2 thoughts on “HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL

  1. MAN

    YB Wee,

    I salute YB for being very articulate on this AES project.

    YB Minister must investigate the controversy surrounding the AES to show YB has accepted YAB PM’s GTP whole heartedly.

    As a clue to YB Minister, YB can check the change of purpose on the Live Demo. The basic objective was to test the features claimed available in the paper submission were true and effective. However, JPJ created their own test protocol where most of the tests did not correspond to the RFQ specification. WHY?

    YB Wee may wish to raise this matter with YB Minister.


  2. OneYear12Topic

    Today we visit http://tender.selangor.gov.my/ . It is laughing stock when we read Jumlah Pengunjung : 2,616,334 ( Sejak 15hb Mei 2006 ) . Why not sejak 8th March 2008 ??? Ini tender system BN punya ke PR punya ???? You cant also get the tender amount .

    is our 4th topic . Welcome visit . Five photos included
    ( 2 about BN myprocurement tender , 2 about Selangor
    goverment while another one is EPCOT what is difference
    compare to Shanghai Expo

    Corruption = Power + Discretion – Accountability – Transparency

    Key Causes of Corruption in Malaysia
    a) Discretion ( Authority to make decision resides with a single person or body , eg approval of permits , awarding of projects )
    b) Opportunity To Form Relationship ( Personnel holding the same job / position in high-risk areas for extended period )
    c) Red Tape & Bereaucracy ( Lengthy and complex approval process , too many unnecessary regulations )
    d) Lack of Accountability ( Poor monitorig of compliance – low chances of getting caught , lack of severe penalty or punishment for misconduct )
    e) Lack of Transparency ( policies and standards not clearly make known to public , poor disclosure and access to information of public interest , eg contract awards )

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