Bar Council should move a motion to censure its President

Mr Ragunath Kesavan, the President of Malaysian Bar, has made a press statement yesterday (25-01-2011) HERE and HERE, trying so hard to exonerate YB Karpal Singh of all faults pertaining to YB Karpal Singh’s outbursts in 1997 in Parliament and in DAP Ceramah in 1978 that he had evidence of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s involvement in homosexual activities. He purportedly made the said press statement on behalf of the Malaysian Bar.  I have made several postings on the issue, HERE and HERE.

I have reason to believe that the Bar Council did not hold any meeting to discuss about matters involving YB Karpal Singh’s professionalism as a lawyer or moral standing as defence counsel in the YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial and/or to take a political stand that “YB Karpal Singh has neither contravened the Legal Profession Act 1976 nor any rules of etiquette.”

Since there was no formal complaint lodged against YB Karpal Singh, there was no necessity for Mr Ragunath Kesavan to react in such an emotional manner in total disregards of the image and the integrity of Malaysian Bar.

Mr Ragunath Kesavan’s said press statement was most mischievous whereby he hid under the “skirt” of Bar Council in the hope of currying political favours. He may have political ambitions, which is his absolute right, but as President of Malaysian Bar, he should not allow his said ambitions to drag the Malaysian Bar into controversies and prejudge issues when there was no disciplinary hearing of any sort against YB Karpal Singh’s professionalism or moral standing.

If we were to accept Mr Ragunath Kesavan’s said press statement on matters of this nature then the Bar Council should embark on disbanding its Disciplinary Committee and allowing its President to summarily decide whether a lawyer was in breach of professional etiquette or their moral standing and hand out punishment accordingly.

It would appear that Mr Ragunath Kesavan was aspiring to be the great defender of YB Karpal Singh’s political integrity.  Given YB Karpal Singh’s vast political experiences, I believe YB Karpal Singh is more than capable to fight for his political integrities and he doesn’t need a political novice like Mr Ragunath Kesavan to give him a helping hand to lift him up from the brink.  It was so clear that Mr Ragunath Kesavan’s said press statement was politically motivated to subvert the course of justice by prejudging issues, which have never been deliberated in any meeting whether disciplinary in nature or otherwise.

If Mr Ragunath Kesavan has political ambitions then he should resign as the President of the Malaysian Bar and take a plunge into the political arena. With his past records on issuing press statements, I am sure that certain political leaders will welcome him with open arms like what had happened in the case of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Under circumstances, the Bar Council should act as a professional body and move a motion of censure against its President for being so emotional and reckless in pursuit of his political ambition failing which the Bar Council will lose its professional and moral standing to represent the Malaysian Bar.

27 thoughts on “Bar Council should move a motion to censure its President

  1. RD

    Dear YB.

    I cannot get through the link to Malaysian Bar press statement. Then I try to find on their website. Could not find it too.
    Anyway I agree with you that the Bar, not the bartender, as in a disco or night club, where we can get drunk, should not be involved in politic. How can they expect people to respect them, when they can manipulate facts & twist their way around in court, to their benefit.
    He purportedly made the said press statement on behalf of the Malaysian Bar, without having a meeting with its members to discuss matters involving YB Karpal Singh’s professionalism as a lawyer or moral standing as defence counsel of DS Anwar Ibrahim?

    With so many delays & postponement of trial, is it fair to victim he is said to have ‘screwed’?

    It seems the law is in favour to whom who can twist their tongue well.

  2. Ha ha with Tony Pua Jan 2011 Part 1

    Tenang Election >> Ng, who joined the PKR in 1999, said he quit because party de facto leader
    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was “leading the party to nowhere”.

    PM Razak said the freedom of religion practised in the country proved that the government is
    fair to all during a Thaipusam celebration. He said “we can see today Hindu devotees celebrate the
    Thaipusam freely throughout the country” at the Subramaniya Swami Devasthanam Temple.

    say ” If Najib truly believe in the “freedom of religion”, he must immediately instruct the Home
    Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein to retract the Government’s appeal
    against the December 2009 High Court decision to permit the use of the term “Allah” by the non-Muslim community.

    Our opinion : Yes , Allah is God for Islam religion ,
    but my religion is Buddhist and when in temple ,
    my God is Buddha . So is it really non-Muslim
    need to use word Allah ha ha
    and since when Tony Pua heard somebody in Thaipusam celebration , complaint the Allah word issue ?

  3. anonymous

    I am a member of the Bar. It is true that he is playing political games to further other objectives. Definitely not in the interests of the Malaysian Bar otherwise he would not have made such a stupid statement.

    Quite rightly the Bar Council members should censure him for making statement committing the Bar without holding any meeting to discuss.

    Ragu should join the DAP or PKR to further his own cause.

  4. Ha ha with Tony Pua Jan 2011 Part 2

    What is different between DAP Msia First and 1Malaysia =
    we think Msia ( Putrajaya ) first , race not important , who is your betul-betul
    God in your religion also not important as long as can reach Putrajaya


    Based on subsidies given to the IPPs, the BN government should immediately reduce
    our electricity rates by at least 17%

    Our opinion : If we suggest elec.rates should reduce at least 27% ( plus 10% ) , we think the result
    rakyat will get is get 0% reduce . Firstly we still need to thanks former PM Pak Lah
    who give free of charge for those who use less than RM 20 electricity , extend by PM Najib .

    Secondly , Tony Pua only highlight one side – why big subsidy to IPP but he didnt tell
    that 13 August 2008 is D-Day for IPP to pay the first 12 instalment of windfall taxes to Govt
    = Result = YTL Power RM 50 mil vs Malakoff RM 250 mil .


    Tony Pua say ” When we compare the electricity tariffs between the two countries, Malaysia’s average rate of RM31.31/kWh is only 8% cheaper than that of Thailand’s at RM34.11/kWh ”

    We say ( to easy understand ) , the cheapest electricity rate now is O.218 per unit
    So RM 20 means the most poor user can use 91 units . Hope Government can extend up to 100 units ( the best 110 units )

    Tony Pua say ” PEMANDU has proposed that electricity rates be increased every 6 months!
    Our question do DAP banyak-banyak MP oppose it or just politicking it ?

    Tony Pua say ” The Tenang electorate must take this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a stand and
    express Malaysians’ frustration with the intolerable increase and artificially inflated
    prices for basic goods and services. ”

    WE take example food price in our another friends area , DAP Kota Melaka .
    Food price also increase , so what does DAP do ? my friend ask . His solution : No starbuck everyday , Restaurant A food price about increase from RM 4.50 to RM 5.00 ( no free soup )
    so go to Restaurant B ( food price between RM 3-RM 4.00 with free soup ) .

  5. Abdullah

    Bar Council President should be neutral in his statement. He should not prejudge issues when the issues have not been decided by the Disciplinary Committee. It was obvious that Ragunath is trying to play politics and making the Bar Council looks stupid.

    I also know that the Bar Council did not hold any meeting to decide on this issue regarding Karpal Singh. Out of the blue this smart boy came out to defend his master. He is making the Bar council as a joke. He should join the political parties like DAP and PKR. But remember Zaid Ibrahim as an example!

  6. Ragu Ragu

    Since when Ragunath turned into a politician? If you want to be a politician, please resign as President of the Bar Council. Bar Council members should not have indulged in political favoritism.

  7. Sudahlah

    Sudahlah Ragunath! have you forgotten about what Justice Dato said in his Judgment that the Federal is convinced that Anwar Ibrahim was involved in homosexual activities. What a short memory you Ragunath. Or you are singing to the tune of your political master?

    It seemed that Ragunath is the defence counsel for Karpal Singh who is now in the state of pusing and pusing trying to get out the mess. This stupid political lackey just blindly jumped into the shit hole! What a stupid president that the Bar Council has. If i am a lawyer I will be ashamed of having such a president who is brainless.

  8. Ha ha with Tony Pua Jan 2011 Part 3

    ” The highway toll concessions provide the clearest example of the BN government guaranteeing billions of profits annually to companies which are cosy with BN while ensuring at the same time that the people will have to pay exorbitant toll rates daily for decades. The North-South Expressway (PLUS) ”

    said by

    DAP Hannah Yeoh giving free bag , DAP Teratai Jenice Lee cat flat building , but where this thing comes from ? So DAP-company who doing business in bag and cat is this a issue ?

    We think the issue is some DAP-company never deliver flag after receive money , WSK Services fake invoice , ADUN-ADUN under Tony Pua
    never give free bag , used to buat longkang which cannot solve flood problem …. but create more flood problem ha ha
    although longkang-loangkang is council job

    ha ha toll company profit is part of economy . The question is the company which make billions of profit
    doing any social corporate responbility ??? eg YB Wee good question about Astro profit

    a) Tony Pua has said in

    ” This is not the way for EPF to generate returns for the people,” . Generate returns also consider robbing ???
    If EPF invest company make profit not correct , then EPF invest in company make loss is correct , agree ??? ha ha

    b) Tony Pua forget in his
    say ” We have proposed that the Government should buy back all shares of PLUS Expressways Bhd which it does not already own and take over its existing asset backed liabilities for the approximate
    amount of RM15 billion. ”

    told his secret ” I helped to craft the privatize PLUS proposal ” when MP Tony Pua persuaded me to lend a hand for a better Malaysia.
    So what is better Msia ? Have to wait PR takeover Putrajaya ? But PR memang will fail to takeover Putrajaya , cannot better Msia ?

    d) PLUS had said that it would hold its EGM to vote on the offer by UEM-EPF at 10am on Feb 23, 2011.
    Angel vs NOT Angel , which side Tony Pua wish to win ? Or the angel one will kena PECAT ????


    ” the state government has provided 20m3 of free subsidized water to each household ever since taking power costing RM120 million a year, derived from expenditure savings as a result of good governance practices. ” say by Tony Pua , ya keh ?

    Occupants of flats and apartments in Petaling Jaya Selatan staged a protest saying
    that they did not benefit from the Selangor government’s free water campaign.
    They said they had never enjoyed the 20 cubic metres of free water given to households in Selangor.

    Ah yoh yoh one more secret terbocor

    “The beneficiaries of the water subsidy are owners of houses and bungalows. The poor do not benefit
    from the programme. The bulk meter should not be made an excuse because there are ways to help the poor if there is a will,”

  9. Paul Madeley

    I wish that in this country someone who gets elected as a representative of the people should honorably step-down if he/she cannot work with the party leadership. This is simply because people voted for the party and not the individual. Shame on those still hanging on and enjoying the perks. Anyway next GE will see these traitors disappear from the political scene because no party will want them and no one will vote for known traitors.

  10. Ha ha with Tony Pua Jan 2011 Part 4 Nov 2010 ( if you take long time to access this portal , should understand-why-lah )
    Seramai 18,440 pemilik pangsapuri Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor ( PKNS ) gagal menikmati bekalan 20 meter air percuma diberi Kerajaan Selangor ….
    This not yet include any flat not belong to PKNS .

    Sudah 2011 , we still hear Petaling Jaya City Council ( MBPJ ) has started mapping and surveying Kampung Chempaka to find solution to its flash floods
    caused by drainage problems and illegal extensions . Gabriel said many residents in Kampung Chempaka suffered huge losses which could have been avoided if the new village was well planned .
    Tapi who hold the post New Village Development and Illegal Factory Task-force ??? ha ha Ean Han Yong Wah

    Anyway , may be Tony Pua should change ” Selangor give free water ” to ” When hujan lebat , free water masuk ke dalam rumah ” ha ha


    The state assembly had on Nov 9 last year approved a supplementary budget of RM391mil for MBI to buy over the debts of Talam , a major player in the property sector.

    The state government was criticised for bailing out Talam by using a scheme known as “round-tripping” after the state government borrowed the money to take over the developer’s debts .

    “ MBI is not bailing out Talam , ” Khalid said , adding that the takeover was to ensure that more cash could be pumped into the state . …. MB: S’gor made RM400m from land transfers

    Ha ha how could MB Selangor said
    more cash could be pumped into the state when approved a supplementary budget of RM391mil

    Under an earlier agreement with the previous state government, the deal involved a flood mitigation project in the form of an 18km canal linking Sungai Klang and Sungai Langat . However, the new state government decided that there was no need for the flood mitigation project.

    Dengar tak there is ” no need for the flood mitigation project ”

    Ha ha Tony Pua is surprised Khir Toyo is worried about
    Selangor going bankrupt despite a fairly balanced budget unlike the federal budget in his previous Twitter …..
    Balance budget have 2 types . The 1st Type is your earn RM 1,800 and expenses also RM 1,800
    But we believe the Selangor PR is second type ( more dangerous then BN Federal Budget )
    meaning you are jobless and yet buy a big house , new loan instalment RM 3,000 per month and then only hope to find
    a new job to pay u RM 3,000.00 per month .
    How could say it is balanced budget when a supplement budget is approved ?

    It was a mission set by Khir Toyo himself to make Selangor ‘zero squatters’ in line with national policy Wawasan 2020. The opposition criticised Khir Toyo for approving housing project in squatters’ area and forcing the residents to move out from their illegal homes.

    However , the new Menteri Besar from opposition party, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim reported said the effort to reduce the number of squatters and to free them from the clutches of poverty, should continue . Dengar tak ?

  11. Tan

    Very surprising to know that Mr Ragunath, the Karpal Singh’s great defender, and the Bar Council President was not responding to what YB has said. So is Karpal as well.

    Glad that both of heros saw the light and swallowed the humble pies. We hope that Mr Ragunath will stop playing politics using the Bar Council as a platform to achieve his dream.

    Thank you Mr Ragunath and Karpal Singh for your deafening silence otherwise you will look like an idiot.

  12. AgreeToDisagree

    Good work again YB Wee. But cool on the omissions and elegant silences at times and you will be the all important factor of TRUTH against PR coalition. Though the 3 items must be endorsed, even by you sometime :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    @Paul Madeley – Political parties lie and steal from the people who needs them but idiots who cannot think?

    @on January 26, 2011 at 2:54 pm anonymous

    I knew the Bar Council was political. How about running against this political mandore in a no-confidence motion snap election?

  13. Unbelievable

    It is most unbelievable that there are still people blind in the eyes and heart. Reasons are something beyond them. They like to be led by the nose. If this country is rule by this type of people I dare not think for Malaysia.

    Just do your best and don’t let such blind people from distracting you YB. So far the blinds were unable to challenge you with what you have posted which contained bear facts so they will make personal attacks as their forms of argument. Such type of people are real pariah.

  14. Ha ha with Tony Pua Jan 2011 Part 5

    Tony Pua are talking about ” Dr Chua is half-correct who say “UMNO is not perfect , it has corruption”, it is still a better choice than PAS for the latter’s religious principles ”

    But the half-correct is still better than Tony Pua maintain ” DAP is perfect , it has no corruption .
    What done by Ronnie Liu is not corruption ha ha ” If BN really no corruption , then why need MACC ? The question is does the MACC done their job at which level ???
    Perhaps DAPutrajaya will say there is no need MACC because PRasuah dont even have 1% rasuah …. you believe ? , if
    yes , i also can fly like AirAsia

    Over the past 2 years, we saw how UMNO attempted to monopolise the use of “Allah” for Muslims only
    and prevent Malay-speaking Christians and Sikhs from using the term for their religious prayers.

    Allah , Buddha , and other Gods , but as non-muslim , i also know to speak in Malay , choose Buddha and
    we hope Tony Pua wont compaint when one day Muslim people ajak Tony Pua marilah puasa bersama-sama .

    Tony Pua say ” UMNO leaders have also sensationalised DAP MP Teo Nie Ching’s attempts to foster greater
    ties with the Muslim community by visiting mosques and taking part in their community activities. ”

    But why can’t UMNO hightlight even one mini topic when DAP Hannah Yeoh also gives fund to surau ? ha ha

    UMNO leaders have also promoted extremism by supporting activities promoting hatred among the various races and religions, such as the “cow-head protests” against the construction Hindu temple in a Muslim-majority residential area.

    So do Tony Pua dare to told public one more story ”
    Man who torched himself over Puchong temple store demolition dies , he leaves behind a wife and five children .
    On Nov 8 , when 200 Subang Jaya Municipal Council ( MPSJ ) workers, police and RELA members began the demolishing the store linked to the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on Chakragunasegaran shouted don’t demolish, set himself ablaze and then fainted. Members of the public rushed to put out the blaze but he suffered severe burns .
    It is understood that MPSJ had , on Oct 26 2010 , given the temple committee seven days to move out as a kindergarten was slotted to be built on the store’s site which was part of the land belonging to the adjacent Tamil primary school. ”
    The power of Lee Kee Hiong from Kajang extend to MBSJ ????? And this Tamil school land belongs to Selangor PR ???? “

  15. The Middle Ground

    A MP of Parliament is to represent the people first and not solely the political party. If the party has failed in its directions and not showing anything to address it, the MP must stand up against it. Ultimately, the MP is responsible to its constituents.

    Lets not go further just look at the elections process of PKR. Was there any semblance of democratic process? We all know better. It must be unthinkable that MP must blindly follow a political regardless of its directions even though it will be against the interests of the people. Stop being emotional and let your heart to rule your head. At the end the people will suffer. From the comments so far I have not seen the blind PR supporters applied reasoning to counter arguments except personal attacks thinking.

    God bless Malaysia when such future ahead.

  16. Political Ragu

    How obvious that Mr Ragunath was so politically motivated? He has no business to clear Mr Pusing from his mess unless Ragunath has already resigned and making the political statement on behalf of the DAP, PAS or PKR.

    What is the Bar Council going to do about this?

  17. shame shame shame

    I am most shocked that Bar Council is still keeping mum about its President’s political behaviour in carrying out his duty. I can’t agree more that the Bar Council must have a meeting to censure its President for playing politics under the guise of President of Bar Council.

    Bar Council members are no longer fit to represent Malaysian Bar if they pretend that all is well with the president. Alternatively they endorsed the political stand of Mr Kesavan on Karpal Singh.

    Shame shame shame on you, the Bar Council members.

  18. Sim

    Ragunath. Where is your honour? So is Karpal. Ragunath just admit and join the DAP and PKR. Karpal just say that in 1997 and 1998 when I said that Anwar involved in homosexual activities I was playing politics because I didn’t have the evidence actually.

    Then Ragunath can carrying on issuing press statement to help Karpal and Karpal can carrying on be Anwar lawyer and he can keep on asking for postponement.

    But are still keeping very quiet. Both are just shameless.

  19. Ghost ?? in M'sian Bar

    Feb 2010 MACC ( Sked TBH spirit ? ) tukar ofis liao ….. due to ??? …. China Press October 2009 , around 6.30pm.
    the security guard said he went to the washroom
    5th floor where he suddenly heard footsteps. The
    other officers were not on duty at the time. “ I had a strange feeling. Usually at that time , nobody would be around. So I walked out of the toilet… then I saw a man in front of the lift,
    he was wearing a black coat and white pants”

    At that point, it did not strike the security guard that this could be Teoh’s spirit.So he rushed to the security room to check the CCTV and saw there was nobody in the lift,”
    May 2010 …. The Malaysian Bar had expressed its disappointment when the Court of Appeal overturned
    the High Court’s commendable ruling that the MACC can only undertake interrogation of witnesses from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm . Our opinion : Do Msia corruption happen in standard way between 8.30 am – 5.30 pm ?

    But we found of the reason The Malaysian Bar is disappointed by the Federal Court’s ruling that the
    (MACC) can continue to interrogate witnesses beyond office hours is ” Its decision in the Tan Boon Wah case negates the fundamental liberties of witnesses and does not safeguard their interests . ”

    Ha ha as today which area Tan Boon Wah look like witness ????? Consider above statement and as this issue hightlight by YB Wee , it looks like it is very safe investment
    to say Mr Ragunath , is the Karpal Singh’s great defender .


    Ragunath was responding to council member Edmund Bon’s interview with FMT, where the latter had criticised the council of being toothless and not championing the rights of the people.

    He stressed that the council never shied away from speaking out against the authorities, and cited a press statement critical of Attorney-General
    Abdul Gani Patail’s conduct in relation to the suicide note in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

    But do he manage found something NOT correct for below

    astradamus Says:
    August 1st, 2009 at 3:39 pm
    Saya hairan dengan Gobind singh . Macam mana dia boleh wakili family teoh beng hock. tetapi pada masa yang sama mewakili dua orang ahli DAP yang melewatkan penyerahan DNA mereka kepada badan siasatan . Sepatutnya Family Teoh Beng Hock perlu mengupah peguam yang tidak mewakili
    mana-mana parti . sebab gobind singh sendiri melengahkan-lengahkan siasatan

  20. Singh and Michael Jackson

    If you do Yahoo search – Bar Council and Beng Hock

    Bar Council says Beng Hock inquest meaningless
    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 — The Bar Council criticised today the coroner’s court for delivering an open verdict in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest, and called the whole …​news/bar_council – – Cached

    … Jan 6 (Bernama) — The Bar Council today re-affirmed its call to the
    government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine the cause of Teoh Beng …​tts-bar-beng-hock… – Cached

    So why Bar Council latest new as today 31 Jan 2011 didnt have this new

    ” The commission’s task has been expanded from investigating the (MACC) rules and procedures on investigation and interrogation to also include what the public had demanded — investigate how Teoh died and the circumstances surrounding, and leading, to his death ” in

    And now Karpal Singh ( sing some Kapal Titanic song , perhaps he should sing Micheal Jackson song Black and White , which his
    true color more easily to identify )

    Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail should withdraw his application for a revision on the open verdict into Teoh Beng Hock’s death, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said.

    He said this was because the newly set-up Commission of Inquiry into Teoh’s death should not be in any way fettered by any pronouncement by the High Court in revising the open verdict.

    Breaking news : So Karpal Singh now support open verdict ?????
    or secret agenda – want to make what RCI investigation is not valid due
    to open verdict not revising ?????

    Anyway ,

    Lee Lan said that her family was “puzzled” why none of the names they proposed were appointed to the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) announced by PM Najib

    But our question is base on BHock family knowledge and experience , how they puzzle about this ( among the nominees proposed were former national police chief Tun Hanif Omar,
    former Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, former Court of Appeal judge NH Chan and former Deputy Prime minister Tun Musa Hitam ) .

    Even Nov 18 — Chong Kok Siong, the group’s co-ordinator, told reporters today that it will be a three-month-long campaign to get 100,000 signatures
    ( seeking public support to set up a royal commission of inquiry ) , to be submitted to PM Najib ,
    2010 Nov 18 – Dec 18 – 2011 Jan 18 – Feb 18 , means in fact , they do yet get actually 100000 signatures,
    in this case , how they proposes nominess to RCI ?
    And again why take 3 months , DAP dont have 100,000 members ?????

    Lee Lan said that while her family was comforted by the RCI probe into Beng Hock’s death,
    they urged the prime minister to now increase the panel to nine members to include these candidates.
    Much like another DAP brainwash

    MP Serdang even now say verdict which ruled out both suicide and homicide in Beng Hock’s death.
    but as we know the verdict ruled NOT suicide and also not homocide .

  21. Punjabi Ladka

    Ragu, if you still haven’t paid back the sepuloh-dua interest you have taken from Karpal, give your back. Don’t take the Bar for a ride. Unless you made the statement in the bar!

  22. Bar Council Ada H(Sad)appy News?

    The Bar Council expects lawyer fees for court cases to
    increase between 300% and 400% this year.

    This means that cases which previously cost around RM2,000 would now cost RM8,000 to RM10,000.

    Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan said this was due to lawyers having more responsibilities since cases could not be postponed easily . So lawyer are not happy because cases could not be postponed easily ?????

    We have been visit one of lawyer firm owned by DAP ADUN .
    Quite surprise there is a lot of newspaper in notice board stated
    according to what law , no discount should be allowed for any legal charges . We surprise because we know there is some lawyer firm giving discount but each on different way . Some immediately give discount while some some only give when you ask ?

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