DCA: How AirAsia has been granted Certificate of Airworthiness year in year out?

Now Everyone Can Die!

Thank you blogger Another Brick In the Wall for reminding Malaysians of the danger of flying AirAisa, HERE.  “Now Everyone Can Fly and Die!” a perfect slogan for AirAsia by Another Brick In The Wall.

I have written about the poor safety standard of AirAsia before, HERE. I have also tabled a question in Parliament whether AirAsia safety standard has been audited by Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), HERE.  Of course, AirAsia has not been audited by international aviation standard, IATA Operational Safety Audit (I.O.S.A). The DCA was in great pain trying to convince members of the public that AirAsia is safe.  Unfortunate, another accident involving AirAsia has been reported by Another Brick In The Wall.  Some how Air Asia was able to keep such bad news under wrapped again. This accident was not reported by the printed media, not even the news portals.  It seems that only good writeup or news were published in the printed media and, of course, certain news portal will headlined it.

I am told that there were several accidents where AirAsia aircraft skidded off the runway. How many more of such accidents to happen before the news media and news portals will publish the news to keep the rakyat informed. Perhaps Malaysians will only have the privilege to read of adverse news when lives have been sacrificed due to poor safety standard.

It must be noted that adhering to stringent safety measures is a very costly affair.  Safety measures in airlines are costly and  it will not go along well with cost cutting in order to sell cheap fares and maximize profits .  Datuk Tony Fernandes has been quoted to have said that “IF YOU KEEP YOUR FARES LOW, MALAYSIANS ARE PREPARED TO RISK THEIR LIVES.” I hope that this is not the official AirAsia’s policy! I also hope that AirAsia will not change its slogan to “NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY AND DIE!” as suggested by blogger Another Brick In The Wall.

We know that like any other companies, profits are at the forefront of Datuk Tony Fernandes’ mind but it must not be done at all costs.  Remember the subsidiary of AirAsia fought and got the Rural Air Service (RAS) but only to throw it back to MAS within a very short time. But it kept the subsidy 0f about RM60 million subsidy given by the government and returned the 7 un-airworthy  aircrafts, one of  which was canabalised for spare parts. MAS, being the national carrier, was compelled to take back the RAS as its national service for the people in Sarawak and Sabah.  MAS had to incur RM35 million to put the 7 aircrafts in airworthy conditions. I brought up the issues of the subsidy of Rural Air Services, Airport Tax debts worth RM120 million and etc to the attention of Parliament for the government to act against AirAsia, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Datuk Tony Fernandes public relations must be so good that AirAsia has the immunity to owe Airport Tax, which was collected from passengers in advance, no MAHB since its inception and MAHB dared not take actions. The “4th Floor” was so powerful then. It took me  almost 2 years to persuade the Government instruct MAHB to take actions against AirAsia to pay up the Airport Tax debts. Datuk Tony Fernandes public relations have been extremely good  as AirAsia was able to negotiate with the MAHB on Airport Tax debts and finally paid it with a discount of some RM30 million.  The RM30 million discount should be refunded to the passenger and not for the benefits of AirAsia.  However, AirAsia received the discount. What a joke!

I believe that during the  “the 4th Floor” reign of terror,  DCA must be in the same state of fear like what MAHB had experienced. Now that the “4th Floor” was history, the DCA must show its worth by coming out to explain how AirAsia has been granted Certificate of Airworthiness year in year out since its inception and yet there were so many occasions where AirAsia aircrafts skidded off the runway. It is hoped that DCA puts passengers safety first before anything else.

11 thoughts on “DCA: How AirAsia has been granted Certificate of Airworthiness year in year out?

  1. Now everyone can con

    Tony, where is the subsidy of Rural AIr Services? You returned the unairworthy ariplanes to MAS then you must also return the subsidy of RM60 million to the government as it was part of the package for you to run the RAS.

    I hope that the DCA will come up to explain whether AIrAsia has conformed to the international safety standard of IATA.

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  3. gulab1@hotmail.com

    Not all that has been written by YB is true, in my opinion

    there are always different ways to look at any thing and many ways to project the image
    Glass is half empty or Glass is half full

    Show me one single airline that does not have any incident or accident FREE RECORD
    MAS, SIA, OR THE great Air India

    Tony NEVER SAID what has been written by YB, at least I never come across such statement, even though I keep myself quite current with his statement
    Sorry: YB, I have never read such statement in any genuine news item
    Rumor, if any, I cant comment

    I am not trying to protect Air Asia, or Tony
    In case, if YB is prepared, I am ready to have an open discussion OPEN means OPEN so that facts can be shown by me regarding safety standards of MAS, Fire FLY or even the favourite MAS WINGS (where officials eating away more money on the name of Subsidy by spending on decoration of personal rooms and engaging on private travel on the name of company travel with family, then providing real and genuine service to rural folks)


    …. – completely washed up MAS, still took back same amount of money for his hares, whose money was it?? If the share rate was given to him higher to the market, then why not to me when I want to sell my MAS shares at the same date, same time??
    PUBLIC: Yes Public money, doesn’t matter where it comes from khazana or etc.

    YB : Please don’t be so, please ask general public: yes EVERY ONE CAN FLY
    Because, I can afford, whether Tony is making money or no, I can’t say,
    But as a member of general public, Sure, I am able to say that I can fly, because I can afford the fare, and not because I don’t care to die.

    Air Asia Flights generally operate on time,
    I pay for what I want to eat or drink, rather than asking the constipated looking faces of MAS cabin crew and just to get a reply, to wait, that wait never ends, besides tolerating their rudeness and obnoxious attitude.

    My regards to you YB, and give me an opportunity, give me immunity that I will not be arrested for my free and frank narration, when I come for open talk with my references and details, WHY OPEN SO THAT GENERAL PUBLIC ALSO KNOWS THE REAL TRUTH

  4. gulab1@hotmail.com

    And please don’t comment on DCA

    – You have NO idea that DCA always conduct proper audit, and stringent test(s) before issue of any C of A and/or any other approval(s)
    – Air Asia is just another company, where as in Malaysia, there are so many aircraft, handled by competent DCA surveyors, other DCA staff and their legal bridge known as Quality assurance Manager
    – There is a clear line of demarcation between production and Inspection
    – As a matter of fact, if YB thinks that skidding cases are not reported by Air Asia, first of all YB should try to understand the procedure of reporting
    – Such cases are under MOR- YB try and find out what is MOR
    – The Pilots are flying the aircraft, if they feel unsafe, with their thousands of hours experience, they will walk off, but, no, because, they fly safe aircraft, and do their duties effectively without any pressure, unlike MAS pilot who Crashed the Fokker 50 aircraft in Sandakan, just because he had lot of pressure from Operations Management, and that crash took so many lives, where as till to day Air Asia record NIL FATALITIES.
    – Please look forward
    – Please give your comments to MAS to compete with another national Airline, by positive comments and control expenditure, to level up the fare so that other than business, corporate, and Government officials, EVERY ONE CAN FLY

    Genaral Public

  5. Con Job

    New logan for AirAsia: Now Everyone Can owe Income Tax! Gulab1: no need to speak on behalf of DCA. DCA themselves should explain. adhering to safety standard cost money ok. Remember at one time AirAsia can owed airport taxes for many many years with no actions.

    I remember Tony Fernandez has said “If the airfares are kept low Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives.” Please go and check with your boss, Tony and he will not dare to deny what he has said a few years ago. Just like if you asked him: how come AirAsia can owe airport tax when other airline cannot during the time the Sleepy Head and 4th floor in power. Tony will not be able to deny.

    Please ask yourself why the Sleepy Head had to give AirAsia such special treatment i.e. owed airport taxes.

    AirAsia on time, my foot. Please don’t make my toes laugh. AirAsia is he champion of all the delay in the airline industry. Please ask around and I am sure that those who have traveled on AirAsia will tell you about the long hours of delay that they have experienced.

    How about the Rural Air Services subsidy of RM65 millions?

  6. insan sedih

    somehow or rather the airasia did get special treatment form the GOVERMENT n nobody can denied that ( it just like his grandfather is watching over his back redy to jump to the front to take the bullet )

    GLC,,,,,oh my foot

  7. Tired Crew


    The recent flight delayed that brought up to court, now can you really say AK flight is always on time? Laugh my ass off.

  8. It’s not clear from the blog exactly which certificate you refer to. The CofA – Certificate of Airworthiness is issued to each individual aircraft. An AOC – Air Operator’s Certificate – is issued to the company.

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