President Hosni Mubarak finally resigns!

After 18 days of protest by Egyptians, President Hosni Mubarak, the ally of the West and the longest serving Arab ruler, finally saw the light and resigns.  He left for Sharm el-Sheikh.  Egypt received US$2 billion aid a year from America.  The Egyptian celebrating the change of power. The only country that is still hoping that there will be no change in Egypt after Mubarak is Israel. There is an outburst of joy and wild celebration in Tharir Square. The President’s power to be taken over by Army Council. It is a historic moment. The Defence Minister, Tantawi, will head the Army Council.

Many dictators/puppets in the Middle East will be having sleepless night after witnessing what had happened to Egypt for the past two weeks.  We suddenly hear a sudden change of tune by the leaders of the West supporting the people of Egypt!  All puppets of the West must now realise that at the end of the day,  the West will not blink an eye to disown them for the sake of political expediency.

9 thoughts on “President Hosni Mubarak finally resigns!

  1. Can borrow Wangsa Maju knife?

    Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak resigned as president and handed control to the military on Friday, bowing down after a historic 18-day wave of pro-democracy demonstrations by hundreds of thousands.

    “It is such a comfort that the honourable Egyptian military is our caretaker. “We trust them and we honour them. Now we are free, free of corruption, oppression and free to save our country. Ha ha while Egypt move forward to future , we are surprise why our Daddy highlight 23 years old past issues ???

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has refuted allegations made
    by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang that the latter did not
    meet him prior to Ops Lalang in 1987.

    The former prime minister’s denial came after Lim wrote in his blog that the duo had not met before the mass detention
    Anyway compare
    with in

    who is borrowing others people knife again to cut his NOT birthday cake

    Khalid, Faekah, Charles and Teresa grudged to Rozali, Puncak Niaga and SYABAS. Any good works made by SYABAS will be condemned by them irresponsibly.

    Recently, how Khalid and Faekah attacked SYABAS’s Tabung Budi? What’s wrong with that fund?

    This is voluntary exercise made by SYABAS staffs. We’re very hurt with both of that politicians. Do you know almost 80% SYABAS staffs are from Selangor constituencies?

    Wait and see in 13th GE…!
    ( Rahimah at November 11, 2010 11:38 PM comment )

    We will make sure that BN will be winning in the upcoming 13thGE. Very soon, Datuk Seri Noh Omar will become our beloved MB and all state resources including state water asset will be falling back into pro-BN businessmen’s hands. What PR can do is to wait for the doomsday.

    Salam Satu Malaysia!
    ( Fatimah Zuhri at November 12, 2010 12:23 AM comment )

    I have faith in CEO of Syabas, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail who is also
    our beloved UMNO Selangor treasurer cum Hulu Selangor treasurer. He will win the battle over Selangor water assets.

    SPR will be doing another magnificent job by creating additional 300,000 postal votes in Selangor, proportionate to the increasing number of RELA headcount in Selangor. All these postal votes would be more than enough to topple PR’s rule in Selangor.

    ( Fatimah Zuhri at November 12, 2010 12:46 AM comment )

  2. Sundry Topic Part 1

    While Egypt Defence Minister, Tantawi, will head the Army Council , Msia Defence Minister got this problem .

    DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua will not file a
    report to the MACC over the defence ministry’s purchase of six offshore petrol vessels (OPV). He said this was because his article on the issue, which was posted in his blog recently, only wanted the minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, to justify the RM6bil purchase.

    Each time ha ha Mp Tony Pua hightlight the topic eg purchase of six offshore petrol vessels (OPV) 10 Feb 2011 , in order to get the answer ( the details on what exactly are we buying with RM6 billion… ) , you need to find other sources …..

    ——– Thursday February 10, 2011 – The RM6bil needed to procure six littoral combat ships (LCS) was due to the increased cost of materials, state-of-the-art weaponry and other aspects, said Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) chief Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

    The ships, to be built locally by Boustead Naval Shipyard in collaboration with six reputable overseas shipyards, had better capability than the offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) currently used by the RMN.

    “The cost covers building the LCS, including the aspects of sophisticated weaponry, sensing and radar equipment that have very high capability and also sonar to detect enemy submarines. “ The national defence industry is growing and depends a lot on foreign expertise. This is the main reason why the LCS costs so much,” he told a press conference at the Defence Ministry .

    Abdul Aziz was responding to comments by PJ Utara MP Tony Pua who claimed that the six ships cost 870% more compared with purchases of similar vessels by other countries.

    The navy chief said Pua’s remarks were off the mark as most nations would not reveal details on their military assets.

    ———— Our opinion : yalah , mana satu negara sampai begitu bodoh reveal details on every military assets ?

    Abdul Aziz added that Pua’s claim that the New Zealand navy bought OPVs for NZ$90mil (RM211mil) each was also incorrect.

    He said based on the ministry’s findings, the cost of purchasing LCS by New Zealand had yet to be finalised and the NZ$90mil figure was the price before 2004.

    On Pua’s claim that the American navy procured LCS at much lower prices, Abdul Aziz said this was also baseless as the MP did not have in-depth knowledge on the matter because the ( ( new ??? ) ships were equipped with surface and undersea capabilities unlike the OPVs.

    The LCS are also equipped with sophisticated defence systems such as command and control, electronic warfare, various modes of engine control, three-dimensional radar, sea and air missile systems and anti-submarine torpedo capability,


    Anyway , his

    6. Tony Pua meminta Menteri Kewangan menyatakan
    (a) Sama ada kontrak pembinaan Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang ditawarkan kepada syarikat China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) atas persefahaman bahawa
    kerajaan China akan memberikan sokongan dari segi “soft loan”
    (b) Impek kos kepada kerajaan akibat perjanjian pinjaman yang masih belum dipersetujui

    It is very shameful to ask this question as
    08 October 2008 : Head of the special task , Tan Sri Zaini Omar said the government had agreed to offer the building of the substructure for the framework and main span of the Second Penang Bridge to China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd at a cost of RM 2.2 billion , during a briefing on the progress of the RM 4.3 billion second bridge to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng . He noted that the cost-cutting measures undertaken by the government had resulted in more than 300 million in savings . ” Redesigning the interchange at Batu Kawan from a diamond to a clover leaf design and removing the viewing deck and the rest and service area have enabled us to reduce the cost . The Second Penang Bridge is expected to be completed by the end of 2012 .

    During this statement given , we assume PR Penang are the one who built Penang 2nd Bridge . Now , what is the real story ? Other bloggers comment : just like the second bridge …oppose…oppose oppose then when he became CM ….. complain why it is going slowly

  3. Sundry Topic Part 2

    1. Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan prestasi dan kedudukan syarikat 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) sejak ianya ditubuh
    (a) Nilai ‘current assets’, ‘return on equity’ dan ‘total assets’.
    (b) Kedudukan terkini kesemua pelaburan termasuk nilai dan jangkaan pulangan setiap projek

    Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) was established on February 27, 2009, and was later renamed 1Malaysia Development Berhad.
    In his announcement on July 22, 2009, Prime Minister Najib Razak said the decision to expand TIA into a federal entity was made to enable its benefits to reach a broad spectrum of Malaysians rather than to the residents of only one state.

    Controversy : The involvement of 1MDB in the multi-billion ringgit Kuala Lumpur International Financial District development project barely a year after its
    establishment has drawn criticisms from the opposition. Opposition leader and Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh, Anwar Ibrahim, has openly questioned the credentials of the company. He told Parliament that according to the records held by the companies commission, 1MDB “has no business address and no appointed auditor. ”

    But so far today it has a triple-tier check-and-balance system comprising a Board of Advisors, a Board of Directors and a senior management team.

    Quite surprise Tony Pua ( cant wait 31 March 2011 ) blog between April-May 2010 didn’t inform this matter

    1MDB’s profit figures for the year ended 31 March 2010 , totalling 425 million ringgit , have also been challenged by Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara , Tony Pua, who questioned whether the figures may have been a result of hefty asset injection into 1MDB by the government , such as the transfer of land rights to the company .

    May be too busy with MyProcurement: Not At All Transparent , win Sibu elections and perhaps Dreams about Putrajaya MP thinks it is no need to inform public about
    1MDB’s Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

    instead talking about ” I help you , you help me “

  4. Sundry Topic Part 3

    4. Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan
    (a) Skop dan syarat-syarat perlantikan Gamuda-MMC JV sebagai “Project Development Partner (PDP)” projek pembinaan MRT
    (b) Kos perlantikan tersebut kepada kerajaan, termasuk kos “contingency” atau luar jangkaan, jika ada .

    11. Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan untuk setiap tahun dari 2016-2030
    (a) Anggaran tambang yang akan dikenakan untuk perkhidmatan MRT dan jumlah hasil tambang yang akan dikutip
    (b) Anggaran kos dan butiran pengurusan perkhidmatan MRT dan jumlah anggaran deficit perbelanjaan setiap tahun


    Anyway , it is exactly because government funding is required for “public goods projects” like the MRT that open tenders should be held to ensure transparency, accountability and best value for the tax-payers money , said by him as below

    said ” The Prime Minister completely misses the point of the Government open tenders! The point is to ensure that the Government gets maximum value at the lowest possible cost . But directly awarding a mega-project to a private consortium which subsequently tenders out the respective works maximizes the profits for the consortium, not Government . ”

    ———— Our answer 01 : Even in Japan , most express train project are given directly to Odakyu Electric Railway Co Ltd .
    Only the difference is Odakyu wins the ( international
    competition to select recent outstanding achievements in railroad architcture , railroad vehicle designs ) which held once every 2 to 4 years .

    In other articles , Tony Pua talk another way – The root of the problem is that transport is exclusively under the purview of the federal government , even though the problem is local …… Let the state governments and local governments come up with their own solution . Funding could be obtained by joint ventures between state government and overseas companies . So which oversea company invest in Malaysia
    not looking for profit ? How to improve Msia economy when
    more than 50% project can be done by local company , get by oversea company . Unless local company not able to done it ,
    then it will another matter

    Then it is more FUNNY when Tony Pua in his say this :
    What exactly is Khazanah’s fund management philosophy? If its a conservative strategic investor (e.g., Iskandar Malaysia, PLUS Expressways), then you don’t invest in high risk ventures, or become a portfolio manager and vice-versa . ha ha everybody know he say another matter when EPF wants to takeoverPLUS . Regarding open tender , Tony Pua may be should explain PR Penang Tram which get public support not done it , and why the new PR Selangor state government decided that there was no need for the flood mitigation project .

    Our answer 02 a) PR is unlucky as dont have any crony able to done this project . So b) if open tender , mostly the project will be won by non-PR company , so better cancel it , right ?
    Then go to Putrajaya , also the same story – no just can’t change , but even cannot improve .

    Take another example , Dec 2010 , Jeff Ooi ( DAP-Jelutong ) asked the Transport Ministry to consider building a
    low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Penang as the current airport is utilised to the maximum during peak periods .
    So want to open tender the LCCT to who ???? As far as we know there is only Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd .
    Perhaps PR should explain , why their side no open tender since there are many contractors good in longkang-longkang ?

    Consider Penang slapped a stop-work order on the Electrified Double Track Project ( EDTP ) from Ipoh to Padang Besar effective immediately , the question is it because just anti-MCC-Gamuda or flood ? We forget which blogger who comment
    ” Why stopping the double tracking is the exact opposite of ‘ Rakyat Didahulukan ‘ The Penang state gomen , led by daddy’s boy wants the double tracking project in the state to stop because he is afraid that if it floods he may not be able to help the people of Penang – and he certainly doesn’t want to look an idiot like Kedah MB Azizan.
    If daddy’s boy is afraid of flooding , he can always send officials and enforcement officers to make sure that drainage and whatever else is maintained properly but you see daddy’s boy thinks the best way to get things done delaying the project will cost the federal government more money .
    Anyway , 9th December 2010 /// Prime Minister Najib has announced that RM30.6mil in cash aid will be given to flood victims in Kedah and Perlis . He said some 32,000 families had been identified to receive RM500 each .

  5. Sundry Topic Part 4

    Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan butir-butir projek kad pintar untuk mengawal pembelian petrol mengikut keupayaan yang telah dihentikan, termasuk nama pembekal, kos yang terlibat, skop projek dan sebab-sebab terperinci projek dibatalkan.

    —————– The domestic total vehicle industry volume in 2010 is nearly hit 598,200 units , business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan expects Malaysian automotive industry to reach selling 620,000 ++ units . Compare 2009 to 2011 , at least additional 1 million vehicle is in the road , which will use more petrol …… how people expect Govt
    not increase petrol price when petrol subsidy has fixed amount .

    So to ” control pembelian petrol mengikut keupayaan ” , will not effective
    as long as vehicle is keep increasing in long term , anyway

    Rumors spread that Beijing will take a leaf out of Shanghai’s book and limit the granting of license plates , to reduce traffic jam
    One particular rumor suggested that anyone without a Beijing permanent residence permit would not be allowed to register a plate.

    Shanghai granted 8,500 car license plates in November, with an average price above 45,200 yuan ($6,800) for each plate, the Financial News reported. But Beijing charges just 500 yuan for each plate.

    Orang Ramai Sambut Baik MRT Jajaran Sg Buloh-Kajang

  6. Sundry Topic Part 5

    Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan impek pengurangan subsidi kepada makanan dan barang-barang keperluan seperti teh tarik, mee goreng dan lain-lain.

    Although this is rakyat problem , we think Dreams about Putrajaya MP , no need to ask the above question since they have secret agenda

    which DAP’s Tony Pua grudgingly admitted today that cutting subsidies could lower Malaysia’s debts, but he said the cuts will only be successful if leakages from graft and help for big corporations are plugged first.

    He (Datuk Seri Idris Jala) was quite naughty when he said that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) agreed with lowering subsidies. We agree to it but with conditions,” Even he has his suppoters , Peter who said…
    Dear YB Tony Pua,

    I hope Pakatan makes it very clear that Pakatan is not against subsidy cuts per se as there is no doubt that subsidy is not a good thing, but that Pakatan wants the blasted UMNO/BN
    government to first address leakages, cronyism, patronage and corruption before implementing subsidy cut


    So subsidies can cut after no corruption or UMNO ? PRompak will tell us their GST is better than BN one in their first day ( totally no corruption )

    Anyway , sales of Rober sugars-related francise to Felda , has shifted control o fthe 60% market share to a government-linked entity . PBB Group get RM 800 million + gain ( so are you PBB investors ? ) while Felda
    was getting all Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Company Bhd ( MSM ) share at RM 33.60 each , in a business that promises steady income , consider earnings per share is RM 4.38 in FY 2008 = 13%

    But base on demand , we still need to import raw sugar which the price is increasing . Basically ,we assume government manage to prevent sugar increase 10 sen , but still fall to prevent sugar increase 1 sen

    Teh Tarik problem will depends on people lifestyle …. if someone still drink teh tarik ( let say increase from RM 1.00 to RM 1.20 ) everyday , means has to spend extra RM 1 ++ , but we ( no better choice ) start ourselves last a few month , now drinks between 1-2 times teh tarik in a week , basically safe RM 5 a week . But the main problem become more problem is food charges

  7. Sundry Topic Part 6

    Asked about the negative public response to 1Malaysia, he said it was typical of the current anti-government feelings people had after the 2008 general election. 24 June 2009: Concerned about misunderstandings over 1Malaysia, the government has revived a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to explain the concept to the public.

    So why Selangor want to Ban 1Msia last month ? Because the number of people have positive feelings about 1Msia increased ?

    Anyway , on 13 September 2010 1Malaysia Youth Graduands is the new NGO that made a police report against the Bar Council . This is because, according to them, some of the booklets in the Bar Council’s My Constitution campaign are seditious. Namely, the booklet that says that elected MPs can change the Constitution.

    said ” It would be nice to see them debate with the Bar Council about just how elected parliamentarians voting to change the Constitution is seditious since the Consti­tution actually allows for it. ”

    But no details about what Constitution need or so wanted to change ??

    In this case , basically a war between Bar Council vs 1Msia NGO is a war between PR vs BN ??? Anyway , – Jan 23, 2011

    The mysterious 1Malaysia ‘NGO’ has re-emerged from the shadows and has hit Tenang just in time for the by-election. Armed with goody bags stuffed with consumables, their targets this time were the Chinese and Indian areas of Labis town and Labis Utara.

    2. Tony Pua meminta Perdana Menteri menyatakan
    (a) Hubungan dan perkaitan antara Jabatan Perdana Menteri dengan pertubuhan NGO 1Malaysia
    (b) Peruntukan daripada Jabatan Perdana Menteri atau kerajaan kepada NGO 1Malaysia secara langsung atau tidak langsung

    Dubbed the 1 Malaysia Charity Organisation, the family’s NGO serves free food at a shop lot at Section 16, Shah Alam, from 10.30am to 6pm, six days a week.

    Also refer more details in

    About 60% of those who receive free meals and groceries from the organisation live in the nearby low-cost flats. A large number of school children from the neighbourhood also have their meals there before and after school. ———- So why dont ask will Government support this 1 Malaysia Charity Organisation , to expand one or two area in each state ? If PR fear BN dahulukan rakyat , they can even do the same . Unless fear to do the same because this can cause less money to crony

  8. Tony vs Jet Li in Taichi ?

    Monday, February 14, 2011 MACC Ridicules Itself Over RM6 billion OPVs

    So YB Taichi ( lebih hebat than Jet Li who his master is from Shaolin while Tony one is from Karpal Pusing ) or Tony Pua say MACC is baseless and ridicules itself on 2 counts – said his statement did not accuse the Ministry of purchasing low-end OPVs at for RM1 billion each.

    His statement requested the Ministry to justify its purchase by giving detailed specifications on the type of OPVs which was being acquired since the original Minister’s statement as reported also by Bernama did not carry details.

    Anyway February 10, 2011 – Tony said ” It was only in yesterday’s press conference that Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar or the Navy or Ministry of Defence for that matter,
    made reference to the specific term “Littoral Combat Ships” or LCS.

    and then Hence the question isn’t “OPV or LCS?” – but “what type of OPV is the navy buying?”.

    ———— Kan orang sudah cakap LCS , inst the correct question is what type of LCS is the navy buying ? LCS with api weapon ? Tony would be happy if this latest LCS is with water weapon .

    ha ha anyway Api is good who said ” Or is it the attendee sent by the DAP cabut from the briefing immmediately after
    the Defense Minister’s speech and didn’t stay for the Boustead briefing? ”

    ———— Hence the call by MACC for me to file a report with them is irrelevant and the need does not arise at this point of time . This is Oxford Engish

    DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua will not file a report to the MACC because his article on the issue only wanted the minister, to justify the RM6bil purchase on 12 Feb 2011 .This is Malaysia English

    MACC’s abdication of responsibility in cases such as this is disappointing and is clearly a factor in the decline in the Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index for Malaysia, that the Government is losing the fight against corruption.

    We understand Tony try to inform us MACC can only catch ikan bilis , not shark . But as today most Msia cannot afford shark fin , so just nasi lemak with ikan bilis . ha ha Luckyly , SELCAT can’t even catch ikan bilis not include in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index

  9. World Bank and Food Price

    According to World Bank, 44 million people worldwide have been pushed into extreme poverty since last June by high food costs.

    AmResearch senior economist Manokaran Mottain said while he agreed that there was no cause for alarm in Malaysia, there was a need to maintain vigilance on food prices ….. there was a need for
    the Government to constantly monitor the situation.

    Manokaran said in Malaysia, generally there was no shortage of supply for most essential food items as well as commodities.

    It’s more the case of speculators trying to make a fast buck from consumers that create market distortions,” he noted.

    Yalah a) Order 12 pcs Yong Tau Fu , when reach in table is 20 pcs . Force Sell b) Order 1 laksa and 2 mee goreng , what reach in table is 3 laksa which RM 1.00 more expensive . c) Food price RM5.00 , when paying RM 10.00 , quite surprise the amount get back is RM 4.00 . Matematic formula in Tourist Area ? Bullshit. Singapore Waterloo Street is also Mega Tourist Area . Char Siew Rice ( guarantee makan kenyang ) $2 only ,
    Lotus Soup ( lotus lebih banyak compared in Msia ) also $2 only .

    To Malaysia Economists: siapa lagi nak say ” there is little impact on M’sia from food price hike “

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