. Anonymous

    The share swap happened during Munir’s watch as Chairman. If this is what he is saying, how could he let it happen? Unless he was also sleeping and had the rug pulled from under his feet. He has done a great injustice to the position and to MAS. How is it that he did not guide the management into a full on onslaught of Air Asia.

    I guess what goes around come around.

    I have little respect for him.

  24. Parameswara

    The YB quoted 31 April 2011.
    I am still searching all the modern calendars in the world for that date.
    If small matter like this ada problem, what about the analysis?

  25. Jojo


    You are no different to your boss TF. Shifting the goal posts all the time. Now you are trying to split hair. There is a link to the article. So no need to check the calendar. So please don’t try to be stupid. If you are that stupid and have no more ground to defend TF you can just go to TF blog to play your game.

    Tansmile Bhd’s directors got one year jail and RM300,000 fine for filing false information to Bursa KL. How about the non-reporting of the negotiations of the MAS – AirAsia share swap? The penalty should be more. Both MAS and AirAsia did not make any announcement to BURSA. It will be interesting to see what the BURSA and SC are going to about the non filing of announcement.

    YB please press Bursa KL and SC for actions against the directors of MAS and AIrAsia..

  26. I wonder why so many so-called ‘smart’ Malaysians love to rip off the country. Don’t they have any pride, conscience, or perasaan malu kepada anak isteri sendiri. Saya rela berpendapatan cukup makan daripada menjadi penipu dan dengan bangga memberitahu anak saya: “Your father is now a multi-millionaire.” How?, asked the son. “You know lah, Malaysia boleh. Insider trading, my son. I’ll teach you the ropes when you get older.”


    Anon October 31,

    it doesnt matter.maybe CREW PRIHATIN salah taip. tapi masih ada point. its ok. as a crew member we are not a teacher. as long as we r communicate well (wedges is a homonym for wages).that is no problem. it is ok for me. in serving passengers we r just talk to them.we r not teaching them or we r not writing to them. thats y we just need only SPM to be one of the cabin crew.i’m not saying that the crew is not professional o we dont have any higher qualification to be a cabin crew and it doesnt mean i look down others.i’m also a degree holder but i do love my job. communication is really important plus genuine passsion of the customer services.

    i agree with CREW PRIHATIN.
    most of the crew now only think about the salaries and wages. most of them here for ‘glamor’. ofcoz some have a very good track record.

    kalau terbang domestik yang kebanyakan penumpang adalah rakyat Malaysia pun nak cakap orang putih tu memang memalukan. siapa lagi nak martabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kita??? tak malukah kita dengan negara jepun, china dan lain2? disetiap sektor japun dan china mesti ada crew yang boleh berbahasa jepun dan china. mereka juga boleh maju dengan bahasa mereka sendiri. kenapa tidak kita,Malaysia??? adakah dengan bercakap bahasa asing itu menunjukkan kita hebat? adakah penumpang warga emas yang kita ‘speaking’ tu akan menganggap kita hebat???berfikir sebelum bertindak.

    TF said he is Malaysian and he do a lot to Malaysia. but as per every1 stated, TF cannot even speak B.Malaysia. same goes to most of the AK and MH crews.

    i do agree with others. if TF ‘berkuasa’ in MH. he might be asking MH crews to wear mini skirt. MAS is the identity of Malaysia. definitely differ to MH which only think ‘duit…duit…and duit…’.

    MH will still survive w/o TF and the cronies (especially the Malay idiots)…


    sorry, just to make a correction.

    “definitely differ to MH which only think ‘duit…duit…and duit…’.” suppose

    definitely differ to AK which only think ‘duit…duit…and duit…

  29. Average Joe

    @ Anon 31/20/2011 8.05am

    quote: “Crew Perihatin,

    I doubt if anyone would change their employers just because of better WEDGES. Do you mean wages?”

    having been looking too seriously into the grammatical errors the others made, you made one yourself. it’s “PRIHATIN”, not “PERIHATIN”. nah ambik kau!

  30. MAS Staff

    YB, could you please look into the “new labour act” for Malaysian where MTUC is demanding a TARIK BALIK from Government? Why are all MPs keeping quiet about this act? This act will allow Malaysians to become the “Contract Workers”. Thanks.

  31. Wak Kampung

    Tahniah sahabat sahabat MAS dan Khazanah yang prihatin.

    Dah terbukti bahawa blog ini dibaca oleh seluruh warga Malaysia yang celik dan sedar akan kemungkaran yang dilakukan oleh Menteri menteri dan ketua ketua korporat dan ketua jabatan jabatan kerajaan.

    Wak setuju sangat dengan pandangan kebanyakkan pendapat di sini terutamanya Ronnie of MAS supaya
    “Just shun and curse them for generations. All MAS and other Malaysians should shun them. MAS steward and stewardesses should not serve them. They should travel on AIrAsia since their royalty lie with the red Indian.”

    Setinggi tinggi tahniah kepada YB WCK kerana tidak putus asa menyedarkan kami betapa besarnya isu negara ini dan betapa bodohnya kerajaan kita yang ditipu bulat bulat oleh seorang Red Indian.

  32. Average Crew

    totally agree with average joe and CREW JUGA…

    amek kaw…

    Anon 31/20/2011 8.05am

    might be Crew Prihatin’s typing error. yes diction is very important but if we speak out its a homonym for wages. its ok for me as long as i can understand what he/she trying to say. what is important are the points. grammatical error o diction error could be corrected.

    the concern is could this issue be corrected???

    as long as the red indian in our company i dont think so.MAS is getting worse. the rakyat also getting anxious with this issue. most of them r angry especially waht happen to Firefly. this is the TF plan + the Malay idiots in MAS. F^^K them off.

  33. Anak Joe, tak perlu berlagak pandai lah. Ramai tidak pasti sama ada perihatin atau prihatin. Boleh bertekak benda ini sampai seminggu. Orang di DBP bukan semuanya betul tapi kalau pakar Bahasa Melayu Tinggi itu saya hormati lah. Mereka memang pakar.

  34. Average Joe

    @ Tok Nyang Hussin Rahman

    siapa yang berlagak pandai nih? saya cuma perli si Anon 31/10/2011 8.05am tu sebab dia dah takda point nak jawab isu yg YB bangkitkan di sini tapi menyibuk nak check grammar orang.sedangkan dia sendiri menulis tak betul. did you read my quoting of his/her comments?! jadi, saya perli dia terus. tapi saya pulak yang ditegur ye tok nyang?! tok nyang lain kali nak sound orang tu tengok betul2 dulu jangan main redah je nanti kena balik kat diri sendiri.

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