Cabinet must say “NO” to Tony

This is the type of KLIA-2 that Tan Sri Tony wanted

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes wanted LCCT for AirAsia. The Tun Abdullah’s Administration built for him costing the nation more than RM200 million. AirAsia was also allowed to owe huge airport tax debts for years under the same Administration. He wanted Rural Air Services (RAS) the same Administration gave him with a reward of about RM65 million subsidy. In less than a year he dumped the RAS to MAS with seven un-airworthy aircrafts plus a bill of RM35 million to MAS. Khazanah Nasional Bhd pretended not to know about it. MAS had to absorb the RM35 million. A year or so ago he wanted to build his own airport in Labu. Sime Darby was very keen under the leadership of Datuk Zubir. Luckily the Government under Datuk Seri Najib said “NO” to him. He wanted the new KLIA-2 without aerobridges, MAHB said “YES SIR”, in HERE.     

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ business model is unfriendly to the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and others who need the convenience of aerobridges and other amenities. Now Every One Can Fly and Now Everything Is Chargeable. Even counter check -in, passengers had to pay RM10. I will not be surprised that wheel chair is also chargeable.  I really am glad that representatives of disabled groups have protested against Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’s demand for no aerobridges in the new  KLIA-2  and the Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha has promised to bring their plight to the Cabinet for decision on whether or not to build aerobridges, in HERE.

Modern airports throughout the world have aerobridges as part of its design unless if it is built by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. For heaven sake, it costs only 25 Sen per passenger to use the aerobridge. I am sure that most of the passengers can afford this.

Even in Phuket and Chiang Mai airports,  there are aerobridges. In this modern era not a single new airport is without aerobroidges. Since Airasia X Sdn Bhd flies to Chiang Mai airport, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes should insist that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd will not use its aerobridge. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes should start to lobby other countries to build a special airport with no aerobridges for the exclusive used by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd like what he did during Tun Abdullah’s Administration. Without a doubt, he will definitely get a “Two Finger” reply.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Malaysian Government does not owe you or AirAsia and/or AriAsia X Sdn Bhd a living!  The Government has to take care of Malaysians. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes must now realise that the honeymoon period between 2003 until April 2009 was all over. The 4th Floor Administration was no longer  around!

This is the modern airport and this is what the passengers want.

The Cabinet must order MAHB to stop dancing to the tune of  Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. If  Tan Sri Tony Fernandes still insisted then AirAsia can stay back in LCCT. The Cabinet must put public interest before the interest of one man and his business model. The Government has “assisted” AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd enough with LCCT, used of airport taxes of over RM120 million for years without interest with a discount, RM65 million RAS subsidy, 32 international routes with only 13 utilised  and etc. If Tan Sri Tony Fernandes felt that he needed more than what he has received then do another secret share swap to take over Khazanah Nasional Bhd!

24 thoughts on “Cabinet must say “NO” to Tony

  1. Kong

    Tony should just stop telling MAHB what to do. Just pay up all the debt owed to MAHB without discount. No more 4th floor to protect. The Sleep Head had gone to sleep.

    If you need any help please go to Rashdan and Azman Mokhtar. Rashdan has helped you to cripple Firefly by terminating services from JB to East Malaysia. So what else do you want. I agree that Tony should consult Rashdan or Azman Mokhtar to do a share swap to take over Khazanah. Then he can just immediate take down MAS logo and replace it with AirAsia X logo.

    Please think about the elderly and disabled person.

  2. Rizal dari MAS

    Najib Government must tell Tony, Rashdan and Azman Mokhtar that stop all the nonsense. There is no more 4th Floor government as of 3rd April 2009. If you don’t aerobridge please operate from other countries like Myamar and hte like.

    Malaysians do not need people like Tony who is only interested in his bullshit business model. Everything the passenger must pay for it. Soon every time we look at the AirAsia advertisements we had to pay money. Pooooorah thambi.

  3. Economist Kampong

    YB CK Wee

    This is important BUT only a side issue. Of course either the air-bridges get built or AA stays where they are.

    Remember also the issues you have raised and we supported you and agreed that you raised these in Parliament in its October sitting,

    1. Who and how was the MAS-AA deal designed that it had so obviously insulted and injured the interests of the Rakyat (by overly rewarding Tony and Company),

    2. Who is or are the real owners of AA?? Tony and gang are known to only hold less that 25% of the company. Who else owns AA that it is able to extract/extort such concessions from the Government??

    3. Rumour has it that Khazanah also had to pay CASH to Tony/Company as part of the MAS-AA share swap. Please ask this in Parliament. We wait for Khazanah to give us the answer. Then we shall see if they are telling the truth or not.

    Thank you YB. Keep up the good work.

    1. weechookeong

      Economist Kampong
      Sdr, please don’t worry I will definitely submit several questions on the dirty deal, Firefly, Alwafeer Air and others. They are not going get the dirty deal through so easy.
      It will be debated for sure during the Budget where we can talk about anything under the sun.
      If you or other readers have any other questions for Parliament, please email to me as soon as possible preferably by tomorrow as I have to do in BM and English. Dateline this Friday.

      Selamat Hari Raya to you and family and to all the readers.


      wee choo keong

  4. Anonymous

    Tony if AirAsia operates from USA, UK or Hong Kong, you wouldn’t have been able to owe airport tax to the tune of MR100 million for so many years. You wouldn’t have been able to ask the government to build lCCT for you and then renovate in 2 years later costing more than RM200 million (for a warehouse style) and the same contractor from REMBAU was directly appointed.

    Don’t dream of telling their airport authority you don’t want the aerobridge but a new airport. Correct they will give you a Two Figure Sing as the answer.

    So grow up my little boy including your good friends in Khazanah and the CIMB guy. oh Ya, if you were to march to the 4th floor, none of your good friends are there.


    YB can you also ask MAHB in Parliment how many accidents, near accident , security breaches etc. that went unreported in the press involving Air Asia aircraft or passemgers on LCCT tarmac? any crazy passengers could prctically slipped on to the tarmac without problem with the present LCCT arrangement. Imagine the situation in the new KLIA2 with capacity to handle 30million pax? Air Asia business model is ` LEBIH MENYUSAHKAN LAGI MENGUNTONGKAN!

  6. Tony"s advisor

    Tony should also order MAHB that AirAsia and AirAsia X need not pay airport tax but are allowed to collect airport tax.Tony should also order Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri that AirAsia and AirAsia X need not pay any form of corporate tax. Tony should ordeer Ministry of Transport not to interfere with whatever international or domestic routes that AIrAsia and AirAsia X fly.

    Lastly, Tony should also order Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar adn Rashdan to resign from their post and he is the new M D for Khazanah and the Executive Director in MAS in full charge of MAS operation. This will definitely get the green light both of his very very close friends. Why are you making it so difficult for yourself Tony? Just do it the easy way. If you need PM support just take Nazir to a trip in Oxford and talk over a boat ride. So easy.

  7. arjuna waspada

    Wee Choo Keong,Saya amat setuju dan menyokong saranan anda bahawa kabinet wajib dan mesti kata No, tidak,Nyet,nix,pu yau,wen nak, kapada TF, sebab kerana semua memang pentabiran sudah banyak membuat keputusan tanpa ambil kira kepentingan negara dan rakyat.Dan juga bukan saja kapda TF tetapi deal deal saperti yang ,ada, E & O.
    Felda dah terlepas beli syarikat gula,so takan nak terlepas kali ini juga ….
    MAS punya deal memang ta patut di sokong.Cukup lah.
    Saya hanya harap WCK terus bangkang sebab semenjak liberalai transformsi,kpi kra engagement inclusivens dan lain lain saperti 1M, ratusan isu asas pokok tidak di indah kan lagi olih umno/bn.setiap kali ada isu, ada saja penyelesaian tapi dengan campak duit sekali.
    Terus kan WCK dan selamat berjuang di DR..
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  8. anak Msia tulen

    YB u r great.We need YB like u to keep an eye over economic opportunists who are actually vultures.They sucked n drained our resources,siphoned billions and stacked d ringgit abroad under d pretext of buying over a football club .. U were damned right,modern airports need aerobridges.We were being fooled/hoodwinked by … and his croonies again under d pretext of being a Msian n patriotic but when they insinuated that AA will shift their main office to Jakarta immediately our govt/khazanah gave in to the AA/MAS swapped.”ada udang disebalik batu” kan?” Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama” Nama apa k brother?Brother jawab—pangkatlah dan 10kg RM keuntungan.Apa itu?Tak lama lagi di anugerah Tun dan 100kg RM pula boleh lah ambilalih kelab Manchester United pula.The rich becomes richer whilst d poor becomes poorer in our country Msia.added to that,d population is racially polarised by our inept politicians in connivance with crooked/unpatrotic businessmen/in sleazy/shady so called business deals.What a sham!In d end u SHALL not escape JUDGEMENT/AKHIRAT.The wrath of GOD/ALLAH will befall upon u vultures.It will b too late then.

  9. john Tan

    The whole deal was a scandal and supported by the Fikir-less idiot pretending to be innocent and did it in the interest of MAS. Bloody bas… Best interest for MAS or something else. Tolonglah stop bullshitting.

    In the interets of MAS by terminating Firefly services from JB to KK and Kuching. Ask you rown mother whether this was done in the best interest of MAS and she will regret for giving birth to you.

    Why it was done in secrecy? Why cannot see the light of the day? Why no actions against Alwafeer? Why doing deal with good friends?

    The sweet faceless little boy? How much did you get for selling the Firkirless co to Maybank? YB please expose them in Parliament and see how Najib government want to cover for the Fikirless idiots.

  10. anon009

    Not knowing the in’s and out’s of this highly guarded share swap deal, one can assume that its been blessed by Government due to their elegant silence on the matter.
    When it was presented to the media it was obvious that AA were the more jubilant party, take stock at the photos from that meeting and notice the background, 80 percent of the logos were from AA whilst Firefly Airlines was noticeably missing, a tell tale sign of the future indeed.
    Ask yourself this, since the share swap was first announced the only news since has been of Firefly having to cancel routes and flights without any reason given. Trawl the Firefly airlines Facebook pages, you will see that before the share swap most people were posting complimentary messages about service, since the share swap its been swamped with angry and at times derogatory comments. Staff at Firefly have a right to be demoralised just now, not knowing what the future holds for them. It would be ironic if any job losses at MAS after this share swap involved employees of one of MAS’s bright spots. Firefly were becoming a match and bettering AA service wise with their Jet service, makes one wonder just how far they could have gone before the share swap deal came along.
    I have heard the Union mutter once over this affair, saying they were not being told what was going on (maybe the lack of hearing union talk is due to MSM) but at the end of the day, does any union have any clout these days?
    Firefly employees are now in no mans land, rumours abound that Jet services will cease this October and that any replacement will probably not begin operations until 2012.
    Isn’t it time that senior management come clean and lay out what lies ahead for Firefly employees?

  11. Mohd Kamal

    We don’t care if your skin is brown, white, black or green. If politician fight corruption, insider trading and loop-sided deal to rob the government just like our YB Wee Choo Keong; you (politician) will get our full support and vote.

    Keep it up your good work YB ! Give those ‘day light robbers’ hell.

  12. roslan


    When I saw the picture when these four idiots were posing for their beautiful picture, I thought it was the press conference to glorify the GLORIFY Tony, AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. The only thing that was missing was that Azman Mokhtar the smiling …. and that Md Nor forgot to wear their AirAsia X’s hats and outfit. The backdrop was filled with AirAsia, Asia X and TUne Group.

    It appeared that MAS was so insignificant. That goes to show that how serious Azman Mokhtr and Md Nor are serious in their heart to look after the interests of MAS. I can only say pu…mak to both of them. They are not fit to lead any GLCs. In year 2002 MD nOr was the man who commission Mokhtar and Danny boy to to do the WAU. Now it would appear that WAU was a failure that’s why they had to get AirAsia to “SAVE” MAS. Mokhtar and Md Nor both of you are real jokers should be sacked.

    I just wonder why PM is putting up with idiots like you two.

  13. Koay from Penang

    Najib should tell Tony to stay back in LCCT since he does not want aeobridges. The government cannot be helping Airasia all the way like what the Sleepy Head had done when he was the PM. YB you wee right tht when the Sleeping Head was the PM TF and his business partners got away with “murder” – owing airport taxes was just the tip of the iceberg.

    ECM Libra – where small fish each big fish. the same as in the bullshit share swap here. Najib must be firm and stop this share swap. It makes his government look so stupid. Najib must also tell his brother Nazir to stay clear with the lobbyist like Tony and his business partners.


    As a former MAS middle management staff, I dont think we can blame the politicians, the government and the top management 100%.
    Why, because they have ZERO experience in running an airline.

    It is the middle management personnel that have the 30-40 years of experience and skills in running the airline. They should have the guts to say NO to the crooks and thieves and they better say NO to the biggest crook of them all NOW, after all these crooks only numbers around 10 but MAS has a strong (but confused) 20000 staff.

    Air Asia is big not because they are smart but because MAS management is WEAK.

    Tan Sri Aziz had personally told me that he rejected a former PM who wanted to interfere in running the Airline and he was willing to resign if it happen.

    So it is time for MAS Staff and Union to rise up and take charge.

    Our track records below:

    For more details, email me at

  15. Golden Girls

    Tahniah MAS Staff, bola para penyangak penyangak tengah kecut!!!
    Tahniah braders di Sarawak and Sabah, they had very bad experience with TF during FAX times

    Hey tony dey, pisang mana boleh buah dua kali.

    Thursday September 8, 2011 MYT 5:16:09 PM
    Unions threaten to picket over MAS-Air Asia deal

    SUBANG JAYA: Some 15,000 members from three Malaysia Airlines (MAS) workers’ unions say they will picket if the MAS-Air Asia deal goes through.

    “We do not agree with the collaboration or the move to establish the new airline Sapphire (under the deal),” said MAS Employees’ Union (Masue) president Alias Aziz.

    Maseu joined forces with the Airline Workers Union of Sarawak and Air Transport Workers Union of Sabah in announcing their ultimatum to the press here Thursday.

    Alias said the airline and its union workers would be on the losing end of the collaboration between budget carrier Air Asia and national carrier MAS.

    “This is not the way to revitalise MAS. We should straighten out our own affairs starting with the decision makers,” Alias said.

  16. Loon Joo

    This Rashdan is only a superb boy when Tan Sri Azman and Tan Sri Nor Yakob, the boss of the corrupted political secretary Hasbie Satar, are around.

    But Rahsdan is a very clear boy that’s why he and Tony’s cronies in MAS terminated the Firefly services from JB to KK & Kuching, very profitable routes.
    Rashdan must be a good toy poodle to Tony. If Khazanah has Rashdan in MAS, then we will see more terminations of Firefly’s profitable routes. In this aspect, Rashdan is a damn good executive director for AirAsia and soon AirAsia X. That’s why Tony loves this toy poodle of his.

    I do agree that why is PM allowing this little toy poodle running around in MAS causing havoc. Najib should send this little toy poodle of Tony to the RSPC for keep!

  17. AngryMelayu

    Damn you Najib Tun Razak- SNAP OUT OF IT!!
    Clean your house NOW from Pak Lah’s ghosts before you get your ass kicked out of Putrajaya.

    Its really time to take your head out … and start smelling the air out there- If this scandal does not get fixed, then you really do deserve to be replaced.


    Note: A minor edition to avoid vulgarity.

  18. Raman

    PM Najib must take immediate actions to terminate the dirty MAS AirAsia share swap. It was clear from all subsequent actions by Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor, Nor Yacob, Tan Sri Mokhtar, Azman Yahya and Wan Azmi to cripple Firefly and eventually MAS.

    They have started to terminate Firefly, whihc is doing so well with genuine praises from its passengers and yet Rashdan and his gang saw it fit to cancel several full load hari raya flights and then terminate the profitable JB KK and Kuching flights from 15 September.

    PM Najib must also sack the two Bina Tak Fikir boys (Tan sri Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan), Tan Sri Mohd Nor, who was responsibled for the failed WAU and, of course, Nor Yacop from Khazanah before more damage are done to the government.

    PM sack them now!

  19. Anonymous

    YB, please STOP this MAS/AA share swap bcoz this is the biggest bullshit. MAS does not need TF, Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan or even Md Nor around to run it. Idris Jala had done a good job by turning MAS around and then he was taken away to PEMANDU, then when Tg Azmil took over he was also doing a good job but why suddenly there is a report of RM500 Million lost???
    I know Tg Azmil has got lots of plan in making MAS the BEST airline by 2015 but looks like now his plan has gone down the drain.

    Reason is bcoz some asshole want the cream for himself and now he want to terminate the Firefly service in KLIA….what the bloody bullshit is he up to? TF is actually afraid of losing to MAS bcoz he is a crook and he only think of his own interest. HEY…THAMBI TF, DON’T FORGET GOD IS WATCHING WHAT DIRTY THINGS YOU ARE DOING….if you are a MUSLIM and when the day you MAMPUS….kubur also will not accept you. Don’t forget all religion have got the same saying, When you die you will meet GOD and nobody will get away from judgement from GOD.

    I pray hard that GOD will give me long life to see the fall of T.. the CROOK and I pray hard that when you fall… will fall really HARD till you can’t even get up again. Don’t forget you are getting richer not thru the HALAL way but by cheating the hard earn money of the RAKYAT and of all MAS Employees.

    Like the chinese says “If you do bad things to people and if you got kids all your kids will be born without any asshole”

    Note: Sorry edited a bit of your comment sdr to avoid unnecessary complications later.

  20. PuteriWangsaMaju

    Ya.. ya keep going against AirAsia YB. You are only good at that…..then; we rakyat will be left with bus services like lousy Transnational to travel around…let AirAsia be..they are doing good to many more others who appreciate them!

    Note: Thank you Puteriwwangsamaju. Your truly hopes that you are not Tony or his “budak suruhan”. Please see your truly’s reply in here:

  21. Sidek

    It is a great wonder that every now and then an idiiot is electd to occupy an important position. I am talking about the newly crown head of MAS. MAS is a national institution. Only an imbecile would allow it to be convinced by the share swap. How could you ever trust it. Hope the PM with his no frills mission stop this takeover of MAS by a much smaller operator and pay for his whims and fancies. It only shows how the Malays can be taken for a ride by a … , which has been the case throughout Malaysia’s history. Hope the PM has the time to read this.

    Note: Have made some minor editions to avoid unnecessary problems.

  22. Mastrabaiduri

    SAY”NO” TO Air Asia.Con, Now everyone can lie! Stop them from robbing tax-payers on the pretext of collaboration with MAS.

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