Congratulation Celcom for making huge profits! What about your poor customer service?

On 02 March 2011 Celcom CEO, Datuk Shazalli Ramly, has announced that Celcom’s revenue for 2010 increased from RM6.3 bil to RM6.58 bil and it will invest RM1 bil to upgrade its network, in HERE.  It is most fitting to congratulate Yg Bhg Datuk Shazalli Ramly and members of staff in Celcom for making such huge profits.The glaring fact is telcos are making huge profits yearly and there was no talk of reducing charges to help their subscribers.   Further, what is the point of upgrading network when its customer service is below par!  In the pursuit of making huge profits, I wonder whether the telco CEO is mindful of its poor customer service due to its worker being reduced to robots which are in reliance of computer totally.  It was because of these brainless and heartless “robots” that made the people suffer.

In view of the huge profits, there must be room to reduce the charges as mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  Mobile phones subscription fees and charges should be classified as necessity/control item by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism  (MDTCC).  At the same time the Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture should also look into reducing the mobile phone charges so that members of the public will not be exploited by telco.

21 thoughts on “Congratulation Celcom for making huge profits! What about your poor customer service?

  1. RD

    Dear YB.

    I totally agree with you.

    “The glaring fact is telcos are making huge profits yearly and there was no talk of reducing charges to help their subscribers.”

    In-fact they are always looking for ways & ideas, how everything they term as ‘service’ could indirectly benefit them. They even use arm twisting method by collaborating with ‘External Content Provider’ to take advantage of subscribers. I have a very bad experience with Telcos and I refuse to pay them RM1021. I deleted the names of this Telco, since, I am still waiting their reply before I go to the Tribunal or the Police.
    Below is the complaint, I send by e-mail to their Customer Service “Contact Us”. I refuse to talk to them by phone since I do not want to loose a single cent more, to them.

    On Mac.01 2001, I went to xxxxxxx, to complaint & persuade xxxxx to waive the outstanding amount especially, which are related to ‘Download & External Content Provider’. Obviously, I was disappointed, by the clerk’s asking me to call this external provider for explanation. Why should I do so, when I pay the bills to you. As a customer, we do not ask for this service, if you had ask us orally, before sending. The clerk also suggest that I could go to the Tribunal Pengguna, instead. I am contemplating on it now.

    I am also not satisfied:-

    1. Why this phone no.(SIM Card -Prepaid) which was initially bought by my wife, then change to my name, when top-up was change the to ‘Line’. Done in Sg. Buloh, 3 @ 4years ago, I think.

    2. Why was my wife not informed when the Credit limit is increase, each time, from the initial RM30. Is the increase, now RM1895 to suit for this ‘Service Provider’?
    The clerk says that, since my account has been ‘perfect’ and I always pay on time, the top mgt. decide I should be given a rise. Without asking my opinion?

    3. My wife call the ‘Help Line, end Jan, 2011 to block these games download, but still surface in Feb.’s bill. We accept the fact that our son did use a few of these game service in Dec.10, but surely he does not anticipate the compulsory subscription, RM3~8, 3 times a day, almost everyday of the month. The provider send an e-mail, of which my wife delete, each time and we must pay for it?

    Now my wife is terrified to use this ‘line phone’ and she has bought a new SIM card from Celcom, using the traditional Top-up. I am keeping the 012-3586190 SIM Card.

    Please tell me what I should do next by calling my home phone or e-mail.

    Thank You.

    I regret the day I change my phone & my wife from Pre-paid to ‘Line’.

  2. Rashid

    I cannot agree more. They are only talking about upgrading network. Upgrading what? What bullshit/ They should be talking of upgrading customer services – how to make its customers happy and enjoy the services that they provided.

    This matter should be brought to Parliament. That is the place to teach telcos like Celcom lesson of A, B & C. The customer welfare must come first. Datuk Shazali, please think about your customers first and not about projects for your ….

  3. Cel-con

    What big deal is the huge profits, when Celcom is operating under a monopoly. Nothing to rave about. Shazali should tell Malaysians what he had done to keep the charges low and attracted more subscribers and at the same time making good profits. That is what a good CEo is all about. After all Celcom is more like a GLC.

    Stop talking about expanding with more projects. Make sure that the expansion projects come whit open tender!

  4. Setapak Lim

    I agree with the comments. ANy idiot can achieve that profits level if it is operating like a monopoly. If Shazalli can achiee such profits in UK or America where there are so many providers then I will congratulate him. Most fitting, the celcom staff are bunch of ROBOTs with no brain. Of course Maxis is no exception. Celcom and Maxis are abang adek.

    YB please bring it up in Parliament for the government to know that the rakyat are no fools. stop letting these providers Celcom and Maxis to control the market which will see the rakyat having to suffer.

  5. Mohd

    Kalau tidak dapat keuntungan sebegini tak layak memegang jawatan CEO. Jagalah rakyat jelata. Janagan fikir kpd projek sahaja. Kurangkan caj-caj seperti yang dicadangan oleh YB.

  6. Omar bin khalid

    I agree with your comment. I was told that the UNIFI is the latest product that is in the market. TM did a good job of marketing it but a poor job of executing it. I register my interest in Dec 2010 but was later told that the area is not ready for implementation. Why the hell did they promote the product if it is not ready with the infrastructure? It has been 4 months since I register. I want a good service i.e. When you promise you must deliver not just your saliva. Thank you for giving me a space to express my anger and frustration. Mr CEO please look into it.

  7. Kolo Pilah

    YB, My Anger exposed the truth about Tabung … , appreciate if you could visit It seems that the CEO is abusing his power and accumulating his personal wealth to the extend he can even afford a brand new Ferrari.

    Note: Sorry had to delete the word … word because I also do not want to be busy in Court. However, I shall look into the matter this coming Parliamentary session commencing on 7 March. Thank you so much for enlightening me. Regards

  8. tehsin

    prepaid lagi lah daylight robbery…sometimes unanswered call and halfsent sms is also charged..but my money is going to the Indian with a big ranch in Australia who gives me PAID for satellite TV with hundreds of advertisements (which are not supposed to be there) making him even more money :)

  9. Prepaid is Angel 2008 , Demon 2011

    Year 2008 still have some good prepaid telco eg just reload RM 100 once and enjoy your talktime while staying connected for 1 full year . But this DiGI promotion is only between July-Sept 2008 , has
    never been extended . So only enjoy 1 times .

    Before year 2008 also have some plans like can use talktime credit to extend after your prepaid period expired

    Year 2011 If you are a DiGi Prepaid™ customer you can borrow talktime credit from DiGi with Talktime Advance … sedap didengar-only , because
    this service can only be used when your talktime credit is between 1 sen to RM2

    Year 2011 jangan complaint kita why not call 999 when ternampak your house get fired ??? Line sudah expired …. Talktime credit balance masih ada RM 100++

  10. Kim Lian

    A bunch of robots running Celcom and other telcos. They have no soul to feel for the people. YB please bring it up in Parliament. Celcom should upgrade its customer service before they even think about upgrading the infrastructures.

  11. Ong

    THe telcos must be thought to take care of its customers first and not profits. They are profits first and the people last. brainless and heartless people is the correct description of Celcom officers. The CEO is too comfortable in his office and has no time to look at the customers.

  12. Endu

    I really pissed off with celcom.
    They just charged me rm18+ for 1 MMS. This is really stupid.
    2 mths ago, i closed my celcom broadband. poor services. i change to maxis. Very good, very fast. 2 thumbs up to Maxis.

  13. Celcom Subscriber

    For your information Celcom already upgrading their network with using Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) for Malaysian Subscriber. I am sure that all of you can have more benefit from that. For Celcom CEO please make sure the NGIN Testing are fully completed and share to Malaysian people before launching your new product “Super Prepaid Plan”

  14. Satisfied Subscriber

    If we do business, both party should be win win lah. As a subscribers to celcos, I think I also enjoy the benefits of communicating and managing my daily routines, saving lot of money if i have to do it otherwise manual ways. So what are we complaining about celcos make money?

  15. Adrian

    Celcom Wangsa Walk Mall has a very bad customer service, thanks to one particular staff named Belle. And what is this about the Blackberry Q10 which Celcom is promoting heavily in the media on the Celcom First Plan which is forever out of stock at Celcom outlets and Blue Cube outlets when there are loads of them (original ones) at normal shops?

  16. Celcom has terrible customer service, Lodged a report last week regarding credit validity extension which they promised to credit me on 1/1/14 if I reloaded RM10 by 30/12/13 and the case is still pending investigation. Have been told repeatedly they will expedite the matter but still no action on their part. Disappointing and hopeless service from them. Really regret having chosen this provider as their promises via sms usually not honoured.

  17. Will use another carrier next time

    Celcom authorizes it’s agents to sell plans and to collect bill payments – to my dismay, this is ALL they can/will do. I am a visitor to Malaysia and bought my prepaid SIM card from an agent at the airport. As it turns out, this card was previously registered to someone else. I had a question about the incredible speed by which my balance was diminishing. Customer service advised that I needed to go to their office to have the registered name corrected so that they can give me a credit if warranted. The agent cannot help me in any way except to sell me more airtime. This did not require proof of identity, and as long as I’m willing to keep topping up, they didn’t care if I was Tom, Dick or Harry. Don’t bother emailing them – you will only get canned replies to very specific enquiries.

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