Struktur saraan sektor awam: gred yang tinggi akan dapat ganjaran yang lebih tinggi




TARIKH          : 2 DISEMBER 2010



Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta PERDANA MENTERI menyatakan apakah tindakan yang telah diambil untuk memperbaiki perbezaan yang amat ketara bayaran gaji dan elaun bagi pegawai negeri kakitangan awam dalam perjanjian CUEPACS yang berkuat kuasa pada tahun 2007 menyebabkan pegawai rendah dibayar lebih tinggi daripada pegawai atasan menyebabkan kegusaran, ketidakpuasan hati dan pengurangan efisiensi perkhidmatan.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,
Struktur saraan sektor awan sedia ada sentiasa memastikan bahawa gred yang tinggi akan mendapat ganjaran yang lebih berbanding gred yang lebih rendah. Ini adalah kerana penetapan struktur saraan dan syarat-syarat perkhidmatan adalah berasaskan kepada prinsip-prinsip saraan yang boleh berfungsi secara strategic dan fleksibel seperti berikut:

a)                Kadar Upahan untuk Kerja;

b)                Kelayakan Masuk dan Latihan;

c)                 Gaji Pokok dengan Komponen Berubah;

d)                Perbandingan Adil;

e)                Relativiti dan Pariti; dan

f)                  Pengasingan

Pada tahun 2007, Kerajaan telah melaksanakan pemberian kenaikan gaji kepada penjawat awam dengan kadar kenaikan di antara 7.5% hingga 35%. Kumpulan Sokongan menikmati kadar kenaikan yang paling tinggi iaitu sebanyak 25% dan 35%. Pemberian peratusan yang tinggi ini adalah bertujuan untuk meningkatkan pendapatan golongan tersebut. Walaupun peratusan kenaikan tinggi, ia tidak menjejaskan kedudukan relativiti dan kenaikan gaji tahunan di antara gred yang tinggi dengan gred yang lebih rendah.


Oleh yang demikian, tidak timbul soal pegawai yang berada di gred lebih rendah telah menerima saraan yang lebih baik daripada pegawai di gred yang lebih tinggi.


Sekian. Terima Kasih.




10 thoughts on “Struktur saraan sektor awam: gred yang tinggi akan dapat ganjaran yang lebih tinggi

  1. Kajang Like 4

    Most people know Tan Boon Wah stand 4 hours is false story , but one thing why he choose 4 ? Because we finally
    found 2 evidence that he has behaviour like the number 4 . 1st Evidence is dated July 8 2010 from MP Serdang Teo Nie Ching blog about 4 minutes .
    Kindly note during this time most people not yet know TBWah 4 hour stand story on inquest 23 July 2010 .

    But we believe Criminal Mind in December 2010 has already start backdated false blog on July 2009 say
    he stand 4 hours . Anyway , you can check others old articles did he mention 4 hours stand story ?

    2nd Evidence is dated July 25 2009 from blog , which we visit this blog on October 2010
    and only found that it also has something 4 minutes , in December 2010 .

    If Beng Hock receive instrutions from someone to create false invoice , and again why not 1 , 2
    but why again 4 lagi . Because the person give order like TBWah idea of 4 ????

  2. Opposition Gimmick

    Ha ha some PR blog has this kind of rules : it must be related to the subject of the article
    you are responding to ? Comments with embedded links to your own blog articles containing
    offensive materials will not be published either!
    Anyway ,

    Klang Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poo says he has not done anything wrong by revealing that the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) was going to spend RM9mil to build the controversial Pandamaran Square. Teh had alleged MPK had planned on resurfacing the parking area at the Pandamaran field to accommodate 380 cars and 180 motorcycles, repairing the drains and installing streetlights for about RM1.2mil as well as widening the jogging track, building a cycle track, six gazebos and planting trees at a cost of RM900,000.

    He had also alleged that MPK would be putting up an Extreme Park for wall-climbing, skateboarding, roller-skating and go-kart racing facilities.

    MPK councillor Ivan Ho had said Teh must retract his allegations and apologise or face possible legal action.

    When contacted, Ho said Teh’s allegations had damaged the reputation of MPK and the councillors.

    So if people have proof , so will this proof in their blog consider as offensive materials ?
    Ha yah DAP Lau Weng San will the first one say YES

    How about this

    A KAJANG Square, estimated to cost RM5.5mil, will be built in place of the Kajang Stadium.

    According to Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) landscape department director Nor Azman Abd Rahim,
    “Under the first phase , it is RM200,000 . Kenapa tak tanya macam mana phase 2 can reach total cost RM 5.5 mil . This project takes 3 years . They are using what kind of techniques – giving contactors phase 2
    RM 300,000 to RM 400,000 ( to show us kerajaan baik as election is in 2011 ) , but this project
    belong to private company not the Government , after 2012 ( if win election ) , they will
    spend a few million to takeover this Kajang square

    How is it a sandiwara (sideshow) if he (Dr Khir) has been charged?
    “This is what happens when a curruption case is turned into political issue. They want to slam the Government by making it look as though we are not serious (in fighting corruption),
    Najib was commenting on claims by the Opposition that Dr Khir’s prosecution was no more than a gimmick by the Government ahead of the next general election.

    We seldom buy newspaper now , so depends on what can we remember we read in Sinar newspaper ,
    Kedah PAS goverment say it not yet decide either it will follow Penang-LGE Hero-Style – will
    NOT bubarkan Penang state if election is on next year . Quite funny is Anwar challenge
    our PM Najib to have election more earlier . More funny is PAS Tok Guru , say LKS must peluk Islam
    to qualify for DPM post while Anwar say PAS top leader is pandangan peribadi .

    Anwar also say Khir case is gimmick . So Yayasan Selangor also gimmick ? So you make a ambulance call , expect it reach 15 minutes but it reach in 10 minutes , it is gimmick ?

  3. Build-Operate-Transfer

    After 40 years , the Kajang stadium was torn on 16 August 2010 , to make way for the Kajang Square project .
    Part of the wall surrounding the 2.4 ha land was demolished . The football field , however , will be retained under the RM 5.5 million KajangSquare project .
    So football field is free by who ??

    Kajang Municipal Council president Datuk Hassan said we will build a RM 200,000 playground for children aged 8 to 12 ,
    facing the Sate Kajang Haji Samuri restaurant and a RM 120,000 jogging track under the first phase which ready use for public by Aug 31 .

    They never say this Aug 31 is 2010 or 2011

    Under the second phase , we will get private companies to build futsal courts cost RM 300,000 ( to generate revenue to pay for their overheads
    including maintenance and utility bills ) on a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme and the project would take three years to complete .

    So understand-lah macam mana can be RM 5.5 million . Matematik Formula Terbaru 2+3=55 mana sama with 2×5

  4. We like News of LKH

    ha ha the correct question ” is how many chinese school in Wangsa Maju ? ” , and it will better if have one more lagi .
    Dont use DAP style which want chinese school in so many area , and yet they can’t recommend which first new chinese school
    should be built in what area , ends up no result = politicking

    Anyway , The Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) will submit a petition to protest Datuk Seri Idris Jala’s
    remarks regarding the influence of recommendation letters issued by ministers or members of parliament.
    It is understood that many BN MPs are unhappy over Idris’s statement intended to limit the significance of such letters.


    Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz added “I’m in charge of the NKRA (National Key Results Areas) and I have gone through this. We have concluded that
    this is wrong… MACC and Idris are wrong (on this matter),” said Nazri.

    The law minister told The Malaysian Insider that the practice of MPs using recommendation letters to help expedite matters for
    their constituents was an “age old” practice and insisted that it needed to be retained.


    ” This is where it shows the complete lack of political will by Barisan Nasional to change, and
    to fight corruption, one of the biggest ills plaguing the country today. ”

    But Tony Pua didnt hightlight below :

    ” Minister in the Prime Minister’s department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz believed that Idris’ explanation on recommendation letters was based on MACC’s
    (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) guidelines limiting the influence of such letters as a means in which to prevent corruption.

    “ If you have the power to demand that projects be recommended to a certain party over others, then that is wrong. But if you were to write
    a recommendation letter to the Dean of a university to help out your constituent, it’s just a recommendation.

    “ The MP does not receive anything in return. How can you say then that it ought not be done? ”

    And when comes to Ronnie Liu support letter scandals in Selangor as rehightlight by ” For the Antikatak and Posers ” in
    , ha ha understand-lah about Tony Pua who silent about this matter since August 2010

    Anyway , we like this

    about News of Lee Kee Hiong

  5. Chinese School 4 Land


    yb, pls ask ytl and platinum victory where is the chinese school promised by them before 308???

    So this is so far about Chinese School Story /////

    3 Jan 2010 – It is great to hear that a philanthropist will be donating four hectares of land to build an independent Chinese school in Kuantan , Chinese dailies reported . Nanyang Siang Pau said the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong) president Tan Sri Peng Yin Huah, who is also the Kuantan independent Chinese school working committee head, will sign an agreement with the donor today in Kuantan.

    Pheng told the daily in an interview that he would represent the working committee to accept the land. “ We will continue to strive hard to build the Kuantan independent Chinese school, although there is still no news from the Government about the approval for the school.

    Anyway ,

    She held a press conference to announce that the Selangor State government has issued a letter of support ( lagi ) to award four pieces of land for the purpose of building four chinese primary schools. Now, the decision of whether these four pieces of land are really turned into schools or not lies in the hands of Education Ministry and not in the state government.

    She urge the Education Ministry and the federal government, especially MCA, to approve the application for these 4 pieces of land to be used for building chinese schools.

    She recall how during the Hulu Selangor by-election, MCA president Chua Soi Lek openly accused Selangor state government of not giving land to chinese school. This was an irresponsible and unfair statement because education and the building of schools falls under Federal power, not the state’s, as Chua Soi Lek should well know.

    Our question is : why need award four pieces of land by using support letter , not confirmation letter ?????? If Education Ministry
    not approved , so Selangor then got excuse to use this land for
    other purposes ?????
    and why on until Sept 2010 , not Sept 2008 ???? the Land Office and received confirmation that four of the eight pieces of land which chinese primary schools committee applied for are indeed available for schools. That means tinggal Empat Lagi . 4 ???????

    Lagi No Way , Nov 27, 2010

    SERDANG MCA is challenging Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching to show proof that the Selangor government has approved land for Chinese schools . Its division chairman, Datuk Liew Yuen Keong, said he was throwing the challenge because Teo had mentioned about a land that was approved in her parliamentary constituency for a Chinese school .

    “As far as we know, the state government has not approved any parcel of land for any Chinese school, be it in Serdang or anywhere in the state. We want her to show proof,’’ he said during a press
    conference to refute the claims.

    Recently, Puchong MCA chairman Wong Hock Aun produced a document from the Petaling Land Office, which stated that the status of Lot 45807 in Kota Damansara was listed as “a site that has been applied by the Department of Director-General of Lands and Mines (JKPTG) for SK Seksyen 5’’ and Lot 72549 in Puncak
    Jalil as “site that has been approved by the state exco to JKPTG for school’’. However, it showed that these two plots were not available for Chinese schools any more but senior state
    executive councillor Terasa Kok had claimed otherwise, including two more plots in Cahaya SPK and Damansara Damai
    as school reserves that are still available .

  6. 3+Lau Weng San=4

    Four singled out for misleading remarks

    The Selangor Palace has hit out at Pakatan Rakyat leaders over the appointment of the new state secretary, saying some of them have been making inaccurate and misleading statements against the Sultan. The leaders singled out were Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, state assembly speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim,
    Sri Muda assemblyman Shuhaimi Shafiei and Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San.

    Wednesday January 5, 2011

    Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi, who clocked-in as the new Selangor state secretary on Monday,
    may lose his position if the state constitution is amended and made a retroactive law.
    The state government is seeking ( ha ha now only complaint no toilet paper when in toilet ) to amend the constitution to allow the Sultan and the Mentri Besar to have more say in the selection and appointment of the state secretary, state financial officer and state legal adviser.

    If the amendment is passed, the law would take effect from Jan 1.

    At the same time, Abdul Shukur said the Barisan reprentatives would ask for another amendment
    to the state constitution.“Currently, any Bill that the Sultan does not sign within 30 days automatically becomes law. “We want this changed so that whatever the Sultan does not sign within 30 days must become null and void,’’ he said .

    So , does GST law sign by YDPAgung ?????

    Pakatan politicians are blaming the federal side for high-handedness in imposing its will on the state.
    They see Khusrin as some sort of a cat planted among the pigeons and they think this is a Najib move to undermine the state in the run-up to the general election.

    But privately, some of them admit that Khalid should have been more prepared. Had he been more strategic, he could have avoided the collision course with the palace. “ Everyone knew that the former state secretary’s term was finishing. Khalid could have lobbied the palace. He took his time and now he is snookered,” said a political insider.

    This issue began over the simple question of Khusrin, that the federal choice was not Pakatan’s choice.

    Our opinion : Mana ada law pass on Feb 2010 backdated to Jan 2010 ? Ha ha Yes MB Selangor MUST blame himself first
    as we quite surprise he dont know state secretary terms was finishing .
    Hebatlah – this is about your government if you have Teressa Kok and Ronnie Liu as EXCO .
    Very funny they keeping say Khusrin is not their choice , but at the same time
    they can’t even list out what is their choice .

    Luckyly this state secretary is not what hospital job where you ask medicine , and the temporary valid one told
    you ” this medicine you boleh makan today , but you must muntah keluar next month if next month i suddenly not valid which the meaning extend until what i give today also not valid .

  7. DAP main-main sampai result open verdict

    In a related development, the Bar Council said an open verdict basically means there is no answer to the issue.

    “The good thing is that it concluded it was not suicide,” council president K. Ragunath told The Star.
    Ragunath said Teoh’s family could file a civil suit against the MACC, adding: “The bottomline should be in Teoh’s favour because he was in their custody.”
    ( our opinion also including DAP )

    On the part of the A-G, Ragunath said he could order a re-inquest or for further investigations to be carried out.

    Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas ruling that the political aide did not commit suicide
    Azmil Muntapha, however, also said there was insufficient evidence to prove that Teoh’s death was homicide

    Our opinion : open verdict basically also no futher action to the issue . Mana boleh ?

    Anyway , but if Teoh’s family feel this is not fair , first they already make mistake
    by using Gobind as their lawyer . They must understand this is not the game PR vs BN , election , but justice to Beng Hock , which we try our best to point the MACC , but
    whatever information we get all point to DAP .

    How to consider homicide , if Teoh family continue silence when comes to Lee and Tan Boon Wah ?

    Thai forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand is a VERY VERY VERY strong example that
    DAP only interest to prove Beng Hock was not suicide but when comes to homocide , they main-main .
    ( in their heart the open verdict result is they want , understand-lah )
    Just imagine will you so hurry to take medical test , but it is ok for medical result to delay as long as they can , consider you pay it ?

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