“THE GOOD DO ALWAYS EVENTUALLY WIN,” said Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes

On 24-01-2011 after the hearing of the Lotus dispute in the High Court in London was adjourned and 10 days full trial was fixed for March 2011,  Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes immediately sent a message on Twitter as follows:

“Very very happy over the judgment today.” “And extremely happy that full trial brought forward to 21 March. The good do always eventually win.”

Having read the official transcript of the said High Court, I cannot make it out what Judgment Datuk Tony Seri Fernandes was twitting about.   As usual, this particular message with other favourable statements were splashed in the press and a news portal as though what he had said was gospel truth. Read HERE and HERE . Please compare these two reports with the High Court transcript in the posting in the Blog of BIGDOG which I will refer to later in here. I will not be surprised if one day the said message, “The good do always eventually win.”, will also be hailed as a quotable quote of the year by certain quarter.

I believe that after reading the said news reports, many Malaysians must be extremely proud to know that Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia fame can be so philosophical and righteous at the same time.  All Malaysians must learn and acquire his skills which has benefited AirAsia all these years until recently.

No wonder AirAsia was able to owe Airport Taxes since the day of its inception until sometime last year totaling RM110 millions with impunity.  MAB dared not lift a finger to take positive actions to recover the said Airport Tax debts from AirAsia like withdrawing all airport facilities.  After I brought up the AirAsia’s Airport Tax debts in Parliament and in this blog on many occasions,  AirAsia finally had no choice but to pay up its long over due Airport Taxes debts but, of course,  with a RM25 million discount! I wonder such extreme kind treatments have been or will be accorded to other airlines or public listed companies with outstanding taxes.

Not to forget the RM65 million subsidy given to AirAsia’s subsidiary (FAX) to take over the operation of “Rural Air Services” (RAS) for Sabah and sarawak from MAS and FAX was supposed to operate the RAS for a few years.  However,  FAX operated it for about a year and it  prematurely dumped RAS back to MAS with 6 un-airworthy aircrafts and 1 aircraft was canabalised for spare parts purposes. However, the then “4th Floor Administration” didn’t demand for the return of the RM65 millions subsidy on a pro rata basis  and MAS was left to pick up the pieces and the huge repair bills of about RM35 million for the 7 air crafts, in HERE and HERE.

Of course, one can hardly read any adverse news about AirAsia or any of Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ outfits.  I believe that it must be due to Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ smooth public relation exercises and his virtue of “The good do always eventually win.” got AsiaAsia to where it is. But for how long with no “4th Floor” around?

I wonder if we were to learn from Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said philos0hpy and righteousness, can we then owe our Income Tax with impunity for just a few years and thereafter be allowed to negotiate with Inland Revenue and then be also granted a handsome discount? I am sure that all Malaysians would love to be given such opportunity.

However, below is an excerpt of the latest posting of the blogger, BIGDOG,  on the Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ said message regarding the Lotus dispute on Twitter

It is very manipulative for Fernandes to suggest otherwise. How could he be sub-judice on what the High Court Judge will decide.   …    If Malaysians are confused about the case, then probably Malaysians should read the transcript of the legal proceeding in the London High Court on Monday and make their own conclusions.

Click HERE to read BIGDOG‘s said posting with the said High Court official transcript of what had actually transpired in the Court room.

15 thoughts on ““THE GOOD DO ALWAYS EVENTUALLY WIN,” said Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes

  1. Mongrel

    I hope that the blind supporters will wake up and make judgment based on reasoning and facts and not on emotions so the country can move forward orderly.

    If the president of a professional body like Bar Council is allowed to ran amok with his political stance then it will be dark days ahead for Malaysia. Bar Council president and the council members should be looking into the laws, bills and fight against injustices.

    So I hope that the council members of other professional bodies will learn from Mr Raunath Kesavan’s emotional statements motivated by his own politics.

  2. The 4th Floor

    What good has Tony done for Malaysia except with his bullshit. AirAsia got all the helping from Abdullah’s administration. Airport was built for them and airport taxes can be owed for years when the taxes have already being paid by the passengers.

    In this case, what judgment that Tony and his gang have won when there was no such Judgment. Upon reading the court transcript it was clear that Tony’s lawyer was trying to postpone the case longer citing insufficient time.

    MalaysianInsider reporting was most atrocious to say the least. It was just one sided as usual with no regards to the actual facts of the court deliberations. . It has only good things to report on AirAsia. Well, we all should know who are behind MalaysianInsider. 4th floor did I also hear?

  3. Unanimous

    AirAsia is not a local company as made out by Tony. Its majority shareholders are foreign. So let us not be fool by Tony.

    From the court transcript it was absolutely clear that Tony did not win at all on 24 January. What a bullshit! I fully agree with Bigdog that Tony’s press statement and twitt were most manipulative to say the least. This is the type of shameless corporate leader we have in Malaysia. Utterly irresponsible. He was out to mislead Malaysians.

    I hope that Tony and his public relation boys can come to defend Tony’s statements in the Lotus disputes.

  4. Con Man

    Winning the case, Got Judgment. Stop bullshitting lah Mr Fernandes. During Pak Lah time you are more than ok. Now you have to fight your guts out to survive. Just get your press boys do more public relation jobs for you quickly then you and the companies under you may appear a bit better.

  5. Chong

    What good? misleading the Malaysians public with public relation exercise is good? Manipulating court decision is good? Getting helping hand from the 4th Floor boys was good? Which is actually GOOD, Mr Fernandes?

    I think bullshitting is the best for you but not for us. You should instruct AirAsia to refund the airport taxes collected refunded to the people whom AirAsia has forfeited because of them didn’t fly. And also the RM30 million discount of the airport taxes given to AirAsia should be refunded tot he passengers and not kept by AirAsia. The it is really GOOD. Otherwise it is only good for you, Mr Fernandes.

  6. Mustafa

    With regards to the issue of the outstanding airport taxes owed by AirAsia previously, why no DAP MPs including Lim Kit Siang spoke about it prior to 2008 general elections.

    AirAsia’s nonsense was never an issue to Lim Kit Siang and his boys. Why? Was it because it was during Abdullah’s time?

  7. KK

    Of course, Tony is a good man as he was trying to claim. To me he is more of a joker, who thinks that he can fool people. Now he is exposed with his pant down. The High Court transcript says it all.

    May be Tony got a different version of the transcript! Perhaps MalaysianInsider may want to help to spin for Tony so that Tony/AirAsia will smell like a rose. Stop fooling people. It is not going to get you anywhere.

  8. Raju

    I am disappointed with with Tony Fernandes. He was using newspapers and statement to make him look like an angel. Now he kena caught. Corporate figure must b responsible in their press statement. I hope that Security Commission will take notice of tony Fernandes style of operations so that all statements from Tony Fernandes must be taken seriously and a thorough investigations must be done before entertaining him.

  9. Con Man

    Tony the champion spinner. Have you read the transcript of the High Court? What did you win? You have won during Pak Lah time for AirAsia to be able to owe airport tax.

    even on a matter like this you can lie. What else you cannot?

  10. koyaklah

    Mahathir should be investigated for selling two boeing worth 400 million for 1 ringgit to Fernandez.

    Also the runways built for airasia must be investigated by MACC.

  11. Tony

    Goodness me! a premium airline like MAS had to saved by a company that playing around with all kind of unnecessary charges in order to screw the passengers. Tan Sri Azman must be thinking that Malaysians are as stupid as he is that’s why he can get Khazanah into the shit hole. I cannot believe my eyes when I saw Convenience Fees RM8 and wheel chair RM15 and the charges were increased after a 3 months. What is the government doing about the unreasonable charges by AirAsia beside saying yes yes yes to Tony Fernandes? Now that they are already BERSEKONGKOL then MAS will soon be charging its passengers Flying Fees on top of the fare. Then MAS will be in the black within 6 months. Then Rashdan and Mokhtar will say, we have done it again like WAU. Khanazah will sign another share swap with Khazanah. Incredible Azam and Rashdan!

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