8 thoughts on “Open Invitation To All Readers to My Raya Open House Tonight

  1. MAS supporter

    Thank you for your invitation. We will be there to makan and party with Ramli Sarip and Khadijah Ibrahim. What an unusual open house! Great idea. It is going to be a 1Malaysia night.

    1. weechookeong


      I have already applied for the necessary permits. Thank you for your reminder.

      Please come to my open house tonight. Lets makan and party from 8 pm till late.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats YB, Keep up the good work and your commitments for the betterment of the country irrespective of race and religion. Not many YBs of your class.

  3. Zaid Wangsa Maju

    Great open house. It was an unusual one with short speech, makan and entertainment by papa rock Ramli and Khadijah. Great event. My friends and I enjoyed the occasion. nice party with thousand of people. The rakyat can see what you have done and stand up for them. Thank You YB.

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you so much for all your supports. The function was very successful and well attended. Your truly has been very encouraged by the support will post the pictures soon.

    Sharifah: Terima Kasih atas sokongan. Masih ada banyak perluang kita boleh berinteraksi dalam majlis yang lain.

    Once again thank you.

    With kindest regards

    wee choo keong

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