Datuk Wong Chun Wai, Datuk Johan Jaafar, Datuk Chua, Syed Akbar Ali & others: Congratulation!

Today the Prime Minister has appointed Sdr Syed Akbar Ali, who is a well known columnist, author and blog under the name of OutSyed The Box, Datuk Johan Jaafar, the Chairman of Media Prima Bhd, Datuk Wong Chun Wai, the Group Chief Editor of The Star Publication and blog under the name of New Malaysia,  Prof  Dr  Chin Yew Sin, Datuk Marimuthu Nadason, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, the founder and President of Limkokwing University, Haji Anis Yusal Yusoff, Dato Seri Azman Ujang, Chairman of Bernama, Dato Prof. Ishak Tambi Kechik, Datuk David Chua, Dr Zainal Abidin Abdul Majid and Prof Dato Dr Abdul Rahman Hj Embong as members of the Perundingan Dan Pencegahan Rasuah, Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM)/MACC for a two year term from 25-2-2011 till 24-2-2013.

10 thoughts on “Datuk Wong Chun Wai, Datuk Johan Jaafar, Datuk Chua, Syed Akbar Ali & others: Congratulation!

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  2. RD

    Dear YB

    I hope this appointment will not make Mr.Syed and Datuk Wong Chun Wai, shy away of being critical towards the Govt..

    One way to silence bloggers from criticising MACC/Govt.

  3. Love Hong Kong ( Dont love Mimpi Putrajaya )

    Aarif Lee ( born Aarif Rahman on 26 February 1987 , in Hong Kong ) . His father is of Malay-Arab-Chinese ancestry , while his mom is a Hongkonger .
    He has stars in ” I Love Hong Kong ” a comedy film , was released in this Chinese New Year Day .

    If not wrong ( since we so far see this movie one times only ) , this movie also promoted some merakyatkan ekonomi eg TheLink , Hong Kong’s first REIT, invests in a portfolio of 180 retail and carpark facilities that are on the doorstep to 40% of Hong Kong population. ———————

    Tony Pua ( Love Malaysia or Love Putrajaya only ??? ) is politicising the MRT again which kicking off with the proposed 51km Sg Buloh-Kajang line with 35 stations.


    The situation is no different in Hong Kong which has 212km of MTR and rail services with 150 stations ….. Despite the highly efficient MTR system, the island state has an extensive bus services network

    As at this point of time, RapidKL which provides the main operator of bus services in the Klang Valley has only approximately 800 buses to service a 6 million population in an area the size of 2,800km2 …….. Hong Kong which has more than 5,500 buses servicing a 7 million population within an area of 1,095km2.


    His secret agenda ….. a plan for the intensification of bus services should precede the implementation of
    the MRT mega-project for 2 reasons. Firstly, it will be faster to increase the number of buses within a short period of time,
    Secondly, it’ll also be a much cheaper exercise compared to the MRT project. Assuming each bus costs RM600,000, “flooding” the Klang Valley with an additional 3,000 buses will only cost RM1.8 billion, a tiny fraction of the RM46 billion bill for the MRT.


    If this is his speech , perhaps Hong Kong should be lucky , dont have a rakyat called Tony Pua ,
    but Aarif Lee as Hong Kong MRT even already extend to Huanggang station , which links to MRT Shenzhen , China .
    MRT is more difficult in Hong Kong but still manage to do it consider it is separated by Lantau Island , Tsing Yi Island , New Territories ( Kowloon )
    and Hong Kong Island . Perhaps he should ask MB Khalid why
    so simple state budget = 6 million ( 10 buses ) x 4 years x 0 ( hanya tahu cakap ) = result is still O buses belong to PR Selangor

  4. Who suit our needs?

    The MCA can no longer bank on past glory to rally support from the Chinese because the younger generation, in particular, has its own mindset and expectations.

    MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said younger people were all out for ideals and a civil society that promoted fairness, justice and were against the abuse
    of power, corruption and inequality.


    We can tell if the Opposition can deliver or not, by looking at the pledges it made during the March 8 general election. Pledges like building more Chinese …..
    that have been propagated by the DAP
    is meant only to hoodwink the Chinese community.


    Our opinion : While the oppostion cannot deliver , the best record so far is Rawang to get Chinese school
    by Hong Leong Foundation and Hong Bee Foundation contributed a total of RM3mil to the school building fund …. MCA vs DAP = 0 vs 0


    Instead of subsidising the rich and the poor across the board, our subsidy must only benefit those who are really in need. Hence it is time for the government to adjust
    the subsidy scheme to reach the target group.
    On Malaysia’s economy, we support the government’s Economic Transformation Programme
    to achieve high-income nation status by 2020 and to see the realisation of the privately-driven economy as the engine of growth

    Our opinion : while ETP will create more people in high income , but Msia wont achieve
    high-income nation status by 2020 …. cashier , 7-eleven workers possible to get high income ??????


    Berjaya Corporation Bhd founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan has pledged to donate at least half of his wealth to charity.


    “I will also channel to the Better Malaysia Foundation to honour my country.

    ha ha what is http://bettermalaysiafoundation.biz/header.html , this page is under construction .

    Anyway , … sponsors the Sathya Sai Medical and Dental Clinic at Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, which offers free medical services to the underprivileged community
    ….. In addition … sponsoring a clinic in Jalan Klang Lama known as OKR Acupuncture Centre that offers acupuncture treatment for free.

    To say two only in Selangor or two only in Msia , which one better ?????

    Look its Mega TOTO 6/52 … Any 3 main no … 4th Price only RM 3 ( lepas menang , nak makan apa with minimum prize ??? ) . It is better we donate back to him ….

    It looks may be in future like someone very rich in PBB Bank also will say it has pledged to donate
    at least half of his wealth to charity . But they forget they continue to ” kill ” with their BLR


    The young generation is now more inclined to support the Barisan Nasional government which understands and fulfills their needs, said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.


    Ahmad Shabery said the young generation had realised that the opposition pact comprising PAS, the DAP and Parti
    Keadilan Rakyat led by old people did not suit their needs.

    ha ha young Tony Pua also not suit our needs compare to Nurul , Hannah and Jenice .
    Some old one in BN or Bank Negara like Zeti ( tak mahu resign lagi ? ) also NOT suit our needs .

  5. rockybru

    Congrats. Be brave and selfless bros.

    Jangan syok sendiri
    Jangan gila glamor
    Lawan rasuah biar berapi
    Tapi jangan macam RP
    Nanti terbakar diri sendiri.

  6. Orange vs Apple book

    About 250 Lembah Pantai Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members quit the party and formed a non-governmental organisation (NGO) called the Persatuan Gerakan Semangat 1Malaysia (Sesama), which supports the Barisan Nasional . If want to say there is no special considerations for the Indians , perhaps the one need to attack is PR State Selangor MB Khalid ….


    She only receive RM 50K+RM100K from states , perhaps if want attack , may be should pick Azmin + Khalid , both who gets RM 1 million + RM 150,000 from state = but nothing has done .


    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has requested a “bump-up” in security in the state following reports of a S$9mil (RM20.7mil) ransom payout for a kidnapped Singaporean family in Johor Baru.

    Saying that the kidnapping case could potentially scare investors away from the country, Lim said he would be in touch with the state police to ensure no such
    incident happened in Penang .


    ha ha We thought he will say he fear the safety of Penang people …… Macam mana in touch ???? Facebook every 1 hours to tanya ” ada kidnapping case tak ??? ”

    Lim was talking to reporters after launching Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘Orange Book’ – details the coalition’s manifesto of 10 things they would change in the first 100 days if they clinch the Federal Government in the next election .

    No ” Apple book ” ???? to change in the 1st 1000 ( one thousand ) days if fail to clinch the Federal Government in the next election.

  7. Tony car got toilet?

    Our daddy LKS is SILENCE ( 2. The Selangor sand scandals involving Kumpulan Semesta where no actions or words from top PKR leader ) but is very BUSY due to ( Felda settlers made up 35% of the total voters in Kerdau , tak boleh menang the seat , so must menang some face ?? )

    – dared MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek to declare his and the MCA’s stand on the corruption charges against

    a) Dr Ling was charged in a Sessions Court here last July with misleading the Cabinet about buying land for the Port Klang mega distribution hub when he was transport minister from 1986 to 2000.

    b) Chan had, on Feb 28, claimed trial to three counts of cheating former prime minister Badawi over the PKFZ scandal.

    Anyway Daddy Anak ( Semakin ) Pening ( Party ) its MP Tony Pua


    and another guy say ” The only difference between Tony & that African lady is that she is ‘cloth-LESS’, while Tony’re ‘brain-LESS’. ”

    and now lagi http://tonypua.blogspot.com/2011/03/mrt-runaway-train.html

    Malaysia have had its share of “disasters” in terms of public transport infrastructure privatisation projects, where the
    Government had to bail out the failed STAR LRT (RM3.3 billion),
    Putra LRT (RM4.5 billion), KL Monorail (RM882 million) as well as the privatised bus service operators (~RM200 million).
    This has resulted in Syarikat Prasarana Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ministry of Finance, holding debts in excess of RM9 billion which it is unable to service even the interest.


    We pun sudah banyak kali pakai STAR-PUTRA-KL Monorail to KLCC , KL Sentral and so on , this called FAIL ?
    This si GILA MP say LRT is wasting money , Monorail is Wasting money , ha ha even bus service also wasting money …… so
    tomorrow will we see Tony Pua as taxi driver in street ????

    Even you drive your own car also wasting HIS future money in Putrajaya consider petrol subsidy ….

    We say ” The only same between Tony & that African lady is both need to masuk HOSPITAL Sakit Jiwa ”


    WE have just visit some underground MRT in Singapore . One of the MRT station benefits compared to bus
    is public toilet ….. May be Tony Pua’s car inside got toilet ha ha

  8. Daddy 1980 Anak 1990 Party 2011

    Another oft-cited critique is that the Government should first fix other forms of public transport such as the bus system, which should cost much less to solve,
    before embarking on the multi-billion MRT ha ha … must be Tony Pua idea


    ha ha what kind of people ( are not happy due to cannot see something for PKFZ RM12.5 billion , and still not happy
    when can see something for RM12.5 billion ++ ) ask
    the issue of cost can the Government ( RM 212 billion budget per year ) really afford to fork out the estimated whopping RM50 bil needed for building the MRT ( in a few year ) ?

    The financial model being used for Malaysia’s MRT is called “rail plus property” and is similar to what Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway, which is often cited as one of
    the world’s most-successful examples of a well-run and financial-viable inner city train project.


    According to a consultant familiar with the Hong Kong experience, it had the advantage of planning the system in the 70s when it was still developing. Another success factor was the strict check and balances imposed by the Government on the operator of the MTR.


    Ha ha if Msia suggest to built MRT in 1980 , Daddy say underestimated costs + overestimated benefits = funding
    Ha ha if Msia suggest to built MRT in 1990 , Anak say underestimated costs + overestimated benefits = funding
    Ha ha if Msia suggest to built MRT in 2000 , Party say underestimated costs + overestimated benefits = funding

    Year 2011 , Hong Kong and Singapore already have MRT and now

    Ha ha Msia just want to built MRT in 2011 , YBerpusing Tony Pua still say underestimated costs + overestimated benefits = funding . Ha ha Tony , you ingat MRT sangat advance ke ? in China and Japan , pun sudah ada bullet train , and bukan satu , mungkin lebih banyak than
    your 6 bullet-in-one-gun


    If we do not have this type of vision we would not change, so we have to place such expectations. I also want the public to know that we are trying to change ha ha Tony
    malam tidur mesti mimpi [ please dont change ] and esok
    pagi bangun ask again ” What have change ? ”

    The number of buses will rise to 1,670 from 1,200 now; the buses will have a fleet tracking system to further improve their arrival timing.


    Prasarana will also be extending the two lines Kelana Jaya and Ampang by 17km each for RM7bil, and they will be completed in 30 and 27 months respectively.

    “Yes, we are being subsidised because we receive fuel subsidy, but there are quotas and limits too. For everything else we raise our own financing and that is why we need to sell bonds.”


    PAS Youth is calling for a nationwide ban on lottery sales and all forms of gambling.


    PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan said all state governments should emulate Kelantan in imposing a ban
    on the Big Sweep lottery as part of its no-gambling policy.


    Last month we tour to Sentosa Universal Studio ….. While temporaly stop at Custom , we joke with Malay bus driver ” Do you gambling ? ” He said ” Yes , sometimes
    buy lottery to try his luck . He said buying lottery is different compared with gambling in casino , as he didnt loss something he cannot afford ”

    Casino in Singapore eg have daily levy $100 charges to Singapore people who want to go in casino , so why
    Genting in Msia dont have this rules ?????? We dont think people in Genting suicide due to gambling , but due to borrow from loan shark for gambling . So PAS-DAP dare to fight loan-shark ??????

    MCA president Chua Soi Lek has urged Chinese voters in Kerdau to reject PAS’ Islamic state concept as it will not bring about development to the nation.
    …. ha ha looks like DAP no islamic state concept also try to stop some good development to nation

  9. Tony ada Twins ???

    Semalam , Tony Pua must win some jackpot lottery in his dream …. Will the Government continue with the project even if the cost were to escalate to RM60 or RM70 billion ?


    1st Brother MP Tony Pua continue policticking MRT , so we find another 2nd Brother MP Tony Pua ( Twins ???? ) to help us to give answer ….

    His conclusion http://tonypua.blogspot.com/2010/06/petaling-jaya-over-developed.html
    which say ” Car ownership rates in the Klang Valley is more than 1:1, meaning that every baby born already “owns” a car. This ownership ratio must be reduced by as much as half before traffic congestion issues ease substantially for the next phase of urban growth.

    Now that the project has received the “go-ahead”, and the main “project delivery partner” (PDP) contract has been awarded despite the on-going public “feedback” process …. ha ha the public feedback has range from
    ( Tony Pua who say the ugly set of statistics is that “planners and promoters purposely spin scenarios of success and gloss over the potential for failure.” )
    to ( When Malaysian urban workers use less petrol, less cares, and take less time to get to work, the denominator falls )

    We still remember before 2008 election , there is one guy selling products from Anway who told us
    ” I has been PM Singapore Lee important man last a few years ” . But after 20 minutes ceramah , we finally understand why he was been PM Singapore Lee’s important man only a few years . And looks like Singapore has choose MRT than Tony Pua theory
    ( nine out of 10 rail projects have overestimated traffic ) = may be PM Singapore Lee worry 90% of 100% will masuk Hospital Sakit Jiwa if
    choose Tony Pua theory

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