ADUN Merlimau, Malacca, has passed away last night at about 8 pm.

The Malacca EXCO member, ADUN Merlimau, YB Datuk Mohd Hidhir Abu Hassan, 54 years of age, has passed away lat night at about 8 pm. My condolence to members of his family.  Saya mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Almarhum.

4 thoughts on “ADUN Merlimau, Malacca, has passed away last night at about 8 pm.

  1. Mr B from Merlimau to Kajang

    The story of Mr B who move his new house from Merlimau to Kajang

    BN is bad when it only gives allocations of millions to their own MPs and ADUNs ….
    but, just like BN Pakatan Rakyat (Selangor) is also doing the same.

    Malaysians want PR to be different – to be a better alternative to the present BN,
    but the actions of the Selangor PR government does not help.
    “ How can Pakatan Rakyat claim to revolutionise politics if it does what Barisan Nasional did when in power?”
    From asking for government jobs to denying opposition lawmakers funds,
    Wong Chin Huat warns that PR is looking increasingly like the BN.

    So our rubbish MB SElangor said the RM 1 million will be used for repair roads , build bridges , improve drainage ….
    This is our a few simple question ?

    a) Every political party claims that they can do a better job. The federal government is
    saying Selangor government has mismanaged the state and it is the same vice versa.
    Since both government are claiming that they are better, then this is their opportunity to show
    what they are made off.

    At least BN already have
    But the PR STILL Jumlah Pengunjung : 2,850,221 (Sejak 15hb Mei 2006)
    mean they are using BN system , cakap ONLY langsung tak bikin in
    Open-tender system for Selangor soon on 13 April 2010 . Hari ini sudah 22 Jan 2011
    Will 13 April 2011 MB Selangor say open-tender soon again ????

    b) If you visit pulak cakap
    as laid out by Dr Azmi Sharom, associate professor of Universiti Malaya
    your ADUN’s primary duty is to debate and vote on the proposed laws (known as Bills) to ensure that the best possible laws are made .

    If PRubbish ADUN say their job is NOT jaga longkang , then why their ADUN allocation used
    for longkang . And again if menaiktaraf anak sungai is Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Petaling ( ) ,
    then why need ADUN allocation use for menaiktaraf anak sungai ???

    c) Mr A Jan 19, 2011 say he have been living in the same housing area in Kajang for almost 30 years
    Mr B who move his house from MERLIMAU to Kajang this NOT Happy new Year 2011 say waters entered his living room when raining heavily

    Ins’t The assessment fees collected annually by the council should be used to maintain
    cleanliness of public areas ????

    November 17, 2010 /// Factory owner Kuan Ban Hoe said the flooding was not new as they have been facing floods since 2005 and have been complaining to the council.
    ( )
    June 14, 2010
    After living with flash floods for 20 years, the residents of Jalan SK 5/2 in Seri Kembangan New Village have
    finally received a promise from the authorities to look into the matter and come out with a solution soon.
    ( )

    So we think RM 1 million ADUN allocation is too small , perhaps should be RM 100 million ( masuk their pocket )
    and yet your house still get flood .
    Kindly note poor rakyat STILL have to pay assessment to the rasuah council for wastage expenses ,
    and now they want to charge RM 0.20 sen per plastics bang
    ….. explained that the increase was a state-wide exercise to standardise the fees.

    ” You dengar tak – standardlise ,
    Our opinion , standardlise their kepala otak yang sudah tak suiman “

  2. Mahu Lebih Duit

    The emergency sitting of the Selangor state assembly came to nought when it failed to amend
    the state constitution after it did not garner the required two-thirds majority.

    The 34 Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen voted in favour of the amendment while 20 Barisan Nasional representatives opposed it.

    The amendment was to give the Sultan and Mentri Besar the power to appoint the state secretary,
    state financial officer, and state legal adviser which is currently done by the Public Service Commission.

    Heated arguments in the House with the opposition accusing Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim of
    treason for refusing to accept Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the new State Secretary even though it had been approved by the Sultan.

    ha ha Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today said the Selangor government was now considering allowing
    Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi carry out his official duties as state secretary.

    Umno Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan has challenged Pakatan Rakyat,
    said to be harping on the higher prices of consumer goods in the Tenang by-election campaign,
    to reduce the prices of essential goods in the four states it administers.

    He challenged the PKR-DAP-PAS pact to seek the funds and provide subsidies to bring
    down the prices of essential goods in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.

    But the problem is

    Khalid Ibrahim Mahu Lebih Duit?

    Ya la, bila dah bagi subsidi air, duit tu haruslah datang dari sumber yang lain. Kalau nak naik taraf
    ke Toyota Camry pun perlukan duit. Jika tidak ada pendapatan baru
    (dan khabar awalnya pelaburan ke Selangor pun semakin berkurangan), maka haruslah cari duit dari sumber lama.

    Yang menjadi mangsa adalah penduduk flat kos rendah Projek Perumahan Rakyat.
    Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang genting, adakah wajar untuk meningkatkan sewa DUA KALI GANDA ke RM 250?
    Khalid Ibrahim, adakah ini yang dinamakan kerajaan untuk rakyat?

    Ronnie Liu Mahu Sesuatu

    Tak habis-habis lagi dengan isu Proton Perdana. Kali ini Ronnie Liu sekali lagi
    muncul menunjukkan betapa teruknya Proton Perdana miliknya. Kiranya ide untuk
    menggunakan Toyota Camry cukup bijak. Tetapi renung-renungkanlah kenapa Ronnie Liu ni
    sungguh bersemangat untuk menukar ke Toyota Camry. Dimaklumkan bahawa ada saudara mara Ronnie Liu
    yang mempunyai kaitan dengan pengedaran Toyota. Boleh sahkan?

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