MCMC: Stop wasting public fund with public relation exercise

Following my questions posed to Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, the Deputy Minsiter YB Datuk Joseph Sallang Gandum has informed Parliament as follows (just got the exact names of the company involved in the netbook computers fiasco):

Service providers:

Telekom Malaysia Bhd;

Maxis Mobile;

Celcom Axiata;

Digi Telecommunications;

REDtone-CNX Broadband;

EB Technoloogies;

Danawa Resources; and

Packet One Networks.

Suppliers of netbook computers:

Mutiara Smart Computing;

Nadi Ayu Technologies;

Hidaka Construction;

Hewlett Packard (HP) Malaysia;



Samsung Malaysia Electronics;

Mega 2 Trade; and

Hydranics Technologie.

I have raised several issues regarding the abused of USP fund and asking for the current balance of USP fund but the said Deputy Minsiter was unable to provide immediate answers on 2-11-2010. However, he has promised in Parliament that he will provide written answers to my questions.  Until this day, I have yet to receive any writtten reply from the Ministry.  It seems that MCMC was more interested in public relation exercises rather than providing answers to Parliament.

Today MCMC saw it fit to call for a press conference in its office to aswers questions that I have raised in Parliament with regards to the abused of USP fund and supplying of netbook computers. It is most unfortunate that MCMC chose to reply in their airconditioned office and not in Parliament. MCMC is duty bound to provide answers to questions raised in Parliament. MCMC should stop wasting public fund wwith its useless public relation exercise of this morning. The problems shall remain in Parlaiment until I received satisfactory replies from the Minsitry regarding the abused of USP Fund and etc.

MCMC should show respect to Parliament the highest body in Malaysia. MCMC should pass their answers to the Minister for him to reply in Parliament whereby furhter questions can be posed if the answers were unsatisfactory.

Until this day, the Ministry and MCMC are not telling Malaysians what is the exact balance of the USP fund and what is the refund paid by the Ministry under USP to the suppliers or service providers for each netbook computers given to the students.

For a start, MCMC was very wrong to have embarked on the supplying of netbook computers to students in the rural areas when the its prime objective was to implement IT infrastructure works in the rural areas first. MCMC has miserably failed in its dutes by putting the cart before the horse by supplying netbook computers without internet connectivity to majority of the rural areas.

Well, I shall bring up the above issues relating to the Ministry and MCMC regarding the abused of USP fund during the Committee Stage of the Budget 2011 Debate in Parliament.

8 thoughts on “MCMC: Stop wasting public fund with public relation exercise

  1. azmi



    1. Mutiara Smart Computing …..ini MOF punya geng
    hmmmm….sendiri ingat lah, sapa punya kawan.

    2. Nadi Ayu Technologies

    3. Hidaka Construction…construction company pun dapat

    4. Hewlett Packard (HP) Malaysia…acceptable

    5. Acer….acceptable

    6. Lenovo….acceptable

    7. Samsung Malaysia Electronics….acceptable

    8. Mega 2 Trade……
    tak jumpa pun company website ….but they dealing with
    IT, supply for netbook lagi…pelik bin ajaib…

    9. Hydranics Technologie
    pun tak jumpa company website ….but they dealing with
    IT, supply for netbook lagi…pelik bin ajaib…

    kasi korek lagi YB, kasi dia meletop,
    they are really waste public fund.
    sudah banyak sangat VIRUS dekat orang yang pegang kuasa.

    ini lari tajuk sikit…jangan marah
    saya pun berniaga tapi bukan dalam bidang ini, tapi saya hampir putus asa, sudah 7-8 bulan tak ada kerja, macamana tu, goverment cakap macam macam, ekonomi bagus la, FDI, GDP naik meningkat….macam macam..semua nya bagus….hanya manis kat mulut aje
    Tapi apa yang bagus?Yang ekonomi bagus tu cuma kroni kroni kaum kaum bangsawan aje.
    Cuba tanya rakyat lah, tanya orang yang buat bisness, bagus ke tak bagus sekarang ni.

  2. vsvsv


    I sincerely hope all malays can understand and see like you. If government really help the poor malays, chinese also cannot buat bising bising . Once the poor become rich, the chinese society also can cari makan also what as you know la, economy multiplier effect. Just wonder does the government really know that term or not or buat tak tahu sje due to whatsoever reason.

  3. azmi


    I think ramai lagi malays yang see like me, especially politician who is our rep. in parliament…but they only think for their own agenda and benefit only.
    Not all like YB Wee, that outspoken on hot issue relating on “songlap” our tax money.
    I am doing event management & produce tv/webtv content, and since January 2010 until now middle of November already, i only manage to get 2 job this year, how to cari makan? you tell me, very frustrated,
    They shout & promote on ETP, what is ETP to orang miskin like us, building canggih, moden, tapi kita orang miskin dapat ke kontrak tu??? dapat ke kontrak pasang signage ke? dapat ke sewa kat situ dengan harga yang tinggi.?
    I set up a small company and have 8 staff before this, i have to release all of them in may 2010, because of no job at all.
    This year RTM@Radio Television Malaysia, tak keluar any tender for local production house, the reason is GOVERNMENT DONT HAVE MONEY, DONT HAVE BUDGET, so if they said government don’t have money, kita lagi la takde duit.
    Production house like to do RTM job because RTM is the highers pay rate for a program.
    Likewise Astro, they making few hundred millions a year, but they pay rate is very low and the payment paling lambat, even though producer ada contract with them, the Producers takut nak bising bising, nanti langsung tak dapat job from them.
    As you said economy multiplier effect, most my supplier is chinese, we share the cake.
    i have 1 lousy idea for Transformation, called “Transformasi Rakyat” hope PM/TPM read this,
    Population in Malaysia is only 28 million, out of that yang telah berkahwin dan berstatus “Bapa” atau ketua didalam keluarga, saya rasa cuma dalam 35%-40%, tolak gedebuk gedebak is 10 million.
    Why dont goverment set up a scheme of loan/grant to all this “Father” or leader in the family are eligible for a RM1,000,000.00. scheme.
    Ask all of them to submit any business proposal to raise their economy for the family.
    Gave them in 3 stages of payment maybe for starting let say RM 300,000, after grow period 12-18 month, they have to submit all they bank account statement, submit progress report to the committee, if they cant meet with the goal or fail to the expectation, stop to give them more fund, but if the candidte is meet to all the goal, they are eligible to the second stage of fund.

    Ini baru lah tranformasi kepada rakyat.
    Lepas tu baru la buat building 10000 tingkat, buat building canggih canggih, orang pun tak marah. Rakyat dah ada duit, ekonomi, makan, pakai cukup, mesti dia tak marah punya.

    Im sure if government do this, they will win big for next general election.

  4. Itay

    Sakit hati betul…. promosi TM streamyx kononnya bg netsys tab yg bermutu tinggi… hammppeeehhhh…. pakai 2 bln terus problem…. pakai lg 5 bulan trs semua part dlm rosak…. x blh charge, x blh on…. charger pun blh mampus…… x reliable lsg….. aku rasa byk yg kena tipu dek supplier TM, Nadi Ayu ni…… aku punya pun hantar dr bln 8 sampai skrg x berita….
    #TM #nadi_ayu

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