Is it a Tiger with forked tongue?

It took YB Karpal Singh some 7 days to respond to En Shamsul Akmar’s article entitled “The taming of the Tiger of Jelutong”, which appeared on 9 January 2011, in HERE.  On 06-01-2011 I posted an article entitled “YB Karpal Singh should offer himself to be a witness!”, in HERE, which was widely quoted in the mass media.

On 16-01-2011 NST published a letter from YB Karpal Singh, in HERE, where he took great pain in trying to justify what he had uttered in 1997 in Parliament and early 1998 in the DAP Ceramah in Federal Hotel that  he had evidence in hand that the then Deputy Prime Minister, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was involved in sodomy and his u-turn soon after YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as DPM on 02-09-1998 and subsequently charged for sodomy.

Now YB Karpal Singh in his said letter to NST seemed to be relying heavily on what Tun Dr Mahathir, the then PM, had said on 23, 24, 25 August 1997, and Tan Sri Rahim Noor, the then IGP, on 03-09-1997 clearing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of the misdeeds. I do not want to touch on what YB Karpal Singh quoting about the late Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah, the then AG, as he was YB Karpal Singh’s university mate in the University of Singapore and also a good friend.

The pertinent question to be asked “Was YB Karpal Singh convinced by Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Rahim Noor’s statements then?”.  The answer was an obvious “NO”!  The following were the glaring facts to refresh YB Karpal Singh’s selective memory:

1.  On 22-10-1997 Parliamentary session, YB Karpal Singh accused the then Deputy PM, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was involved in sodomy.

2.  Sometime in the early part of 1998, YB Karpal Singh proudly proclaimed in the DAP Ceramah in the Federal Hotel that he had evidence in his hand that the then Deputy PM was involved in sodomy.

These two glaring facts were enough to show that YB Karpal Singh, who is also a lawyer, must have fully studied and satisfied with the evidence he got from En Azizan Abu Bakar, Cik Umi Halfilda and others for him to pursue against YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and demanded that he was to be charged.  YB Karpal Singh must also be reminded that from 22-10-1997 until recently (before the call by YB Datuk Zaharain Hashim, the MP for Bayan Baru, asking AG to subpoena YB Karpal Singh as a witness in the current sodomy trial) he had never uttered that he was in full agreement with Tun Dr Mahathir’s statements in August 1997 and Tan Sri Rahim Noor on 03-09-1997.  Why now? I can only come to one conclusion that his sudden u-turn  was consistent with his innate talent for politics of expediency.

Not only YB Karpal Singh was now in full agreement with Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Rahim Noor but also the majority Judgment of the Federal Court of 02-09-2004.  If YB Karpal Singh was in full agreement with the said majority Judgment of the Federal Court, he must also be in full agreement with what YA Dat0′ Abdul Hamid bin Hj Mohamed had said in his Lordship’s Judgment :

To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were    involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. We may be convinced in our minds of the guilt or innocence of the appellants but our decision must only be based on the evidence adduced and nothing else. (The emphasis is mine.)

Surely YB Karpal Singh was not relying on this adverse part of the said Judgment to justify his political u-turn. In fact, this part of the said Judgment was consistent with YB Karpal Singh’s political stance in 1997 and 1998 before he was dragged into YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s defend team that YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was involved in the acts of sodomy.

The self style Tiger of Jelutong should immediately stop prowling with the predominant purpose of misleading Malaysians with his politics of expediency.  YB Karpal Singh’s letter to NST made my head spun further.

My advice to YB Karpal Singh is to stop coming up with the indefensible to justify his u-turn for the sake of political expediency. Stand by what you have said otherwise be known as a “Gutless Tiger of the past!


30 thoughts on “Is it a Tiger with forked tongue?

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  2. Ron Tan

    What a fraud? If this was how Karpal justifying his round about turn on the Anwar’s sodomy matter than good luck to the DAP. Enough of his politicking and bullshit.

    Karpal should be brave enough to admit that he has been politicking all the way. Lim Kit Siang should advise his macai to stop bullshitting so that they both can promote nepotism all the way. Hopefully the DAP will be owned by their son as a sdn bhd company.

  3. Con Sing

    Just admit your are bullshitting all these while. The facts are too clear for you to bullshit Malaysians. We can see through you and your towkay Lim Kit Siang.

    Both of you are politicking all the times to promote both of your sons. I agree with Ron Tan the you are promoting your sons. Son the DAP will either be Lim & Son Sdn Bhd or Karpal Sing & son Sdn Bhd. This is your politics.

  4. Xi Ah Mang

    Or Karpal-Apu Singh?
    Issue of morale should have no timebound.
    The issue of this case is whether these continous attempts to disqualify the judge and throw out the case are delay tactics or upholding justice.
    His integrity is in question when he took up the case long time ago. He should have disqualify himself from representing Anwar from day 1.

  5. kiasu

    Instead of telling Ummi Hafilda’s lawyer that the matter has exceeded 6 years and you can’t sue me now, Kapal Bocor would normally challenge back the lawyer to sue him even if the case is 60 years. He did not.

    That was the typically arrogant Kapal. But that was before. I saw his recent PC, and shockingly how timid and defensive his response on this matter.

    kapal is fast losing his teeth.

    Singh is King no more….Singh the Pussy.

  6. Putar Sing

    He is now a “Just Half Sing”. Brainless sing after all. Trying so hard to justify the shameless unprofessional acts. He is just a fraud after all. He thought he could fool Malaysians with his bullshits. ENough is just enough. Just half sing!

  7. kapal bocor

    For Pusing Kapal to hide behind the “6-year term” is an act of cowardice!

    Kapal, if you feel you are “still not toothless” and you are “terror singh”, why harp so much on 6, 60 or 600 years?

    are you saying, had it been less than 6 years, the other party is right to sue you?

    are you also saying, if someone who cheat or bluff more than 6 years without being brought to court (even if new evidences surface) the culprit is no more a cheat or liar?

    what a pusing pising pusing mr Karpal? where is your moral mr Pussyingh?

    you left you tooth behind 6 years ago…and now your tail too!

  8. Bar Konsil

    Haiya, never mind lah Mr Lim Kit Siang quiet quiet on this matter, we understand lah Mr Pusing already made blunder so susah susah to cover cover already.

    But quiet quiet by Bar Konsil people especially Bar President Mr Hesitate (Ragu), helooooo Mr Ragu, still on long long quiet quiet christmas holiday in Timbuktu?

    Wa, long long rest ya mr Ragu?

  9. anonymous

    Never thought that Karpal can twist and turn to such an extent. He must have thought that Malaysians are blindly stupid to carrying voting for the DAP because he is a tiger. what a good headline “a forked tongue tiger”. Very fitting. Mummy Foo boyfriend is also keeping very quiet. why? Why? running out of lies?

  10. debate

    Ummi Hafilda’s lawyer disputed Kapal Pusing’s 6-year validity period to sue the Pootar Poosing, claiming they have till September 2011 to sue this Pussy Singh.

    hehehe….things are getting hotter and ranchy!

    and the man “gift from God” is dead silent as ever…can only mutter the word “nyamok”

    you are finish Anwar, you too Poosing Pootar Pussy Sink!

  11. Tony

    It seemed to me that when it suits Karpal Singh he will agree with anybody including his adversaries like Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah and Tan Sri Rahim Noor. Is this type of politics that Malaysians should be looking forward to in the future.

    Karpal Singh please be honest for once and except your disappointing attitude to professionalism. Luckily not all lawyers behave like him.

  12. Bekah Pah

    Circus de Soleil is nothing vs Penang Animal Show!

    When a forked tongue tiger of Jelutong (Penang) meets chameleon of Permatang Pauh (Penang) in a cage whose caretaker is the Lim and Sons Sdn. Bhd, surely Malaysians will get to watch the best animal show or earth, better than the Circus de Soleil, Penang will be on the world map for having heritage animals, toothless tiger singh and colourless gay chameleon, play acting on the Lim Kesian stage. To Lim and Sons Sdn Bhd, please patent/copyright the Penang Animal Show, otherwise other zoos will hijack the show. It’s the best socio-politico-cultural product, with heritage taste, all in one, Penang can be proud of. I suggest, Penang should also import Nicky the senile orangutan to have a complete animal casting.

    Oh, I almost forgot another character the PKR’s Dol Myleg the duck voice. Not only his voice sounded like a thirsty duck, his brain too. But good thing about duck is it’s art of survival…on land, water and in the air…close to a chameleon…

    Will visit penang soon….and definitely visit Penang Zoo. Love to watch it live, sitting next to owner Lim Gua Eh? and Lim Kesian.

  13. dungu

    Karpal Singh never afraid to challenge anyone in court over any issue. Karpal is Singh and Singh is King!!!Over my Dead Body!!!

    Karpal Singh is being sued by a “little” woman named Ummi Hafilda. Karpal is being labelled as a cheat, hypocrite, liar, cilaka by Ummi Hafilda. In short, Karpal is being disgraced and shamed by her.

    Karpal Singh must surely be angry like a lion. Angry like when he was angry with the Chief Judge, the Attorney General, the Chief Police Officer, the Sultan, the Prime Minister, the Ministers, and all the big guns in politics.

    But, shockingly, surprisingly, unbecomingly, maluly, Karpal Singh is gonna be tamed by a “little’ woman.

    Karpal Singh, instead of challenging her to sue him in court, decided to try to chicken out by telling her…. ” ooops, its more than 6 years now maam, time up, you can’t sue me anymore, hehehe sorry I win you lose”.

    kahkahkah …kahkahkah..kahkahkah…3X
    (chorus by anwar,azmin,azizah,shamsidar)

    Recorded tele-conferencing –

    Ummi Hafilda: I will sue you

    Karpal sinK: No you can’t, you are late hehehe

    Ummi Hafilda: You idiot, you Cilaka, I will sue you

    Karpal sinK: Mr Ragu Bar, help me, make a statement

    Mr Ragu Bar: Sorry sinK, I am still on holiday…forever

    Anwar: 16 September 2008 I am PM hahaha

    Ummi Hafilda: September 2011 siap lu

    Anwar: sinK, are you ok? Can I F…k you today?

    Karpal sinK: you fool, call me Singh, not sinK

    Ummi Hafilda: I will sue you

    Anwar: Ummi, minta tangguh boleh?

  14. john deer

    karpal and bar council

    as a senior lawyer and the main body, you’re dragging down the dignity of the already shambling malaysia legal profession into a sinking ship.

    you’re the one who should revive back the trust of the people on public order.

    shame on you, karpal and ragu.

    Maybe the time has come for any elected politician to choose between serving their clients or their voters full time.

    Let the full time lawyers focus on their clients and the elected politician attends their voters.

    You can’t have the best of both world.

    No more part time job for these elected politician.

  15. Fizaham@Tanpa Nama

    For the sake of political profit, i can imagine that YB Tiger of Jelutong is just ignore the fact of who the Anwar Ibrahim is….

  16. Kee

    Karpal is a real joker. What a la,e reasons to support his politicking! Stop bullshitting Malaysians. I didn’t know that Karpal and Lim Kit Siang believe in what Tun Mahathir and Tan Sri Rahim Noor said. Please try again Karpal next time but use your brain a little bit so that you don’t make a fool of your self.

  17. Lim

    The facts are so clear and yet Karpal Singh was still trying to juggle around to suit his political agendas. if Karpal singh was agreeable with Tun Mahathir then why was he pursuing the sodomy charge against Anwar until he was sacked. after sacking he defended Anwar.

    How about the Judgment of Dato’ Hamid which said “we are convinced … of the homosexual activities in Tivolli Villa…”. Don’t tell me that Karpal Singh was only agreeable to decision to free anwar on technical ground but he did not agree to the part against Anwar. Come on stop pusing pusing lagilah! sudah kena kaw kaw already.

  18. Just Pusing Again

    Sudahlah Pusing. Your pusing sini sana are very clear. Your professionalism has been called to question. Only Lim Kit Siang, Anwar and Nik Aziz will pretend they do not understand what professionalism is all about because they are more interested in playing politick rather than nation building.

    Stop bullshitting. We already know your game.

  19. Karpal Say No to BN ISA but yes to DAP ISA ???

    Karpal Singh pusing from 22 August 2010 until today , still no result

    DAP chairman Karpal Singh has issued a gag order on all party members, especially
    those from Selangor, over the controversy surrounding Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu.

    Kapal Sink says “I am directing party members to stop speaking to the media.”
    This is a silencing act by Kapal Sink. And Kapal says this is an “internal matter.”
    This makes it an Internal Silencing Act or ISA (DAP style).

  20. Bribe Free Malaysian

    It is very sad if those in the corridors of power can oppress the ordinary rakyat.
    It is even a bigger tragedy when that rakyat’s oppresion is used by a lawyer for his own political gain at the expense of that rakyat.
    Kapal PooSingh, I put it to you that you are a babi pretending to be a lion!

  21. shah55

    sing think he can be hero, This sing think he is the most genius, same goes to his son, wear serban la sing pusing2 ur kepala.
    Now he putar alam to Tun Mahathir lak. Go to the hell with sing.

  22. Soundless Singh

    Deafening silence from the pusing king. No other DAP leaders came to his assistance. May be the Pusing King issued a gag order to all the PR leaders. Perhaps the Pusing King and other PR leaders knew that he was caught with his pants down!

    Sudah koyak the psuing king’s image.

  23. Songsang Singh

    This time he kena with all the things that he had said and done he is screwed nice and proper. That’s why he cannot talk anymore. Fikiran songsang. This is their style of politics and they are dreaming of ruling this country. If they are put in power this nation will be screwed for good.

  24. Buruk Singh

    Pusing pusing and still trying to pusing yesterday in the Star. Everybody knew about the real facts and Kepala Pusing is still trying to pusing.

    Kepala Pusing: what have you got to say about Dato” Hamid’s written judgment when he said that the court was convince of the homosexual activities. Please don’t try to pusing by telling us that this part of the judgment is irrelevant. it was just pusing all the way.

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