Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd, the recalcitrant housing developer!

IWK's reply

The above is the damning reply that I have received from the Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) regarding the sewage system of the Idaman Sutera Condominium which have not been rectified by the developer for many years. Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd is the developer for Idaman Sutera Condominium (opposite Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Nam Yik/Lee Rubber), Jalan Ibu Kota Kanan, Setapak, KL.

The Lampiran A to the reply from IWK

For many months, the Idaman Sutera Condominium Joint Management Body (JMB) has been requesting the said developer for a meeting to resolve many outstanding issues :  the withholding of some RM80,000 sinking fund, 153 car parks being attached to one unit of apartment,  non fulfillment of promise made to the squatters before the commencement of construction of the said condominium, in HERE, the problems of the sewage system, in HERE, and other matters.

Many emails have been sent to the agent of the said housing developer, Mr Teo Swee Ann of YBR Management Service Sdn Bhd, but no respond whatsoever from the said developer except from the agent pleading for patient.  It has been many months that the JMB has exercised patient but the developer kept ignoring them. Complaint has been lodged with Commissioner of Building (COB) against this recalcitrant developer on the withholding of the RM80,000 sinking fund.  I am still awaiting for a reply  to the said complaints from the COB.

Today I have lodged a complaint on behalf of the JMB to Jabatan Perancang Bandar of DBKL  for actions to be taken against this recalcitrant housing developer pertaining to the problems of the sewage system of the said condominium, which have caused serious problems not only to the residents of the said condominium but people in other areas.

The residents/owners of the said condominium hope that DBKL and IWK will take the necessary actions against this recalcitrant housing developer so that it will carry out its responsibilities to rectify all the problems caused to the said sewage system.

16 thoughts on “Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd, the recalcitrant housing developer!

  1. Idaman Sutera Resident

    I live here so I can vouch that the sewage system is screwed. How could DBKL grant Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd the Certificate of Fitness?

    I hope that DBKL and IWK will take actions against Medan Idaman, a big bully.

    Mr Teo Swee Ann was at one time the manager of Idaman Sutera. Now he is the agent of Medan Idaman. I attended the failed AGM and Teo was playing ignorant of the problems faced by the residents. Teo should be more than familiar with all the complaints of the problems. He was playing stupid.

    YB please help us to fight against this unscrupulous developer. Thank you for highlighting our plight in your blog. The previous MP for Wangsa Maju (Yew Teong Look), who was then the Parliamentary Sec for FT. He was more interested in the publicities but not solving our problems.

  2. Fed Up

    all the problems faced by the residents of Idaman Sutera were due to the DBKL not carrying out its duties properly. No proper checks were made before issuing CF to this errant developer Medan Idaman.

    COB is just a useless body that do nothing to help apartment owners. Bunch of gaji buta officers.

    Potential buyers of Medan Idaman project must be extremely cautious. Don’t be another victims like us.

  3. anonymous

    Medan Idaman is only interested in hard sell of its properties and thereafter take no responsibility for any problem. Public should beware of such developer.

    potential buyers should not buy properties from such developer. We should boycott it and weed them our from the market.

  4. This matter reminds me of my past experience managing a small housing project in Setapak Permai.

    In the ’80s, as developer, we faced the problem of long delay in handing over of the sewage system (before privatization, government department refusing to take over promptly), which led to serious problems relating to maintenance and the lack of which, malfunctioning and sewage overflowing out of house toilets! Just imagine me having to take nasty calls a few years after handing over vacant possession with CFO!

    As a responsible developer, we built the sewage system according to specifications, but if the department concerned refused to take over promptly, even the best of equipment would deteriorate and fail over time. Just imagine, say a lapse of one year or two, then upon inspection, most equipment would have failed the tests! Who should be responsible then?

  5. my

    Each time when the sewerage system fails, my house will be the first to be affected. It so embarassing when you have visitors to the house and you can just imagine how uncomfortable they felt when they have to use the toilet. There were a few incidences whereby the toilet is badly choked until the faeces overflowed on to the floor. Complaints to the developer went unheard and they take their own sweet time to rectify the system!

    I think we have had enough! Something should be done about this. Why is DBKL keeping quiet and have issued CF even though the previous MP for Wangsa Maju (Yew Teong Look) said the CF will not be issued is this matter is not resolved. Is this what they call “rakyat di dahulukan”? Thank you YB for highlighting this matter in your blog, please help us!

  6. Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

    Development !!Development!! and more developments in our country’s major City.Yet the authorities are sleeping and the developer can do as they like.The only sewage site can be found in the whole project of Medan Idaman is behind the BP petrol station facing opposite to Idaman Plaza.The size of it compare to the near by projects in Setapak is very small.Perhaps there maybe more problems with the building (eg. structure,wiring,car park water leaking and other problems).The COB will advise you to go to KPKT then KPKT will tell you to go to Tribunal court just pay RM5 then can settle within 45 days.But the tribunal court does not have the technical knowldge on the building so how can this be settle and at the end the residences here have to suffer.

    IWK 3rd of November 2006 have reported that the developer have not build the sewage according to spec.Yet the funny thing is that how come more and more projects can be carried out in Medan Idaman.How the authorities can issue the Certificate Of Fitness?

    Please YB help to get to the root of this problem as this is only The Tip Of The Iceberg.

  7. Wee Choo Keong

    K S Ong

    It might true in your case. But in the case of Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd the JMB/residents/owners have been complaining about the sewage problems and other problems for years. They have been seeking for meeting with the said housing developer to resolve the outstanding problems but the said housing developer has been avoiding them. I have made endless requests for meeting but there was no respond from them for many months. Now I am compelled to seek help from DBKL and IWK. If necessary, I shall bring it up in Parliament in March, 2011 so that the Ministry of Housing will have to investigate into the non compliance of the rules/regulations or conditions by this housing developer.

    On your point that if the authority refuses to take over the sewage system then the said housing developer should inform the JMB/owners accordingly. But the said housing developer had never informed them about it. Their deafening silence on these matters is not an option under the circumstances.

    Therefore, I hope that you will now understand what Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd is all about.

    Thank you.

    wee choo keong

  8. Anotehr resident of Idaman Sutera

    I do agree with you YB. This Madan Idaman Sdn Bhd was bullying us. Our case was not due to the authority being slow in taking over but Madan Idaman Sdn Bhd for failing to comply with specifications and rules.

    Please bring up in Parliament to teach them a lesson and also to other developers so that innocent purchasers are protected in the future. We cannot allow such developer to be in business to make money and at the same time no need to take responsibility for such sewage problems which have caused inconveniences and ultimately health problem to the owners and residents.

    Please bring up to Parliament so that the Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Willayah Persekutuan will know about such errant developer and withdraw their licence.

  9. The House Purchaser

    Members of public should boycott this type of developer who only want to make money at the expense of the people. We should not buy any property from Idaman Sutera Sdn Bhd until it has started to learn about its responsibility to the house purchasers and the squatters.

    I agree that this matter should be highlighted in Parliament so that Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd will become famous!

  10. Angry Resident

    Only a developer like KS Ong can support Medan Idaman because they are of the same kind. The house purchasers have always been short change one way or another by developer. So we must hantam this Medan Idaman.

  11. Angry Angry Resident

    How on earth DBKL granted CF to Medan Iaman Sdn Bhd when it didn’t follow DBKL Rules? I really hope that DBKL take immediate actions against this irresponsible housing developer.

  12. my

    It is happening again! My toilet is clogged up again! When I called the Idaman Sutera Mgmt, they said that they have been calling Medan Idaman every day for almost a week to rectify/repair the system but they insisted that the system is working. The Idaman Sutera Mgmt Technician went to check the sewerage tank and confirmed that it was not working, they promised to repair it, but until today, nothing has been done.

    WhaThis situation will repeat itself every month. YB, please help!

    1. weechookeong


      I do sympathise with you and other Idaman Sutera residents. Please be informed that I have written many letters to COB, Jabatan Perancang Bandar and last week to Kementerian Perumahan pertaining to this recalcitrant developer, Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd.

      Please be assured that I shall bring this matter to the attention of Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan and Minister of Housing for actions agains this housing developer.

      Thnak you.


      wee choo keong

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