Official Results of the by-elecion in Batu Sapi Parliamentary Seat (P185):

DATUK YONG TECK LEE (SAPP) :              2,031   votes

ANSARI ABDULLAH (PKR):                       3,414  votes

DATIN LINDA TSEN THAU LIN  (BN)         9,773 votes

Spoilt votes:                                               372 votes

Majority :                                                 6,357 votes

Total voters turnout:                                  61%


ABDUL AZIZ YUSUF (BN) :                         5,324   votes

DR ZULKIFLY MOHAMAD  (PAS):               4,134  votes

Spoilt votes:                                                 132 votes

Majority :                                                 1,190 votes

Total voters turnout:                                  83%

3 thoughts on “BY ELECTION RESULTS

  1. OneYear12Topic

    Barisan Nasional’s Datin Linda Tsen won the Batu Sapi by-election by a whopping 6,359 majority. In Galas, BN’s Ab Aziz Yusoff won by a 1,190 majority for a double
    victory for the coalition . When DAP win sikit in Sibu ,
    they talk everyday . Now , they dont even dare to list
    this latest election result .Worst mana boleh menang when vs Bad

    So this is our third topic . Any way is there any link about BN 100 Storey Mega Tower with Kajang councilor Tan Boon Wah , suspected murderers of Teoh Beng Hock ?
    Tak mungkin ada relation , right .

    Anyway read our blog to get answer

    Some people said One 100-storey skyscraper , is better than Five 20-storey building . Either will
    it left vacant after construction , no body can give the real answer consider it is expected to be
    completed in 2015 . But if the question is highlighted by DAP , kenapa tak tanya balik why
    Selangor state still selling sand for building constructions for what demi ekonomi as there are
    so many building vacant ? Build a 100-tolak-99=tinggal one storey only also have risk will
    vacant after construction if NO attraction . In one place , 10 storey bulding not vacant
    but instead 5 storey building vacant while another place pulak , 5 storey building not vacant
    but instead 10 storey building pulak vacant . Just like kenapa my punya kedai teh tarik full
    house while another one no body ? So mana ada perfect answer ? Anyway besides tenant ,
    we still dont know what is additional purposes 100-storey ( estimates 500 m tall )
    skyscraper . Can u stand outside Petronas Twin Tower on 12 o’clock afternoon ?
    Burj Dubai more than 700 m tall has additional purposes . Can you drink hot teh tarik in
    12 o’clock afternoon when you stand about 400 m from Burj Dubai ? Yes , Burj Dubai can block
    the sunlight as far as 700 m . So they have choose CORRECT location to build this tower .

  2. Charles F Moreira

    The PKR’s internal fights for the upper posts surely did not help its chances in Batu Sapi.

    They should learn their lesson from this and behave in a more matured manner from now on.

  3. YB Wee,

    Being an independent MP, I’d like for you to do a study on the below in the context of the 3rd Force MCLM of Haris Ibrahim. Do give the people an alternative to political parties and don’t indulge in elegant silences yourself. Hope you and the readers enjoy and find this posting useful as an alternative to the political party paradigm via *Participatory Democracy* as you currently (but not perfectly!) represent.


    USA, UK and Malaysia, are *Representative Democracies* (2nd class version of democracy) and thus not even truly an open system being limited to the whims and facies of parliamentarians alone. *Participatory Democracy* (1st class version of democracy) is a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems.

    It avoids the concept of the people having a single view with the inevitable limitations that come from trying to agree what that view is. Government is heavily decentralized into smaller independent groups to allow personalized preferences within groups to be expressed in a functional manner PREFERRED by each particular group.

    The system seeks to avoid problems with centralized and electoral governance, while still providing a stable democratic system and ensuring all forms of human expression especially those diametrically opposed to be allowed expression. For example theocrat moralists / and sin industries (adult or gambling) can all be represented and functional even while proponents within each group do not use or believe in the other.

    Under *Participatory Democracy*, all expressions will have their own place, albeit in a highly separated manner.

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