The “Lion” Of Jelutong was still roaring with forked tongue!

It was reported in Star newspaper today, in HERE, that YB Karpal Singh rapped PAS Vice-President Salahuddin Ayub for supporting the call for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the sex video implicating Opposition Leader YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

YB Karpal Singh also said “an RCI should only be set up for the purpose of looking into cases of national importance. Setting up RCIs for inconsequential matters is an insult to the king.”

YB Karpal Singh has extremely short memory of what he had uttered several days earlier.  I know he loves playing politics but there must be a limit to it. If it was for the sake of political expediency that YB Karpal Singh had to take this stand then say so.

If the sex video is an ”inconsequential matter”:  Why YB Karpal Singh saw it fit not to attend an ongoing criminal trial, wherein two Spanish witnesses’ expenses were paid for by the government,  in the PJ Session Court in order to attend a press conference and call for the said sex video to be shown in Parliament?  YB Karpal Singh was trying to turn Parliament into an inconsequential organisation by his call for the said sex video to be shown in Parliament!

I believed that YB Karpal Singh made the call because he had no choice due to his previous stand made some 20 years ago against YB D P Vijindran. at that material time,  YB Karpal Singh had in his possession the sex video.  He brought it into Parliament chambers and gave to the Speaker of the House of Parliament and demanded for a thorough investigation, RCI to be set up and actions to be taken against YB D P Vaijindran. He was also demanded for the resignation of YB D P Vijindran.

Now YB Karpal Singh should tell all Malaysians what was the outcome of the defamation suit filed against him by YB D P Vijindran. Did the court order him to pay damages in the sum of RM100,000 and cost amounting to a few hundred thousand Ringgit to YB D P  Vijindran for all the allegations he had made?

YB Karpal Singh did not ask the police to investigate into him committing an offence then because of possessing a sex video tape. Now he has been demanding for the Datuk Ts to be charged for the same offence that he had committed.  Why the double standard? Of course, the police should take whatever actions deemed necessary against Datuk Ts in this sex video episode and other important issues because a police report has been lodged by YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. If the sex video have been tempered with then actions should be taken against the conspirators.  If the video is authentic then there is another issue of false police report for the police to consider.

I am extremely familiar with the calls for the setting up of RCI by YB Karpal Singh. I would have thought that he would be consistent enough to echo the same song in this video sex episode so as to clear the air and to prove CONSPIRACY against YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim whom he had at one time accused him, when he was the Deputy PM, of committing the acts of sodomy.  He had also demanded that the Attorney-General to charge YB Datuk Seri Ibrahim for sodomy, in HERE.

YB Karpal Singh had in February 2009 stated publicly that YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was a liability to Pakatan and should step down as its leader, in HERE.

The sex video would have been “an inconsequential matter” had there be no denial and police report lodged YB Datuk Seri Awar Ibrahim on the matter and at the same time no accusation others of conspiracy against YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Therefore, there are now two important issues: CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim due to his immediate denial and police report and his many ALLEGATIONS OF CONSPIRACY against him.  The two issues cannot be true at the same time!

If YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had admitted to be the actor in the sex video from day one then the matter would have been an inconsequential matter because the sex video did not involve abnormal sexual acts.

The glaring fact that YB Karpal Singh was demanding for the sex video to be shown in Parliament was evident of its national importance, as it has implicated the Opposition Leader, a God sent leader and a Prime Minister aspirant.

YB Karpal Singh is true to form, CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENTThe “Lion” of Jelutong was still roaring with forked tongue, read HERE.  YB Karpal Singh’s numerous inconsistent political stands had made many heads really PUSING!

In view of the above, I am in full support for the stand taken by YB Sallehuddin Ayub and the President of PAS Youth, who has earlier on called for the setting up of a royal commission of inquiry to investigate into the sex video implicating YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim .


39 thoughts on “The “Lion” Of Jelutong was still roaring with forked tongue!

  1. ishak

    YB – Thank you for emlightening me on the evil that Kapal Poosing is. I really dread the day that he will somehow be choosen a leader to lead. God is great. HE has punished him in putting him …… If Kapal continues to lie, God’s wrath will continue to befall him so that he will not perpetuate his cruelty on people in the streets like me.

    Note: I am sorry to have to delete a few words in your comments in order to avoid people from spinning things.

  2. Lam

    What Lion? just a chameleon. Karpal forever is changing his stand as it suits him. He just want to PUSING the rakyat for his political agenda. Now with this posting, Karpal will have to try to pusing more and it won”t anymore. Just much nonsense already.

    Why no RCi? scare of the truth!!!

  3. kiasu

    Another funny poosing by this siiingh is during the PC he claimed to not watching the video and when asked when he would, he answered “it does’nt arise”.

    So how would he know about the video, whether it was Anwar or not, to come up with the suggestion to bring the video to Parliament.

    What was he talking about when he admitted not watching the video?

    Kapal is puuusing and twisting whichever way he could!!!

  4. sharifah

    YB, Thank you for your concise writing. From the questions you post in Parliament, I think you one of a few politicains that really care for the rakyat. Thank you YB. Given the chance, I will vote for you. Take Care!

  5. The Punjabi boy

    How to pusing now? cornered everywhere. I didn’t know that the Pusing was sued by Vajindran and had to pay enormous sum of damages. The Pusing should stop playing politic. He is filled with double standard.

  6. idiotic

    Karpal is showing his stupidity. I didn’t know that the Petaling Jaya Session Court grant postponement of cases for lawyer to hold a press conference. He must have pusing the judge that he has more important matter to handle.

    We began to see his true colour.

  7. J.J.B

    YB ,

    Just neglect for the moment sex video bla bla . Honestly just get the police to their job identifying the person on it with you all honest MP with to inclination to ensure Anwar is is real person. Please ensure truth be told even it does not benefits you.

    Please focus what you do best ,

    1) sdn bhd cheating us the common public .
    2) astro … open license for new player?
    3) toll reduction , tell Najib to give more. Fuel went up.
    4) If gov decided to sell away the RRIM land , can part of it to be planned for the 1st home program at the reasonable price,you dont seems to side with developers on most issue .. maybe you could help us here ?
    5) UNIFI speed are not as promised here in Jalan Kuching Apartments me .. they told us its due to the copper line in the building.Why dont they warn us earlier before we sign up?

    Can you represent us here in Jalan Kuching area?

  8. Lee

    He is of full of bullshit. He twists and turns all the times. Where is your honour Bai? your motto should be say one thing and do another. just a fraud..

  9. tebing tinggi

    People are born with all sorts of charecter,they are not like other animels where different in charecter is very much reconiseble, but beliving in that type of charecter is admireble.

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  11. tongkang singing

    You Know lah this mangkok is talking Politic….mulut bau longkang…kalau kau jumpa ular mana kamu bunuh dulu>.>itu bai atau ular…..

  12. mc

    well done YB…:)
    we the rakyat wants truth be told.
    we dont want mps with forked tongue like Karpal to lead us.

  13. Maizatul

    To prove that it is a conspiracy, it is the obvious thing that Anwar should just show the Omega watch that Anwar said is in the safekeeping of Azizah.

  14. basir

    Siapa bilang ini bai tiger of jelutong orang jelutong sudah feedup denagn dia bila ada election baru nampak muka,makan gaji buta, at last orang jelutong tendang dia keluar dari jelutong, so jangan bilang ini tiger from jelutong.

  15. MM

    Karpal… Karpal.. Karpal… anda harus bertaubat ;p

    While at it why don’t you retire as well?. The more you appear, the less people will respect you.. The more you speak, the more people see you as a big fat liar.. Is that the legacy that you wish to leave behind?

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  17. Politicalamity9

    of course the sex video is a national thingy. we are talking about someone who ‘wants’ to be a PM, about who he really is apart from what he preaches of whom he is. ‘Personal adventures’ doesn’t count here.

  18. AgreeToDisagree

    He’s roaring rubbish. Everyone knows that Section 377B should be abolisehed by now and doesn’t exist in either ENgland or India which Malaysia got it’s laws from. An RCI is not needed, what is needed is a removal of Section 377B. A person’s orientation and sexual partners cannot become a weapon to be used against anyone.

    Maybe under Syariah Courts could a case be considered, but civil which has not been updated? Whats wrong with the lawmakers? Bar Council? Supreme Court? Can they not see this is politically motivated and at least have the honesty to drop this rubbish law and rubbish case?

    Even then under Syariah Anwar could renounce Islam and no longer come under Syariah Laws which only affect Muslims.

    This may be politics, but when common decency and Human Rights or even common sense and lack of update to laws is concerned, Karpal is indeed shouting about nothing. Probably mind controlled to waste his time on inconsequentials, accepting the Anwar’s case is valid is total rubbish.

  19. Justice for Anwar

    Anwar and Karpal should grab the opportunity and call for the setting up of RCI to prove the conspiracy against a God sent leader to Malaysia. After that the God sent leader will be the new PM, Karpal Singh will be the Deputy PM.

    If the video is true and the person inside is also true then KOYAK. Route to Putrajaya will be diverted to some where else. Most probably Sungai Buluh.

  20. Ordinary Rakyat

    The sex video is an inconsequential matter but Karpal Singh demanded it to be shown in Parliament. This goes to show that Karpal Singh is treating Parliament as his playing field and not law making body.

    Karpal Singh should know by now that Malaysians are laughing at his inconsistent stand.

  21. warilembahpantai

    Dear rakyat, apa nak hairan dgn singa yg sudah tidak ada gigi. His aging is making him off-balanced. Bukan tidak menghormati but prime time for him to go. Pls jangan susahkan rakyat dgn perkara-perkara yg mencelaru dan mengkorupkan fikiran-fikiran rakyat. Cinta ketenangan – we are the reliable and winnable voters!!!

  22. yong

    Wan Azizah should the watch to the reporter if she has nothing to hide. There was no need for her to be angry with the reporter when they asked to see the watch unless she has got something to hide.

    Omega watch company must be pleases that it has now received free advertisement by this sex video. It should consider to give royalty payment to Anwar and Wan Azizah.

  23. Kalisah

    Some of the commentators here are quite witty. I know its a serious subject but I had a good laugh. Anyway I agree Karpal should stop posturing. Hes no fool and knows exactly what hes doing. He knows the video is genuine but is prepared to let some people think otherwise because of politics.

  24. Jagjit Singh

    Karpal singh is twisting and turning too much. He has lost all the credibility. He has no integrity at all. He called for the video to be shown in Parliament and at the same time he said no to RCI because it is inconsequential. How stupid can Karpal be?

    If it is inconsequential then it should not be shown any where let alone Parliament. To be shown in Parliament it must be important enough. shameless Karpal. Stop bringing shame to us.

  25. zur

    Anwar has left the country after Sarawak’ election. To where? A-God-sent leader refusing to face the music?

    Why can’t the authority extend all the power to bar him from travelling overseas? Would his absence affect the goings-on of the investigation of his assumed self in the video? Or is it not him at all?

  26. orang utan Sarawak

    At leasr YB Karpal fight for justice tak macam katak tanpa beliau ular sawah akan bertambah di Malaysia, please respect huim, he has done alot for Malaysia walaupun belaiau adalah pembangkang.

  27. Karam Singh

    Why this MP know to concentrate Anwae sex cases only better use his time to constribute more to the building of our nation. Sex is not important. Tak ada kerja lain ke?

  28. Jagjit Singh

    Orang utN Sarawak

    Karpal singh is a snake with forged tongue ok! He has ben twisting and turning like a big snake. There were so many issues where he had shown his inconsistent stand. Karpal is a shameless Punjabi. if I am a member of PR, I will also leave it because of all the nonsense that have been showing. I would rather be a katak then to be a snake with forge tongue.

  29. Bangkali Singh

    Brother Jagjit are talking cock or nut? You must be another snake. You must felt he has does your countrymen proud.

  30. J.J.B

    YB !!!!

    Thank you for your swift respond to help me to complain for UNIFI’s slow speed against promised . I got respond immediately from Telekom after .. I dont know who you poked. Nevertheless , if you do have connections in GLC and you use it to assist us regular people that sometimes neglected just because we are just a single ‘ account ‘ , hell USE IT . We dont mind this ‘abuse’ of know who . Funny they kept on calling me when ILL be back from outstation to verify ‘my’ problem. Whoaaa this is service . Most regular people like us will not disturb YB to get business etc but to seek genuine help.

    This is what we regular people called service . I don’t even want to know now whats going on in politics . Stay Bebas .

    I will feed you in the future info about more wrongdoing of cheating SDN BHD’s that really effects us directly if I came across any .

    Thank again YB Bro !!

    1. weechookeong Post author


      Thank you for your comments.

      Will do my very best to assist in whatever way I could.


      wee choo keong


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