The questionable consultant fees paid by Khazanah Bhd

It was most shocking to discover that the Ministry of Finance did not bother to provide the answers to one of my Parliamentary Questions for written answers, HERE, which was supposed to be answered in the October – December 2010 Session. I knew that it was not going to easy for the Khazanah Bhd to provide answers to this question. The main reason being that millions of Ringgit have been paid out to the so-called consultants for projects during the Tun Abdullah period, which was also popularly known as the “4th Floor Administration”.  Malaysia was then headed by the de facto PM, you know who lah …. It was also the honey moon period for the government where there was little scrutiny by the opposition.

This is the Parliamentary Question that has not been answered:

“1. Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta Menteri Kewangan menjelaskan jumlah kos konsultasi di bayar oleh Khazanah Nasional Berhad untuk semua projek sejak tahun 2003 memberikan butiran dengan nama firma perunding terhadap projek, jumlah dan tarikh.

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] asks the Minister of Finance to state the total amount of consultancy fees paid by Khazanah Nasional Berhad for all projects since 2003 giving breakdown by name of consultants against projects, amounts and dates.”

Is this what “Penyampaian DiUtamakan” is all about?

12 thoughts on “The questionable consultant fees paid by Khazanah Bhd

  1. waaa… it takes them more than three months to calculate the actual sum paid out to CONsultans? Sure berbillion-billion tu. You think Khairy is running coz of that? Interesting drama unfolding …


  2. jacob

    of late it looks like all guns are trained at kj, anything brewing at the undercurrent …….alcatel, khazanah, rembau…….etc

  3. Lina

    YB Wee, if you want to know how much the Government has spent taxpayers’ money on consultant for Iskandar Projects, you can get the info from On Iskandar Johor alone, they have spent more than RM100mn since 2006. And yet, the investment numbers that they claimed have poured in the area is nothing but on paper only. It is Abdullah Badawi stupid pet project, Najib should just scrap it immediately.

  4. Leong

    Khazanah is a can of worms during the Tingkat Empat hay days. It was performing the agendas of the son in law all the way. No wonder the question was not answered.

    I can believe that Khazanah is above Parliament!

  5. ariff

    Dont forget East Coast Dev Co, Northern Corridor Dev Co, One Malaysia Development Fund and others…there were many konSultans ribbed off billions from taxpayers through these govt owned companies…APCO, McKinsey, BCG, Ethos dan lain-lain never ever dreamed of this windfall but alas due to stupidity of those who were put in place in the driving seat of Malaysia

  6. Rosli

    It was all about the Almighty Son In Law then! He was so powerful then. I think that the Ministers were all scared of him and his gang. Sky was the limit then. The Sleepy Head was just dreaming all the times. The son in law was literally running Malaysia which has caused the country a fortune.

  7. Ragu

    From 2003 until the premature retirement of Abdullah was the dark period of Malaysia where the abused of the system was at its fullest. During that period Khazanah was not playing its role but just a lap dog that was prepared to do anything for its master.

    Remember ECM Libra taking over a giant, Avenue Asset. It was unheard of in the world. Enough has been said. The MACC should look into the abused of Khazah at that period.

  8. Soon

    It was the hay day of son in law and he was ever so powerful. He has a hand in every pie then. I hope that the MACC will look into his activities. For a start he is unemployed and has held million of shares in ECM Libra.

  9. sURIA

    Im a fan of your blog. I’ve noticed for some time that the pro-BN bloggers have a herd mentality. It always starts with Rocky’ Bru breaking a story. Then its picked up by the same group of bloggers who will expand on the story oftentimes going really all out to tarnish the name and reputation of the person they happen to pick on that week. I know YB is a BN friendly blogger but I did not expect you to follow this herd mentality because they all happen to be attacking khairi now.
    Please maintain your own style and conviction. You were more refreshing that way. I hope youre not turning into just one of those “paid’ bloggers. Its SO boring when they all talk about the same thinG!!

  10. shah55

    I believe u must push tham and get the answer, i heard khairy become million air from this, If thats true than he is not a candidate to lead Pemuda Umno.
    He than should be charged n put beside anwar in lockup.
    He is another actor like Anwar, Can talk very well with audience.

    I wanted to request you to bring up some other issue pertaining to rakyat,
    such as :
    Gansterism, Drug dealers, all this people i mean their big don have the insiders with police, if their man was caught, it wont be long, some how rather they will be out. MONEY talks. There should be a permanent solution for this act. The Rakyat need to feel safe, Now all restraunts have to pay cover money to gangs, if not they will bully, please check out from owners, mostly does.
    Beside paying tax they have to pay levy to them(gang leaders). We want every person to feel safe, no worries to whoever.
    I will write you on some other issues as well in future.sorry to make it long but no details.

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