13-10-2011 Questions Time: SC is investigating the unprecedented trend of the movements of AirAsia & MAS share

PERTANYAAN : LISAN            TARIKH : 13.10.2011

Y.B. TUAN WEE CHOO KEONG [ WANGSA MAJU ] minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan sama ada Suruhanjaya Sekuriti (SC) sedar bahawa sebelum penggantungan saham AirAsia Bhd (AA) dan MAS daripada urusniaga pada 09.08.2011, saham AA telah meningkat naik dari tarikh 20.07.2011 dengan “unprecedented trend” dan seterusnya, namun harga saham bagi MAS menurun dan harga saham AA ditutup pada RM3.95 dan MAS RM1.60 dan apabila (perkataan “selepas” tercicir) penggantungan tersebut harga saham AA menurun dan saham MAS meningkat. 


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, Suruhanjaya Sekuriti (SC) bersama Bursa Malaysia sentiasa memantau rapi pergerakan pasaran. SC meneliti secara berterusan semua perkembangan korporat, serta sebarang pergerakan luar biasa dari segi harga dan juga jumlah dagangan. SC juga mengambil perhatian ke atas perkara ini dan kajian serta siasatan sewajarnya sedang diambil keatasnya.  

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11 thoughts on “13-10-2011 Questions Time: SC is investigating the unprecedented trend of the movements of AirAsia & MAS share

  1. sharifah

    Congrats YB. At least, PM dah buka mata. Hope its not too late to save MAS. And if the deal is reversed, rakyat berharap a good, capable and competent mgmt is put into place at MAS. Lama sangat asyik post losses.
    Keep it up YB!

  2. Razak of MAS

    Lets see what actions Bursa KL is going to take. Definitely the negotiations of the share swap is a material information that will affect the affect the decisions of the investing public. But until this day we her nothing.

    SC embroiled in the E & O share deal. So no time to look into other matter. The shares of AirAsia and MAS were definitely rigged. The unusual movements have been too glaring except for SC. Please don’t put too much hope into SC. Press on YB. You are the only MP that MAS employees and the nation are depending on to reverse this share swap. several of he new management must be thrown out immediately to save MAS. Rashdan and Azman Yahya must be the first two to go.

    Then Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah must also go.

  3. mas man

    You knowlah E & O SC sudah pening. This asia lai pening. THese are the remants of the 4th Floor gang. If you want real action than we need Tan Sir Nor Yacop.

  4. Antitrust

    Rakyat dibelakangkan…pencapaian mengutamakan Air Asia/TF…totally not 1Malaysia…TF always said what is he doing for the sake of Malaysian and Malaysia…MAS is MALAYSIA Airlines…Air Asia???totally not…they are even can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia…martabatkan Bahasa Malaysia pun tak boleh…inikan pula nak bercakap pasal Malaysia…

  5. People

    SC should interview Malaysian Insider who gave him the story about the share swap which appeared on 6-8-2011. As YB has said that the report was absolutely accurate though based on sources. that will be a good start. The SC can then interviewed the remisiers involved and listen to the recordings of the instructions given to the remisier. Interview the remisiers.

    The problems with SC are their “tidak apa” attitude. The chairman was and still is too busy with her husband’s E & O share problems in the share market. At the end, SC will tutup file for good. No case.

  6. Joe

    YB hantam SC over their lackadaisical attitude towards insider trading. Question Zarina who no action taken on the movements of MAS and AA shares from April 2011 onward until now.

    Why the big mouth Red Indian is keeping quiet about the issue of insider trading? He loves to open his big mouth but in this matter he becomes dumb!

    Investigate the share movements of MAS & AA and I am sure that SC can get the culprits. Charge those bastards whoever they are because they were all trying to screw up MAS indirectly and enriched themselves in the process.

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