16 December 2010: Minister of Finance II had failed to carry out his promise to table the Sime Darby’s Forensic Reports in Parliament

During the debate on one of the Bills involving Ministry of FInance. I questioned the Deputy Minister of Finance, YB Senator Donald Lim with regards to the Ministry of Finance’s decision to keep the Dime Darby’s Forensic Reports secret.  I reminded the said Deputy Minister that the Minister of Finance II, YB Datuk Husni, has promised me in the last session of Parliament that when the Sime Darby Forensic Reports are completed it will be tabled in the House. But the Ministry of Finance had failed to do so.

A few day ago, I have received a reply to my Parliamentary Questions that the said Forensic Report will be kept secret as Sime Darby was advised by their legal advisors to avoid legal actions taken against it.

I told the said Deputy Minister that Sime Darby is a GLC therefore Sime Darby is accountable to the rakyat. I assure the Deputy Minister that all documents tabled in Parliament will be protected by absolutely immunity and Sime Darby should not fear unless for covering up purposes.

I also told the said Deputy Minister that I have been informed that the said Forensic Reports also contained the so-called RM36 million discount scandal in connection with the purchase of the 70 acres of land in Bukit Kiara by KLGCC and the involvement of Datuk Azeez, the Baling UMNO Division Chairman.  I demanded that the said Forensic Reports must be tabled in Parliament as promised by the Minister of Finance II.

The said Deputy of Finance has promised to check on this matter and revert to me in due course.


I await the reply from the said Deputy Minister. I shall press for the tabling of the Sime Darby’s Forensic Reports so the nation will know how the Sime Darby had lost RM2 billions of the Rakyat money.


  1. YB, buatlah yang terbaik untuk rakyat. Saya menyokong YB membawa isu isu penyelewangan oleh korni BN mahupun korni PR.

    All the best.

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