AirAsia Bhd & AirAsia X Sdn Bhd kept RM6.895 millions of unclaimed Airport Tax

AirAsia & AirAsia X Sdn Bhd kept the unclaimed Airport Tax totaling RM6.895 millions

AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd a.k.a FAX of Rural Air Services (RAS) fame, kept the unclaimed Airport Tax for the no-show passengers where both companies have forfeited their fares. By right both companies should immediately refund in full the collected Airport Tax the moment they forfeited fares of the no-show passengers.

Both companies charged very high administrative charges when no-show passengers ask for the refund of the Airport Tax.  More often than not that it is not worth the efforts to demand for the refund of the Airport Tax from these two companies due to their high administrative charges/bank commission. 

Both the companies are mere collecting agents to collect the Airport Taxes on behalf of Malaysian Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB).  Surely, AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd does not levy any administrative charges/bank commission for collecting the Airport Tax on behalf of MAHB.  Similarly, it is most inappropriate for these two companies to levy any administrative charges/bank commission when no-show passengers asked for the refund of the Airport Tax. The forfeited fares were more than sufficient to cover so-called administrative charges/bank commission, if any.  Both companies have no right to keep the Airport Taxes as their revenues.

As a result of the many complaints received from the no-show passengers, in August 2010 yours truly asked the Minister of Transport in Parliament to provide the total amount of Airport Tax collected from no-show passengers and kept by these two companies.

It was only after the Deputy Minister of Transport was reminded about the outstanding answers that on 18-10-2011 the Ministry of Transport provided the following answers:



The unclaimed Airport Taxes of RM6.48 million kept by AirAsia Bhd and RM435,000-00 by AirAsia X Sdn should be immediately forwarded to MAHB forthwith.  Upon receipt of those unclaimed Airport Taxes from AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, MAHB is duty bound to forward them to Bank Negara under the Unclaimed Money Act. 

The Ministry of Transport and/or Ministry of Finance must take immediate actions to ensure that the said unclaimed Airport Taxes held by both AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd be immediately forwarded to MAHB as they have no legal right to retain it.

21 thoughts on “AirAsia Bhd & AirAsia X Sdn Bhd kept RM6.895 millions of unclaimed Airport Tax

  1. Anonymous

    Ini adalah Penipu rakyat yang sebenar, berlagak sebagai hero negara tetapi merompak duit rakyat secara terang-terang tetapi atas slogan yang begitu sopan….Rakyat miskin memberi soft loan free interest kepada Tony, kemudian declare untung…..

    Y.B teruskan penyelongkaran perompak terhormat ini….Khazanah,Kementerian Kewangan Kenapa diam….dapat ticket free kot?

  2. Arumugam

    If this airport Tax is treated as part of revenue then it is creative accounting. Just look AA’s 2nd Quarter’s account the profit was RM104 million and unrealised forex gain of RM132 million. If the unrealised profit was not taken into account, AA would have lost RM28 million. If the RM weaken then the lost would have been greater than RM28 million. That goes for the screaming and groaning of how profitable AA’s business have been. Presumably, when it was owing Airport of RM120 million, this must have been treated as profits too.

    It is all about creating accounting. Are AA’s accounts truly reflect its profit/loss?

  3. Emanuel

    I am one of the victims. I didn’t travel and when i asked for a refund of my Airport Tax that I have paid. The aa administrative charges are almost the same as the airport tax itself. Aa forfeited my fare which was more than enough to cover whatever charges.

    The Government should regulate this so that all airlines must automatically refund airport tax to passengers if their fare have been forfeited.

  4. Hew

    RM200 million subsidy given to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd for Rural Air Services in Sabah and Sarawak but cannot perform. Cannibalized one plane and the six koyak also. Still given right to fly long haul when it cannot even do the work for RAS. What community service Tony was talking about?

    What are the government so lenient to them? I can understand when Pak Lah was the PM becos all the relevant people including Kalimullah was around.

  5. Con air

    Good point Arumugam. the rakyat are not stupid, the authorities gaji buta and the Leaders crooked. Mari kita telanjangkan mereka . Yee haa.

  6. RCZ

    At one point in time, if I’m not mistaken.. when airport tax was reduced, AA also didn’t refund the extra money that they collected for the tax from the customers. They are so shameless..

    I want AA to be a successful company.. but please be more ethical. Please don’t use other company.. i.e MAS (for RAS, QPR sponsorship, termination of FireFlyz).. MAHB (purposely delay payment so that you get longer free credit from customers)..

  7. MAS Staff

    YB, that Tony called himself “has done something for the country” and know about this blog too. Dunno if you can ask the Parliament why is there no one in the Parliament cares about the employees of both AA and AAK? Should the government allowed them to form a union too since Khazanah now owns 10% shares in AA?

    Tony clarified he knew Malaysian well and he said “if you put the price lower, they’ll risk their lives”.

  8. Pening Lalat

    gila…hebat…pencuri ke perompak ni???bertuah dulu ada Firefly…semua orang suka sebab firefly dapat challenge AirAsia…tiket lebih murah…i never use AirAsia to Borneo…i’m just using MAS or Firefly…even i just paid MYR58 for return flight KUL-BKI-KUL…puas hati…service bagus… ada aerobridge…KLIA 2:MAHB AKAN bina aerobridge IKUT KEPERLUAN SYARIKAT PENERBANGAN…wow…hak pengguna hilang…kehendak pengguna musnah…3rd world country airport pun now using aerobridge…Malaysia???…think…

  9. Flyguy

    we shall awaiting your latest posting on the Q&A in the parliament. some minister for sure will give rubbish answer but do kick them for the truth. as MAS staff, we are really demoralize and there is no longer “proud and pride” to becoming MAS staff!!!!!!
    what i seem now is the sentiment of ” 2 or more wrong will make it right” and the real victim is the staff. big boss come and cabut like our previous MD but normal staff like me is here to stay!!!!!!!!

  10. Baik Serve Airlines Lain

    “we are really demoralize and there is no longer “proud and pride” to becoming MAS staff!!!!!!”…yes…100% agreed…now SIA n others including AirAsia staffs are laughing out loud to MAS staff…there is no way of proud to be MAS staff…

  11. Tono Pornondoz

    Just delete Malaysia Airlines….
    right now nothing has been done to stop all those lunatic management done by AA people in MAS……why..? bcoz $$$$$$$$$$…….. Khazanah is sleeping with $$$$$ given by the MP,X-MP,X-PMs, Millionaire n Cronies………
    WCK…..I dont think you can do anything….. MAS is the same as Phillipine Airlines…… SQ is very very proud bcoz they got clean MP……

  12. Heong

    He is so proud to hold the MAS tag. At the same time he can’t want to put MAS down. This is part of the collaborative Frameworks by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

  13. MAS Staff

    Latest news, the government borrowed loan from China to pay KLCCT2. YB, could you find out if this is true? Heard was RM38 billion. Thanks.

  14. Malaysians

    Latest development – Danny Rashdan is now Group Deputy CEO running the commercial department etc so probably would easily make ways for fixing prices for AA to sell better.

    Ahmad Jauhari is a joke setting his new chart putting stupid EVP (Evecutive Vice President) such as Raja Azura and Hayati Dato Ali running the airlines too. Hayati Dato Ali is a stupid woman who cannot make rational decisions but increasing in purchasing and contracts for vendors to bring in more questionable expenses into MAS. For eg, she had her cronies Rozlind Ram…getting trolley bag for MAS cabin crew with lower quality at higher pricing. When time is bad, Hayati spent more money buying T-shirt for staff and badges to taint MAS uniforms but all were approved by the management blindly.

    Despite 8 unions and associations protest against Raja Azura to be Human Cannibal EVP, AJ still puts her there because Raja Azura is anti-unions and MAPA. Raja Azura changed MAS HR – Human Remains to HC – getting worse supposedly Human Capital but never appreciate human capital value instead cutting more cost on labour but increasing in wastages – more bleeding via expensive contracts (LSG sky chef etc). Now HC has turned from Human Remains to Human Cannibalizing…..

    Note: Sorry MAS Staff: minor editions to avoid unnecessary problems.

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