Rashdan & Co: BINA tak Fikir wang rakyatkah?

Rashdan aka Danny, the whizz kid who know only “Bina tak Fikir wang rakyat!”

It was reported in the Star today that the sponsorship for QPR home jersey will cost MAS RM18 million for two years. Whereas in June 2011 Genting UK sponsors Aston Villa, a much more renown team, main jersey for only RM17 million also for two years. For full report, please see below.  This was how En Mohmed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny, the newly crowned Executive Director of MAS by Khazanah, was trying to save MAS from the brink. It was a senseless decision by MAS. A clear case of no due diligence being exercised before making the decision. Just like the secret MAS-Asia share swap! A clear case of being led by the nose!

One would have thought that MAS should not have gone on  a spending spree, since it has been just been “rescued” by the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap.  MAS so-called new management was still suffering from the old sickness of saying one thing and doing another.  This is the continuous problem faced by MAS where its executives only knew how to preach to its employees that MAS had to cut costs and their benefits to make MAS viable.  At the same time you have “whiz kid” like Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny of BinaFikir fame spent MAS money at his whim and fancy. The MAS Board must have discussed and agreed to this unnecessary expenditure. They knowingly allowed Tan Sri Tony Fernandes to lead them by the nose. Why?

The way in which this “whiz kid” and the MAS Board have committed MAS to spend RM18 million for QPR home jersey during such difficult time showed that they were clueless and were appointed to perform certain “special tasks” best known to themselves. No wonder the BinaFikir Sdn Bhd’s “Widespread Asset Un-bundling” (WAU), which was the brainchild of this “whiz kid” and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, failed miserably and WAU had to be rescued by the said secret share swap!

The recent events shown that the said secret share swap was not a simple share swap after all. It was so glaring that the hearts of this “whiz kid” and the other Board members, like Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (author and executor of WAU), Datuk Azman Yahya (a director of Scomi and Pharmaniaga, Bolton, Sympnhony House), Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah (of E & O share fame) were never with MAS from day one. This real intentions could be seen from sudden cancellation of several full load Firefly flights during the Hari Raya season and termination of Firefly’s profitable routes from JB to Kuching and KK. They are not protecting the best interest of MAS.  It was a clear case of “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.”

Mr PM Sir, the rakyat demand that you step in to stop the rot before it is too late!


PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines‘ (MAS) recently-announced sponsorship for the Queen Park Rangers (QPR) home jersey in the Barclays Premier League will cost the national carrier some RM18mil or 3.7mil, according to a source.

The total sponsorship fee for both MAS and AirAsia for the English professional football club, which involves a term of two years, would cost some RM30mil (6.2mil), the source added.

“MAS will take up a bulk or almost 60% of the total fees while the remaining will be forked out by AirAsia Bhd and its related companies which could also involve AirAsia X.

This is how the new queens park rangers home jersey will look like now that Malaysia Airlines are the new sponsors.

“Typically, the home jersey sponsorship is more expensive than the away jersey,” the source said.

On Monday, MAS and AirAsia signed a jersey deal for QPR which will see the MAS logo adorn the jersey at home while the AirAsia logo will be used on the team’s away games.

“This sponsorship is the first major initiative of our new brand and marketing strategy that would see important advertising money spent on boosting our top line. This is a key component in our drive to regain global market share, profitability,” said MAS executive director Mohammed Rashdan Yusof.

Even so, most analysts are not thrilled. Their main grouse is that MAS should instead be focusing on strengthening its flagging financial status and showing some concrete moves towards this end.

Moreover, the crucial post of a chief executive officer for MAS has still yet to be filled.

The sponsorship deal by the two airlines closely follows a landmark share-swap deal involving the major shareholders of the respective airlines in early August which had turned the rivals into allies.

AirAsia’s chief steward and major shareholder Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and his partner, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, collectively own a 75% stake in Tune QPR Sdn Bhd, which in turn owns 66% of QPR Holdings Ltd. Fernandes, who only recently acquired the stake in the football club, is currently chairman of QPR.

In an earlier announcement to Bursa Malaysia, AirAsia said it would cough up some RM2.4mil or 500,000 as sponsorship fees for the duration of the two-year term.

Only in June this year, Genting UK, the largest casino operator in Britain, sealed a pact to be the main jersey sponsor for Aston Villa for two years.

20 thoughts on “Rashdan & Co: BINA tak Fikir wang rakyatkah?

  1. Pak Tua

    The process of cannibalizing MAS has begun. It is the surest way to kill off a competitor. The trojan horse will assist from within.
    Meanwhile MAS will be losing more pilots who are migrating to Air Asia as the possible demise of MAS is already discernible on their radar screen.

  2. Salim Mahmud


    Jelas Genting dan terutamanya Air Asia lebih untung kerana logo dan nama mereka akan terpampang disemua Stadium seluruh England.

    MAS dengan RM18 juta hanya di tempat sendiri QPR, sedangkan logo Air Asia di jersi tempat lawan dan jersi ke 3 QPR akan kelihatan di stadium-stadium lain seperti Anfield Liverpool, Old Trafford Manchester, Emirates London, Villa Park Birmingham dan sebagainya.

    Mengikut perkira kadar minimum kos unit pendedahan terhadap jumlah penonton adalah dianggarkan bagi ketiga-tiga syarikat seperti berikut :

    1. Malaysia Airlines RM14.07
    2. Air Asia RM1.50
    3. Genting RM5.30

    Perkiraan ini berdasarkan jumlah penajaan dua tahun sperti berikut yang diperolehi melalui posting YB > MAS (RM18juta), Air Asia (RM2.4juta) dan Genting (RM17juta)

    Jelas di sini kos unit bagi MAS hampir 3 kali ganda apa yang dibayar oleh Genting dan 10 kali ganda Air Asia. Itu pula bagi stadium Loftus Road yang kurang premium berbanding dengan kebanyakkan Stadium yang lain.

    Masih nak percaya lagi Barisan Nasional dengan khazanah negara?

  3. Anonymous

    Dear YB, can we get someone to answer some basic questions;
    1. Are we saying by sponsoring QPR, MAS will eventually have more people booking & flying with them (?) as the brand will be seen by everyone watching the BPL for the next 2 years? This is also subject to QPR staying in the BPL!, any exit clause if they are relegated?
    2. Are we saying MAS didn’t effectively invest in their advertisement for the past few years??
    3. Why QPR??? Why not the top 4 teams in BPL? MAS is a 5-star airlines, shouldn’t we be with the top teams of BPL? (Petronas is with the top teams in F1 becoz they want to be associated with the best of the best!!QPR do not get much airtime to justify the price even compared to Aston Villa. Should invest in the top teams as they will definitely get more airtime & hence can justify the cuba-Fikir team that the brand will be seen by millions on a weekly basis.
    4. Why MAS didn’t get the away jersey which is cheaper???? or even share the total cost & put both brands on both jerseys???? why pay millions although the earlier justification was that MAS can collapse anytime if there was no share swap????? suddenly got money to spend???
    5. Why no MAS stewardess during the annoucement????? not sexy enough for TF?
    6. why am i wasting my time complaining? pls lah, think more sense la, imagine thousands of people in malaysia thinking about this, wasting manhours mah!!!

    Hope it ends well!
    MAS supporter.

  4. Lee Yow Chor

    Dear YB,

    I am worried about the circle around our dearest Prime Minister Najib. As I understand it some of his group of advisers are consultants from various firms that include McKinsey, Ethos, BinaFikir etc.

    Yes, perhaps these people are smart with their Ivy Leagues qualifications. But do they have what it takes to advise on matters pertaining national interest?

    What happen with the brains (most are also Ivy League or Oxbridge materials) in Khazanah? They are entrusted to manage our nation’s wealth but taking the jersey sponsorship story for example, I don’t think they really know what they’re doing. Hey, that’s better rather than they deliberately did it but with some wicked intention for commercial gain, don’t you think so YB?

    Mr Prime Minister, please please please be extremely careful with people around you. These type of people that caused Pak Lah premiership to come to an end sooner than expected and you should know that learning from other people’s experience is most of the times better than learning it the hard way, from your own personal account.

  5. Anonymous

    And yet they call him wonderboy and MAS management incompetent neeing such people to come in and bail MAS out.

    Look who’s the moron now. Or maybe you are the clever one. Pandai hidup.

    MAS being systematically stripped.

  6. Choong

    Lee Yow Chor

    I am in full agreement with you. I believe that misleading advice has been given wrong advice by idiots. These BinaFu.ker boys are terrible. they screwed MAS once under WAU and hey are still trying.

    We must all join hand to whack them properly until they don’t their name.

  7. anonymous

    Dia mana ada fikir untuk rakyat. Tengok muka dia pun kita udah tahu bahawa fikir wang sahaja. Di nak Bina tetapi otaknya otak udang. Sangat action ini budak.

  8. anonymous

    THis idiot is damn arrogant. He think that he is smart and we all stupid. ptui! ptui! ptui that are what i will give him.

    He is just a running dog for Tony. The existing management team is good for nothing. They have no clue about aviation. They only know how to BINA…. like what he and azman mokhtar did with WAU. Didn’t solve the problems and got paid fes. Then got Maybank to buy it from them. Now sitting pretty in Khazanah. Gaji buta>

  9. Zawiah binti Puteh

    YB, kami mengharap YB saja memperjuangkan menghapuskan lanun2 keparat ni..I just cannot understand our PM standing on this issue, I think he ‘s just better than the previous PM in terms of ‘not sleepy head’..yang lain2 hal banyak tak cerdik.

  10. Razak

    Now that the MAS CEO has been appointed at long last, the CEO must keep this whiz kid from running amok in MAS to help AirAsia and Tony. He can now go back to his nest in Khazanah to run AMok there for his gaji buta job. Real brainless. Pay more and get less for MAS. Just to help Tony. To carry ball, no need to go to Cambridge. Bodoh. Youhave your brain between your legs, Danny. We know your bullshit in Maybank days thats why you were thrown out. only your former partner will take you because he is also a “lima kali dua, dua kali lima!

  11. Danny Penyamun

    Wah !! so many little nepoleon (more like robbers) in GLC now and PM asleep ? We need your help YB. Please make our vote for your worthwhile, please sir.

  12. MAS Bugger

    “PETALING JAYA: National carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced Wednesday the appointment of its new chief, Ahmad Jauhari Yayha, in hopes that he will be able to turnaround the loss-making carrier.

    The 56-year-old will be the airline’s new managing director starting next Monday.”

    Dear YB,

    The government has made another BIG blunder by appointing this new MD due the many reasons below:

    a. he is already 56 years old thus no pressure for him to perform, just collect gaji buta before retiring
    b. his only experience in aviation is flying an experimental aircraft
    c. he will be the scapegoat just like Fuaad, Jala and Azmir if the EXCO screwed up and believe me the EXCO will screw up.

    More reasons will follow later.

  13. Anak Malaysia

    YB, since now MAS has got their new MD but how sure are we that he is not another one of TF running dog too. How much does he knows about aviation industry because from his profile he is a man of oil, gas & power supply.

    Why can’t they put Idris Jala back as the MD? He has done such good and tremendous JOB to bring MAS up during his tenure.

    Doesn’t these people learn from previous mistake, when they put TR there as the head? All of us know that this bloody THAMBI and his croonies are only interested in filling up their own pockets. They are even worse than the blood sucking leech.

    Please SAVE MAS before it’s way too late.

    Note: Sorry for the minor edition to avoid unnecessary complication. thank you

  14. Anonymous

    They come in accuing the existing management as incompetent, and yet gues what, the dont know so much about the business such that the existing management has to spend a lot of time educating them.


  15. anonmalay

    For the first time ever there were 5 Firefly aircraft parked together at KLIA today, a sad sign of the times. Now they are talking about the second phase of the grand master plan, a tie up between MAS cargo and Air Asia Cargo, citing the usual biz words such as synergies, savings etc etc.
    Meanwhile, little birds say that Mas Charter are negotiating a deal for charter services to Apple Inc for later this year, but somehow the guys at Air Asia got wind of it and packed off a delegation to Apple to try and secure a deal, so much for co-operation blah blah blah. The one thing AA won’t try and do a deal with MAS is probably Maintenance, biz words probably being not cost effective,not a lean fit etc etc.

  16. Joe Black

    Everytime you guys say Mr Prime Minister the rakyat demand this or that! It makes me want to

    You’ll never get the last word from him….He’s sticking to the Old Man’s Advise. Don’t say Anything! He and his “Glamorous” are too busy enjoying themselves.

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