Tan Sri Nor Yacop & Azman Mokhtar: Wake up & learn from Tan Sri Abdul Aziz

Picture taken from Malay Mail
(Updated 26-9-2011 @ 4:05 Please read the articles regarding the MAS-AirAsia share swap, which was shrouded with secrecy until today. Read HERE & HERE. Your truly hopes that YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yacop and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar will read the articles and reconsider the said secret share swap.)
Yg Bhg Tab Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, the former Managing Director of MAS, has spoken in connection with the  7 REASONS WHY KHAZANAH SHOULD NOT UNDERTAKE THE SHARE SWAP BETWEEN MAS & AIRASIA”. Please read HERE & HERE. Please see below for Yg Bhg Tan Sri Abdul Aziz’s comments. 
I have just read your article and would like to add my views. I am of the view that the air transport industry in the country has over the years. been mired by wrong government decisions and periodical mismanagement by the operators.
The current state of affairs of MAS has been caused by :
(i)         Some 15 years ago MAS management was massed up and the very fabric of its operation was destroyed and until now it has not been fully revived despite efforts being made to revive it.
(ii)        The situation has been compounded by the wrong decisions of the government to allow Air Asia to operate  on domestic and regional routes in the beginning and later on long haul  routes without any proper study on the impact.
(iii)       The authorities failed to appreciate the role and responsibilities of a National Carrier and wrongly placed MAS to compete against a private low cost carrier. It should be noted that it was wrong to convert Air-Asia’s  license from international routes not operated by MAS into domestic routes without any study on the impact.
(iv)       Those concerned have failed to appreciate that Malaysia’s air transport premier travel market is very small and that the market is very ‘price sensitive.
            There is no way that MAS can compete against Air Asia. Up to now I must say that ‘Nasi hampir jadi bubur’. If they carry out their proposed scheme I confirm that ‘ Nasi terus jadi bubur’. I am surprised that so many clever people cannot under stand simple arithmetic.
            You may distribute my comments to the members of your network.
With Kind regards,
Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman.
Another comment from a corporate leader.
Sure will – it makes little sense if you study the balance sheet plus air asia is buying n buying planes with little money to pay ( famous for delaying delivery- shouldn’t you investigate for 50 b purchases if any commission was paid?- and of course if you are Air Asia you want to get rid of threats ( Firefly ????) N take golden routes or block enteries. Well for a start RM 15m already scuppered for QPR ?? What the ##+* for? Then firefly flights being downsized n stopped(check it) Why is iconic entrepreneur putting all ex Malaysia Ringgit in UK? Lotus, QPR etc etc – our home some more he says!! One last one ” Did MAS advisor agree to this? After all supplying nasi lemak is within the family ambit? Funny deal this one – well Y not all MAS staff down tools for one day?? Interesting isn,t it? Just an opinion. Have fun and good luck

36 thoughts on “Tan Sri Nor Yacop & Azman Mokhtar: Wake up & learn from Tan Sri Abdul Aziz

  1. ajay

    Sir, who can deny us the right for cheaper flights in this country? The failure of MAS is it’s own doing. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz can’t claim credit for his so-called success to bring MAS to where it is now. When MAS split up from SIA, some 30 years back, the latter never looked back. 30 years on, MAS is still talking about their rights to exclusive routes in the country. So, is it justifiable to dig into the government’s coffer to save MAS, yet again, from the management’s failure? Might as well sell it off. We do not need an ancient relic. The people’s well being is much more important than saving a first class seat for some VIP.

  2. abror losses

    Who was the Chairman of Abrar which took deposits from Malays for purported investments.

    Many Malays took loans to buy Abrar investments and were cheated

    How come Nor Mahamed is chosen by UMNO to run EPU.

    The whole Pentadbiran UMNO stinks.

    Note; A slight edition to avoid unnecessary problems.

  3. Razak from MAS


    What a stupid argument? Cheaper flights at whose expense? Of course, the rakyat. Cheaper flights provided by AirAsia with all the hidden charges including convenience fees.

    Hello! please look at the backgrounds of AirAsia:

    1. Badawi administration built the LCCT for About RM120 million (nothing much to show) – the contractor Fajar Baru Builders from non other than Rembau ok.

    2. After about a year or two, renovate again for another RM100 million – total costs for LCCT more than RM200 million

    3. AirAsia was allowed to owe airport tax of RM120 million by Badawi’s administration for many many years thereafter gave discount when interests should be charged?

    4. Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX) now known as AirAsia X Sdn Bhd fought to get Rural Air Service (RAS) in 2006 and got to operate RAS for years and given RM65 million by Badawi Administration

    5. After operating RAS for less than a year, FAX threw RAS back to MAS with liabilities of RM35 million due to un-airworthy aircraft but got to keep the subsidy of RM65 million.

    6. FAX/AirAsia X with such history being granted international routes to compete with MAS (like London and etc)

    7. MAS has used million of Rakyat money to promote routes like London, Sydney and etc and AirAsia X was allowed to come in to compete with MAS.

    8. Now suddenly you have Tan Sri Nor Yacop, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan to tell us that MAS need help so Khazanah exchange share with AirAsia (20% MAS equivalent to 10% Airasia) then to buy 10% AirAsia X.

    9. Upon signing agreement MAS had to cancel Firefly flights during Hari Raya,
    termination of profitable routes JB to KK/Kuching, Bandung, sponsor QPR got RM18 million.

    Why should rakyat money being used to help AirAsia – a private entity?

    why must the government built LCCT for AirAsia when we already have KLIA?

    Ajay please stop talking rubbish. Read Tan Sri Aziz’s comments properly or go back to school to study then comments.

  4. KL Joe

    Well said, Razak. Why must air Asia spent our hard earned money on uk company ? compete directly with MAS instead of complementing? Abscond airport tax ?

  5. Stupid ajay

    Spot on Razak of MAS. What that ajay got to say? ajay please check with TF and come back. We are all ready for you and the budak suruhan or budak upahan.There are enough materials in YB’s blog to handle any of you including TF.

    We must accept that MAS is our national carrier. AirAsia Bhd or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd are private companies. So the government does not have to bother about them. They were lucky to have Badawi was extremely sympathetic to them. I wonder, wonder and wonder WHY. Well you may also want to ask why was Datuk Azman Yahya, who is also a director in Scomi was appointed to the MAS Board again recently. Picture of the whole share swap is getting clearer and clearer by the minute. so ajay don’t try your stupid argument here.

    MAS has problems because of the constant interferences by irresponsible politician. Look at WAU under Tan Sri MD Nor Md Yusof. WAu obviously failed miserably that’s why MAS has problems. Look at the company Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd that bought over 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd. It didn’t do badly at all. In fact, almost immediately it sold 49% of hte 70% to Lufthansa’s subsidiary and the remaining 51% sold to Tubaham Bonded warehouse Bhd for RM130 million.

    Ajay next time if your boss asking you to say something please ask your boss to do it themselves.

  6. MAS Observer

    When Tan Sri Aziz speaks we listen because he has a good track records to show. What has Nor Yacop, Azman Mokhtar, Md Nor Md Yusof, Rashdan and Azman have got to show. Nothing except WAU through that Bina tak Fikir company with Azman and Rashdan. They all cannibalised MAS Catering. Now they want to go into direct cannibalisation of MAS in broad day day light. THe interest party sent in cyber-trooper like “ajay”, which showed how stupid he is.

    MAS problems today were due to top management problems. that is those in Khazanah. Nor Yacop, Md Nor Md Yusof, Azman Mokhtar and its new recruit, that little idiot Rashdon. If they have supervised and monitored MAS properly, MAS will be in good shape. If MAS in good shape, how to do the WAU and share swap? So Nor Yacop and the boys stop playing your stupid game. The D day is drawing near so better run early before it is too late.

  7. Anonymous

    MASEU said
    “This is not the way to revitalise MAS. We should straighten out our own affairs starting with the decision makers”

    Tan Sri Abdul Aziz said
    “Firstly, it was due to lack of good management over the past 15 years and secondly, it may be caused by the government’s failure to have an orderly air transport policy.”

    Tun Tony said
    “MAS is a good airline. There’s no cost problems in MAS. The problem is revenue”

    Now, who is the “clever people who cannot understand simple arithmetic.”

  8. Thirddevil

    Khazanah is holding their Hari Raya Open House at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday 27th Sept 2011 from 6:30 to 10:00 pm. Please take this opportunity to meet those folks and ask them the MAS / AA issues straight in their face.

  9. ajay

    You think knowing a few scoring points about MAS, you can start calling people idiots already. I’m not going to resort to such lowly mentality-siege. To start calling people names only reflect oneself.

    I heard that former MD’s interview on Bernama Radio hot seat, and he was babbling about what MAS deserved and how the airline was run differently during his time. That the routes belong exclusively to them. I mean how sad is that? You go to developed nations like the states, you don’t here about this exclusivity thingy being talked about.

    Fact for that matter is that, SIA and MAS started from the same root. While SIA can only circle the Temasek island, MAS has got the whole Malaysia at their disposal to capitalize on, and you’re talking about MAS having to absorb the loss-making FAX service? Where was MAS the past 30 years?

    If you had known that LSG Skychef, or that MAS Catering was loss-making because of some political interference, then you should have made your stand, then.

    I am no sentimental kind of person. If the government needs to build a low cost airport, so I can get cheap rides, I say why not? So what if Badawi wants to give the contract to Fajarbaru Builders? As long as the contract is properly executed, then it should not be an issue. Razak, do you know anything sinister going on? Then go report to the authority. As far as I know, the LCCT was completed on time, and everybody gets to use it.

    End of day, me as taxpayer want to know where does my tax money goes to. Is it to save somebody’s failure (in reference to those generations of MAS management who has no stake at all in MAS), or being put to good use, such as building better infrastructure to those in need.

  10. ...Benci Ketidaktelusan dan Penganayaan...

    how about aerobridges in KLIA 2???as a taxpayer aku nak jambatan udara…kenapa perlu ikut AK???…camne ngan OKU, warga tua etc???jangan kita ayik memuja bintang di langit, kita lupa rumput di bumi…murah sangat kew LCCT kalau dikenakan macam2 caj tambahan yang difikirkan tak masuk akal???terfikirkah anda dengan penggabungan MH AK FY akan wujud monopoli macam astro???mangsa???the answer is the rakyat…sebelum ni rakyat boleh pilih dan bandingkan harga…lepas ni???sebelum ni ada FY yang lebih selesa walaupun harga yang murah…i’ll definitely choose FY…now???i have only 1 choice…FY is definitely AK threats…sbb tu TF anad the gang macam cacing kepanasan nk menghancurkan MAS (HAK RAKYAT) demi keuntungan sendiri bukan MALAYSIA…MAS pun perlu berubah daripada MAS (Mesti Ada Saudara) sebelum ni supaya lebih telus…MAS hak semua…

  11. Razak from MAS


    MAS is our national carrier so the government must protect it. MAS is also our ambassador to other country. MAS must fly even though with 15 passengers unlike AirAsia it will cancelled. So profit cannot be the only criteria for the existent of MAS. It is our country flag bearer.

    Which country in the world where one single airline (like Airasia) can owe airport taxes up to RM120 million for years and not weeks. How come MAHB didn’t dare to take action? Thereafter, got discount for owing airport taxes. Please tell us which airline in the world.

    Secondly, we have KLIA why must the govt under Badawi had to built another airport for AIrAsia? What is so special about AirAsia?

    Thirdly, Fajar baru of Rembau was given the contract to build LCCT not via open tender. Why no open tender? why was Fajar Baru so special?

    Why FAX (FLy Asian Express Sdn Bhd (AirAsia X Sdn Bhd) so special? gave subsidy RM65 million for RAS service for 2 years but could not perform then FAX can kept the subsidy and MAS was burden to put right the aircraft costing RM35 million of rakyat money. Why AirAsia X was so special? With that history, now given international routes only flew 16 and now only 13. Why was there a necessity of granting so many routes when it can only handled 13. Why AirAsia X Sdn Bhd so special?

    Why must the government or MAHB had to bow to AirAsia/Tony just becos TOny doesn’t want aerobridge? Which modern airport without aerobridges? Why must the need of the elderly, handicaps and kids be ignored for the sake of AirAsia?

    Why must my taxes to be used to subsidise AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd all of which are partly foreign owned? MAS a full fledge Malaysian owned and our national carrier. Of course, we must take care.

    Please don’t be so stupid as to ignore the above. Answer those glaring points: ability to owe airport taxes, fajar baru of Rembau appointed without open tender, subsidy of RM65 million given to FAX?airAsia X Sdn Bhd, which cannot perform, and only to keep the RM65 million without any refund, cannibalisation of aircraft and rakyat had to pay RM35 million for the nonsense committed by the irresponsible AirAsia X and etc.

    the govt must stop letting Tony to mess around in our aviation industry. Enough is enough. The 4th floor administration has gone. We shall no longer tolerate such nonsense.

    Now look at AirAsia share price. It is below RM3. It was RM3.95 when it was suspended before the share swap. What is happening?

    The facts posted by YB here were to glaring for comfort. The government must take note of all the facts. I am sure that YB will present the glaring facts to Parliament then we will see whether the government can close its eyes.

    Thank you.

  12. Another Mas Man


    You cannot really blame others to call you stupid because your argument in support of Tony or AirAsia was an exhibition of your ignorance and willful blindness to what AIrAsia or Tony did and were ignored by Badawi’s administration. Like what Razak of MAS has pointed.

    Just one point will do: Which country in the world that an airline can owe airport taxes for RM120 million for so many years and got a discount when paying? Please explain this to show your intelligence.

  13. ronald

    Please ignore the Ajay of this world. Just brainless. who cannot differentiate between black and white! so please don’t expect him to know what is a national carrier and what is a private carrier AirAsia and Airasia X which are partly foreign owned. With all the helps given by Badawi’s administration seemed to be insufficient and he wanted the rakyat to sponsor more. ptui!

    The country must not tolerate Tony/AirAsia’s demands and stop the share swap before MAS is dead. Firefly is almost dead with Rashdan, the obedient boy, has been doing. Termination of profitable routes and sponsoring QPR with rakyat money and at the same time telling us MAS has no money.

    Lets ignore Ajay, the ignorant. Most probably he refused to read the articles posted in YB’s blog that are filled with facts that I was so shocked to read.

    Lets have a mature debate here and not wearing blinkers to defend the indefensible.

  14. wan

    Thank you readers you have put your case clearly. Surely that idiot and his boss will not be able to answer. Which authority in the world will allow an airline to owe airport tax of RM120 million for so many year without interest and discount? Hopefully Tony and his kuncu can tell us which airport authority in this world allowed airline to owe airport tax?

    AA from its inception until now no dividend has been pad to its shareholders. Yet we are told by Tony that Aa is doing very very well. so is the airAsia X, which has a loss of RM89 million in 2009. What about 2010 which still not published? Tony please tell us how many hundred million AirAsia X Sdn “PROFIT” if any for 2010.

    So shut up and smoke cigar! wait for the answers to the questions in Parliament. So what information Nor Yacop and Azman Mokhtar will provide the government and Parliament.

    Can wait for Parliament to start in early October.

  15. Ajay

    Seriously, pity you all, still with the name calling. I certainly hope those with those kind of attitude are not the one from MAS management, else the airline is definitely heading for a crash. Anyway, my argument couldn’t have been said better by the old man himself, Tun M, in his latest posting, of course in his blog.

    Razak, with all your bablings about Mas not getting fair treatment from the government, maybe you should ask your bosses or ex-bosses, why didn’t they take a stand when Mas was pushed around? Is it because they’re scared of loosing their job? Why Mas, with a strong foundation as an airline, with money to spend, and with the government as their safety net, could not have come out with their own version of Air Asia back when Tony Fernandes was still selling music cassettes? You go ask your bosses that, then come back with better argument. Enough will the name calling lah, so childish.

    Oh, and the question on why Fajarbaru got the contract thru direct-nego. For those of you who are familiar with government contracts and procurement methods, direct-nego is acceptable, provided certain conditions are fulfilled. What type of conditions, maybe Yb Wee can ask in the parliament. Furthermore, I was made to understand, direct-nego is not a direct-nego in its true sense. In fact, 2-3 companies other companies are considered by the Treasury. In short, they just skip the whole lengthy tender process and straight-away go for review, which is still okay by government’s SOP. So, the question you should be asking the government, is not why Fajarbaru got the project thru direct-nego, rather, is the award process done according to SOP or not? Yb Wee probably can help with that.

  16. More and more stupid Ajay


    Why are still avoiding the issues that have been raised by so many readers? The owing of airport axes by AirAsia, the RM65 million subsidy given to AirAsia X, the Rm35 millions spent by MAS to make the 7 aircraft airworthy after AirAsia X dumped the RAS back to MAS, the selling of 70% of MAS Catering to Datuk Ibrahim Hj Ahmad (Badawi) under WAU during the hay days of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and etc. Why harping on Fajar Baru from Rembau? Even that you cannot answer why must the government built another airport at that time for a small airline with a few planes? Soon after renovated it with another RM120 million making a total of about RM250 million. Of course, during the Badawi’s administration. The subsidy of RM65 million to AirAsia X and the owing of airport taxes were all during the Badawi’s administration.

    Ajay, we know you are not stupid. May be you were trying to avoid which has resulted in showing your stupidity. Please answers those points/questions raised by YB in his reply to your friend Puteriwangsamaju. Opps! sorry she or he may not be your friend. if you were not instructed to reply or not capable of replying to those questions please refer to your boss TF for reply.

  17. Anonymous

    Do not try to defend something that you are not sure.
    So far, the real crooks have not been able to response intelligently.

    Please restrain yourself, all will be revealed in Parliament soon.
    If you read all articles very carefully, MAS problem is not Air Asia but MAS and the decision makers.

    Like Tan Sr Aziz said “Some 15 years ago MAS management was messed up and the very fabric of its operation was destroyed and until now it has not been fully revived despite efforts being made to revive it.”

    Remember, who was the PM at that time and believe me, he and the decision makers are making a bigger mistake now.

  18. Raman


    Kau ni memang bodoh atau terlapu “cerdik”. Baca blog YB dengan baik dan meneliti semua fakta. Selepas itu barulah komen. Gunalah otak sedikit. Jangan membabi buta!

  19. See


    Please don’t make yourself look so “CLEVER” – since you don’t like to be stupid. But your comments were not so clever. So please be more clever and answer points by points what have been said about AriAsia, AirAsix Sdn S B and Tony. You can provide acceptable answer than I will say you are very very clever.

    May be you should start off with one question first other you cannot handle due to your mental state: Which country that allow a low cost airline or any airline to owe airport taxes for more than RM100 million for so many years?

    If you can not answer then please pack up and shut your gap otherwise you will get more angry as more and more people will laugh at you; you will look like Puteriwangsamaju.

  20. Roslan from Khazanah


    Please go back to school again because you just cannot understand simple English. The questions have been put to you and/or your superior and/or your boss TF to answer. Why are you not answering those questions and instead you kept talking nonsense.

    I am sure that your boss should be able to help you to draft and reply. Perhaps you may want to get Puteriwangsamaju (if you are not the same person) to help you to provide answers to the questions posed to you. If you cannot understand then you must be an idiot.

  21. I am a Khazanah guy

    TF, Rashdan, Azman Mokhtar, Md Nor Md Yusof, Azman yahya and Nor Yacop cannot reply. Let the Minister provide the answer in Parliament then we can scrutnise and whack them. These people must be taught a good lesson. They think that they can do what they like. YB Please check on how have Khazanah spent on consultant fees since Azman Mokhtar took office and whether he kept appointing Bina Takir boy (Rashdan) to do it. I am sure that the consultant fees will be many many million by now.

  22. Razak of MAS

    now we read in the Star that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd will not proceed with the IPO for the moment because of the share swap. Why? it has no relevant. IPO can be proceeded with regardless of share swap.Unless AirAsia X sdn Bhd need Khazanah’s name on it.

    AirAsia X has a recorded losses of almost RM90 million for 2009. what about 2010 and 2011? How can SC approve such application?

    Khazanah should ask AirAsia X to pay back the Rm35 million that MAS has paid to refurbish the unairworthy aircraft during the RAS days.

  23. Singh

    The two Tan Sris, you better learn before MAS is screwed. Are you not ashamed if MAS were to be screwed due to your stupid actions. Stop the share swap.

  24. Randy

    I wouldn’t bet on “all will be revealed in parliament”…the powers that be are good at sweeping things under the carpet….hopefully more MPs like YB Wee will voiuce out and demand explanation.

    Also, just a point to note YB,
    Ryanair, some years ago (2007/08) had tried to take over Aer Lingus, the Irish national carrier. The EU Competition Commission had blocked it as it was so visibly anti competitive in nature – as there were considerable overlaps in routes, hence a merger would’ve reduced (if not eliminated oon some routes) competition… M’sia now has a competition act….shouldn’t our own commission be looking into this merger?

  25. Mohd ISA of MAS

    Good info Randy. Yes, there is another angle we can attack. Is mahatiew that stupid , blind or has vested interest not to see this. He screwed MAS 15 years ago and now he is trying to fix a labu , bah.

  26. Razak of MAS

    MAS new MD must examine all decisions by Rashdan (the former Bina Tak Fikir) like cancellations of Firefly flights during Raya, termination of routes like JB to KB, RM18 million sponsorship of QPR home jersey and others which are kept under raped. these decisions are seen to be detrimental to MAS and appearing to favor AirAsia.

    The MD must not be seen to be a stooge of Tony and Rashdan otherwise he will be ineffective. MAS needs a strong and independent MD. he MAS exco is a bunch of Yes Men. MD, only famous for WAU, Rashdan, the Bina Tak Fikir, Azman Yahya, Scomi director (who is behind Scomi). So ignore the MAS Exco.

  27. az

    Just wonder why PM and the rest Ministers/cabinets not taking this as serious national issues. And all the Stooges involved they are not stupid as claimed, but they are opportunists and terminator in character due to ‘sikap tak sayangkan negara’ ‘penting diri sendiri’ as long as their pockets full and swollen…Not honest, not trustworthy,No God fear broods,kesian their parents with sins done by them…shame with all the titles honoured tansris la, dato seri la,datuk la,..

  28. ...Benci Ketidaktelusan dan Penganayaan...

    TF said what is he doing now is for Malaysia…

    i think he MUST change the AirAsia stewardesses’ dress first before talking about Malaysia…

    And learn how to speak Bahasa Malaysia…

    tunjuk sikit patriotik…kalau tak jangan cakap pasal Malaysia…

  29. When the government become stupid, the best way is to open their mind by STRIKE! BN must help in solving this issue…why is it that BN and PR keep quite on this issue? MAS need to be defended at all cost! If Japan, Australia, Singapore and other countries that have national carrier can defend and bail out their national carriers, why not Malaysia? MAS is the same as Telekom, TNB and Petrnonas too, it is our national treasure!

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