Rashdan: Do you know about the RM50 ancillary charges imposed by the so called “No Frills” AirAsia

Please look at the list of unreasonable charges imposed by AirAsia, hailed by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes as “No Frills Airline”. What a good lobbyist!

The extra charges that a passenger had to pay for the "No Frills Airline"

The extra charges for international flight for "The No Frills Airline"

Please look at the list of ancillary charges amounting to RM50 that a passenger had to pay for domestic and international travel by AirAsia not to mention the other charges in the two tables above. Traveller had to pay for “CONVENIENCE FEE”,“MANUAL CHECK IN CHARGE” and “FUEL SURCHARGE”. The Convenience Fee must be for the used of toilets in the airport and the airport facilities provided by MAHB!  AirAsia charged its passenger but refuses to pay for facilities provided by MAHB.

AirAsia charges its passengers for almost everything even for use of wheel chair by  the elderly and disabled unlike MAS and other airlines.

I thought that Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has said that AirAsia does not impose fuel surcharge. But it does. I wonder whether AirAsia has sought the approval of the Ministry of Transport for all these ancillary charges imposed. Most probably not.

I will definitely bring the above unreasonable charges to the attention of Parliament so that the Minister of Transport can take the appropriate actions to stop the unfair practices of AirAsia from imposing unreasonable charges for basic facilities in modern airport.

I will also demand for answers why a private limited company like AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, which was partially owned by foreigners, in HERE,was granted with the traffic rights to 32 international destinations but it only flies to 13 destinations.

No wonder Tan Sri Tony Fernandes doesn’t want aerobridges in KLIA-2 so that AirAsia can carry on charging the “Convenience Fee”, for the used of wheel chairs and etc.

After the secret MAS AirAsia share swap, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof of BinaFikir SdnBhd fame, who is also a very closed friend of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, can whisper to to Tan Sri Tony to stop the above unfair practices. There must be reciprocity amongst friends. Right?

Have you heard or seen about this accident in the msm that published only rosy reports about AirAsia?

En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd fame, have you seen the above picture or heard about the safety issues in AirAsia? If you have already finished celebrating your another achievement of another great deal, the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap, please read in HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.  Perhaps En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd fame should also read in HERE about his good and close friend!

55 thoughts on “Rashdan: Do you know about the RM50 ancillary charges imposed by the so called “No Frills” AirAsia

  1. Bina Pocket Sendiri

    Rashdan wouldn’t have time to look into all these lah YB. He is a very busy man taking instruction from his boss, Tony.

    His immediate job is to kill FIrefly and start a new airline called Saphhire. So the termination of Firefly’s services from JB – KK and Kuching was only part of the scheme. He has bigger things to do to finish MAS. hen he can have another good report under Bina tiada otak.

    I cannot believe in all the charges imposed by this Airasia. soon even if you look at the AA advertisement by the road side you will have to pa a fee. Convenience Fee. I think this is the new Tony Fernadnes airport tax since AA must now pay MAHB. Cannot owe and get discount like before when the Sleepy Head was around.

    The Minister of Transport must come in to stop this Indian fella’s nonsense. Thank you for highlighting the matter. Please speak in Parliament and expose this arrogance Bina the brainless bast…d. Please check with the people who have worked with him and they have a lot to tell about him.

  2. Anonymous

    This Rashdan can only “lan see” but water in his head. He thought that he can stem rolled this bloody scandalous share swap with his big bros, Azman Mokhtar and Nor Yakop. He must be thought a lesson. I can’t wait for Parliament to resume and I would like to see the reactions of these 3 buggers Rashdan, Nor Yakop and Azman Mokhar. These 3 buggers must be out of the systems otherwise the GLCs will see more share swap. Najib must sack them before Najib will be sacked by the people.

  3. KK Leong

    It is the duty of the Minister of Transport to stop such unfair practices by these crooks. The Badawi government spent RM250 million to build and renovate the LCCT using Rakyat money. Just for Tony and the gang to make money. Look at the charges. It is sickening. What is the point of the government to build KLIA-2 if AA is allowed to charge the passenger convenience fees! YB Kong please do something about it. YB Wee please tekan him to stand up to Tony and Rashdan and Tan Sri Nor Yakop.

    Ask Nor Yacop abut the corruption of his political secretary. How could his political secretary can be so rich?

  4. MAS people

    all the beautiful things published in the Star and Malaysian Insider are just publicity stunts by Tony Fernandes. He will tweet. He will write any damn things with no regards to the truths. The means justify the ends.

    With the list of charges we can see it a bull shit schemes after all. Tony Fernandes once said: If the price is low enough Malaysians will risk their live. So this statement is enough to sum up what AirAsia is all about.

    The government must step in quickly to stop this share deal before more damage is done to MAS. We need real aviation professionals to come into MAS quickly to fix things. Get rid of those associated with AirAsia directly or indirectly. I.e. People like Rashdan, Tan Sri Nor Yakop,Tan Sri Md Nor, Azman Yahya dan Wan Azmi must be out immediately. Thereafter, get rid of the dead woods in second level like those involved in procurement department, engineering department that were responsible for he scandalous Alwafeer Air that caused MAS hundred of million by now.

    The Government must take heeds of what had happened before. MAS had gone through a lot and being bled by many. Tan Sri Md Nor is just another budak suruhan as can be seen from his WAU exercise.

    Get real professionals in – Rashdan can stay in Khazanah to plan other share swap that is his expertise not aviation.

  5. So tell me…after all these charges is it still cheaper to AA compared to Mas? Yes? No? What kind of crap analysis is this…oh well not much more can be expected from a Malaysian politician I guessdh

  6. usabukata

    tuan yang berkhidmat,

    kalau beniaga macam ni memang boleh dan cepat untung. boleh jadi terkenal dan ternama lagi. kononnya pandai beniaga. sebenarnya dia buli semua orang kerana mendapat perlindungan.


  7. MAS bugger

    Very well done, bro wee and Mas union. Keep whacking until they wet their pants. They are running scared for their crooked minds are being exposed everyday. Yes, get real professionals to run the airline starting with tan Sri aziz. The staff need to be calmed becos we are so pissed. We want blood.

  8. Leng

    The government must intervene in such matter and stop unfair practices like AirAsia. They say one thing and do another. Malaysians must no longer sit still and let Tony and his good friends in khazanah to lead us by the nose.

    Not only Minister of Transport, the Minister of Domestic Trade must also move in to stop this fella trying to screw Malaysians. At the he used Badawi or 4th floor government to give him everything like LCCT using tax payers money and at the same time he screw us. Now Every One can Bullshit and the Khazanah boys will protect him.

  9. Sathi

    This guy is just unscrupulous. No wonder they could work as a team swapping here and swapping there. If this government allow this share swap to go then my vote is definite not for Najib.

  10. Sathi

    MAS Bugger

    Not only MAS employees want blood. We the rakyat also want blood. These Rashdan and Azman Mokhtar thought that they can do what they like and get away with it. We will make the government pays for it if the government did not stop it. We want such characters to be sacked especially those responsible for the dirty deal.

  11. Abd Rahman

    YB we are waiting for Parliament to start in October. Please make sure that you deal with Tan Sri Nor Yakop, Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan the house boy of Tony, Tan Sri MD Nor the Mr Nice guy or pretending to be nice guy, Azman Yahya the Scomi boy and Wan Azmi the E& O boy. Don’t spare them especially those from Khazanah. Don’t mince your words. Whack them for Malaysians. Not forgetting that Nazir, one of the fixer so to speak.

  12. Khinzirnah

    The Government spent RM250m to build LCCT….. just to cater mainly for AirAsia. And now the RM250m investment will soon be “upgraded” into another white elephant in-the-making. Read MAHB’s GM comment in The Star today, MAHB has “NOT DECIDED” what to do with LCCT after the completion of the RM2.8b KLIA2 in Oct 2012. Sounds like Bina first, then Fikir later! WTF!

  13. ML

    I’m sick of Air Asia & TF.. MAS is my first choice but if MAS fare is too expensive, I’ll just fly Qatar Airways.. I used to admire TF… now I just see him as an arrogant fat cat. Sorry.

    I hate reading AA’s advert. The so-called cheap fares are all lies.. you need to add up so many extra charges. They are the ones that start the advert of “One Way Fare” (instead of Return fare) to fool the customers. Shame on you AA!

    The one that I can’t forgive is when you took customers money waaaay in advance, then at your whim & fancy cancelled the flights. The other one is when you took customers money to pay for airport tax waaaay in advance, yet you didn’t pay the airport on time. How unethical can you be? So slimy.. eeeeee..

  14. Simon

    Thank you for showing us how AA was bullshitting all the times. On one hand Tony Fu.. said no fuel surcharge and no frills. Just look at the list. Convenience fees? Convenience for who? Collect airport tax but didn’t pay to MAHB but MAHB dare not take actions during Bodohwi time.

    The government must take action to look after the public. The Govt build the airport for who. Foe rakyat not for Tony fu… to charge the public. No wonder he didn’t want aerobridges. MAHB should tell Tony to FO.

    Te government must stop AA from simply increase charges and charging on everything. YB Kong what are you doing? withdraw the unutilsation destinations. Act now!

  15. Average Joe

    @ Sdhshds

    Study the facts first before you comment rubbish. The only reason WHY MAS’s low-fare offer will remain higher than that of AirAsia IS because of the DUBIOUS floor-price policy imposed upon MAS by our so-called government very shortly after MAS started offering low-fare offers that eat back part of the market segment from AirAsia, the policy is nothing but just to help and protect AirAsia !!!

  16. Abdullah

    What else does Tony wants? He got his LCCT under Badawi. The LCCT was built with RM250 million. He was allowed to owe airport tax (paid by public) since inception. This was what Kalimullah called it a leg-up. Now with all the incredible charges which never heard before in other parts of the world.

    Recently a dirty share swap with the help of those in Khazanah. Nor Yakop, Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan.

    The government must give him and his friends in Khazanah a finger up now!

  17. Aviation observer

    Average Joe and others except sdhshds

    It is not a question of AA is cheaper or MAS is cheaper. It is a question of the unreasonable charges imposed by airline whether it is AA or others. Convenience fee? what convenience fee? why not AA put in another charge called Collecting Airport Tax fee because AA is duty bound to collect for MAHB. Under Bodohwi AA collected it and kept as its working capital with no interest. Now may be it could no longer keep them.

    I agree with Average Joe. MAS was not allowed to offer lower fare by the Bodohwi government in order to help AA. So MAS had to start Firefly and Firefly under Datuk Eddy Leong was doing very well and Malaysians are very happy. Firefly was expanding well.

    After this highly secretive share swap recently, Rashdan and his new management team including Tony Fu.., Kamarudin Meranun, Azman Yahya and of course Nor Yakop (the hero under Bodohwi – look at the Mun Long episode) Firefly had to terminate its profitable routes from JB to Kuching and KK from 15 September. This was done to help AA not MAS. This is how Nor Yakop, Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan was helping to save MAS.

    YB please give them a good whacking in Parliament and get the government to get rid of those parasites. Rashdan, Azman Yahya (SCOMI director – why are you there?), Wan Azmi and Md Nor must be rid off in MAS if we want MAS to survive.

  18. Malaysian Traveler

    I also agree with Average Joe that the Badawi Government was the one that gave all the helps to AirAsia at the expense of MAS. Then blamed MAS. Then share swap. Then kill MAS left with AirAsia to dominate Malaysia then we will see the true colour of Tony. Now we can already see the colour from the extra charges. Even manual check in there is a charge of RM10. THis is unbelievable. Credit card payment there is also a charge when it was done through computer.

    Now we should understand the slogan: Now every one can fly but prepare to be tipu.


    Well done, people.
    For all your protest and support, I have decided to reverse the swap decision and kick the hell out of the Barbarians aka crooks aka stooges.


  20. Lokman

    Just look at the list compiled by YB. The list speaks for itself. So glaring. Sakit mata. But Rashdan will say saya tak nampak pun. Sudah butalah dia sebab Tony, Kamarudin, kalimullah adalah kawan dia dan kawan boss dia.

    Change name cost RM150. convenience fee, fuel surcharge and others. This is the business model to con the people with the helps of the pariahs in Khaznah. I suspect the share swap was the kerja of Nor Yakop, one of the 4th floor boy.

    Najib must realise what they have been doing when he was the DPM. Najib must also check whether this charges are in the best interest of the public or to help AirAsia and AirAsia X.

    Most of all, Najib must investigate whether this share swap is genuine and the only way to SAVE MAS. My answer is a definite NO. That’s why Rashadan and his gang had to terminate Firefly service to Kuching and KK.

    I support the call to stop the parasites.


    “Most of the staff that attended the August 11th briefing did not know the reason Mohd Nor left early and Executive Director Danny did not utter a single word was that the first exco meeting was scheduled at 11 AM.

    It wasn’t because Mohd Nor said there is a gun on my head and his nasi lemak turf war analogy. Nor was it because Danny was uncomfortable when veteran pilot, Captain Azmi and Alias demanded that the CEO must be an Airliner and not accountants (or in essence, no more book-keepers and financial man).”

    MAS Giants have awoken. Well done.
    More here


  22. YEE HAA

    Yeah crooks, better run now, run, run for your life (and your bruised reputations)

    Aiyaaa, these crooks are such an idiots, they never want to learn

    YEE HAA.

  23. Karim of MAS


    MD NOR is just a YES MAN. He was appointed MD of MAS jut to say yes. Then he steam rolled through the WAU remember. He appointed the Bina Tak Fikir Sdn Bhd, whihc was incorporated for a month to do the WAU. The Bina Tak Fikir comprised of Azman Mokhtar, a good friend of Kalimullah and Tony, and that eager beaver Rashdan. Then Md Nor said WAU will turn around MAS but he didn’t tell Malaysians that he quietly sold 70% of Mas Catering to Badawi’s brother company. MAS Catering was very profitable. This is MD Nor for you.

    Not only we don’t need accoutant as CEO of MAS, we don’t need Rashdan, Nor Yacop, MD Nor or Azman Mokhtar for that matter any where near MAS let alone to manage MAS. We already Md Nor is good in selling MAS profitable assets to Badawi’s brother. Nor Yakop and Azman knew everything bt pretend to be stupid. Rashdan is part of the Bina Tak Fikir together with Azman.

    With these people in MAS whoever we appoint as CEO MAS will still fail because these aresho.. will screw it up because their heart was never in MAS but with their friends in AA.

    The moral of the story is we need a real aviation professional with experience as CEO for MAS and genuine people with untainted character in the Board. Not like this present board. Azman Yahya of Scomi fame (you know lah who own Scomi). Rashdan who cannot add 1 and 1 together and responsible for the termination of Firefly services from JB to KK/Kuching and cancellation of full load flights during Hari Raya and involved in the failed WAU. Wan Azmi huk! now of the E & O fame and of other corporate dealing fame. Md Nor I already said of giving MAS catering to Badawi’s brother company fame. Nor Yakop the boss of Hasbie Satar, who was charge with million of Ringgit and several condominium. He was also famous for the Mun Long case. Bank negara paper losses and many more. Azman Mokhtar also from Bina Tak fikir and connected to WAU.

    Now they are managing MAS. It is dooms day for MAS with such pariahs running> Najib must know their background then they will understand. therefore I hope that Najib and Mohydin must realise this and fix it quickly before the vulture damage MAS to the point of no return.

  24. Con Man

    Since these Bina idiots are still trying to Bina for themselves and their friend then we must teach them a lesson that they have to pay a price. Yb must give them a dose of the lesson in Parliament and we will do it in the PRU 13.

    They will not learn until they kena properly. These vultures must be stopped at all costs.

  25. Bina Wang

    Just look at the list of charges provided here. Think before you want to make your comments. Look at what Tony F has been saying about no fuel surcharge and all is well with AA. Tony didn’t tell us that AirAsia X sdn Bhd losses for 2009 was RM89.3 million. I am sure that the losses in 2010 and 2011 will be more.

    Those charges are unacceptable to say the least. The convenience fee alone is enough to make one angry. What is so convenience? flight cancelled at will if no enough passenger. Delay without compensation. Only Rashdan will say all the charges are good for the passengers. Nor Yakop will, of course, say yes, yes, yes. Tan Sri Md Nor will say I don’t because i belong the sleepy head generation that’s why i sold 70% of MAS Catering ot Badawi’s brother company. OK lah.

  26. Yong

    The 2 lists are too obvious that AA was all out to make a killing in every sense of the word. No other airline dare to impose a charge known as convenience fees, processing fees via credit card.

    The bulk of the transactions of AA are through online that definitely involved credit card. I have seen such a charge in other online booking for airlines except AA.

    The government had to step to protect the public. The government has been helping AA by closing eyes and ears for far too long so much so that Tony and his business partners are getting bolder by the minute. No only he wanted to control MAS, now he waned to control MAHB. I just can’t stand this Thambi’s arrogance.

    The Najib government must stop the share swap and review all the unreasonable charges imposed by AA otherwise face the consequences in the coming elections.

  27. Rizal

    Why are you all were surprised by the charges? This is the type of Tony Fernandes’s model of business. He plays with slogans and he got the reporters in his pocket. That’s why you don’t get adverse news in the newspaper. Once newspaper published adverse report against AA then he will pull out all adverts.

    Thank you YB the lists are very accurate of the charges of AA and it was good for you to tabulate it for us to know so that we know what we are getting for beside “EVERYONE CAN FLY”. Now I feel that EVERYONE CAN BE EASILY CON!

    Once Firefly died with the help of Rashdan and Tan Sri Azman, then we will get to see more crazy charges if not controlled by the Government because no competition so Tony can do what he likes.

  28. rakyat ditipu


    Terima kasih berani mendedahkan pakatan sulit khazanah dengan AA. Tanpa pendedahan YB rakyat hanya akan di beri makluman palsu tanpa mengetahui niat mereka untuk menjahanamkan negara.

    Mokhtar yang bergelar Tan Sri mungkin amat yakin dengan perancangan sulit mereka dengan kuasa no. 1 di Khazanah tanpa terfikir YB berani mendedahkan niat sebenar mereka. Semua ini akan mengambarkan kelemahan kerajaan dan rakyat akan menyalahkan kerajaan. inilah motif sebenar mereka.

    Rakyat yang marah tanpa periksa akan mudah ke jalan raya untuk menyatakan protes…siapa yang untung dalam situasi begini.

    Harap YB teruskan pendedahan ini di parlimen dan kita lihat samada rakyat akan terus ditipu atau mereka ini akan terus bergelar Tan Sri.

    Teruskan YB!!

  29. Maybanker

    Dear MAS union and staff, just to share our experience working under Danny when he was the CEO of Maybank Investment. Lots of staff left the Group to other banks as most of us cannot stand with his KURANG AJAR attitude. Danny will shout at us even in public (F-word is is favourite) as if we are animal and knew nothing about our job. There’s a difference between CONFIDENCE and KURANG AJAR and most of the time Danny is nothing but a PRICK! He introduced lots of changes, from the organisation structure, position, etc, and yet at the end of the day, the results were mostly below par. During his tenure as our CEO, Maybank was the joke of the town. Alhamdulillah, berkat doa those that were ANAIYA, Danny was kicked out by the Board of Director. To MAS Union and staff, wish you guys all the best. If you love your job in MAS, you have no other option but to fight, otherwise, wherelse can you go? Join AirAsia?

  30. Aziz

    It was a raw deal to Malaysia. Tan Sri Azman is screwing up Khazanah big time with the deal. MACC should move in as the way in which the deal was done is fishy. Danny is just a Bina dengan Otak Kosong. He is definitely not fit to run MAS or any organisation except BinaFikir.

  31. Kamarudin

    Agreed 100 % with Maybank banker. This Bina dengan kaki boy is full of hot air but know next to nothing. He was put in MAS by his closed friend and former partner in BinaFikir Azman Mokhtar. That s about it. Rashdan was put in MAS to help Tony to screw up MAS at a faster pace as can be seen form the cancellation of Firefly flights during Raya and on 15 September termination of JB – KK/Kuching routes. Now want to change Firefly name to Saphire.

    To such dirty acts even a small boy can do it. YB you must kasih dia cukup2 di Parliament baru dia tahu. THis bas.. must be taught a lesson. We have experienced his pariah style and he is bad for any organisation.

    Just don’t understand why Najib had to put up with idiot like this.

  32. Another Maybank Banker

    Rashdan is just a Hot Air boy but otak kosong. He is a good budak suruhan. Maybank banker was right that Maybank Board threw him out but he got Tan Sri Mokhtar to sambut him with open arm. He is good in doing this type of nonsense deal. By the look of the posting dia akan kena cukup2 di Parlimen. Serve him right. October is not too far away. I am waiting to read what YB is going to say about him and Mokhtar. Not to forget their boss, Nor Yakop!

  33. Kenny

    the lists of charges imposed by AirAsia are just too glaring. But Rashdan cannot see it because he was trained to see something else by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Rashdan is more interested in how to finish Firefly with all the stupid decisions. Sack the bugger he is not even fit to man a kopitiam let alone MAS. Just too big for his small little brain.

  34. Norma

    The share swap and the charges are daylight robberies. Hope the government will take note before ti is too late for Najib. SACK RASHDAN IMMEDIATELY THEN AZMAN MOKHTAR.

  35. P...MAK

    WTF MAS sponsoring QPR, a losing club for losers. MAS tenatpun boleh buang duit.
    Another scheme to rob Rakyat money.

    Hey, thambi, mau sponsor biarlah ada mileage.
    I curse you all for wasting my money

  36. anon009@yahoo.co.uk

    its probably a long story, you see, TF has Team Lotus, he paid lots of money for it, so part of the deal is to give Proton the much valued Team Lotus name, in return, Malaysia airlines pays back the money via a sponsorship deal with QPR. Then next year it will be Team Caterham F1, probably with Proton or MAS having a sponsors space on that too! A respected F1 journalist revealed the AA/MAS share swap was instrumental in TF having to change his F1 team name next season.
    Notice that QPR have declined just how much the sponsorship deal is worth, the BBC alleging a multi million pound deal – and quoting MAS as saying “they were elated to be sponsoring QPR” !
    I just bet all MAS employees and those at Firefly are really proud and chuffed at the news!

  37. Bina Wang

    Well that BinaFikir otak kosong boy had to fly to London free in charge to sign another stupid deal with QPR, a pariah club. He was trying to please Tony all the way. That is his job. He will dance to Tony whistle like a dog. He has no maruah anymore. A premium airline had to decent to the same level as AirAsia to sponsor a second class club.

    Look at Emirate. It is sponsoring a 1st Division club. If PM does not take action quickly then MAS will definitely be cannibalised by this Bina dengan otak kosong boy – Rashdan. This bugger is just too much.

  38. Action_Kamen

    MOT also cannot be trusted. By endorsing the High Speed Rail link KL to Singapore, it is favoring AA’s point-to-point model of business. By literally “shipping” passengers to Changi where they get better connectivity, they’ll be killing the KLIA as a competitive hub.

    Another point. Home jersey is MAS. Away jersey is AA. Small club is QPR. Guess who gets more brand prominence; playing at Loftus Road, or at the likes of Old Trafford, Anfield, or the Emirates stadia?

    Ever seen a leech roll over fully sated from its recent meal? That’s the best time to squish it with your boot.

  39. Anonymous

    I guess when sultan Fernandez commands, hulubalang Danny have no option but to comply whilst the rest of MAS looks on in bewilderment as to how more can their backsides be screwed.

  40. Fairy

    Kindly note that the ‘convenience fee’ charged by AirAsia is for credit card use for online bookings (which would be the majority method of booking anyways).

    However, this is per passenger and per route (i.e. return ticket is double)! e.g. a return ticket for 1 person is RM8 + RM8 (RM16 total). A return booking for 2 persons its RM8 +RM8 for Person1 and another RM8 + RM8 (RM32 total). This is on top of whatever other charges you’d have to pay. It’s no wonder that the ancillary charges is RM50.

  41. Randy

    Fairy is correct abt what the convenience fee is about….and just to add to that – the rm50 ancillary charge is per pax per way…ie if you’re getting a return ticket, its rm 100……!

  42. DC

    Dear YB,

    I applaud your efforts in exposing the various issues about AirAsia in your blog. I am an AirAsia staff, and I live in your constituency as well.

    The various fees you mentioned above in your blog post are optional to guests, and not obligatory. Even the convenience fee is not chargeable if you opt for the Direct Debit payment method. But that’s besides the point I am writing to you.

    I believe that you have been invited countless times to visit our AirAsia operations in LCC Terminal by our Government Relations team, as well as invitations from Tony himself which you have declined or have not replied.

    Before we proceed any further, we would like to once again, extend an invitation to your goodself to visit our AirAsia office, observe our operations, as well as our AirAsia Academy, where Tony will be able to host you and further provide you with explanations on the various grouses that you have been magnifying online.

    We sincerely hope that you are able to accept this invitation. I live in your constituency and as my MP, I hope that you will be able to come and see my workplace as well before commenting further about AirAsia.

    Thank you YB.

    Note: Thank you DC. Your truly hopes that you are not Tony or his “budak suruhan”. Please see your truly’s reply in here: https://weechookeong.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/yb-tan-sri-nor-yakop-and-tan-sri-azman-mokhtar-it-is-never-too-late-to-say-no/

  43. PuteriWangsaMaju

    Hey peeps, get your facts right first…! i find YB WCK is only good in creating agenda setting among you ppl…YB WCK, it’s high time you should stop digging AirAsia’s progress and boast as if you are an economy analyst; instead start working a lil bit harder to fight the crime rate in your constituency! Non of us in Wangsa Maju dare to walk alone with a sling bag…pls utilize well the 10 questions you can raise in Parliament.

    Note: Thank you Puteriwangsamaju. Your truly hopes that you are not Tony or his “budak suruhan”. Please see your truly’s reply in here: https://weechookeong.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/yb-tan-sri-nor-yakop-and-tan-sri-azman-mokhtar-it-is-never-too-late-to-say-no/

  44. DC

    Hi YB,

    Thank you for your replies on my post above. Please be assured that I am sincere about the invitation to visit our office, and the invitation is still open.

    Sincerely hope to be able to show you around our operations & office one day soon.

    Wish I could have gone to your open house to invite you personally instead.

    Thank you YB.

    1. weechookeong

      DC / Puteriwangsamaju


      Thank you for your comments and invitations. I regret that I am unable to go to your esteemed office at this moment because of the work loads and the coming Parliamentary session commencing this Monday.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  45. Meluat

    Dear readers, I am interested to sit in the pilot’s seat. Maybe too expensive to be listed, any idea how much it cost to seat in the airbus pilot seat?

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