YB Karpal Singh should offer himself as a witness!

YB Karpal Singh tried to justify why he should not be called as a witness in YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy II trial. These are the excerpts of the press report in FMT, HERE.

“Karpal admitted that he, as an opposition MP, did urge that Anwar (who was an Umno leader then) be investigated for sodomy after the complainant, Azizan Abu Bakar, had met him.” …

“Anwar was freed by the Federal Court of the charge against him involving Azizan Abu Bakar on Sept 2, 2004, and his conviction and sentence of six years imprisonment and two strokes of the rotan were set aside.”

“Zahrain’s ignorance is clearly exposed,” said Karpal “I would advise Zahrain in future to be sure of his facts before making public statements. He should think before speaking.”

It seemed from the said press report that YB Karpal Singh was relying heavily on the fact that he made the public statement that he has the evidence of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim involved in sodomy at the DAP Ceramah in the Federal Hotel in 1998 because he was the opposition MP. It gives a bad impression that opposition MP was entitled to make false allegations in public.  This cannot be the case. MP must standby what he has uttered within or outside Parliament.

I do not believe that at the material time YB Karpal Singh, who was a MP also a practicing lawyer, made the allegations without verifying what have been presented to him by En Azizan bin Abu Bakar that he was sodmised by the then Deputy Prime Minister.  YB Karpal Singh must have been fully appraised of the facts before him and very satisfied that what En Azizan bin Abu Bakar told him were true for him to make the affirmative public statement in hte DAP Ceramah in Federal that “I have the evidence in my hand that the Deputy Prime Minister was involved in sodomy.”, HERE and called upon the then Attorney General, the late Tan Sri Mokhtar Abdullah, who was his classmate in Singapore and a good friend, to investigate.

To borrow YB Karpal Singh’s own words,  he must have been “sure of his facts before making public statements” and must have given the matter a good thought before making his said statement.  At that material time YB Karpal Singh was very convincing when he made the said public statement against the then Deputy Prime Minister.  When I heard YB Karpal Singh’s said statement I trusted his judgment based on his status as MP and a lawyer by training and have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of his said statement, so were the audience. Those who attended the said DAP Ceramah were so proud of YB Karpal Singh’s bravery and honesty then.

YB Karpal Singh now said that “Anwar was freed by the Federal Court on the charge against involving Azizan Abu Bakar on Sept 2, 2004, …”. I do not believe that YB Karpal Singh did not read the full Federal Court written judgment dated 02 September 2004, which has been published in the Malayan Law Journal (MLJ), especially the Judgment by His Lordship YA Dato’ Abdul Hamid bin Hj Mohamad, Federal Court Judge as he then was, where His Lordship has said:

To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. We may be convinced in our minds of the guilt or innocence of the appellants but our decision must only be based on the evidence adduced and nothing else. (The emphasis is mine.)

After reading the said Federal Court judgment,  any one with modicum intelligence would have came to the conclusion that the said Federal Court’s 2 to 1 majority decision was based solely on technicality. I am equally certain that YB Karpal Singh was fully aware of this. So why relying of the said Decision to justify the flip flop.  When I read his another public statement in FMT, my Kepala was puSing!

Based on YB Karpal Singh’s said public statement in the DAP Ceramah in Federal Hotel and the above learned opinions of his Lordship, YB Karpal Singh should stand firm in what he had uttered in 1987 1998 and at least offer himself to be a character witness in the on going trial. He is the best person to shed some light in the trial and at the same time it will also prove that he is not one of those that “SHOOT FROM THE HIP”.

In any event, if he is now convinced that what he had uttered in the DAP Ceramah was untrue, he will have the opportunity to put right the record in court and tell the court a new version which might just help his client in the trial.

If YB Karpal Singh refuses to offer himself as a witness in the course of the next few days then the learned Attorney General should seriously consider to apply for a subpoena to compel him to give the evidence.


51 thoughts on “YB Karpal Singh should offer himself as a witness!

  1. kawekoambo

    1. “Based on YB Karpal Singh’s said public statement in the DAP Ceramah in Federal Hotel and the above learned opinions of his Lordship, YB Karpal Singh should stand firm in what he had uttered in 1987”

    1.a) I believed 1987 should be read as 1997

    2. Mr Karpal once made the same allegation in the parliament, and said the witness is on standby, and he offered the parliament the witness. Used to read the said Hansard online


    1. weechookeong Post author

      Dear kawekoambo

      Thank you for pointing out the typing error.

      I will amend accordingly.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  2. kiasu

    Karpal Singh would be the last person to agree with Dr Mahathir in whatever issue.

    Karpal Singh’s “sure of his facts before making public statements” means he would never ever accepted or agree with Dr Mahathir (the PM then), the Attorney General and the Chief Police Officer who rejected the accusation against Anwar Ibrahim.

    Is Karpal Singh now telling the people he would only believe what he want to believe (that Mahathir was right) and his own evidence was wrong then?

    Why can’t he believe Dr Mahathir, the AG and the CPO now?

    Did he ever told Azizan and Ummi Hafilda before making the accusation public in parliament and in DAP convention that the “evidence” were insufficient?

    I remember reading, Azizan and Ummi only went to see Karpal Singh after Dr Mahathir (on advise by the CPO) refused to believe the accusation then. Surely Karpal believe the accusation then based on his on findings, not on Mahathir’s findings.

    Yes, i agree KS must be called as witness to clarify his change of stand. Surely he cannot accept Dr Mahathir as his investigating officer at that time. Its like admitting I was wrong Mahathir was right.

    Alas, he must then admit now too that Mahathir was right I was wrong now that Mahathir believed Anwar indeed committed the offence. Indeed, the Federal Court ruled that Anwar was involved in the alleged homosexual activities.

    Yes not just activity but activities… meaning manyak kali belakang masuk maa..

  3. Kepala puSing

    I do agree with the comments especially Kiasu.

    Since when Karpal Singh ever agree with what Tun Dr Mahathir has said or done. Now he seemed to be in agreement with Dr Mahathir that even Dr Mahathir denied of Anwar involvement in the case of sodomising Azizan. This was how this Karpal Singh was trying to justify his “flip flop” to borrow your words YB.

    He is just another fraud. He was trying so hard to justify his flip flop and gain some credibility. After what has been revealed what credibility has this puSing got?

    Another fraud thats about it. He should just carry to promote his 2 sons in the DAP, Lim Kit Siang to now promote his daughter in Penang and Anwar to promote his wife, daughter and special Azmin. Nepotism in the highest order in PR.

  4. Jalaludin

    Karpal Singh must be a very good gymnast. He should represent Malaysia for the gymnastic event in the coming Olympic in London. He can twist and turn which no one else could do like him.

    The facts shown here are crystal clear that Karpal Singh is a typical DAP politician who will do anything for their narow political objectives so that he can fool Malaysians to go to Putrajaya.

    Malaysians are not that stupid. Stop pusing us all over the place. Where is your maruah and credibility Mr Karpal Singh. I dare Karpal to come out to rebut what have been stated by YB Wee here.

    Tak malukah? Lim kit Siang should now be screaming for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate on the morality and professionalism of the PR politicians like Karpal Singh and Ronnie Liew>

  5. Joker

    Lets see what the Bai is going to say now. He is now been exposed. is this the type of politics that we are supposed to expect for the future under the DAp government?

  6. Ronald Tan

    Karpal Singh now has been exposed to be the real fighter to change his stance for political convenience or to suit his political agendas. So what justice was talking about all these while?

    The facts speak for itself. I am sure that Karpal Singh will be in silence about this matter. I dare him to speak up about his twisting and turning. Let him try so that we can see the real Karpal Singh.

  7. kapal biSing

    Jalaludin, kiasu, weechookeong, everybody! shut up, listen here. I am kapal biSing and I am “absolutely sure of my facts before I make public statements”. Don’t try try me ok, I believe Mahathir, he was right about Anwar UMNO, I was….shhhhhh silap.

    Now all of you listen again, I am kapal biSing and I am “absolutely sure of my facts before I make public statements”. Don’t try try me ok, I don’t believe Mahathir, he was wrong about Anwar PKR, I was…..rrrrrrrr betul.

    haiya, my kepala puSing lor, what did I say? which Anwar eh?

  8. Bull Shit Sing

    I just sing sing lah. This was my style all these years. You are stupid for not seeing it. You all call me lion lah, people champion lah, fighter for justice lah and etc. I am just a PoliTikus. Now kena exposed teruk teruk. Tak malu lagi!

    I agree that Lim Kit Siang should call for a Royal Commission to investigate into my stands for all these years especially on Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian “hero”, who is bringing reforms for us to safe his own skin.

    I am also Kepala puSing already. So my name is now changed to Sing Sing Sing. Now, I better change it to Bull Shit Sing will be more tepat lah!

  9. anonymous

    At last Karpal Singh has been exposed instead. I don’t understand why was Karpal keeping quiet when you made statement hurting them. The truth hurt.

    Looking at the facts and events, I cannot see how Karpal is going to get out. He has been fixed by his own game. They are more interested in politicising things instead of nation building.

    They don’t practice what they preached. If one is professional then Karpal should not have acted for Anwar Ibrahim because he had made those serious allegations against Anwar.

    And yet he went ahead to act for him for reasons best known to him pretending that he was not aware of the Federal Court Judge (Abdul Hamid) who has said that the court was convince that Anwar was involved in homosexuality.

    Did not knwo that Karpal can be so dishonest as to tell the public about what was said by the Judge instead he used the Federal Court to defend himself. How bloody dishonest cna one be.

  10. debate

    Karpal Singh made public statements in 1997 that he had proof/evidence that Anwar Ibrahim was involved in homosexual activities.

    Karpal Singh then made a U-turn and 360-degree turnaround by defending Anwar Ibrahim, meaning he “concluded” that his proof/evidence was untrue or fabricated, i.e. false.

    As such he must now explain to the public why/how he made the u-turn conclusion.

    But how is he going to explain it? He used the Federal Court’s decision in 2004 as one of the reasons why he changed his stand. This is totally absurd, in-sane, nonsense excuse!

    Accepting the Court’s decision means Karpal Singh also agreed with the Court’s conclusion that it was beyond reasonable doubt Anwar Ibrahim was involved in the homosexual activities.

    Certainly Karpal Singh cannot simply pick and choose only one part of the judgement and disagreed with the other. You accept the verdict or you reject it outright. There was no appeal by Anwar Ibrahim, meaning not only Karpal but even the Culprit admitted to the homosexual conduct.

    Karpal Singh is best described in Malay proverb “setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat akhirnya (akan) jatuh ke tanah juga” – well, his has not fallen yet, only just sitting, but certainly he is not standing anymore.

    Surely too, Karpal Singh is falling into his own trap set upon some time ago….and he is now roping on the very same people/institution (Tun M, AG then, CPO then) he vehemently opposed, to save his skin…

  11. Exposed

    He is just a Kepala puSing. Well said. He tried to pusing here and there but got caught with his pants down. Let him pusing some more.

    Why the other DAP leaders not coming forward to defend him? I think that lim kit siang should call for a royal commission to investigate into the morality of his party leaders especially Kepua pusing. They will keep quiet like the sand mining scandals.

  12. debate

    nobody is perfect. no matter how good or smart we are, we are bound to make mistakes or wrong judgement one time or another

    karpal singh is a good example. he should have allowed the law take its course. exclude himself from cases involving politicians. for, court verdict is based on merits, facts, findings, proofs, evidences by people who has not vested interest.

    in respect of karpal singh it was so obvious from the public eyes that anwar’s cases now and then involved politics. when anwar was in government/umno, karpal (opposition/DAP) accused him. the minute anwar was in the opposition or against government, karpal defend him. so obvious isn’t it.

    people would not be wrong too to believe that had mahathir joined DAP and anwar remained in govt to become pm in those year, karpal would have defended mahathir.

    this is the mistake in our politicians. you want to serve people be a politician. you want to practise law be a lawyer. your can’t be both and at same time try to be seen as not prejudice. i may be wrong on this, but this case involving anwar surely leave the perception.

    imagine karpal defending najib on say “altanttoora” case while karpal is DAP and najib is UMNO….potong jari ayam this will never happen, political sucide, not until najib joins DAP or karpal joins BN, err which component party eh?

    so you see, can a high profile politician be seen as not prejudiced when he is involved in a law case involving another high profile politician. with vested interest, like ‘road to putrajaya, not bulohjaya”?

    do anyone believe karpal would still defend anwar if anwar had remained in govt, in umno or still support umno? anyone? anyone?

  13. DAP Man

    Karpal is just a Lim Kit Siang’s lap dog. He will sing to the tune of Kit Siang or echo what he believe Lim Kit Siang wants him to do.

    Quite rightly said that Karpal Singh had succeeded in promoting his two sons in the DAP and his so called struggle has been achieved. Now he plays politic of convenience.

    This is what DAP/PR politics are all about. The Anwar’s case is a very clear example of Karpal’s modus operandi. If this what the change that have been promised I dread the thought of the change.

  14. kiasu

    From Ummi Hafilda to Karpal Singh:-


    Ummi also accused Karpal Singh of Breach of Trust and Betrayal on Client:-


  15. kiasu

    Ummi Hafilda may bring Karpal Singh to court:-


  16. Sports

    YB, I think whenever I hear people say Kepala puSing I will remember you as the trend setter LOL…

    Are we seriously losing our professional law practitioners for the sake of money, power, influenced?

    Kepala puSing will now have sleepless nights to counter all allegations… well Kepala puSing; you LIED to us all, damnit!!! that’s the truth and the whole truth!!!

  17. YYY

    Wee,what’s your stand?
    Why don’t you go stand with BN racial bastards?
    you are a ex-DAP members & you won with PKR ticket,you know it,it’s that of you exited PR & you can critic whatever it was?
    shut those crap up,you will not win again next time!YB Wee’s Disappointing!

  18. Pusing Pusing

    He has been shown to pusing all over the place. If the DAP chairman can pusing like this, the others are equally pusing. Birds of the same further flog together.

    Talking very pandai> Bullshit very pandai. All for political expediency. If this is the way to Putrajaya, the pusing and gang can go. I am worried for Malaysia.

  19. Belakang PuSing

    I bet you the Kepala PuSing will not dare to respond to YB’s statement because it is factual. Unless he want to do do more flip flopping, twisting, somersaulting, for his dirty political games.

    This Kepala PuSing is so unprofessional. One day he said I have evidence about Anwar involving in sodomy, then he defended him as a lawyer. Isn’t a real conflict? Or he get court cases via pressuring the police to take actions against criminals then he acts for them later. bloody nonsense.

  20. JusTwoSingh

    Sing song sing! How can you change your stance after having read the Federal Court majority judgment where the Judge Hamid has said that the Court was convinced that Anwar was involved in homosexual activities. Karpal Singh sing son sing too much. His reply was just to make educated Malaysians to laugh at his sheer stupidity.

    Stop fooling us no more. We all know about your principle. You have no principle except to make money in court. If you have principle you would not have acted for Anwar. I know that you love publicities and principle is the last thing in your mind.

  21. Keng

    Karpal has been playing with fire for far too long. Now he is caught. He can no longer wriggle his way like he used to. The facts stacked against him. It is a KO.

  22. Leewat Singh

    This the first time that Karpal Singh has been put in his chair for a change. I hope that he will now know that Malaysians saw through him. His game is over. Unprofessional and shameful behaviour.

  23. srizals

    I thought I saw in the Mind Your Language – The Cheating Game, a Sikh character said, “Singhs are very big liars.” I wonder why he had said that then? Was he talking about Mr. Karpal Singh then?

  24. dennis

    If kapal pusing dare not sue Ummi Hafilda for calling him a liar, indeed he is a liar and a coward.

    If kapal pusing sue Ummi Hafilda, the best this kapal pusing can do is to tunda tunda the case 30 times, try to disqualify the judge the prosecutors, the court’s jaga and Ummi Hafilda so that no verdict could be reached. Finally when the court reached a verdict and find him guilty for “lying”, kapal pusing will try to disqualify the court house because the roof leaks when it rains.

    Whatever kapal pusing do, the fact is he had lied, either in Court defending anwar or in parliament/DAP Conference accusing anwar.

    mana mau pusing lagi kapal? pintu depan or pintu belakang?

  25. Bar ber

    The Bar Council should take up this matter expediently as it involved the legal profession and the lawyers under its roof.

    Mdm Hafilda’s contention is Singh had betrayed her as a client and Pusing had committed a breach of trust.

    Kapal should be disqualified as anwar’s lawyer in the ongoing sodomy case.

    Can we the public demand the Bar Council’s stand and action on this matter of public interest?

    Or would the Bar Council rather leave this matter to patrons of Monkey Bar* to arrive at a verdict?

    *located somewhere in Hotel Legend/The Mall.

    Bar ber

  26. Jaspal

    I may not agree with you but on this one I can’t help to accept that Karpal has shown his true colour. I had to agree with the other readers that Karpal was trying so hard twisting and turning. Ot was very telling. I gave up looking for change. The change is going to be worst than what it is now.

  27. Kepala Pening

    Karal Singh silence is most deafening. Well said by the PRM Deputy President, Mr S K Soong, whom I am told has a lot of first hand knowledge of Mummy Foo and non sense of Lim Kit Siang in the DAP.

    Surprised that Karpal Singh was not defending himself like he always did. Perhaps he knew he couldn’t because of the glaring facts staring in his face as well as the faces of other DAP leaders including another champion of nepotism, Lim Kit Siang.

  28. Ngan

    Now we all know the real Krpal Singh, the DAP chairman. He is pusing all the ways for his political objectives.

  29. Bar Konsil

    Lim Kit Siang is dead silent on this matter. Very puzzling!

    Speak up Lim, propose a Royal Commission to investigate the Kapal Pusing scandal.

    Demand Bar Konsil to speak up too! aren’t they champions of public justice?

  30. keng Leong

    YB when you left PKR I was upset and angry. Now that I have seen all the developments in PKR?PR, I understand why you had to leave. To know all these and keeping quiet amounted to condoning the wrongs. If you stay on you will be doing a disservice to the people.

    Please carry on to speak up. We need MP to speak up for us and not to cover up for the sake of political gains.

  31. Brandon Lee

    Karpal Singh to Anwar Ibrahim in 1997: I have proof Anwar Ibrahim UMNO is a homosex (refer to Parliament)

    Karpal Singh to Anwar Ibrahim in 2004: I have proof Anwar Ibrahim is a homosex (refer to Federal Court)

    Karpal Singh to Anwar Ibrahim in 2008: I have proof Anwar Ibrahim UMNO is a homosex but I will defend Anwar Ibrahim PKR

    Karpal Singh to Anwar Ibrahim in 2009: Anwar Ibrahim has caused enough trouble to the country. Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat (repent) (refer to YouTube)

    Kepala Pusing to Karpal Singh in 2011: Karpal Singh has caused enough trouble to the country. Karpal Singh harus bertaubat (repent) (refer to CNN)

  32. Sing Along

    In such obvious case of unprofessional conduct, the Bar Council should initiate actions against Kepala Putar and Pusing. Enough of his politicking.

  33. Bar ber


    Have anyone of you heard about this Kapal Pusing issue? hellooo, can the President or anyone respond to the public, the people.

    This is not just about Teoh Beng Hock or Amirul case. This matter involved the interest of the whole nation, about law and order, about a lawyer’s professional conduct, moral and ethic.

    The accusation or statement against Kapal Pusing is in respect of your Law.

    Why a complete silence on this? why taking a long time to even utter a word?

    If you Bar people don’t respond, I put you people as hypocrite and prejudice, or in pasar selayang word “basshole people” with no ear or tongue.

    Hello President Bar Council, respond maa….don’t leave it to Monkey Bar patrons maa

  34. kiasu

    Ragunath Kesavan
    Malaysian Bar

    Helo Tuan Mr President Ragu,

    Please respond quickly to this allegation against Karpal Singh.

    Don’t hesitate (ragu-ragu) to replay.

    Otherwise, the majority rakyat (borrow PR’s standard word) will Ragu Ragu about you Mr Ragu.

    Don’t ragu-ragu to come up with a statement even if you are still doing a research to cover-up this karpal Singh fiasco.

    Mr Ragu (not ragu ragu ok?)

  35. Kiasi Sing

    Bar Council should playing politic. It should be neutral in their stand. It should be also be prepared to make on the stand on the Kepala Pusing’s unprofessional conduct. It appeared that Bar Council is only quick to make its stand on matters in favour of the PR.

    If Bar Council wants to play politics, then announce their political so that members of the public would know.

  36. Penyokong PAS

    Nampak PAS sangat senyap dalam perkara ini. Nmapak PAS nak membela Kepala Pusing sampai “… over my dead body”!

    Bersekongkollah PAS.

  37. just pusing

    The facts were too obvious for the thinking people. Even the Americans will fight them very difficult to defend Karpal Singh. Even the other DAP leaders and PAS leaders are keeping extremely quiet over Kapal Singh stands on Anwar’s behaviour and Karpal Singh shifting the goal posts to suit the DAP’s agendas in pursuit of Lim Kit Siang’s wildest dream of becoming the Deputy PM.

    I am glad that PAS has agreed to let Lim Kit Siang to be the next Deputy PM. But I am not too sure that this will ever happen.

  38. Richards

    Every time Anwar Ibrahim made accusation against the Government, he failed to show any proof to the people. In fact, he would twist and repeat his accusations thinking people would buy. he accused Dato Zaharin and others who left PKR of being paid RM2million to jump out. He made false allegation on APCO. The list of his accusations were simply too long. Every issue he will make an issue of it. You name it, he would never agree with anything the Govt do. He would condemn everything. He would put himself as simply the master and sifu of all trade.

    The fact is, Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, a liar and above all a devil politician who would rule and divide for power, at any cost. Anwar Ibrahim is dangerous and must repent (so said Karpal Singh).

    Meet Ummi Hafilda, no power, no greed, no ambition whatsoever to be a politician. Ummi made numerous allegations against Anwar, Azmin and now Karpal Singh.
    Ummi dared these people to sue her if her allegations are unfounded. its been over a month, yet none of them dare to bring Ummi to court, let alone utter any word of denial.

    Ummi means what she said. She now will file a suit against PooSingh this week. meanwhile, Anwar, Azmin and the basshole barmen remain dumb and deaf.

    People, what do you make out of this scenario? That the innocent keep quiet while the conspirator and liar paid by BN or whatever sues them? Ironic isn’t it?

    Think la

  39. kapal bocor

    Kapal Sudah Bocor must explain why he vehemently accused Anwar as a homosex on ground he had all the evidences. Kapal must also explain why he said Anwar is a trouble maker and must repent. He said these before Sodomy 1 and after Sodomy 2.

    Legally and morally, he must now explain to the public his reasons for a Complete U-Turn and must offer a public apology.

    The Bar Council must act appropriately to take disciplinary or suspension action against Kapal. Or the council would be construed of Selective Prosecution.

  40. Punjabi Ladka

    YB Wee, you have guts! You dare question the Goliath (a.k.a. Karpal Singh)? My countryman Karpal is a genius and you chinkis can’t do anything to him! He is the President of DAP and if PR wins the election Karpal Siang will be the Deputy Prime MInister or the Prime Minister in case Anwar is jailed for sodomy! You get IT now? That’s why karpal siang is “defending” Anwar. To put him back where he belongs. He still has the evidence he mentioned at the Federal Hotel. Opps! DPM — what about Kit Siang? Come on lah! How can the Secretary General overtake the President lah? Where got meaning man! Not only that he is talking the white robed ulamaks from PAS for a ride. You think he would forget his ‘over my dead body’ statement? That budu eaters are in for a rude ride! So please do not say anything of insignificance about my bhaiya. The Bar Council? Ha, You don’t know ah? They are so ethical that they will make noise when only the government is at fault. Their lawyers are faultless. Judges can err but not lawyers. Get that into that thick skull of yours. Yes, it is true my mentorKarpal is in the wheelchair and he has not taken cue that god is angry with him, because the cause of the wheelchair is only a minor accident, it is just a warning from the Almighty that he was going the wrong lane, but do you thing Karpal Siang is sacred of the Providence? He has enough proof to put God on trial! Besides if he finds the judge being less inclined agaist him, he will recluse the judge!

  41. Punjabi Ladka

    This seems to be a good forum. Many great ideas emerge.Not all are pro Govt but all are anti bulshit. PR accuses the BN of nepotism, but no leader in BN came in when their fathers were in power. Here we have a full slate of political appoimtees while the fathers are in power. The Lims, the Singhs, the Anwars, the Niks and so on the list is endless! The in-laws list is not with me but Azmin is so close to his boss that he can make the boss scold his own daughter. The DAP and the PAS are no mean fellows but will be at each others’ throats the moment the light goes out. Then there is the Dallas family, with the same wave-lengths as the TV series. The angry Malays who deserted are rethinking, the thambis are coming back. The fish-mongers and pork sellers have had their day. So let us return for the sake of our children and grandchildren!

  42. Tiger Jelutong Bohong

    Well said Punjabi Ladka.. They (PR) do not see the tide (thinking) is changing. People are tired of their brand of politics. With their pants down we now know that they are actually championing themselves rather than the Rakyat as they proudly & shamelessly claim. I think it will be either a TKO or KO. A TKO if they stop their nonsense now and be a responsible opposition for the betterment of the country. A KO if they did not see it coming.

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