Tony says NO to aerobridges, MAHB & Khazanah say YES Sir!

Tony can now order MAHB, indirectly Khazanah Nasional Sdn Bhd, what to do. As can be seen in the case of KLIA-2 where the original plan was to build aerobridges for the convenience of the passengers including disabled person (OKU). When Tony snapped his fingers and say no to aerobridges, Tan Sri Bashir of MAHB had to also kow tow. Even Khazanah was in total silence. What a powerful man indeed? No wonder AirAsia had a good record of owing more than RM125 million in airport taxes since its inception until recently and MAHB dared not leave a finger to take actions. Read HERE. The outstanding airport taxes were only paid recently after the matter were brought up in Parliament several times. See how powerful is Tan Sri Tony Fernandes/AirAsia and now Air Asia X Sdn Bhd. By the way the original name of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, which is a more suitable name for Ministry of Transport and Khazanah, was Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd, in HERE.

I just couldn’t believe it that Tan Sri Tony Fernandes can just order MAHB, a GLC, and MAHB had to kow tow! If this is the case then Tan Sri Bashir should resign and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes should be appointed as the new managing director of MAHB. After all, a year or two after the inception of AirAsia, MAHB had to rush to build LCCT and a few year later renovating it costing more than RM200 million just to accommodate AirAsia. Of course, this was during the honeymoon years after 2003 where everything in the nation was in SLEEPING MODE and Tingkat Empat was calling the shots.

The LCCT was built like a warehouse but with the costs of five stars hotel. Remember Syarikat Fajar Builder Sdn Bhd, from REMBAU, a very famous place in Malaysia, in HERE. Please also read HERE, HERE, HERE.

However, I really am glad that at least a group of concerned citizen came out in protest against MAHB and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  Yesterday Mr Murugeswaran of Damai Disabled Persons Association and a group of disabled persons protested at Bangsar LRT station against MAHB. Mr Murugeswaran lambasted MAHB and Tony and his AirAsia: “The decision by MAHB not to include aerobridges in the construction of the new airport is a step backward and taken in the wrong direction. If underdeveloped countries can have aerobridges at their airports, why is Malaysia which is a step away from achieving developed nation status, regressing to third world status infrastructure and service provision?” in HERE.

I fully agree with Mr Murugeswaran’s statements. The interests and well being of the disabled must be taken care of by MAHB and the government. I have never seen in any developed or developing countries when building a new airport without aerobridges just to dance to the whim and fancy of a CEO of a low cost air airline, which is still struggling to keep their nose above water. Of course, certain news portal and MSM have painted a more than rosy picture.

No wonder Khazanah had to say yes to the dirty share swap, which was hatched in absolute secrecy. Presumably, Khazanah had to also say “YES SIR” and quickly take up the 10% share in AirAsia Sdn Bhd, a private limited company with a debt of almost RM90 million, in HERE.

Going by the trend of the super powerful Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, I can’t wait to see him taking over MAHB and thereafter, Khazanah. Then AirAsia can collect airport taxes and be exempted from handing over to MAHB. Of course, we believe in TONY BOLEH in this Boleh Land.

18 thoughts on “Tony says NO to aerobridges, MAHB & Khazanah say YES Sir!

  1. anonymous

    YB, the Tingkat Empat boys are still operating very efficiently. Withotu Tingkat Empat AirAsia would have taken a nose dive many many years ago like other low cost airlines. So many of them in USA, India and Hong Kong collapsed.

    But in Malaysia with the share swap and AirAsia X, now no aerobridges – I had to also believe in TONY BOLEH in this boleh land!

  2. Rolan

    I think that Khazanah will have to buy hte 10% AirAsia X share otherwise Tingkat Empat boys will be very upset.

    Tan Sri Noor Yakob is very very familiar with the term Tingkat 4.

    Can any one tell me about Tan Sri Azam the Khazanah head?

  3. Anonymous

    It was all part of the 4th Floor scam. Please expose them in Parliament. They just want to rape MAS to statisfy their greed.AirAsia needed MAS rather than MAS needed AirAsia. But the mass media made it out that MAS needed AirAsia badly.It was all about conspiracy with the help of certain press.

  4. Mamak Tanjung

    Those b… at kahazanah ought to be hang and sula their backside. What so great about Tony where that he get so much money to start an airline business. Can somebody tell me. Out of nowhere suddenly this Tony has become so powerful in this boleh land. What Najib is doing may be he is also afraid of Tony. Come on Mr PM are you also sleeping like the stupid flip flop oxy-moron,former PM. The rakyat wants to know the whole story about this fiasco, please MR PM tell us before you get dump also in the next PRU 13.

  5. Tehsin

    T… got away with a few billion…betul ka duit haram as per reports? We all definitely want to know. Kalau halal, Alhamdullilah…God has been kind to him maa….Cheap ariline tycoons if become disabled, he can have people DUKUNG him like Karpal Singh…they are rich…thats why people like them dont care about people in need…thay think it cant happen to them, or if it did, can buy human carriers, carry here and there even someone to wipe their ass after crapping, unlike other they dont use their position for social improvements

    Kan, kan, kan?

  6. Jaspal

    Brainless Azman for obvious reasons. Khazanah boys and Tony do not care about the disabled. They want to disable MAS so that the 4th floor AA can fly high with no competition.

    The first thing they will do is to disable the Firefly so that no competition.

  7. imp

    if KLIA-2 is a public infrastructure, wouldn’t the disabled have legal standing to sue?

    in any case is there no public consultation (or at least a public forum to voice these concerns) at all? or is this a case of its my money (or not ) and i’ll spend however the he#$ i want to?

  8. Rahman

    Semua adalah Budak Tingkat Empat atau ada perhubungan dengan Tingkat Empat. Tan Sri Azman sendiri pun mesti tahu apa makna Tingkat empat.

  9. Chin

    Who is Tony Fernandes? A CEO of a almost koyak low cost airlines that got help from MAB to owe airport tax and the Sleepy Head.

    Azman Mokhtar who are you trying to fool that AIrAsia was helping MAS? You are a close friend of Tony. So a clear case of conflict of interest.

    How can you allow Tony to order you and MAB around like small little boys who just passed out from primary school. Tak malu?

  10. Charles F Moreira

    The journo-prostitutes in the MSM, especially the business MSM have glorified Tony Fernandez as some kind of hero and cool guy but his move against aerobridges is callous and shows a concern only for profits.

    Neoliberals hail him as some kind of libertine, free-market “David”against a state-owned “Goliath.”

    Back in the 1950s and 60s, airports such as the old international airport at Sungei Besi and also the newer one in Subang had no aerobridges and passengers either had to walk to the plane or be ferried to the plane in buses.

    Aerobridges were retro-fitted at Subang after renovations in the late 1970s and 80s.

    Heck! Thailand’s old Don Muang airports was all aerobridges long before the move to Suvarnabhumi.

    When it was raining, there were ground staff who held umbrellas over the passengers’ heads as they walked to the plane and climbed up the stairs.

    While these scenes do arouse some nostalgia, they are a throwback to the past and boarding and disembarking from aircraft was actually less efficient and more time consuming than walking from the departure lounge onto the aircraft or from the aircraft to the arrival hall.

    Now I wonder what tourists will think of this.

    This is a retrograde move, especially with the new satellite terminal.

  11. The Con Man

    It was just a share swap to save MAS but now it appeared that Tony was able to order MAB to do as he wanted against the people interests. He can even ordered MAB to do things against the disabled where every developing countries are doing everyhting they can to cater for the disabled.

    Disgusting Khazanah and MAB. Tan Sri Azman and Bashir should resign for the sake of the nation.

  12. SIckening Rakyat

    Tony, Bashir and Azman Mokhtar have no heart for the disabled. Both Bashir and Azam Mokhtar know only two words in their vocabulary i.e. “YES SIR” to Tony.

    If share swap meant that Tony calling the shot in the aviation circle then Azman Mokhtar better resign and put TOny as the new Managing Director for Khazanah. THis will save a lot of time and MAS can die faster.

    Azman Mokhtar is part of the TIngkat Empat outfit. That’s why we are seeing all kinds of shits happening to MAS. Why is Najib allowing all these nonsense?

  13. Mohammed

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar: I can see no reason why you and your MAB boys had to bow so low to Tony Fernades. I know that you are a close friend of Tony but you need not sell your sole to him and forget about your own race and Malaysia. I am disgusted by your behaviour.

  14. The Rouge

    Now that Tony already got into MAS and together with Danny they can dismantle MAS to suit AirAsia. Why Tony still not having enough? He still want to control KLIA. Why not get Tan Sri Mokthar and Danny help to take over the the Cabinet and make Tony as the Prime Minister then he can do what he likes. Close MAS down and AIrAsia X Sdn Bhd as the national airline. That will be the ultimate.

    Danny when are you and Tan Sri Mokthar going to close down Firefly to help AirAsia to fight MAS?

    Bloody robbers

  15. Anonymous

    Tan Sri Bashir , Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan, rumour has it that you all have also said YES SIR to Tony on exempting AIrAsia from paying airport tax to MAB. and AirAsia can carry on collecting airport tax. Was this true Tan Sri?

  16. Gunalan

    share swap, Tony and co got on the MAS board, Firefly to stop playing its original role and now no aerobridges in new KLIA 2. Is this just a normal and simple share swap that Khazanah wants us to believe?

    deals that made the people look stupid.

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