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The Sime Darby’s special audit reports should be tabled in Parliament for scrutiny

Now we hear about Sime Darby will take legal actions by year end to recover the RM2 billion losses due to mismanagement and wrong doings at its energy and utilities divisions.  Why wait until year end?  Was it another tactic to delay actions? Was it to protect some influential persons?

Was this the only mismanagement that befell Sime Darby?  Surely not!  The government must ensure that the Sime Darby’s final reports by the external auditor must be tabled in Parliament for scrutiny immediately. Sime Darby is a GLC and Parliament has the right to know about the final reports on the Sime Darby’s financial scandals, which have cost the nation RM2 billion, according to the Sime Darby”s  board of directors.

I believe that the losses were more than RM2 billion and there were many more mismanagements and wrong doings that have not been made known.  The Sime Darby board can try hard to keep the special reports under cover but rest assured it will definitely fail.

How about the scandals involving KLGCC? I will discuss about this equally interesting scandals in my next posting.

8 thoughts on “The Sime Darby’s special audit reports should be tabled in Parliament for scrutiny

  1. Good job Sir.
    I’m for BN but NO to ‘mismanagement’ or should I put it ’embezzlement ‘ of of the nation’s coffer. If I have to choose, next GE, I’ll will go for Consensus Bebas.

  2. Tun Musa Hitam has promised transparency in the probe into the mismanagement of the Sime Darby but now we can see only cover up of wrong doings and mismanagement every where. So much so that the special audit report had to be kept secret. What a bull s..t!

    With all the mismanagements in Sime Darby how could the board members still remains in the Sime Board of Directors. Please stop insulting the intelligence of the rakyat.

    Glad to know that YB is taking it up in Parliament. Thank you we look forward to hear about the Sime scandals in Parliament.

  3. YB I am waiting for your posting on the KLGCC. I am sure that it is also scandalous. I am sure that there are more mismanagement and wrong doings in this organisation. Thank you.

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