YB N Gobalakrishnan says NO to the politic of “CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN” & “POLITIC OF DECEITS!

This morning YB N Gobalakrishnan, MP for Padang Serai, has announced that he quit PKR with immediate effect . I congratulate YB N Gobalakrishnan for fighting against those who practice politic of “CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN” and “POLITIC OF DECEITS” and racism. I know that he will not be the last to say “NO” to these. It is better late than never.

At least from now on YB N Gobalakrishnan need not have to stand together with people who pretend to fight for the Indians in public and behind the scene hurling derogatory words at YB N Gobalakrishnan, “YOU ARE A PARIAH!”  Unfortunately, non of the so-called fighter against injustices condemned such bigot.

In the press conference this morning, YB N Gobalakrishnan said:

that PKR was not a “parti refomasi”, but a party only interested in taking care of the interests of Anwar, Azmin and their families. I expect more frustrated people to quit the party… but the party leaders would not be bothered about it. They would sideline and banish anyone who is against the current leadership helmed by Azmin.  He said that the Anwar-Azmin team had always adopted a divide-and-rule policy in running the party.  They have divided and ruled the Malays, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans merely to safeguard their political positions and interests.

I am in full agreement with YB N Gobalakrishnan that he will not be the last to quit politic of “CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN” and “POLITIC OF DECEITS”.

Henceforth, the PR cyber troopers and Anwarinas assisted by a certain news portal, the mouth piece of PR, will start their spinning exercises, personal attacks against him and calling him all sorts of name and, most of all,  accusing him being a traitor. The conspirators have done it before and they will do it again.   So be it!

To YB N Gobalakrishnan:  It is better be called a traitor by the Anwarinas when one stood up to fight against their politic of “CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN” and “POLITIC OF DECEITS” than to be called a coward that covered up all the wrongs and injustices that were right before their very eyes for the sake of “POLITIC OF EXPEDIENCIES”.  To my mind,  these cowards, who love to be led by the nose, are the real traitors for they are prepared to sell their souls and will do anything to manipulate the emotions of the rakyat in order to achieve at all costs the selfish dream of a few whose sole objective is to be installed as the “RAJA-RAJA” Putrajaya”.

Click HERE & HERE for more of YB N Gobalakrishnan’s statements in the press conference.


18 thoughts on “YB N Gobalakrishnan says NO to the politic of “CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN” & “POLITIC OF DECEITS!

  1. Bye Bye To Anwar

    Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan , a former MIC Youth leader and founding member of PKR in 1999, has quit PKR ..

    He reiterated his allegation that Anwar’s blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali
    (deputy president) was now in total control of the party.

    Gobala reiterated that he has lost confidence in Anwar, who had long advocated reforms but failed to deliver it in his own party.

    He said he has also lost confidence in the ability of Pakatan Rakyat to capture Putrajaya as the Opposition leader (Anwar) could not even settle his internal party matters.

    He denied that his announcement on Saturday had anything to do with Sunday’s Tenang state by-election in Johor

    January 4, 2011

    “ If Anwar continues to champion justice for himself and not for the party, then his struggles are a lost cause. ” “ PKR should look at Nurul Izzah to take over Anwar’s position instead,”

    January 3, 2011

    “How could there be 16 committee members having a meeting at a hotel in Lunas from 5pm to 6.30pm when I was having the division meeting with 18 committee members at the division office here in Padang Serai at the same time?”

    Gobalakrishnan had earlier in the day issued a press statement saying that certain leaders were trying to throw him out of party,

    December 30, 2010

    Gobalakrishnan said Anwar could fool some of the people some of the time but he could not fool all the people all the time.

    Gobalakrishnan said he had never even used the media to air internal grouses before.

    “ I was trying my best to talk to him (Anwar), but to no avail as Anwar only listens to those in his inner circle,’’ said a frustrated Gobalakrishnan.

    December 28, 2010


    He said allegations that Anwar and his associates were involved in manipulation during the recent party polls should be investigated and that action should also be taken against Dr Xavier for allegedly resorting to gangsterism during the recent elections.

    He said disciplinary action should be taken against Anwar for closing down the Sivan
    Temple in Bukit Gasing within 100 days after Pakatan Rakyat came into power in Selangor.

    So DAP Bukit Gasing Edward Lee not protest ???? Perhaps study the Puchong temple store demolition will know the answer ……

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  3. AngPow ( But no RM 8 inside ) , just only Putrajaya 8 Dreams

    Just after Gobalakrishnan quit PKR , Pakatan Rakyat unveiled its Federal Territory Manifesto outlining eight steps it would take towards “creating a better Kuala Lumpur”.

    If eight steps to solve current problem is another matter , but this eight steps is about takeover Putrajaya again

    http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/1/29/nation/20110129183520&sec=nation .

    ( KacauOne ) DAP Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said he welcomed the Federal Government’s Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ) project that was due to begin construction in July.

    “However,I was informed that none of the local councils have received (development) plans or had a formal discussion with the government regarding the construction work yet, so I don’t think it can take off in July,” he said, urging the Federal Government to work with the local authorities to ensure the project was a success.

    ( AnswerOne ) Under the proposed 60km Sg Buloh-Kajang line, 20% of the 1st phase 9.5km will be underground.
    The cost would be five to 10 times higher on a per km basis if the line were to go underground , depending on geological conditions . Generally we think MRT should go underground but here got one problem
    a) If go underground , DAP banyak-banyak MP will question why cost so high ?
    b) If not go underground , DAP banyak-banyak MP will complaint malam tak boleh tidur , betul-ke ? , noise pollution issues.

    Perhaps , we understand why today there is Wangsa Maju , but no Segambut Maju ????

    Base on latest map , this line will have stations like Curve , 1Utama , Pasar Seni , KL Sentral , Warisan , Bukit Bintang , Serdang area .
    The entire MRT line is estimated to run a total of 150km at a cost of RM36.6bil.

    Lim Lip Eng urging the Federal Government to work with the
    local authorities to ensure the project was a success . Why ? Kajang councillor Lee Kee Hiong need duit kopi ????
    The 1st phase is ONLY about 9.5 km , even yes , the most it has to do is with one or two local council ,
    but we dont think BN will announce the 1st 9.5 km if really cannot construct .

    ( KacauTwo ) DAP Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai said Kuala Lumpur citizens did not want “ the tallest building in the world ”, but
    development plans that would focus on high average income standards, high quality public transportation ( he must forget hos DAP KacauOne comment )
    and a high safety and well-being index.

    ( AnswerTwo ) It is Permodalan Nasional Bhd ( PNB ) , which will be building the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower .
    Najib said the development of the project should be looked at in the long-term . “ . It’s a 10-year project at least . “ If you look at the skyline of
    KL come 2020 , it cannot be the same skyline as today . “ As you know , ( if you look at ) cities like Pudong and Shanghai ( China ) , how many skyscrapers are there ?

    Yes , Shanghai World Financial Center 101 Floors begin construction 1997 and finish in 2008 . Regarding high
    quality public transportation , we think DAP banyak-banyak MP so far only TAHU cakap , not even try their best to do .
    Why dont DAP MP Cheras talk about why so simple ” Penang Island Municipal Council was the first local government introduce electric trams in the inner city in 2008 after election”
    not even done as today ????

    Among the steps laid out in the manifesto included an initiative to renew distressed public housing properties,
    introducing more business-friendly policies such as a one-stop centre for licensing to attract entrepreneurs and business owners,
    as well as establishing a committee to work towards enabling the return of local government elections in Kuala Lumpur .

    ha ha one-stop centre for licensing to attract entrepreneurs and business owners can be done even without go to Putarjaya ….
    why wanted to have local government elections which will say ” vote me , assessment reduce if we win ” but inst all local
    council are appointed by state who win the previous election ?

    Before Pakatan Hipokrit continue with their pie in the sky lies of heaven on earth and nirvana in your house , some bloggers also ask to explain
    their two-week pledge to sort out Kampung Buah Pala resident’s problems ? Why did Lim Guan Eng sign the land transfer approval when he entered office and
    sealed the fate of the residents there when it was well within his powers to refuse to sign the approval ?
    Anwar arrogantly promised that the residents of Kampung Buah Pala would ave their problems solved within two weeks of their winning the Penang Government because
    the Chief Minister would be ‘ orang kita ‘ and they had Captain Tunda Karpal Singh on their side …

  4. Nathan

    Only good politicians will not stay on when they discovered that they were surrounded by the sampah sarap. Who want to stay with leader who jus twist and turn to suit the political environment.

    YB Gobalakrishnan did the right thing to get out from undesirable elements. After having seen all the nonsense in PLR leadership, I support the decision of YB Gobalakrishnan to get out.

    YB Gobalakrishnan you have now shown Anwar and Azmin that you are no pariah afterall because you don’t want to be near with the political pariahs like them.

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  6. RD

    I really respect YB CK Wee.

    You are a good representative of the rakyat. Say NO to ‘Politics of Deceit’. Hope YB Gobi join Konsesus Bebas.
    Fight for the welfare & harmony of the rakyat. irrespective of race & religion. Fight against corruption, misuse of public funds, without taking sides, be it the Govt. or opposition.

    Happy New Year to you & your family, Sir. May this New Year bring best of health & fortunes to you & famly.

  7. Uno

    Who started Ketuanan Melayu? It was ANwar Ibrahim when he was the Deputy PM. Ketuanan Melayu was not an issue suddenly Anwar Ibrahim and the DAp started to talk about it and said that it is Ketuanan Rakyat. He needs the Chinese and Indians now so its Ketuanan Rakyat. When its suits him next year, he might change it to Ketuanan America!

    If one can trust him politically then one can trust anyone including cat with fish!

  8. Double blow Tony Pua

    To capitalise on the Chinese New Year mood, PAS campaigners even went to the extent of distributing red balloons bearing the party’s logo.
    But it is the Chinese votes that PAS is eyeing in order to win the Tenang seat and it is banking on its DAP partner to deliver them. Instead of explaining to the Chinese what PAS can do for them, the Chinese-based DAP used the campaign to attack its long-time enemy, the MCA.
    A political observer viewed the DAP’s all-out effort to attack MCA as mainly an attempt to divert the community’s attention from the various breakthroughs the MCA has achieved since Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek became party president in March last year .

    Kit Siang had, in his ceramah in Tenang, challenged Dr Chua to step down if he failed to get the support of the Chinese community in the by-election.
    A senior Johor MCA leader said Kit Siang was not fit to ask anyone to step down as he did not take responsibility for his two failed attempts
    to capture Penang in the 1986 and 1990 general elections.
    We think Kit Siang is lucky as Dr Chua didnt challenged back.
    The unofficial result has Barisan Nasional’s Mohd Azahar Ibrahim winning the Tenang state seat with an increased majority of 3,706 votes.
    The margin of victory, when Datuk Sulaiman Taha won the seat in the 2008 general election, was 2,492 votes.
    Actually in each election , when someone win , someone will loss up to the voters to choose who is best , not neccesary to play game until ask people to step down .

    But Tony Pua not so lucky , perhaps no need to celebrate CNY
    as http://tonypua.blogspot.com/2010/12/tenang-majority-counts.html
    which say ” if we can function as a coalition and make enough inroads in Tenang to deny BN a majority win by say 1,000 votes,
    it would reflect on Najib’s leadership . ” . This kind of statement basically MUKA TEBAL want to tell everybody they still win even loss . Now not just loss but unofficially loss extra 1200 votes ha ha

    Since DAP choose to say it , ha ha now much it look like reflect on Anwar’s leadership . In this case , inst double blow .

  9. Tenang

    Tenang voters have sent a clear message to Anwar Ibrahim and his geng PAS and DAP that they are tired of their politickings. The country needs to move on but not with the cakap tak serupa bikin leaders.

  10. Tenang Tenang

    After losing Tenang, the DAP and PKR are crying foul about the by-election. What a sour loser. When they win, all is well. Their own party election filled with fraud and they were trying to sweep it under the carpet. They acknowledge of the fraud or problems in the party elections but action after that.

    This is the type of future that they want to rakyat to look forward to. Thank you DAP & PKR not for me. All the promises are to fish for votes only.

  11. kiasu

    Lim Kit Siang is blaming the flood for Pakatan’s humiliating defeat in Tenang.

    Soon he will be calling for a Royal Commission to investigate God for the untimely flood act.

    He had predicted a 71% turnout, and it turn out to be 71% turnout. God must have communicated with him on the percentage. But now he is telling God it could have been higher had You not send the flood.

  12. Rajan

    Kiasu. you are right. Just wait Lim Kit Siang will soon call for a Royal Commission into why God didn’t help PAS to win the Tenang by-election and why God cheated the DAP and friend, PAS, by getting many people to attend the DAP led ceramah.

    Unfortunately, Lim Kit Siang is not calling for Royal Commission into the letterhead scandal involving Ronnie and Tee Boon Hock. How about the sand mining scandals? Kit Siang said no need Royal Commission because any government led by DAP will b scandals free.

    No wonder the Chinese voters were put off by PAS and DAP because of their double standard.

  13. Tenang Tenang Tenang

    The Tenang election show us if DAP Subang Jaya and Teratai continues get the support, doesnt means each other DAP area will continue get support due to Daddy Anak factor , while people reject MCA Ong Tee Kiat , doesn’t mean people wont welcome Chua brings improvement in MCA as below :

    BN secured about 45% of the total Chinese votes in the Tenang by- election . Taken 3 of the four Chinese-majority areas in the constituency.

    The improvement in MCA also will cause people to look for better opposition like Consensus Bebas ,
    instead pick the current opposition “ lies and fabrication ” , so much marketing to fish votes with no action ( free Wi-Fi if go to Putrajaya ) , ha ha our members in Malacca some area even already enjoy free-wifi a few hours per day without at night dream for Putrajaya takeover .

    The price for premium petrol RON97 will be 10 sen higher at RM2.50 per litre from today , looks like oil price hike is something not able to prevent in future even thought there is some good news
    … East-West Link Highway was to be abolished as early as May while there would be no toll hike …
    … and the alternative is public transport like MRT , cheaper bus rate

  14. Mahuface Book with Tony Pua

    In his facebook ( perhaps should be named Mahuface book )

    a) Tony Pua remembered MCA targeting at least 45% of Cina votes in Tenang. But having now achieved 36%, DrChuaSoiLek claims success! Sunday at 8:53pm Tony Pua finds it intriguing that DrChuaSoiLek is overjoyed BN got 36% of the Chinese vote in Tenang vs PAS’s 64%

    Answer : But http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/2/1/tenang/7910590&sec=tenang
    Nasional secured about 45% of the total Chinese votes ????

    b) Sunday at 8:22pm Tony Pua did a quick review of Tenang results . Biggest winner BN-UMNO. Biggest loser MCA & ChuaSoiLek

    Answer : So hebat ? we just manage to send unofficial result to YB Wee on 9.40 pm-leh ? Nver mind-lah as long as got Sifu Karpal Singh , any problem can be solved


    = Malay 700-vote increase , Chinese 300-vote increase

    c) Sunday at 4:48am Tony Pua was informed that 2-300 voters were unable to vote waiting outside Labis Tengah & Timur polling centres after late arrival caused by floods . Sunday at 2:06am Tony Pua received reports on complaints that police are refusing to ferry Pakatan voters to the polling station .

    Answer : How the police know it is Pakatan or Barisan voters ?

    d) Sunday at 12:30am Tony Pua asks why are there no boats to ferry majority voters in Labis town which is flooded but
    Felda gets all the police & bomba boats ?

    Answer : So no ” thank you ” to bomba boats which carry ( claim by Tony ) 64% Chinese voters ( which they dont know who they will vote ? ) which later vote PR

    e) Saturday at 8:00pm Tony Pua sniggered when 1M’sia NGO chief denied that the 500-table dinner with yee-sang in Labis sponsored by PM Office isn’t to help BN campaign !

    Answer : Selangor Government didnt sponsor at least 500-table with keropok ikan ? Or may be 15 table dinner with SUPER yee-sang was reserved but not in Labis , in Selangor as below ( which now we think have to cancel , hope the restaurant owner refund deposit )

    8 June 2010 – A thanksgiving dinner was held by the DAP yesterday at Restoran Puteri in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail to celebrate the “ miraculous ” victory of Pakatan Rakyat in Sibu-by-election which was won by DAP’s Wong Ho Leng .
    The 15-table dinner has been hosted . Also in attendance were another 25 other Members of Parliament and State Assemblypersons from all three PR parties . Nasaruddin Mat Isa commended the Penang state government for the
    building of a surau within the KOMTAR building which houses the state government office .

    Later we have this problem , Aug 28 — The furore over Lim Guan Eng’s name being mentioned in Friday sermons has made Umno uncomfortable ahead of next general elections
    “ Umno is clearly worried , ” said Pua . —- his visitor comment : seriously , is it strenghtening relationship with Malay Moslems ? Or is it what people call ” fishing the vote ” ?

  15. Tenang Secret

    1) It is difficult to make BN change without a competition and that’s why we need PR. Just hope that it is through healthy competition and not always the case of each other arguing
    on “pot telling the kettle black”. PAS also tried to bribe by using “pahala”. Both the same.

    Answer : May be UMNO use “alahap” to vs PAS “pahala” ????
    Some say PAS candidate’s husband was cheating the children in the school that he taught by getting a 21 day MC
    but instead seen with his wife during campaign. Pure abuse. Our tax money being cheated out by the candidate’s husband.

    How PR will make BN change , in fact they already so fear as today BN which not yet change , but just to want to build the
    1st MRT , they say it is not possible to take off ????

    2) After 2006 flood, BN claimed that they have done everything to prevent any flash flood recur. After 2006 worst floods they spend billion for floods mitigation work but money flooded to who’s pocket? and we still get flood ???

    Answer : Flood mitigation is to prevent something which some flood are not logical ( even the rain less than hours )
    But in this case , even area quite far from Tenang is also having rain nonstop as early as morning to night .

    The simple answer is : if Tenang not flood , your area ( not election ) flood , is it a issue ??? If you complaint to PR , the best answer you get is wait at Putrajaya

    3) Of course the FELDA settlers will vote BN . Our 1PM has just “allocated” RM 1.6 billion of OUR money to FELDA to refill its coffers . If I am a Felda settlers I will say that if anyone who improves my standard of living , which provides safety net and good education to my children and which provides a good infrastructure for my well being , I would certainly be grateful for such person who has berjasa and berbakti to me and my family. I will consider this favourably .
    For rural indian, BN can easily gain their support with some promises and goodies.
    For rural malay, maybe they simply don’t care much about national issues like corruption, education, crime, healthcare, abuse of power…etc. And As far as they know , it doesnt affect them ( rightly or otherwise ) .

    Answer : RM 1.6 billion is memang not my money , we where got RM 1.6 billion , perhaps if it is your one , we feel sorry . Anwar say RM 16 million is so little to Felda , so PM
    upgrade to RM 1.6 billion salah lagi ???? Kampung Bala which vote PR last year , ask for goddies ? Their house ( is not Penang CM LGE house )
    is goddie ???? Most DAP banyak-banyak MP dont do welfare even receive allocation , masuk pocket ( so they will say whatever provide by BN is goddies ) . Anyway


    Nurul has not harnessed her advantages as Anwar’s daughter
    or any special channels to win the party election .
    She also has not listened to everything her father has said , and is obviously on the opposite site from Azmin Ali .

    The next good result : is we believe very good EPF dividend . This can stop people to vote YB Wee ?
    Perhaps can stop someone Putrajaya dream because they told us our EPF dividend is also goddies .

    4) Under UMNO government with rampant corruption, high crime rates, poor education system, healthcare, abuse of power, injustice…etc.
    PR will improve education and helthcare systems, restore justice, and etc.
    I believe given the chance they will do better than the UMNO

    Answer : This is what we call ” lies and fabrication ”
    Morning market traders in Puchong are shocked to discover that the waste management fee
    and rental has increased four-fold by PR Selangor , from RM360 a year to RM1,490 . “We don’t earn much and if we pass on the increase to the consumers, we will lose them for sure. How are we going to support our school-going children?” he asked.

    So Lim Kit Siang still need Royal Commission ???

  16. RM45K x 2 + RM 15K = what is this , ang pow ??

    The Petaling Jaya Old Town land premium issue remains unfinished as the Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau presses for the Selangor Mentri Besar to make his clarification.

    The bureau’s deputy chairman Kelvin Chong said residents of Section 2, 3 and 4 had recently received the 5A Form to renew their land lease with a premium amount of about RM105,000.

    Chong said back in 2006, these landowners were only required to pay RM45,000 for the same size of land.


    Chong alleged the Mentri Besar had previously said he would be announcing some good news on the land title and
    premium payment last December but asked why this has been postponed to next month.

    Ha ha when elections , say there is hope RM 45,000 less 50% discount = RM 22,500 which still burden and now
    RM 45,000 x 2 + 15,000 = RM 105,000 .


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