Menteri Melancong: Please attend Parliament to answer questions

Last week, I have asked the Ministry of Tourism to explain why the Ministry had to pay the Shoemakers Association the sum of RM3 million to sponsor the Shoe Festival in April 2010 at PWTC, KL. The Deputy Minister could not give an immediate answer. However, he promised to provide a written reply. Until this date, no written reply was provided.  I have brought it up during the Committee Stage about this. It is strange that the Ministry had to donate RM3 million to the SHoemakers Association.  What has the Shoemakers Association got to do with Tourism.

I have also brought up the report by Auditor General regarding the unauthorised spending of RM14.7 million for “Program Promosi Produk Khusus”.  The report is as follows:

“Sejumlah RM14.7 juta telah dibelanjakan oleh Kementerian Pelancongan bagi membiayai Program Promosi Produk Khusus walaupun tiada peruntukan disediakan. Semakan Audit mendapati waran pindah peruntukan yang diluluskan oleh Pegawai Pegawai Kementerian berkenaan tidak dikemukakan kepada Akautan Negara Malaysia.”

The reply by the Ministry of Tourism is as follow:

“Kementerian Pelancongan memaklumkan telah membuat pindah peruntukan kepada Program Promosi Produk Khusus sebanyak RM14.7 juta bagi membiayai perbelanjaan di bawah program tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun, pihak kementerian dimaklumkan masih tidak dapat mengesan salinan pindah peruntukan yang terlibat.”

What a joke! It would appear that the Ministry does not keep record of important document especially on its unauthorised spending totaling RM14.7 million.  I have brought this up in the PM Department in connection with proposed budget for the Jabatan Ketua Audit Negara.

If I do not get a satisfactory reply on this, I shall raised the above in the Ministry of Tourism.  I shall also make sure that the “Tourist” Minister will be present to provide answer to her travel expenses totaling RM3.2 million because the Deputy Minister will not be able to answer questions on her traveling expenses on her behalf.

5 thoughts on “Menteri Melancong: Please attend Parliament to answer questions

  1. tehsin

    MP Wee…so many irregularities have been exposed by Auditor General EVERY YEAR. But what has been done? Zero.

    And forever it shall be…Sometimes its all just not worth bringing up…better give up, pack up and go vacation at Kapas :)

  2. man


    I’m in Germany …nobody knows about Msia in details because no promotion by tourism ministry… sad…!!

    So where do they do all the prmotions??…London…?London? London…? again London? London? London? why they like to go to these place? I wonder?? can shopping? can tell their relatives..” I been to London”?

    Hey come on…do some extensive promotions in Germany…! Tourists not come only from London maa

  3. Malaysian Malay

    Man, you’re so right!! London .. London .. London.. tak sudah2..

    I think they like to go there so that their Mrs and Mr can shop shop shop! And doing it in style .. fly first class.. chauffeured driven everywhere..stay in 5 or 6 star hotels.. using Malaysian tax payers $$!

    The irony is …the tax payers bila pergi London.. naik AirAsia or MAS economy class.. turun naik tube & bas.. nak naik taxi pun tak mampu.. mahal sangat..duduk pun kat hotel budget or maybe tumpang rumah relatives / friends..


  4. RD

    If the ‘Menteri Melancong’ do not turn-up this time, can we complaint regarding this ‘wasting of tax payers money’, to the Bar Council?

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