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New DBKL policy: Stall with permanent structures?

The pedestrian walk way/kaki lima blocked by permanent stalls in front of Danau Kota Flats in Prima Setapak.

Upon receipt of a complaint from the residents around Prima Setapak/Danau Kota Flats regarding newly erected stalls with permanent structures, I visited the areas and was shocked to witness those stalls with permanent structure which I believe to be the illegal as they were built on government land. 

I really am surprised that the Pejabat Cawangan DBKL in Wangsa Maju was unaware of these illegal stalls with permanent structures being erected. May be the officers were aware of these permanent stalls  but they had to close their eyes for reasons best known to them!

The stalls with permanent structures.

I am very surprised that DBKL allowed such stalls around the Danau Kota Flats where the residents are  already having facing parking problems. in the area.  Furthermore, such permanent stalls cause danger to the residents as they had to walk on the road.

I have tried to call the officer in charge in DBKL but I have had no respond from him. I have written letter to Jabatan Perancang Bandar DBKL with copies extended to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur and the Minister of Wiayah Persekutuan for actions.


2 thoughts on “New DBKL policy: Stall with permanent structures?

  1. What a joke? If hawker stalls with permanent structures are allowed then KL will be a fantastic place for foreign visitors. Datuk Bandar KL should not be sitting in his air-con room. His officers are doing all the nonsense on the ground.

    Such permanent structures are a danger to the residents. Datuk Bandar please stop it before more deaths.

  2. Hi Mr Wee,

    I am a student studying architecture in Melbourne, I am currently working on an assignment about night markets in KL. I was wondering if you know how does DBKL determine the potential sites for night markets?


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