Royal Address by His Majesty SPB Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

Royal Address by His Majesty

His Majesty addressed both Houses of Parliament this morning for the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Session of the 12th Parliament. His Majesty acknowledges the openness of the Government and despite the success of our economy Malaysia being caught in a middle-income trap.  The Government has taken the right steps for transformation predicted of four main thrusts, namely the 1Malaysia Concept, the Government Transformation Programe incorporating the six National Key Results Areas and Economic Transformation Programe based on New Economic Model as well as the 10th and 11 Malaysia Plans.  

Malaysia is committed to becoming a high-income developed nation in 2020 with per capita income exceeding USD 15,000 or RM50,000. Various programes and initiatives would be implemented to achieve an annual average economic growth of at least 6%, driven by private investment and consumption, as well as increase in exports.

In our pursuit to becoming a developed nation, improvements and upgrading of transportation and communications infrastructures will be continued.  An efficient, fast and effective Government delivery system is pivotal to the progress of the country.  The delivery system will be constantly reviewed and improved as well as diversifying means of service delivery.

The Government realises that a developed status is meaningless if the people do not enjoy a good quality of life. In this regards, the Government is implementing a number of initiatives such as widening the access to quality education, reducing crime rate, combating corruption, improving and expanding rural basic infrastructure, raising the living standard of the low income group and improving urban public transportation in order to enhance the quality of life and well-being of the people.

To ease the burden of low income group, the Government’s commitment includes the selling of more than 44,000 low-cost houses to this group, involving the existing tenants and squatters in the Kuala Lumpur and building of more than 63,000 new houses under the People Housing Scheme, to be rented out at nominal sum. Under the 10th Malaysia Plan, more than 38,000 housing units will be built, and sold or rented out to those in in need.

His Majesty called upon everyone to preserve harmony and the country’s dignity at all times.  Be wise and responsible citizen who is not easily influenced by incitement and slander from irresponsible parties. Be reminded that such irresponsible behaviour can undermine national unity, an dis a despicable act forbidden by religions.  Let us all learn from the pat where incitement caused the downfall of several empires.

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