Say NO to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd

Because of the one sided reporting, Malaysians thought AirAsia/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd/Tan Sri Tony Fernandes were coming into MAS to SAVE MAS. I am proud to receive the comments below from MAS Union. Unfortunately, The Star, which has been publishing rosy stories about AirAsia/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, did not bother to attend the MAS Union press conference on 27th August, 2011.  So Malaysians like you and I were deprived of the views of MAS Union. So forgive us for being led by the nose to believe that without Khazanah Naisonal Bhd signing the “TOP SECRET MAS – AIRASIA SHARE SWAP” on 8th August, in HERE.  MAS would have collapsed. The Khazanah Naional Bhd top management, the former BINAFIKIR SDN BHD boys would like Malaysians to believe that the said share swap would have affected our national security so had to be negotiated in “darkness”!. Khazanah Nasional Bhd handpicked , the WAU, in HERE, HERE, specialist, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (aka Danny), in HERE, to head MAS now.  

By the way, in 2009 BINAFIKIR SDN BHD was appointed the advisor of MAHB, in HERE. I wonder at that material time did BINAFIKIR Sdn Bhd advise MAHB to take direct actions against AirAsia Bhd to recover more than RM125 million airport tax debts, which have been collected in cash from the passengers since its inception. Perhaps at that material time “kemungkinan besar mereka TAK FIKIR” MAHB, the Ministry of  Transport and Ministry of Finance were in the SLEEPY MODE until they didn’t know that AirAsia Bhd was owing MAHB huge sum of Airport Taxes for years. Don’t tell me that MAHB’s auditorS did not question MAHB’s director about this huge Airport Tax debts.

Thump up for Tan Sri Tony Fernandes for being so capable that MAHB, Khazanah Nasional Bhd, the then Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Chan Kong Choy, Minister of Finance II, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yacop, Minister of Finance, YB Tun Abdullah Badawi, did not bother about the RM125 million Airport Tax debts.

Below is the MAS Union comments.

“Dear Mr. Wee,

I am representing the MAS staff union. FYI, we had a press conference against the interference of AA in managing MAS. We also made recommendation to promote MAS internal senior staff such Dato’ Salleh Tabrani (Tak Berani) or Zaiful as MAS new MD. Our press conference were held on 27th August 2011 and NTV 7, Berita Harian, Utusan, STAR and Bernama were invited but they went on silent the next day. Our press conference was only aired by NTV 7 and TV 3. Bernama and STAR did not turn up and Bernama apologised as it is not their jurisdiction.

Could you please look into why our local medias are so silence about our stand? Thank you and thank you very much for your fraternity support.”

Thank you MAS Union. Please be assured that you are not alone in this fight for justice for MAS. Firefly was under attacks the very moment Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar inked the share swap agreement. No wonder Datuk Eddy Leong is calling it a day in Firefly. I cannot blame Datuk Eddy Leong who has put in so much effort in Firefly to be what it is today. Now Firefly became House Fly.

When Khazanah bought the 10% share of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd then the future of MAS will not be hard to determine. Please take note that in those rosy press reports on this subject, they have not ruled out cutting down the work force in MAS.


  1. Rajes of MAS

    It was a bloody conspiracy! Why the newspapers are publishing only adverse story about MAS? Hopefully Najib can now see what the hell are going on in the bullshit share swap deal.

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Tan Sri Nor Yacop and Mohammed Rashdan are good friends of Tony F and Kalimullah. Khazanah better stop buying up the !0% of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. it suffered RM89 million losses in 2009. Hoe about 2010? Must be more despite the Star trying so hard to make it as though it is making a fortune that Khazanah must buy the 10%.


    Thank you YB.
    Well done but we are not done yet !!!!!!!!

    Rocky Bru did warn about this
    “YB Wee Choo Keong gave fair warning last night about raising hell in Parliament this October. It might wake up a sleeping giant at MAS.”

    How and why it started below:

    We are ready to surface with more expose.


  3. Anonymous

    Dear YB,

    This must be a joke. All in MAS, knows the suggested names. I believe that I will not be too presumptious if I say I speak on behalf of the many that we do support the call for removing the Air Asia element from the ExCom but categorically do not believe that either of the 2 candidates are ready to helm MAS. Certainly not one of those named. I do not believe the sender speaks on behalf of the majority.

  4. Another 4th floor set up

    YB the link to the first speculative story that broke the news on the MAs-AirAsia share swap with “clinical accuracy” in the Malaysian Insider “the friendly new portal of AIrAsia” has been changed. Malaysian Insider called it updated with a new date of 9-8-2011 but the original speculative story dated 6-8-2011 was no longer there. So obvious. Is this professional journalism or dr spinner?

    We all know who is behind the Malaysian Insider. So beware.

  5. MAS Supporter

    Rashdan, Danny the Tidak FIKIR Boy, jadi budak bisu dalam isu-isu yang dibangkit oleh YB. Nampak the truth hurts. YB please taruk dia, Tan Sri Azman dan Tan Sri Nor Yacop cukup2 di Parlimen bulan October. Not too long from now. we can wait.

  6. Anonymous

    Selamat Hari Raya to all. Rajes, we already know about the long friendship between Tan Sri Nor Yakob, Rashdan, Tan Sri Mokhtar, Tony and Kalimullah. We must shout loud enough so that the government and the people in Khazanah can hear us.

    MAS staff must start to stand up against these three musketeers. Merdeka must be the spirit in MAS. Merdeka from these three idiots.

  7. kenny

    The newspapers are hungry for AirAsia advertisement. I do not know about the free tickets. So MAS union must understand why the Star had to publish only rosy pictures. The newspaper and Malaysian Insider can publish what they like but Malaysian knew about this Tony F and his gang. so what is the problem. Ignore their report or stop visiting the news portal or buying the newspapers. at the same time, lets hantam them in whatever ways we can.

  8. concerned citizen

    Get rid of the 4th floor elements in Khazanah and Ministry of Finance and put in a real professional in aviation in MAS. Then all will be well again. As long as the 4th floor or Bina tak Fikir is still in Khazanah MAS will alwys be in deep shit for Tony to laugh at. Of course, the Sleepy Head had to go also because he was the main person who has helped AirAsia to grow and at the same time stifle MAS. This was one of the main reason that MAS had problems every few years then Khazanah idiot will commission Bina Tak Fikir to bullshit.

    Rashdan can save MAS, my foot! Save AirAsia X Sdn Bhd may be.

  9. Anonymous

    I agree with Kenny that’s why i do not read any reports by Star or Malaysian Insider on AirAsia because they were trying to insult our intelligence. Too partisan and bent in their desire to prop up ailing companies like AirAsia and AIrAsia X.

    If Khazanah wants to invest in aviation industry there are many other airline worth investing. Definitely not this AirAsia X, a company with many who are very close friends of Azman Mokhtar, Rashdan and this Nor Yacob.

    We must carry on exposing the ultimate objective of the dirty share swap to bleed MAS and Khazanah. The first thing we have to do is to get rid of the rubbish in Khaznah. Correct the 4th floor rubbish in Khazanah, MAS itself and the Ministry of Finance otherwise we will see the demise of MAS very soon and the name will be changed to AIrAsia or AirAsia XX. Further, there will be many more 4th floor deal to come. Lets stop it at the bud now.

    The share swap is a con job from the start. How could Najib allow it? I just don’t understand. Was it because Nazir of CIMB? My advice to Nazir: there are other deals.Stay out of this share swap unless you want to kill your brother, the PM.

  10. Anonymous

    Salleh Tabrani and Zaiful? I’d rather AK take the lead in MAS than those two. Please Help MAS, YB. Raise some serious hell in Parliament. Don’t let the Malaysians be fooled by the AK-friendly media. It’s OUR MONEY they are throwing around here. God bless you.

  11. Masturabaiduri

    YB, I cannot help but being suspicious that there are people in power that be that have interest in Air Asia. First the boost up Air Asia shares while at the same time depressed MAS shares. After the share swap, they proceed by killing Fireflyz – thus getting rid of a competitor. Next, they are going to scrap all MAS routes that duplicate Air Asia. The whole is scheme is nothing more than to protect Air Asia at the expense of MAS and the tax-payers. The speed and the force at which the whole deal was cooked up can only point to people with power.

  12. Anonymous

    Looks like its a ploy to topple Najib himself. The invisible hand that plays this chess game will benefit all.. and AA will be in a clear.. Let me try to put this in words..

    Everybodies knew of MAS being a cash cow. By swapping share, they gain acces to MAS account. MAS will be bled to zero.. but not to be worry, due to the sentimental value of being a National Airlines, more money will be pump in by the Government. Now, the ‘invisible hands’ will benefit comes untung or rugi of MAS. Whatever happens, AA will be in a clear..

    Now, this is where it will get interesting.. for government to pump in money, MAS has to collapse. Do you realised Najib has been very quiet of this whole scenario, and CIMB is the bank behind all of this? this will backfire soon.. for government to bail out MAS, the whole situation will be highlighted, and someone must be blame. Now, who do u think will be the best person to take the heat? I can only think of 1 name.. NAJIB..

    Again, the invisible hand will benefit all, and AA will be in a clear…

    N’way, MAS Union proposed Salleh Tabrani? are they crazy? this guy cannot even control MASWING.. This Union guy really kissing ass lor..

  13. Anonymous

    there was an intention of a hostile takeover before the last general eletion…however it was called off due to the results from the general election. Whenever it seems good to be on the part to attempt a takeover which is now. It is perfectly and swiftly done without a hitch. These has been planned all these while just waiting for the right time to strike it.

  14. Anonymous

    YB, MAS staff unions have got no balls and brains. So I would not take any of their words seriously. During the first meeting with the new management, all they had to say was “We (the union) will support the move (the share swap) as long as they get what we want”.

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