Wishing all my Chinese friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR & others pleasant holiday

For the balik kampung folks please drive safely: BERHATI-HATI DI JALAN RAYA dan SELAMAT BERCUTI.

19 thoughts on “Wishing all my Chinese friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR & others pleasant holiday

  1. SK Lim

    YB May I wish you and all your readers Happy New Year and good health for years to come. Thank you for what you have done for us in and out of Parliament. Best wishes to all Malaysians and to start moving on 1Malaysia.

  2. RR

    Happy New Year to all. Please carry on to speak up when you see wrong in BN or PR. Their cybertrooper may try to attack but the rakyat like me when look at the facts. Thank you YB. Happy New Year to you and family too.

  3. KungFu Panda 2

    Superstar Datuk Michelle Yeoh will be lending her voice for one of the characters in Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom due for release in May.


    Quite surprise Pandamaran Ronnie Liu not offered for his voice . Maybe Kena boooooom until , already Doom and Kaboom



    MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu said that “history cannot be rewritten.” He was responding to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s comments that Malaysia belongs to the Malays and other races should respect Malay sovereignty.

    On Dr Mahathir’s comment on non-Malays introducing themselves by their race, Gan said that it does not make them less Malaysian. “If a foreigner asks me whether I am a Chinese, I will say yes, as I am an ethnic Chinese. Just like if a Malay is asked if he is a Javanese or Bugis,” Gan said.

    DAP Malaysia First , totally silence first in this matter

  4. Increased Flat Rate


    While it is good every Wednesday in TROPICANA CITY – RM 6 , ALAMANDA – RM 6 , CHERAS LEISURE MALL – RM 6 , SUMMIT USJ – RM 6 , IOI MALL – RM 6 ,
    CENTRAL SQUARE – RM 5 and so on which better rate than Pavilion KL – RM 8 , 1 UTAMA (NEW WING) – RM 7 , BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE – RM 7

    Unfortunately , not so Happy New Year as even source said even Wednesday
    » Increased Flat rate for “The Green Hornet”
    » Increased Flat rate for “Shaolin”
    » Increased Flat rate for “I love Hong Kong”
    » Increased Flat rate for “All’s Well Ends Well 2011”
    » Increased Flat rate for “Mr. And Mrs. Incredible”
    » Increased Flat rate for “Sanctum”

    as our ang pow turun a few % lagi . That’s why some people
    ( big family ) prefer buy DVD in China Town

  5. No Brain Hotel

    The Tourism Ministry wants 25 million tourists to visit the country this year , up from 24 million last year , with a projected tourism revenue of RM60bil .
    ” We may be able to meet the target by increasing the number of flights from abroad to the major towns like Kuala Lumpur , Kota Kinabalu , Penang or Malacca , ” she told reporters after attending a Chinese New year programme organised by the Tourism Ministry at the Dataran Raub .

    Our opinion : while more tourist is good for Msia economy in THEORY , but in real life , it brings a lot of problem to Msia people . Some guy who working in budget hotel industry has give us this tips .

    a) A Hotel still have one room avalaible in their hotel during peak period , and they are not doing business base on first come first serve ,
    instead this situation : A Indian family with two children ask ” Any rooms avalaible ? ” and they receive this answer ” Full house ” . 5 minutes later , a single man ask the same question and he receive ” yes , still have one room avalaible ”

    b) Most hotel change their check in time from 12 pm to 2 pm . But some idiot hotel have their check in time 4 pm .

    c) Some idot hotel have this rules : Husband + Wife + 2 Children , the stupid hotel management say they have to take 2 rooms since
    maximum person in room is 3 person . Would a parent take one room , and left another two children in another room ?
    Buat business sampai tak guna otak

    d) Hotel room rates will increase 20 to 30% . But the problem is some hotel double up the price during holiday , most worst
    they triple their price . But in this case , we are happy example , Hotel ABC last 5 years record : Full house during christmas ,
    fail to achieve even 50% last year when they triple the room rate . For this kind of hotel , we wish them Happy New Year
    if their hotel not full house again .

  6. Selcat can sell Dragon?

    Several people are unhappy with the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) latest proposal to ban TV monitors in cars ,
    requested that JPJ provided statistics that showed such entertainment gadgets affected drivers’ concentration and led
    to accidents . Anyway


    State assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim told a DAP disciplinary committee that his “OMG! Real culprit is freed”
    tweet was actually a reference to a character in a Chinese movie 14 Blades ( Jin Yi Wei ) he was watching during a journey in Johor.

    ” There was only one accused person in the TBH case and he was convicted , how could I say someone else is freed? ” Teng tweeted , after he came out of the inquiry at 4pm ( and he must have thick-facebook , berani campaign this issues again the “ unfair ” sacking of Klang municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock during DAP elections )

    He also showed reporters copies of written statements from four witnesses – Chua Yee Ling , Gan Peck Cheng and two drivers .
    ( So safe , two drivers ? If these system applied to our bus public transport , we think we no need any Dream About Putrajaya MP in parliament )

    Hope teng-which-also-like-4 , also like

    ” My driver confirmed that I watched the movies – 14 Blades and Bodyguards & Assassins in the car during the journey,” he told reporters.
    Most people know Bodyguards & Assassins is a movie related to Sun Yat Sen . Anyway , Nov 22, 2010 Sun Yat Sen Centre gets RM150,000 govt boost ///
    The recently-completed exhibition hall at the Penang Sun Yat Sen Centre on Jalan Macalister here has received a RM150,000 allocation from PM Najib .
    Quite surprise Teng never donate at least RM14 . Hope next year , we dont need to wish Happy New Year to Teng ( sell cat , rabbit ) again . Call he sell dragon next year ?

  7. Sama-sama CNY

    Short story : In 1905 , Sun Wen intends to come to Hong Kong ( then a British colony ) to discuss his plans for revolution with fellow Tongmenghui members to overthrow the corrupt and crumbling Qing Dynasty .
    = His plan ( without rush ) = the Revolution of 1911 led by Sun Yat-sen broke out and overthrew the Qing Dynasty in China ….

    More story : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_yat-sen .

    He is known by the posthumous name Father of the Nation , Mr. Sun Zhongshan in Taiwan . Sun is also one of the primary saints of the Vietnamese religion Cao Dai ..

    Long story : So why Lim ( not Qing Dynasty ) also not even try the best to donate RM 15,000 ( just 10% ) after PM donate RM 150,000 ? . Anyway

    a) CM LGE is unhappy that the state is not offered any project or development from the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). He said that the Federal Government had advertised in newspapers that there were 19 projects with RM67bil investment that created 35,000 jobs but Penang did not get a share. As Malaysia had 13 states and the Federal Territories, Penang should at least get one of the 19 projects.
    “ Don’t discriminate against us. When electrical and electronic industry is the most dynamic in the world,
    we are supposed to have it here. But it goes to Malacca .
    “Just like the heritage fund where Malacca got RM30mil while Penang got not even one sen, ”

    Answer 01 : He must forget his what No plastic rule may cost jobs /// Some 1,580 people may eventually lose their jobs as a result of the expansion of the no plastic bag
    ruling in Penang from Jan 1 2011 . We think he is some kind of people who have this thinking – your state’s people loss job is ok as long as his state’s people can get extra job .

    We think the arrival of 200 new buses Rapid Penang ( was funded by the Ministry Of Finance ) would be creating an estimate 400 new jobs still cannot consider even one sen
    in LGE mind . Malaysian nationals like senior citizen, OKU (physically disabled) and school children wearing uniform are eligible for concession fare.
    Rapid Youth for all students 30 days unlimited travel around Penang for only RM30 monthly.
    These fee is STILL high , but anyway is GOOD as these Monthly PASS even not yet HAVE in Malacca . So not fair ?

    Answer 02 : He must forget he has puji himself , that Penang under him so great , penang surplus = state consolidated funds ( STF ) RM 1.02 billion in 2009 ( melaka mana mampu buat ? )
    ( and later we puzzle he tabled 2011 deficit budget to be financed by state accumulated funds totaling RM 538.95 mil , and yet Penang has problem heritage fund which only RM 30 mil , not able to independent in small matter , then how to change ? )

    Answer 03 : On another issue , InvestPenang executive chairman Datuk Lee called on the federal government to take a lead in replacing lightings in government buildings
    and public areas such as roads and recreational areas with LED lighting to reduce the country’s carboon foorprint .
    These kind of thing they also request Federal . Penang municipal no fund for replacing lightings ?
    Another source said a group of Parti Cinta Malaysia members was also there to protest the 27% increase in water charges
    and the Penang Municipal Council’s move to collect parking fees from 9am to midnight.

    b) The Penang Government is willing to buy back Pulau Jerejak from UDA Holdings Bhd to “clear up the (alleged) mess” left behind by former CM Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.
    However, UDA must first settle the RM3.6mil Penang Deve­lopment Corporation (PDC) loan to Tropical Island Resort (TIR) and RM10.6mil land premium owed to the Penang Land and Mines Department, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said.

    Answer 01 : Just tell no money for this or that , then got money to buy back Pulau Jerejak ??? Inst one of the option of buy back in this case , is
    contra . But how buying back will clear the mess ?

    Dr Koh was challenged to explain the reasons for the project’s RM30mil loss in 2011 ( quite surprise LGE silence in 2008-2010 ) . This is difference when compared YB Wee
    highlight Sime Darby loss . Since YB Wee dont have the report , the best is BN explain .

    c) August 13, 2009 – The Penang government will reward each registered senior citizen in the state RM100 a month under the Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme by
    March 8, next year ( means 8 March 2010 , after two years from 2008 ) .

    Then later , Shahrizat chides Guan Eng for giving only RM100 per annum ( not per month ) to senior citizens ( we also tak tahu mana satu betul )
    But finally this can confirm with http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/2/28/nation/20100228175002&sec=nation

    – The state government will distribute aid of RM100 annually to each senior citizen in Penang who are eligible and aged 60 and above beginning April.
    – There are 132,000 senior citizens in the state but only 62,000 had registered at the State Assemblymen’s Service Centres to receive the aid

    So 62,000 x RM 100 = RM 6.2 million . On 8 March 2010 , LGE also inform Penang recorded a budget surplus of RM 77 million for 2009 .

    Half year later , another 70 senior citizens ( total : ??? ) from Bayan Baru have decided to give back the RM100 reward they received from the state government as they feared that the money could have come from gaming activities / obtained from the racing activities of Penang Turf Club.


    The welfare sub-ledger has a balance of RM394,281.20 but hasn’t been active since 2004, and was only reactivated when the state government
    received a contribution of RM1.5 million on May 12, 2010 and RM0.5 million on July 23 from the Penang Turf Club,” he said, adding the accumulated total in the welfare sub-ledger was RM2.39 million .

    We dont think this is ENTIRE story , as since Penang receive ( halal donations ) from Penang Turf Club on July 23 ,
    inst a public ” thank you ” should given immediately , instead they hide it .


    But we think the most dissapointed is not UMNO , is which http://teochiewkia2010.blogspot.com/2010/10/haram-money-in-penang.html

    Guan Eng should not be lambasted for something which he probably assumed is proper and harmless, since over the years, the Barisan Nasional federal government
    has been using tax monies from the gambling corporations and haram businesses like pubs and non-halal restaurants which serve alcoholic drinks, and also from
    workers in haram professions such as pork sellers, to fund government and public projects.
    Why bring it up now when it involves the DAP state government of Penang ? Let us look at the positive side of this incident, and learn from it. Don’t aggravate the situation to turn it into a religious issue…..


    Answer : Penang Turf Club is a major horse racing course in Penang , Malaysia which was established in 1864. In addition to racing , the club also provides
    equestrian facilities and a golf course . The Chief Security Officer even is a Malay guy .
    But it doesnt mean Malay guy ( can gamble base on their religion ) although certain case ( some still at Magnum outlet doing what , understand-lah ) .

    Pork Seller is NOT haram professions , but kindly note Malay guy cannot eat pork .
    Pubs have licence is haram business ? Pubs dont have licence only is haram business .
    How DAP able to tell the Malay which one is halal or haram , when pork in Chinese culture suppose should be halal , but instead they labeled as haram , just because
    if they contribute funds to Federal ?

    Penang and Kedah have announced higher water tariffs.


    While Penang’s action will only affect trade consumers, Kedah is increasing the rates across the board. Trade consumers in Penang will pay 27% more for water while Kedah is imposing an increase of between 10 sen and RM1.20 per 1,000 litres –
    or an average increase of 27% – for domestic, commercial and industrial usage .
    In this case while the Gerakan not good enough to protest water increase in Selangor , sama-sama Happy New Year as Dreams about Putrajaya MP also silence when the same things happen in Penang and Kedah

  8. RM 100 passport

    So what can do with RM 100 ? Some of our friends thumb up DIGI ,
    just reload RM 100 once and enjoy your talktime while staying connected
    for 1 full year . But this promotion is only between July-Sept 2008 , has
    never been extended . So only enjoy 1 times .

    Malaysia Government has doing some right thing. =)
    Started from Oct 1 ( if not wrong 2009 ) , Malaysians can apply for the new 2 years Alternative International Malaysian Passport and need to pay RM100 only.

    Present passport package
    Currently, a 32 page passport costs RM300 and a 64 page document RM600. Both are valid for five years.

    Who is benefit from these?

    Basically everyone is benefit from this improvement. Especially infrequent travellers who travelled once or twice in a few years time.

    Hope those travel less than 9 times ( means 8 times ) can enjoy
    some discount when renew their 2 year passport

  9. Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 1

    The Government suspects restaurants and businesses of purchasing the subsidised ST15 rice, meant for the poor,
    directly from licensed wholesalers . These restaurants grind the cheap rice so that the customer would not be able
    to tell the difference between the different grades of rice,”

    http://thestar.com.my/archives/2011/2/11/nation/n_04ricebig.jpg ..

    There were more than 500,000 pending applications for the subsidised rice . Our opinion : Either restaurant qualify for subsidised rice , should depends are they selling economy rice ? If restaurant can sell lower food prices to consumer , than their
    applications of subsidised rice should be approved .
    And of course , some public banner or logo should put outside restaurant to inform that they are getting subsidised rice ……


    PAS Youth chief Nasrudin said the National Fatwa Council forbids Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day because of elements of Christianity and sin . Nasrudin added that PAS youth in every state had also been directed to launch campaigns to promote sin-free lifestyle.

    How could he say if someone want having special dinner in Valentine Day is also sin ????? But if some hotel promote some unhealth activities , just take action the hotel , instead of blaming Valentine Day .
    Why no action taken to this hotel-hotel which promote unhealth activities , after-Valentine day ? Because that day has no elements of Christianity ?????
    Perhaps should check any restaurant who sell Valentine menu RM 100 ++ , does they use any subsidised rice ?

    Anyway , Jakim said it did not need PAS Youth’s help to check “sinful” activities at favourite lovers’ spots
    on Valentine’s Day, saying its presence may cause unnecessary tension.
    We agree , just let the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) carrying out their usual checks.

  10. Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 2

    Bagaimana Teresa kok yang menang dengan undi 437 lebih sahaja dilantik sebagai pengerusi DAP sedangkan Jenice Lee yang menang dengan 703 undi hanya duduk dalam jawatankuasa . Ini semuanya disebabkan kroni dengan Daddy … = You can be DAP state chairman even if you only have 40% support of party delegates and the fact that there are 10 others
    who are far more popular = Other 2 Bloggers Comment .

    But Yogi Bear who has just see some beautiful flower , even have some postcards script from High School Musical as below
    ” Take my hand , Take a breath
    Pull me close , And take one step
    Keep your eyes , Locked on mine
    And let the music , be your guide ”

    = have one problem = if this flower send to Miss Jenice Lee on 14 Feb 2010 ( if there is a Selangor State Assembly ) =
    will it ends up instead Teresa Kok received it ????

  11. Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 2

    = have one problem = if this flower send to Miss Jenice Lee on 14 Feb 2011 ( if there is a Selangor State Assembly ) =
    will it ends up instead Teresa Kok received it ????

  12. on February 11, 2011 at 3:17 pm Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 3

    Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has joined in the chorus hitting out at PAS Youth’s plan to play moral police on Valentine’s Day, saying that as long as people are not committing sin, it was all right to observe the special day.

    He said: “Yes, I’ve given my wife flowers and taken her for dinner on Valentine’s Day before. Sometimes, we even get jiggy with it. I am still a Muslim,” said Khairy in one of his tweets message yesterday.

    When asked why Muslims need to celebrate love and affection specifically on Valentine’s Day, Khairy said: “If people want to do it because they feel it’s a nice occasion, as long as they are not committing sin, why not? Of course you can do it anytime. That’s not the point.”


    Khairy cynically said the annual Jan 1 public holiday should be banned as it signifies the start of the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory.

    Anyway , while we agree with Khairy , we are surprise that Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen chided moral policing on Valentine’s Day , saying that it would
    affect tourist arrivals to the country . Tourist come to Malaysia due to Valentine ???? While nothing wrong to protect foreign tourist , hope she dont forget as Tourism Minister ( or Tourist Minister in 2011 again ? ) also need to protect local tourist .

  13. Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 3

    Please moderate on February 11, 2011 at 3:17 pm Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 3 to
    Yogi Bear Valentine Problem Part 3

  14. Big AngPow in Dream?

    ” Tindakan untuk Anti Hari Valentine bukan kes baru, ia telah berlaku disesetengah tempat sebelum ini. Saya tidak faham
    kenapa ada orang nak paksa orang lain mengikut moral
    standard mereka. Ini bukan satu cara penyelesaian masalah sosial. ” short-message by


    Anyway , Ucapan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng Dalam Rumah Terbuka Tahun Baru Cina Tahun Arnab Anjuran Cabang Tanjung PKR Pada 13.2.2011 is very worst

    Rakyat mesti menolak hasutan ekstremis dan berbau perkauman yang melabelkan orang bukan Islam sebagai berdosa, khususnya dalam media yang dikuasai BN,
    kerana menyebarkan maklumat palsu bahawa amalan tradisi Kristian dan Hari Kekasih Valentine Day adalah berdosa.

    a) LGE can pura-pura not know – who start anti-Valentine first in year 2011 ?

    Keengganan BN menjawab skandal tentang RM888 bilion wang yang dibawa curi-curi keluar secara haram dalam 9 tahun di antara 2000-2008, amat tidak bertanggungjawab kerana ia melibatkan jumlah wang besar. Betapa besarnya boleh dilihat sekiranya RM888 bilion diagihkan kepada 27 juta rakyat Malaysia, maka setiap orang akan menerima RM 33,000/-!

    b) LGE must not know – hanya government yang lebih bodoh will answer this type of question ask by bodoh CM Penang .
    Msia federal budget 2011 is RM 212 billion , even without development , still have to pay gaji-gaji and operating expenses . May be LGE should impress rakyat next CNY by add another 9 year from 1992-1999 , every rakyat will get RM 66,000 /- ang pow in their dream

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