Thank you MATTA for responding

Thank you MATTA for replying to my posting on the MATTA Travel Fair, in HERE.  Whilst I appreciate that all exhibitors are licenced by the Ministry of Tourism and also registered with SSM. Unfortunately, we still hear about travel agents absconded with big sum of monies collected from their customers for tour charges and/or flight tickets.

Therefore, it is imperative that MATTA must take immediate steps to make it mandatory for all its members/travel agents to take up compulsory insurance scheme to cover such cases. I am sure that it is of MATTA’s best interest to ensure that members of the public/customers purchase tours and/or flight tickets from its members with peace of mind.

Once again thank you MATTA for the kind invitation to meet up.  After this Parliament Session I will definitely contact your officer to arrange for a meeting.

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One thought on “Thank you MATTA for responding

  1. Tan

    Matta should implement an insurance scheme for all travel agents a there will always be some errant agents. There were too many of them around.

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