Rashdan: Bina ada Fikir…kah?

Cardiff City FC with Malaysia as its logo. Thank you Berjaya Group. Please teach En Rashdan a thing or two about patriotism.

En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) (sounded very English – must be of English upbringing with great principles), the newly crowned Executive Director of MAS has done tremendous things to MAS. But I am not too sure whether he was doing what he did so far for MAS or AirAsia / AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. I am still trying to figure it out. I am sure that you are also trying to figure it out too. Rashdan, I know you are trying very very hard to BINA MAS but you ada Fikirkah?

Why did you allow the following decisions to be made:

1.   Unilaterally cancelled numerous full load flights of Firefly during Hari Raya season recently thereby causing great inconveniences to the rakyat during festive occasion?

2.   Termination of profitable Firefly routes from Johor Baru to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu from 15 September 2011 also causing great inconvenience to the rakyat, who had to travel to KL to board the flights? Please read in HERE.

3.  Why was there a need to change the name Firefly to Sapphire when Firefly is doing extremely well and expanding?

3.  Why did MAS sign up Jersey Sponsorship Agreement with QPR, which Tony bought a few days after the secret share swap was sealed, when MAS was supposed to be ailing very badly financially?

4.  During the singing ceremony of the QPR Jersey Sponsorship, why you allowed AirAsia stewardesses to overwhelm the occasion as though you were there merely to show your faithful supports to Tan Sri Tony Fernandes/AirAsia? Why jersey with MAS logo only be used for home games and away with AirAsia logo i.e. jersey with AirAsia logo used for any game around the world?  Why did you not ensure MAS strong presence during the signing ceremony? Was this the way you were trying to promote MAS overseas?  Please read in HERE.  Don’t you not think for a moment that MAS has been taken for a ride big time in this secret share swap?

Before you go further, En Rashdan please learn a little bit from the footsteps of Berjaya Group where it has bought a substantial equity of Cardiff City Football Club, in HERE, but it didn’t put Berjaya Group on the jersey but the word “MALAYSIA”.  Even if Berjaya Group were to put its logo on the jersey, it is their right to promote its company’s name because it was using its shareholders’ money. But MAS, belongs to Malaysians as a whole, definitely not Rashdan, YB Nor Mohamad Yacop, Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, who was responsible for the sale of 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Datuk Azman Yahya, also a director of SCOMI a famous company of international fame, Datuk Rohana of Astro, Datuk Krihsnan Tan and Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah of recent E & O share fame.

Syabas to Berjaya Group for being patriot by putting Malaysia before your company. Perhaps En Rashdan needs a crash course on patriotism to help him to realise that the nation comes before everything ELSE including MONEY! Wake up Rashdan and friends!  Malaysia comes first!

QPR FC which Tan Sri Tony F / AirAsia has a stake in. En Rashdan please learn from Berjaya Group.

28 thoughts on “Rashdan: Bina ada Fikir…kah?

  1. Anak Malaysia


    You are so right, YB. What they HELL is Rashdan trying to prove??? HIS LOYALTY to TF? Why must the AirAsia cabin crew be there when MAS is the sponsor for the stupid football team or maybe AK is trying to get CHEAP PUBLICITY? These people are trying to KILL MAS and NOT saving as they said. The blind too knew what they are doing.

    Come on we are not a small kid which you can just buy out. Idris Jala has done a good job by turning MAS around and so did Tengku Azmil, so removed them from the company? So khazanah think these CLOWNS can do better in saving MAS?

    YB, I hope you will be able to do something for the sake of all the 19,000 MAS Staffs and also the Rakyat. If this happen MAS will only die and MAS will end up being like Pan Am or even Philippines Airlines and Garuda.

    There’s NO need to change the name of Firefly to Sapphire and also there are NO need to sponsor any jersey for a lousy football team and if there is really a need to sponsor jersey for any football team, why not sponsor our own Malaysia team.

    YB, please tell TF, Rashdan, Md Nor and all theirs croonies…to go FLY KITE. Tell them don’t forget that if they MAKAN the hard earn money of the MAS staffs and Rakyat….I am sure the staffs and rakyat will tuntut from them di AKHIRAT.

    YB, please tell this people to watch the show TANAH KUBUR and I am sure they know what it mean. As for TF if you are a christian, for heaven sake go to church and repent or maybe he doesn’t have a religion and he has already confirmed a place in HELL to the next KING of HELL/SATAN.

  2. Idiot

    English upbringing! Rasdhdan. Sorrylah! of Pariah upbringing yes. A man of no principles and treating rakyat as stupid.

    sponsored QPR jersey using ten of million Pounds using rakyat money, jersey used for home leg. how stupid of that decision. AirAsia logo used on away leg. To every part of the world. Brainless idiot at that. Better start primary school again.

  3. anon009@yahoo,co.uk

    “Termination of profitable Firefly routes from Johor Baru to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu from 15 September 2011 also causing great inconvenience to the rakyat, who had to travel to KL to board the flights?”

    Question Is, what are Firefly doing with all their JB staff now? the real victims of all this so far??

  4. THe Ordinary Rakyat

    He has no f..king principles. a brainless person cannot have principle at all. What he had don within such a short time was clear evidence of him trying to kill MAS, our national carrier. We must all fight him. If the deal still proceed and not stop by the government then we will teach Najib government a lesson in PRU 13.

  5. MAS staff

    Rashdan had to go back to school to learn a bit about Rukunegara. This boy is just follow instructions from his boss, TF or the sleepy aresh..le I think may be both.

    This boy must be taught a lesson in Parliament. Crucify this bast..d and show him the right path. So is Nor Yakop. Tell him to think again about the fate of his political secretary, Hasbie Satar. If they carry on screwing MAS let screw them all the way. Screw the government too.

  6. Mas man

    Brainless rashdan! Even a kid can see from all his actions so far that he is just a runner for TF. Najib should sack rashdan, azman mokhtar,
    Md nor md yusof (another brainless & souless), adman yahoo, tan sir wan azmi and Rohana then MAS will be saved. Better still throw out of Malaysia because they do not know their role as malaysians. They only know how to kow tow to TF. Sack them and sack them right now. To save MAS.

  7. Anonymous

    Just a month and a few days after signing the secret dirty deal, MAS under Rashdan had to rush to London to dish out money to QPR. Why the sponsorship has been in such great speed? Why can MAS settled down and get the staff in high morale then think about sponsorship.

    Why can Rashdan, the Tony running boy think of MAS and it’s staff for a change instead carrying Tony’s ball.

    Pls tell us what more u want to commit MAS from now on? So that Malaysian can be prepared for the shocks. It was so clear that they want to commit MAS to he’ll so that any CEO comes in will be bound by it. Bloody ……….. I heard you all are echoing what I was saying! Fight then and f… Them.

  8. Sekolah Pondok


    Penat Kerajaan Malaysia hantar lu pegi Cambridge suruh belajar pandai-pandai. Lu dah dapat double first class honours degree pun lu still tak boleh pikir. Gua sekolah pondok pun boleh nampak MAS kena tipu kaw-kaw dgn TF and Gang. Lu memang text-book material, sama macam lu punya mentor, Azman M (M for mangkuk) – tak de sense of business langsung. Sebelum Khazanah atau MAS rugi makin banyak, gua rasa baik lu cepat-cepat resign dan jadi lecturer kat ITM ka, Taylors College, MRSM ka, sekolah pondok ka, or lu buat university baru University Bina Fu..ker..lu boleh appoint mentor lu Azman M as Chairman. Kurang2, taxpayer tak payah bayar gaji lu RM100k++ sebulan di Khazanah. Buang duit rakyat sahaja. Puiii…!!!!

    nota: edit sidikit sori ya.

  9. Tee

    Rashdan is a BinaFu..ker! or BinaLicker! YB please start the ball rolling on these fu.ers….

    Note: had to edit a bit ok bro. Sorry. Otherwise ..

  10. Keat

    YB, please look at the possibility of the connection between the secret share swap and the E & O shares. All pointing to the 4th floor. please also look at the historical factors under the 4th floor regime.

    Azizan of the E & O hu ha is a member of board of director of MBf Group and Kalimullah was also on the MBf board – if i remember in correctly he was the chairman and a close friend of Loy Teik Ngan, son of Loy Hean Heong. Remember all these facts. Just a reminder. Then ECM Libra. Now same personalities in ECM Libra are in AirAsia X Sdn Bhd which was involved in a way in this bullshit share swap.

    So the story goes ….. please look at it careful and piece up the puzzles. Not that difficult. TF/AirAsia got away with almost everything during the 4th floor regime. a newly ariline got a new lcct built for free. then renovated – cost RM100 over million. Total RM250 million. MAHB dared not demand for payment of airport tax. Thus accumulated to RM100 million.


  11. Melayu Mudah Lupa

    To add to Keat’s comments

    All the personalities became famous after 2003! AirAsia flying very very high almost to the outer space after 2003. MAS was getting worse and worse at the same time. These were the hard facts. Please examined.

  12. Anonymous

    YB CK Wee

    This deal is not bad. This deal is stinkingly rotten.

    Please raise this deal and the many others that you have been raising regarding the Khazanah – AA current and most definitely future plundering of MAS, in the coming sitting of Parliament.

    We will be waiting for your questions and their replies. The rakyat is losing sleep over these deals. Let us see how they are gong to answer your questions.

    Please make sure all you can to get the questions get asked and that their answers to recorder to eternity, as part of the Parliament’s Hansards.

    Tank you very very much

    Economist Kampong

  13. Syok Sendiri

    I don’t quite understand why the new Executive Director of MAS, Mohd Rashdan Yusof, was present during the QPR sponsorship event when AirAsia was represented by only its Regional Head of Commercial, Kathleen Tan? Shouldn’t MAS be represented by its Head of Communication instead? Obviously this Danny boy is Syok Sendiri to the max, looking for cheap publicity, promoting his pu.imak look. If Danny boy is so Giler Glamour then he should start acting career (i’m sure he’s very good at it)!

    note: Minor edition bro. Sorry.

  14. Anonymous

    If Karpal, Kit SIang, Anuwar or Ustaz Hadi (and even YAM YB Tunku Razaleigh) want to get some respect – speak up now. Or is the scheming by Khazanah-AA (and seemingly approved by YAB Najib) too complex and complicated for you guys to understand?.

    If so, call up our hero YB CK Wee and get the low down on “How to stop the Khazanah-AA team from fleecing any more GLC 101” course.

    Remember GE13 is just round the corner. You guys may be surprised by the rewards for speaking up on behalf of the Rakyat.

    Just stop attacking the Government. They are already doing too god a job themselves. Leave them well alone to destroy themselves. Speak up on issues that matters to the Rakyat. You will be rewarded.

  15. Nazri from MAS

    This boy is sheer stupid but he is trying to memperdohkan kita semua. Never mind we will teach people like him, the two Azam, Tan Sri Nor Yacob when the time is matng PRU13. I.E. the government better act now before it is too late.

    If I am Najib I will not think twice to sack this little boy Rashdan who know next to nothing, Azman the champion of all GLC and of course, the great pretender Nor Yacop. These three musketeers must go to save the nation. MD Nor is a non starter. He only knew how to sell part of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to you know who lah?????????????????

  16. Ian Tan

    In the picture taken at the QPR jersey sponsorship signing ceremony that boy Rashdan sitting like a dunggu. No wonder he was doing all the stupid things to MAS with the hope that the rakyat couldn’t see it. Little Bina Tak berFikir idiot what you have done were to glaring for anyone to miss.

  17. MAS bugger

    Well done , well done malaysians. Not fair to ask YB to fight in parliament. The staff and Mas union must lead the battle. No point talking to the chairman and board, they will con you again. Start demanding to see PM otherwise this deal is fait accompli.

    1. weechookeong

      MAS bugger

      I am very appreciative of your views and the views of the other readers in this blog. No, worry. It is duty of your truly to highlight the issue in Parliament and to demand that the Government takes the necessary actions against this secret share swap and to undo what Rashdan and his good friends had done to Firefly and MAS. Of course, it would be more effective if the MAS Employees and its Union also take direction actions to highlight their plight. Well, demanding to see the PM is one of the ways.They should also think of other actions like picketing to express their disapproval of the dirty deals. They should also demand their respective MPs to speak up against the dirty deals during the Budge Debate from 7th October. The MAS Employee Union should start with a petition campaign now and hand over to the PM for actions on 7th October.

      Lets us all join hands together to stop the rots, the irresponsible people from destroying our national carrier, MAS, and more importantly to stop Khazanah from buying the 10% share of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, which has been reported to have lost RM89.4 million in 2009. How about 2010 and 2011. It has yet to submit their annual accounts for 2010 and 2011.

      Lets fight them together. I am sure that we will win at the end of the day.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  18. Rani

    This budak must be screwed nice and proper. The proper place is Parliament. All his actions showed to one direction only. That is to help and save AirAsia. Azman and Nor Yacop can say what they like to the PM as far as I am concern, looking at the facts he is trying to kill MAS eventually like what had happened during the hay days of AA, the honeymoon period of Badawi Government. MAS was stifled. AirAsia was allowed to owe airport tax by the million. Presumably that was much needed as working capital! Ops! Badawi is now the advisor of MAS. Advise what? Advised MAS to go into this share swap? He can’t even advise his own self let alone MAS. God bless MAS and Malaysia to have him as advisor.

  19. Ching

    Anom 9:59 pm

    Forget about Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang when it comes to AirAsia. They became bisu. They are only interested in playing politic or politicking you may want o call it. Ask yourself that Tony F and AirAsia has been owing airport tax from 2000 if i am not mistaken, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi and Karpal Singh has not utter a word about it. But they play their drama when it comes to racial issues.

    So forget about them. This has no political value to them because it involved the ordinary Malaysians. They all want issues that have racial tone so that they can become heros of their respective race.

    We all must help ourselves to fight the injustice of this Mas and AirAsia share swap. I cannot accept it at all. When I started to see this bugger Rashdan doing all his nonsense from cancellation of flights, termination of Firefly route and now the sponsorship of jersey for QPR I have enough of him and the rest.

  20. Charles

    From this bloody MAS AirAsia share swap and the E & O share scandal involving Mrs Zarina (means the husband of SC chairman Zarina – Azizan Abu Bakar) are showing us that the 4th Floor boys headed by Nor Yakop are still very much alive and kicking. Why is the PM allowing all these to go on like this. Stop Azizan, TF, Rashdan, Azman Mokhtar, Wan Azmi and Md Nor from doing their nonsense in detrimental to our nation.

    PM Najib, please don’t tell us that you are also in the state of slumber during (what we called) the Sleeping Era. If you do, please wake up and put your foot down to defend our national interests.

  21. man on da street

    Yo Bro (no disrespect intended) Wee CK, you’ve done a good job exposing these goons. Anyway, why are these goons still existing in the cabinets and in the GLC’s? Looks like any man who inherits the PM’s chair also inherits the “slumber sickness”. Seems to be very contagious . Do they need ” a doctor in the house” to issue a medical certificate ? Unfit for duties? Looks like the PM’s department needs a thorough “spring cleaning” with very strong detergent. For a start, I would like to propose that you and your colleagues of “independent” MP’s forms a formidable team to carry out the “gotong royong” starting at the next parlimentary sitting. I bet that will work.

  22. Logic Freak

    Read The Star today, business section.

    “The total sponsorship fee for both MAS and AirAsia for the English professional football club (QPR), which involves a term of two years, would cost some RM30mil (6.2mil), the source added”

    Also in the article…

    “Only in June this year, Genting UK, the largest casino operator in Britain, sealed a pact to be the main jersey sponsor for Aston Villa for two years. Although the amount was not disclosed, a source said the total sponsorship fees for the two years collectively involved some RM17mil or 3.5mil.”

    q1. Why sponsorship for a lousy club like QPR costed more, RM30mil as compared to Aston Villa of only RM17mil? That is a whopping 76% premium man!

    q2. Since the Chairman of QPR is also Director of AirAsia and MAS, shouldn’t the jersey sponsorship be lower or even FREE? Hello Machar…..do you think we Malaysians are stupid or what?

    Obviously something is not right somewhere!

  23. Thirddevil

    In today’s The Star: the cost of sponsorship : MAS RM17m over two years. Air Asia RM2.4M over 2 years – less than 10% of MAS’ s cost. Genting paid RM17M to sponsor Aston Villa for 2 years – a much more successful team than QPR. What at good deal for MAS.
    I forecast the next move will be MAS to reduce the frequency to London from currently about 21 per week to about 10 and the slot probably will be given to AA as it was TF dream to land in Heathrow.

  24. hanana bt abdulla

    as has been pointed out , the mas deal with tf’s air asia
    put the mas side at a disadvantage

    this beena-fuc@er mat dan seems typical mat lembu though
    claim to have been oxbridge educated. See the discrepancy
    aston villa which is vastly superior requires rm 17,million
    for 2 yr shirt sponsorship presumably for home and away sponsorship.

    Whereas a 2yr sponsorship for
    the mere homeside shirt sponsorship cost rm 18 mil for newly promoted qpr. So much for the
    mat dan approach to an profitable partnership of mas -airasia. A grade f thinking!!!
    This sounds like lunchai-clever guy partnership.

    thebeena-fuc@er Mat dan appears like a mat
    luncai as adviser. The qpr stadium can only accomodate 20k odd fans.
    whereas the away- games at mu or arsenal will attract 70k fans!!!! And the shirts
    sponsorship goes to air asia. another projek from a member of the united … no-otak !!!

    Having seen almost all the sponsorship deals, no shirt sponsor has subdivided
    the sponsorship into home-away thingies. Another first from a united … no otak!!!! Air asia paid less than 10
    percent for what mas had to pay for a visiblity that is greater than 5x. And it is likely that a home game in qpr
    will likely not be featured live bekos it has a small number
    of fans and low profile image.

    note: Minor edition to avoid hard feeling among races.

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