Sime Darby paid RM40 millions or only RM4 millions to DBKL for the royalty payment for the Bukit Kiara Land?

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How about Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) which was occupying a piece of land in Bukit Kiara of about 60 acres which belonging to DBKL for many years?  The said piece of  land has been used by KLGCC for free for many years and it was was only been paid for by Sime Darby recently for a about RM400 to RM500 millions. Sime Darby had to also pay to DBKL another RM40 millions as some form of royalty payment.  I am informed that the actual sum paid to DBKL was only RM4 millions. DBKL gave a “special discount” of RM36 millions! Why?


In the 1990s when I was the then Bukit Bintang MP,   I was very much involved in exposing the sale of the Bukit Kiara land to Lum Chang from Singapore for a song.  The said land comprising of a few hundred acres was sold to Lum Chang at about RM53,000 per acre for a 99 years lease. Lum Chang was given approval to build a golf course, which is now known as KLGCC, with an approval for building of 450 units of condo! This was the “Cheap sale of prime land of the century”.  I brought this scandal to Parliament. The lease was finally reduced to 66 years and the approval for the building of condos was withdrawn.  After that Lum Chang gave up and Sime Darby came it as a white knight and saved the prime land in Bukit Kiara. So KLGCC is now under Malaysian control. These are the little bit of background about KLGCC.

The issues now for DBKL and Ministry of Wilayah Persekutuan are:

1.  Why was Sime Darby allowed to use the 60 acres of land in Bukit Kiara for free for so many years?

2.  Why did DBKL gave a RM36 millions discount on the royalty payment?

3.  Did Sime Darby pay RM40 millions or RM4 millions only as royalty to DBKL? (May be this was one of the reasons why Sime Darby cannot make the special audit report public!

4.  Who was the special “negotiator” for this special discount?

5.  Who is this man, Datuk Azeeeeeeeee  … z?

The Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan and Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur must provide answers to the above questions.

10 thoughts on “Sime Darby paid RM40 millions or only RM4 millions to DBKL for the royalty payment for the Bukit Kiara Land?

  1. Azeeez

    Sime Darby must have paid Rm40 million! How come Dbkl received only RM4 millions? Special discount of RM36 million must have gone somewhere. where? Where? Where? May be Raja nong Chik can tell us where.

  2. Parameswara

    So what lah?
    Other people, like you, must be anti-Pakatan and BN friendly – despite all these type of nonsese continuing.

    And your role is to stir up such issues on ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’ basis to show (or fool) the rakyat that you are a responsible wakil rakyat.

    Enough lah Mr Wee.

    You cannot touch or shake-up anyone in the Federal establishment.

    They can buy you over any time, many times.

  3. Pakatan Rouge

    Please look at the bloody mess created by the “God Sent Leader” (acording to Wan Azizah). The God Sent Leader cannot even look after his own Party and Pakatan, you hope to look after the country. The country will be also a bloody mess if the God Sent Leader did every thing to cheat in the elections like what they did in the PKR.

    No one would ever want to be associated with all the frauds that have been highlighted by Zaid Ibrahim, Chegu Bard and others and the God Sent Leader did nothing to put them right.

    Only idiot will vote for such fraudulent Group known as Pakatan.

  4. saloma

    Good work! vat ever happened to the Astro affair????? Re-runs, dish scandal.

    why do malaysians hv to pay when 200 days it rains here and services gets interrupted.

    As an MP, as long as you bring out issues that concerns the people thats all that matters, Independent or PR.

  5. ParaBodoh

    The late Teng Sioa Ping of China has said: It does not matter whether the cat is black or white in colour, as long as it could catch rats, it is a good cat.”

    I cannot believe that people can just follow blindly to support those leaders with the attitude of “saying one thing and do another”. Just look at the elections process of the DAP that practices democracy ala Lim Dynasty. Highest votes have no significant post and lower votes becomes leader by virtue of being a crony.

    Before they are in power they are already showing their true colours.

    That is the democracy that stupid people longing for. If that’s is what they wanted they can have it.

  6. The Palace Monk

    The entire Kiara area was originally planned for a Botanical Gardens. If my memory serves me right, the architect Raglan Squire dan Rakan2 was appointed for the job. How did a planned Botanical Garden got “hijacked”?

  7. Lim

    PR is for family members only. The leaders are only interested in promoting family and cronies. THey are only interested in politicking and nothing else. They will fabricate evidence to suit their ego trip to Putrajaya.

    Raja Nong Chik must explain why DBKL gave a whooping discount of RM36 million. Who gave the instructions? I am sure that Datuk Bandar and DBKL officers dare not do such a thing.

    I hope that MACC will move in to investigate this scandal in the Kementerian Wilayah. Raja Nong Chik must take responsibility.

  8. Rosli

    Raja Nong Chik should know well who is Datuk Azeez the negotiator. The issue is why DBKL gave the Rm36 millions discount? Was it because of the intervention of Datuk Azeez, the famous negotiator for Sime Darby?

    Raja Nong Chik must explain whether he was aware the reason for the RM36 millions!

    Raja Nong Chik please stop pretending or playing ignorance. We all know what was this case all about.

    YB please press for answers and get the MACC to move in.

  9. anuar

    Satu projek lagi untuk Datuk Azeez! Raja Nong Chik jagan pura-pura. kami di DBKL sudah tahu mengenai diskaun RM36 juta diberikan kepada Sime.

    MACC perlu chek skandal ini.

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