Rashdan proudly attended the QPR jersey sponsorship press conference

Extreme right is En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, the newly crowned Executive Director of MAS after the famous secret share swap . Just look at this picture, he was dominated by AirAsia girls. MAS has nothing to show in this press conference yesterday. This was how En Mohhamed Rashdan Yusof was looking after the best interest of MAS! Thank you Rashdan for being an obedient servant!

Yesterday En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), the newly appointed Executive Director of MAS after the the MAS-AirAsis share swap deal that was shrouded with secrecy, flew to London to sign RM18 million jersey sponsorship agreement with Queens Park Rangers (QPR) from yesterday for 2 years, in HERE. This didn’t come as a surprise. Well, 6 days after signing the said secret share swap, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was reported to have bought 51% of QPR, in HERE. On the same day, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Tony) of AirAsia Bhd and Mr Briatore, the former QPR’s chairman, watched QPR being trounced at home by Bolton Wanderer with a score line of 4-0 at home. Perhaps this was a clear warning to the YAB Datuk Seri Najib’s Government:  “Beware of good samaritan like Tony!”

On one hand we were told by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof that MAS was in deep financial trouble during the signing ceremony of the said secret share swap deal.  The circumstances under which the said secret share swap was sealed gave us the impression that without the secret share swap MAS would have collapsed the following day.

Now it would appear that MAS has been instantly revitalised with additional fund so much so that it was able to enter into RM18 million QPR home jersey sponsorship. It was as though that MAS suddenly has plenty of cash to spare.  Rashdan has done brilliant works for Tony/AirAsia after the said secret share swap was inked. First, Rashdan and his fellow directors, Tan Sri Md Nor, YB Tan Sri Nor Yacop, Datuk Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Datuk Rohana and others cancelled the full load Firefly flights during Hari Raya seasons and on 25-8-2011 MAS sent out notices to all its agents informing them that Firefly will terminate its profitable routes from JB to Kuching and KK as from 15-9-2011. Read in HERE.

Rashdan, why are you not interested in making MAS stronger financially by looking into the million of US Dollars outstanding debts involving Alwafeer Air for years, in HERE, and to re-exmaine the one sided agreement that MAS has signed with LSG SKy Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd formerly known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and previously owned by MAS.

Thanks to Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, the then MAS Managing Director and now the newly appointed Chairman of MAS after the said secret share swap deal, for the disposal of 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and , thereafter committed MAS to the one sided agreement for a period of 25 years that MAS must exclusively purchase food, beverage and cabin related services from LSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd previously known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd.

I am extremely concern with the speed in which the said secret share swap has been moving. If questionable deal is not stopped by the Government quickly, we will eventually witness the demised of MAS or MAS will be reduced to be a low cost airline with AirAsia X Sdn Bhd as the premium airline. It is high time that MAS employees must join hands to quickly protest against this secret share swap otherwise the future of MAS will not be hard to determine. MASEU should not wait until November to protest. MASEU must protest against the secret share swap when Parliament sits on 3rd October. Perhaps 7th October will be a good date, it is the Budget Day!

I have tabled at five Parliamentary Questions on the said secret share swap as well as the disposal of the 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd. The full list of the Questions will be posted here in due course.


18 thoughts on “Rashdan proudly attended the QPR jersey sponsorship press conference

  1. Rizal

    That bast..d is at it again. Just a lap dog of Tony. Disgusting. Why is Najib government allowing this tidak Fikir boy to run amok?

  2. Thambi's Dog

    This Rashdan is a clear budak suruhan of Tony. He will just do whatever he has been instructed.Tony snapped his fingers and this otak kosong Rashdan will run like a dog. He cannot see what he has done were not in the interest of MAS and yet he has the cheek to manage MAS. By the time a CEO is appointed there is nothing left for the CEO to do because all the damage have been done.

    I am equally disgusted by this Otak kosong aresh…

    note: sorry had to edit a little bit. No vulgarity in here please. thank you.

  3. man


    Saw the news last night and wondering why out of blue air, Mas & Air Asia sponsoring QPR, why not Bolton (after the trashing 4-0). i felt sorry for MAS for having an ED like blue boy Rashdan. Pity our National carrier. P/s I want Firefly to fly again.

  4. Anonymous

    Rashdan have brought in a new Tony crony from CIMB who will be taking over all of procurement including aircraft purchases.

    The rape of MAS continues

  5. namza

    Don’t understand why Najib deaf to the people that voted for him. Hope BN still remember why they lost Selangor in GE12. Too many ‘lapdogs’ including Azman Mokhtar, Md Nor Md Yusof, Mohd Nor Yacop, SCZarinah … MASEU … let your voice be heard now … loud and clear.

  6. Thambi's Dog

    It seem this bugger will do anything to please Tony. Is this so simple. I believe someone more powerful is behind AA. YB you should ask why is Datuk Azman Yahya is sitting pretty on the MAS Board and he is also on the SCOMI board. Datuk Azman Yahya has no clue about aviation except experience in you know what. Please do a bit more research and you may find the answer.

    Rashdan is nothing but a lap dog. He will just take instructions otherwise they will not put him there. He is only arrogant with people work under him. With people like Tony or Azman Yahya he will kow tow.

  7. Roslan

    Rashdan is a real lap dog. He was so daring to do what he was doing. it seems that he is not bothered about MAS union stand and public outcry about the share swap. He is just following the Thamby to screw MAS.

    What is the government doing about al the nonsense of this Thamby and Rashdan?

  8. jojo

    Najib wake up….YB..you should compile all this articles and rakyat feedback and give to Najib….Mass Media and reporter all close eyes maybe coz of free flight tickets from tony….

    Rashdan adalah pengkhianat rakyat…Orang bodoh pun tahu tony game…QPR personnal investment Tony & frnds….Dia beli..kemudian suruh balaci dan anjing bela dia Rashdan Guna duit rakyat melalui MAS untuk menaja pasukan tersebut dan juga AIRASIA adalah duit pelabur…TONY salah guna kuasa untuk membuat MAS dan AIRASIA menaja pelaburan Peribadi beliau….Lepas ini MAS kena taja semua apa yang TONY beli…punya lar pandai…he gain thru penajaan dari duit rakyat (MAS) dan duit public (AIRaisa)…betul kononnya boleh meletak nama MAS dipersada dunia…jadi kenapa pilih QPR tak liverpool ke MU ke arsenal ke atau lain-lain yg lagi ternama…so nanti kalau lepas ini TONY beli rumah urut kat london..maka Tourism malaysia,MAS kena sponsor atas nama memberi exposure…

    Najib stop this pengkhianat yang merogol MAS melalui izin Khazanah…adakah otak….Suruh Tony yg punya saham tinggi dan perlu menjaga kepentingan Airasia diminta untuk membangunkan MAS…apa yang dibuat???..permatikan persaingan dari firefly……apa salah firefly….untung…service 100 kali lebih baik dari airasia…harga ok…sebab itu tony mematikan satu persatu persaingan dari firefly..kemudian matikan persaingan dari MAS….Tony pandai cakap…yg sedihnya bahlol bahlol dalah khazahan tak nampak ke??

    Ramai pekerja awal Airasia adalah dari MAS…ini bermakna tenaga kerja MAS bermutu tinggi…cuma perlu dibaiki pentadbiran MAS..bukannya bawa masuk tikus untuk membaiki labu…kenyang lar tikus itu…tak salah Tony,,,dia cari peluang yang salah adalah balaci-balaci di Khazanah dan pengkhianat Negara Rashdan….pencuri pun boleh bagi alasan 50 muka surat kenapa dia mencuri dan tak salah….

    Yang salah adalah rakyat yang diam atas apa yang berlaku…Adkah hanya kerana free ticket diberi oleh Tony..maka semua MP BN dan Pakatan diam membisu….adakah kerana Iklan-iklan yang dibeli diakhbar maka Pengarang=pengarang berdiam diri atas perogolan MAS disiang hari…adakah pengarang akhbar langsung tidak melihat betapa linciknya pengkhianat pengkhianat ini beroperasi..atas nama kebaikan tetapi sebenarnya untuk kepentingan beberapa individu tertentu sahaja…

    Dulu Pak Lah tumbang kerana dajjal-dajjal tingkat 4…kini dajal telah kembali dalam bentuk lain….ECM LIBRA, penjualan Agusta…semua itu adalah “kebodohan” dan pengkhianatan kepada negara…tetapi semua tindakan itu disaluti dengan “sugar coated” alasan….\

    Tiada sebarang perubahan dilihat di MAS melainkan tindakan tindakan rakus untuk mematikan sebarang persaingan kepada AIRASIA…..Firefly beberapa laluan sudah ditamatkan..dan akan di rebranding…kenapa???? sebab untuk memastikan kegagahan Airasia…..

    Najib, tolonglah lihat perkara ini….Khazanah sudah menjadi tali barut untuk memusnahkan MAS….Ingat api yang dikecil boleh marak membakar negara..Yang nak memilih adalh majoriti rakyat…tapi jangnlah kerana Najib nak jaga hati dan kawan-kawan segelintir pengundi Azman, Rashdan dan Tony maka majoriti rakyat tidak percaya kepada Najib lagi….Pilih lah antara rakyat atau tiga empat kerat makhluk perosak ini.

  9. The Tikus At Work

    Looking at the picture Rashdan is promoting his boss company AirAsia. He was swamped by AirAsia girls. He is receiving salary from MAS. Enjoying first class travelling and chef on call. All from MAS. I am sure that he would want to travel on AirAsia, the substandard airline. But he is promoting AirAsia rather than MAS. Is this how he is saving MAS?

    He has no sense of belonging. He has more Sen in his empty brain. He know how to Bina but no brain to Fikir. thats why he was kick out from Maybank board. Najib must do something quickly before tikus f..k up MAS in no time. Then Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar may do another share swap with Scomi. Then Azman Yahya cna then be appointed the new Executive Director and Rashdan the Chairman. Then MAS will fly higher to hell!

  10. Anonymous

    As a publically listed company, where is the governance process in this instance. I’m sure MAS has the same process prescribed in the various colored books produced by Khazanah. And the process does involve prevention of conflict of interest which is clear in this case. I have known instances in the past where officers are dismissed for such offences.

    Was this agreement signed with prior board approval? Where is the governance? Desn’t expenditure of such magnitude require board level approval.

    Does the rules only apply to the meek and not to these people?

  11. lim kp

    The picture clearly showed that Rashdan was promoting AirAsia. He must be the Executive Director for AirAsia. Ambillah gaji daripada AirAsia bodoh! If you want to promote AirAsia officially join AA lah. Fool! This is the real Bina dengan Otak Undang.

    I just cannot understanding how can Maybank buy the BinaFikir for Rm8 million. Don’t tell me in Maybank pun ada orang Bina Tidak Fikir also.

    Hope YB will inform Parliament about all the nonsense of Rashdan, Tan Sri Nor Yakop and Tan Sri Azman so that Najib will know about what they are doling. Tan Sri Md Nor is just another Yes SIr, man. F.. them properly.

  12. Anonymous

    They are now going to the second level mgt already.. The CIMB guy is already in and a senior mgt in MAS has just resigned as his position is now given to this new guy! So what’s next? Who else will be resigning to give way to TF team?

  13. khinzirnah


    I totally agree with you. QPR is Tony’s PRIVATE investment. Private means Sendiri Punya! According to media report, Tony spent about GBP35m for 66% stake in QPR. And now, MAS (GLC) and AirAsia (public-listed company) forked out GBP10mn for the jersey sponsorship. So if every 2 years, MAS/AirAsia will spend GBP10 to sponsor this shitty team, then Tony’s investment in QPR will take AT MOST 6 years to balik modal. This guy is very clever! Then can sell QPR to Sime Darby at 65% premium! haha

    But why the hell Rashdan aka Danny (double first first class honours degree in Economics from University of Cambridge), the “highly acclaimed” Executive Director failed to stop this cheeky move by Tony? In fact, he is very supportive of the deal and was PROUDLY present during the ceremony! He became “rabun” because of the AirAsia stewardess is it?

    Look at English Premier League big clubs, their owners DO NOT sponsor the team jersey, for example Arsenal (Etihad), Man United (AON), Liverpool (Standard & Poor), Chelsea (Samsung) ….. and that is totally understood. Some may want to argue what about Man City (Etihad)? C’mon Tony is NOT Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan okay…FULL STOP! If you are the owner of a company/club/brothel house and have spent millions of money on the shareholdings/shares, why do you want to invest more to sponsor the team jersey? Definitely you will get others to sponsor, and that is exactly what Tony is doing. He is using money from the poor AirAsia’s minority shareholders and MAS’ taxpayers to sponsor his own private company QPR. I hope he is not trying to siphon out money from Malaysia to UK. It’s quite NATURAL (Zarinah SC’s favourite word), sponsorship is one of the easiest ways for money laundry.

    By the way, Tan Sri Vincent Tan (Chairman of Berjaya Group) bought Cardiff City FC and guess what is the logo of the team jersey? Is it Berjaya Group? Try google “Cardiff City FC jersey 2012” and you’ll be surprised!

    p/s To Tony F, i think you should just put Rashdan/Danny’s pathetic face on QPR jersey.

  14. Vee

    Excuseeeeeeee me… there were a bunch of MAS girls there too, OK? You just HAPPENED to post up a picture with the MAS girls removed from view… But of course, with themm there, your blog post won’t just have the added juice to that caption you post up below it.

    1. weechookeong Post author


      The picture was published as it were. in any events it was a signing ceremony between MAS & QPR so why was there a necessity for AA girls to be there. I thought that MAS is facing financial problems and yet it can afford to sponsor a football team. Genting sponsored a more renown team (Aston Villa) main jersey for less. MAS had to pay more for a home Jersey. It was just a joke. A case o Pak Turut. Where Tony goes MAS had to follow. Was that the spirit of the share swap?

      wee choo keong


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