Who is the CEO of MAS?

Is Datuk Kamarudin Meranun the defacto CEO of MAS?

It would appear that the defacto CEO of MAS is Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, who is also the Deputy CEO of AirAsia Bhd and recently appointed Non-Executive Director of MAS after the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap was inked on 9-8-2011.  Yours truly was surprised that a Non-Executive Director of MAS was speaking as though he is the CEO of MAS.  Even the powerful En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, the whiz kid and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar‘s former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, is extremely tame after the appointment of En Ahmad Jauhari as the CEO of MAS.

En Ahmad Jauhari: Are you sure you are the CEO of MAS?

Its about time for En Ahmad Jauhari to put his foot down and tell other MAS directors in no uncertain terms that he is now the man in charge of MAS and the only person to speak on behalf of MAS unless directed to do so.

In the Business Times’ interview, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun has been quoted to have said the followings:

“Standard practice in MAS is for a new aircraft to start flying within three months of delivery. AirAsia, on the other hand, starts flights one or two days after taking delivery of an aircraft.”

Yours truly was not so sure whether Datuk Kamarudin Meranun made the above statement in the best interest of MAS or Air-Asia.  However, the general tenor of Datuk Kamarudin Meranun statements in this Business Times’ report clearly shows the “ACTUAL SPIRITS” of the MAS – AirAsia share swap and the so-called “Collaborative Framework” that were shrouded with utmost secrecy. You are the judge. 

Below is the full texts of the Business Times online dated 20-11-2011.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is reconfiguring the seats of its first A380 aircraft to fit in more first and business class passengers, says a director and major shareholder.

MAS non-independent non-executive director Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said the airline is working hard to ensure there is not much delay in the delivery date due to the reconfiguration work.

“It (MAS’ first A380 out of six ordered) could come in a month or so later. I don’t think you can really call that a delay,” Kamarudin told Business Times via telephone yesterday.

Standard practice in MAS is for a new aircraft to start flying within three months of delivery. AirAsia, on the other hand, starts flights one or two days after taking delivery of an aircraft.

This confirms a Business Times report last week that MAS had planned to reconfigure seats for its A380 and that this could cause a delay in the delivery of the aircraft.

“We are working to ensure that there are no delays to launching the A380 (in July 2012).

“This is where the strength of the MAS-AirAsia strategic alliance will help us leverage with the manufacturers,” Kamarudin said.

He declined to elaborate on the new configuration of the A380, only saying that “it will be comparable to other premium airlines”.

According to a report last year, the MAS A380s would be configured to have four classes – 420 economy seats, 26 premium economy seats, 54 business seats and eight first class seats.

On Firefly’s operations, Kamarudin said the airline will maintain its turboprop service out of Subang but phase out its loss-making jet operations.

“In pursuit of the rationalisation of MAS’ operations, we will be phasing out Firefly’s jet operations. Those who had made bookings with Firefly will not lose out as MAS will honour those deals.”

No timeline has been given but it is understood that Firefly’s jet operations will cease by the year-end.

Firefly has a fleet of eight jet aircraft – six Boeing 737-800s and two Boeing 737-400s.

Read HERE for the Business Times report.

33 thoughts on “Who is the CEO of MAS?

  1. Anonymous

    This is against ANTI-COMPETITION ACT which intended to monopolize the industry…which is really unhealthy situation for the public.

  2. This is against ANTI-COMPETITION ACT with the intention to monopolize the industry which is so UNHEALTHY to the PUBLIC (Rakyat will be at the losing end)…Thanks YB for fighting for PUBLIC.

  3. Razak of MAS

    From the statement it was crystal clear what were the intentions of the “enemies” of MAS from within. The CEO is a useless CEO that’s why people just kicked him around. It is a situation of no CEO. Why must waste ten of thousand RM to have such a CEO who is not even a speck of dust in the eyes of Datuk Kamarudin and presumably more so for TF.

    Ahmad Jauhari should just resign and go into retirement at least he can be proud to tell the world that I am one of the shortest CEO and shortest CEO who can take such a shit.

    Please resign to save MAS. You are not fit to run a bicycle shop let alone a conglomerate like MAS. How on earth you can be a CEO of Malakoff? Cronyism?

  4. Bina untuk Perompak

    Another TF. True to form. When there is an opportunity they will run down MAS. This is what Tan Sri Azman actually meant) he launched the “COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORKS”. Tan Sri Azman, Tan Sri Md Md Yusof, Datuk Azman Yahya (also a Scomi director) and Danny are gifts to MALAYSIA to save MAS. God bless MAS and Najib!

    Nor Yacob must be very happy that his boys are doing a “good” job.

  5. MAS Guy

    This is what “collaborative frameworks” all about. What a way to save MAS, Tan Sri Azman, Rashdan and AJ. You all can’t wait to see MAS down the drain?

  6. MAS Steward

    This is what share swap is all about. The MAS Union what are you doing about the swap swap? AirAsia has no room for union. MASEU and MASE should be able to see what is in store for us all. Wake up! Wake Up! Don’t trust the sweet talk of AJ. He is just a puppet. You can see from the statement here what is the actual CEO?

  7. Flyguy

    the truth is until now MAS staff never been briefed bout CCF… all the monkey on the top just show us the they are planning to do/achieve in so call “collaboration”. really like stupid con but in reality until now, after almost 3 months they never show us the execution plan. we just got our new org chart today and it show how “heavy-top” of the top mgmt. our so call group CEO should take this opportunity to have leaner structure but now more confusing
    MAS staff is like timun and all the monkey group like durian…golek or digolek, we are the victim…

    latest new is AK to take over the training of the pilot/cabin crew while MAS focus on the maintenance. MAS most probably will need to sell all our simulator and go to AK for training. golden Q now is if after 5 years, CCF expire and AK sell their share in MAS, what will happen to MAS training??? all equipment already gone and to purchase 1 sim will cost RM 30 million, belum masuk part..

    YB, pls check all the training and maintenance arrangement btw MAS/AK and what will hapen after 5 years down the road???? silap2 haribulan, MAS will be in history fact for my grandson to read… like what our HR like to do – go and fly kite la…….

    this belum taking into consideration of our sleeping advisor. MAS pay him thousands of RM per month but what he has done for us? sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping… pls ask Govt to remove him and get someone with caliber of our hero, DR M as our advisor. advisor task is very simple..to advice NOT to continue sleeping

    1 story

    1 day, 1 MAS staff went to our beloved advisor home to seek an advice

    MAS staff : hello, uncle lah ada?
    maid: dia tido, pak. kembali semula selepas 3 jam

    after 3 hours

    MAS staff : hello, uncle lah ada?
    maid: dia tido, pak. kembali semula selepas 3 jam

    after 3 hours

    MAS staff : hello, uncle lah ada?
    maid: dia tido, pak. kembali semula selepas 3 jam

    after 3 hours

    MAS staff : hello, uncle lah ada?
    maid: dia tido, pak. kembali semula selepas 3 jam

    after 3 hours

    MAS staff : hello, uncle lah ada?
    maid: dia tido, pak. kembali semul…
    MAS staff : sudah.. tlg check dia hidup ke dah kiok?

    moral of the story… never have sleeping partner coz they just sleep ….zzzzzz

  8. Nor of Khazanah

    This is how the share swap made MAS to be. The people was supposed to save MAS just treat MAS like a lump of shit from this statement to Business TImes.

    From the statements you can see that the share swap and collaboration frameworks were all about the death of MAS. We all must stop these people from cannibalising MAS like what AirAsia X Sdn Bhd did to the 6 aircraft.

  9. sharifah

    Hi YB, This type shows their color sooner or later. Not in their nature to navigate quietly from a corner. They must flex their muscle and show who’s the boss. Thru his actions, he is confirming that AA is indeed the boss. WHat I dont understand is what Khazanah is getting out of this? Ini kes lepas tangan ke (malas mahu manage) or just plain lacking of the grey matter???
    YB, tell Khazanah is dia malas, I can come in la. LOL!

  10. Rizal of MAS

    MAS dead woods semua tidur and getting gaji buta. That’s why you have AA director speaking on our behalf and putting down MAS again. There is no real intention for collaboration but cannibalisation all the way. What is AJ doing? Spending time to pacify the MAS unions. The Unions leaders have to start taking actions before MAS is finished.

  11. Rizal of MAS, why not you start to take action…all staff in MAS are responsible and eligible to take action…just write to PM, to the KING….write in your blog…take action now…do not wait for UNION LEADER….bcoz UNION maknanya everybody(staff) in the company….and everyone of you in the company can do something to save MAS.

  12. MASSEUS member

    I thought that Dr Wafi only gaji buta. New CEO also the same. Aj wake up stop allowing TF and Kamarudin run over you as though as you are not in existence. Tell us in details what COLLABORATIONS are all about? Management chart is not the answer. Details of collaboration are what will boost or dampened the morale of the staff.

    So far we saw only actions to kill Firefly for the benefits of AA. Stop dancing to the whim and fancy of the two bas..ds!

  13. Another MASSEUS member

    If AJ is the CEo of MAS that worth the appointment then he wouldn’t have allowed Datuk Kamarudin to make such statement to run down MAS. The press interview is evident of how the AA boss thought of AJ and MAS.

  14. Anonymous

    The real intentions of AA were very clear from Kamarudin’s statements to the press. It was not about Collaboration but to whack MAS cukup until habis. Of course, with the helps of their friends in Khazanah lah.

    So what do we expect the CEO AJ to do. Menurut perintah and terima gaji buta at the end of the month. Sit it our for another three years or so then Tan Sri Azman and his former partner Rashdan will think of another new project to save MAS. May be this time under the new name called “AMOK” to save MAS. Get another CEO another gaji buta until MAS finally 100% taken over by AA.

  15. Ronald

    The intention is clear. To degrade MAS and put AIrAsia above MAS.

    of course, AJ tak sedar. Masih honeymoon!

    Rashdan must be happy. Everything going on as planned. This was part of all his moves before AJ came in.

    If MAS is in tact by the end of the year. MAS must thank its lucky star.

  16. Anonymous

    Having been such situations before, I admit it is difficult for Board members to ensure clear separation of interest, but this we must and we learn to do this. We have to always bear in mind that as a Borad member, we must always have the good of the Company on whose Board we sit, are alwys at the top of our minds.

    But for Kamaruddin to not just comapre MAS and Air Asia and then go on to what is tantamount to a put down of MAS, then his incapabilties are clear.

    I think as in any situation, more so for a person in his capacity, being new to MAS, he would at least found out the reason why it takes that long. MAS does these for many reasons and one of which is safety.

    It is not true that it is “standard practise” for MAS for a new aircraft to start flying within 3 months. It does take time and the time varies with the amount of things that needs to prep the aircraft and MAS personnel. There have been occassions when new aircarft are flown within a few days and these are those where the aircarft is an addition to an existing fleet.

    I believe this is true with many airlines throughoutbyhe world.

    I certainly will not fly on an airline that puts its new fleet of aircraft into operations within days of delivery because there is simpley inssuficient time for training and prepping.

    Unless of course Kamaruddin is talking cock.

    But on the other hand, a bus that is delieverd with minimum is as good as another that is already operating.

  17. Orang MAS

    A good star with the appointment of AirAsia COO’s sister. Soon then appoint Tony as the CEO that will be the final nail in the MAS coffin. God bless MAS.

  18. orang Malaysia di perantauan

    after this…TF will change kebaya to green skirt maybe???…MAS will be no identity airlines like AirAsia…wearing skirt/mini skirt is such a bitch…no Malaysia anymore…MAS will definitely left behind Thai and SIA…really behind…kesian…kesian…kesian…

  19. Anonymous

    They already planting their people in MAS. Dahlah MAS over staff and excess of VPs. AJ clearly mentioned that there should not be any additional manpower after the restructuring exercise. Tapi still taking external people.

  20. Con air

    Ini semua gaji buta gang Macam robin hood moden, Rompak duit orang miskin bagi orang kaya. 1malaysia boleh. Aku tak Halal dunia akhirat.

  21. irina

    Dato’, dari segi etika hubungan media, mana boleh ahli lembaga pengarah jadi jurucakap tanpa di beri “green light” oleh pengerusi? If Kamaruddin spoke to the media without getting the chairman’s ok, he is now putting Dato’ MNY in a very awkward position. More so because stakeholders and the market will be confused. Even Board chairmen worth their salt will not make press statements
    without checking with their CEOs, unless they are Executive positions. The other concern is – were his views deliberately sought by BT ? If so, why did BT call Kamaruddin for matters that clearly concerned the CEO ? Will the real MAS spokesman please stand up and be noticed, and say “step aside, all you wannabes. this is my turf ” But then again, the MAS CEO is probably finding this a very, very tough call with so many around him wanting the limelight. I sympathise with AJY.

  22. MAS idiot

    the hidden intentions of the AA directors are clear from the statement. They are to promote AA and not MAS as the media wold us to me. I sympathise with AJ but there is no time for them especially when your enemies are on the rampage.

    AJ must send signals to these so-called directors of MAS that he is the boss. He must also clear the dead woods around MAS for a start. The dead woods: Dr Wafi, Salleh Tak Berani, the two Rajas. Otherwise 5 years down the line we will need another share swap where 50% of MAS share for 1% share based on the lowest share price in the market.

  23. Razak of MAS

    From Kamarudin’s statements, even an idiot can see what the AA’s directors were up to. If the Government, Azman Mokhtar and AJ cannot see that MAS will be koyak soon. So AJ i hope that you are the the fifth MD that failed to put MAS in the right place. Get rid of those Gaji Buta fella like Dr Wafi and company like those with the name of Raja.

  24. Malaysians

    Guys, let’s this be our forum discussion for MAS and Air Asia chronology channel. If MAS IDIOT said Salleh Tak Berani is also the dead woods, then 5 years down the road, he would probably be the next MD/CEO FYI… Anyhow, he was the one who increased the meal allowance for cabin crew which were stagnant for more than a decade.

  25. MAS Idiot

    It was because of the dead woods in MAS that have made AA directors to be so bold as to make such statements. Not a single dead wood dare to speak up. The bulk of MAS problems were done by the dead woods. Look at Wafi, what was he doing. Instead of advising the management, he spent his times writing e-mails to staff advising how to circumvent the Competition Law. Salleh Tak Berani – the name itself tells you all about him.

    Just too many dead woods in MAS. No MD can resolve MAS problems without getting rid of the dead woods.

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